Is Scam or Legit? BEWARE !! Don’t Fall Victim

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  • Post published:February 13, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews is an online shopping website that claims to sell Halloween costumes and decorations at unbelievably low prices. However, there are some concerning red flags that indicate this website may be an elaborate scam designed to steal money and personal information from unsuspecting shoppers.

In this in-depth review, we will investigate scam, analyse all the evidence, and determine if it is a legitimate ecommerce business or a fraudulent scam operation. We’ll also provide tips to help you avoid dangerous shopping scams and shop safely online.

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Overview of promotes itself as an authorized online retailer of Spirit Halloween products. The website uses the recognizable Spirit Halloween branding, fonts, colors, and images to mimic the look and feel of the well-known Halloween store chain.

At first glance, appears to offer Spirit Halloween costumes, animatronics, props and more at incredibly low prices – often 60-90% off regular retail value. For example, expensive animatronics are advertised at just $20-50 each.

However, there are multiple concerning factors that cast doubt on the legitimacy of this website:

  • No contact information or company details provided
  • Anonymous domain registration
  • Missing or contradictory social media links
  • Lack of Unique product descriptions
  • Excessively low prices on expensive items
  • Numerous customer complaints and scam warnings

These suspicious signs indicate is likely an elaborate scam operation masquerading as an authorized Spirit Halloween retailer to defraud customers.

Our investigation aims to uncover the truth about We will analyze all the evidence and red flags, plus provide tips to protect yourself from potential scams when shopping online.

Detailed Analysis of

To determine if is a legitimate store or scam website, we researched the site extensively looking for any indicators of fraudulent activity or lack of credibility.

Here is a detailed point-by-point analysis of our findings:

1. Whois Data Raises Questions

The Whois domain registration record for shows the website was only registered recently in 2022. Specifically, the domain creation date is August 8, 2022.

Additionally, the domain is registered anonymously through the company NameCheap. This hides the true owner’s identity and contact details.

Scam websites frequently use anonymous domain registrations to avoid identification. The short lifespan and anonymous nature of this domain are red flags. Whois Data
Domain Name
Registry Domain ID 2734677271_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Updated Date 2022-08-08T14:51:12Z
Creation Date 2022-08-08T14:51:12Z
Registrar Abuse Contact Email [email protected]
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone +1.6613102107

2. No Company Details or Contact Information does not provide any company details or contact information besides an email address. There are no details about business registration, physical address, phone number, or management team.

Additionally, the site lacks any About Us page or company background. Legitimate ecommerce businesses are transparent about who owns and operates them.

The complete lack of verifiable company information raises the risk this is a fraudulent pop-up website. Without real contact details, customers cannot get help with any order issues.

3. Fake Social Media Pages includes social media links in the website footer for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. However, analysis indicates these are fake profiles not associated with the website:

  • The Facebook page only has 2 followers and no posts. Legitimate brand pages have much more engagement.
  • The Twitter account was just created in September 2022, has no tweets, and only 1 follower.
  • The Instagram account has 0 posts and followers.
  • The Pinterest account was suspended by Pinterest for violations.

This disconnect between the website and social media accounts is an anomaly. It appears the links are only for show to seem more legitimate.

4. Lack of Unique Product Listings displays product listings using images and descriptions plagiarised from,, and other major retailers.

The site lacks any unique product content. Scammers steal catalogue content to create the illusion of a real store.

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For example, searching Google for the image URL reveals the “Wayne 12ft Giant Werewolf” picture is stolen

5. Unrealistic Pricing on Expensive Items

While promotes deep discounts, the low prices advertised are disproportionately large on big ticket items.

For instance, realistic animatronics that retail for $150+ are discounted up to 90% to $20. Name brand costumes are advertised at $5 instead of the standard $40+.

These unrealistic markdowns signal counterfeit products or a fraudulent site. No business can sustain such large losses by selling far below cost.

Product Price Realistic Price
Wayne 12ft Giant Werewolf $20 $299.99
Distortions Ultimate Clown $21 $159.99
Ghostface Adult Costume $5 $39.99

6. Customer Complaints of Never Receiving Orders

There are multiple angry customer reviews on scam warning sites like SiteJabberreporting they never received items ordered from

“Placed an order for over $100 in Halloween decorations and never received anything. Total scam!”

“Do not order from this website! I purchased $60 in Halloween costumes for my kids and never got them. Stay far away!”

“ is a ripoff! They took my money and sent nothing. Couldn’t even get a refund when I contacted them.”

The complete lack of positive reviews combined with repeated reports of unfulfilled orders indicates this is likely a scam operation.

7. Hidden Customer Service Fees only displays product prices upfront. Scam sites like this often charge excessive shipping fees or other hidden costs later during checkout to inflate order totals.

These bait-and-switch tactics allow them to advertise fake low prices then surprise customers with high charges before finalizing payment. We advise carefully checking the full order total before submitting payment.

8. Limited Payment Options only accepts credit cards and PayPal for payment. More secure options like Apple Pay, Shop Pay or PayPal Credit seem to be intentionally excluded.

Since credit cards offer the least fraud protection, this suggests the site intends to take advantage of the increased ability to dispute other payment methods.

9. McAfee SiteAdvisor Warning

McAfee SiteAdvisor issued a warning for, urging caution before visiting:

“This website has been reported to install malware. We would recommend you avoid it. If you have visited the site, run a virus scan just to be on the safe side.”

McAfee flags the site as High Risk and states they have received multiple complaints of fraud. This adds further credibility to the scam concerns.

10. Norton Safe Web Warning

Norton Safe Web flagged as a potentially malicious website with a poor reputation:

“This site has a poor reputation or significant security concerns associated with it. Visitors should proceed with extreme caution.”

They note the domain does not have enough historical data to fully assess, indicating it was recently created. Like McAfee, Norton also detected possible security risks associated with the site.

Is a Legitimate Store? Verdict

Based on all the above red flags and research conducted, we can definitively conclude is NOT a legitimate store and almost certainly a scam designed to defraud customers.

The evidence overwhelmingly points to deceptive business practices, stolen catalogue content, and widespread reports of orders never arriving. There are absolutely no signs this website is authorized to sell authentic Spirit Halloween merchandise.

We strongly advise consumers to avoid and its dubious low prices that are clearly too good to be true. Shopping on this website poses serious risks of identity theft, financial fraud and receiving counterfeit products if anything arrives at all.

Stick to shopping directly on the real or reputable retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot for guaranteed authentic products. If the unbelievable deals seem suspicious, they almost always are.

How to Identify and Avoid Online Shopping Scams

While scam websites are becoming more sophisticated, there are key warning signs savvy shoppers can watch for:

Research Unfamiliar Websites

Search for reviews and scam reports before purchasing. Resources like SiteJabber and TrustPilot can surface complaints.

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Verify store legitimacy through the Better Business Bureau or business directories.

Look up the website on scam identification tools like Scamadvisor.

Investigate Contact Information

Do not trust websites lacking working phone numbers, physical addresses and customer service options.

Call listed numbers to verify they are functional. Scout street view of addresses if possible.

Watch for red flags like email addresses from free providers or using obscure domain extensions.

Analyze Site Professionalism

Amateurish site design, excessive ads, broken links, misspellings and grammar issues often signal unreliable shops.

Check if policies like returns, privacy and terms of service are in place. Lack of transparency is a red flag.

Research Domain & Hosting

Scam sites frequently use recently registered domains or obscure registrars. Use Whois tools to look up sites.

Check where sites are hosted. Shared servers and offshore hosts can indicate unreliable sellers.

Price Compare Items

Very low prices on expensive items likely signal counterfeits or scam websites aiming to bait customers.

Price compare deals across multiple trusted retailers before purchasing.

Assess Payment Methods

Scam sites tend to only offer the least secure options like bank transfers, wire payments, prepaid cards and cryptocurrency.

Look for well-known processors like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. Only pay through secure methods offering buyer protection.

Check Social Media Presence

Research site’s social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. Limited followers and engagement indicate low reputation.

Make sure links point to real associated accounts not fake profiles.

Read Reviews Carefully

Fake reviews are common on scam sites. Check reviewer profiles, watch for vague praise, broken English, etc.

Search the site on impartial review platforms for negative experiences.

By applying these tips and your best judgement, consumers can avoid dangerous online scams and shop the web safely. Always trust your instincts – if an offer raises any suspicions, it’s best to avoid.

Steps to Take if Scammed by

If you already placed an order on and suspect you have been scammed, take the following actions right away to limit damages:

Contact your bank immediately – Report any potentially fraudulent charges or transactions made to the site. Have any connected credit and debit cards cancelled and reissued to prevent additional charges.

Report the incident – File reports with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center and the Federal Trade Commission detailing the scam. Provide any related order details, website screenshots and payment information.

Contest payments – If you paid with a credit card, request an immediate chargeback disputing the charges. For payments via PayPal, file a dispute. For bank transfers, contact your bank to attempt reversing the transfer.

Monitor credit – Request credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to check for any accounts opened fraudulently using your information. Consider placing a credit freeze if needed.

Change passwords – Update passwords and security questions for all online accounts, especially any that used the same credentials entered on the scam website. Enable two-factor authentication wherever possible.

Run security scans – Check your devices for viruses or malware using programs like Malwarebytes. Scam sites may have downloaded harmful files. Remove any threats detected.

Warn others – Leave scam details on consumer warning sites and social media to prevent others from being defrauded. Report fraudulent social media accounts.

Learn from experience – Reflect on the indicators you missed and research ways to better identify risky websites next time. Stay vigilant moving forward.

Recognizing scam attempts quickly and taking action can help limit financial and reputational damages. Reporting the website may even contribute to authorities shutting down the scam operation entirely before more consumers are impacted.

FAQs About

Q: Is the official Spirit Halloween website?

No, the official authorized website for Spirit Halloween is is a scam website impersonating the genuine brand. The extra “WH” in the domain is a sign this is an unauthorized fake.

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Q: Why are prices so low on

The extremely low prices advertised are a bait tactic used by the scam website. They discount expensive animatronics and name brand costumes by 60-90% off real prices to entice shoppers.

In reality, they likely do not actually have any merchandise to sell. Or if they do send items, they will be fake counterfeit products different from the real products advertised. This allows them to profit selling cheap knock-offs.

Q: Are the products sold on authentic?

No. All evidence indicates the products on are fake counterfeits, used or stolen goods, or simply non-existent. Customers report receiving wrong items or nothing at all.

Do not trust this website to deliver authentic products. Only the real sells genuine licensed Spirit Halloween merchandise.

Q: Is safe to order from?

Absolutely not. shows every indication of being a scam website that will defraud customers.

We strongly recommend you do NOT order anything from You will very likely have your personal and payment information stolen, receive fake counterfeit items, or get nothing delivered at all.

Q: How can I tell if an online store is a scam?

Watch for red flags like prices that seem too good to be true, lack of contact details, recently created domains, missing policies and returns info, fake reviews, limited payment options, and lack of social media presence.

Only shop on secure sites you recognize and trust that have overwhelmingly positive reviews. Check scam warning sites and always use common sense. If it seems questionable, do not shop there.

Q: What do I do if I already placed an order on

  • Immediately contact your bank and credit card issuer to report fraudulent charges and have new cards issued.
  • File complaints with the FTC and FBI IC3 stating you believe the site is a scam and did not deliver items ordered.
  • Check credit reports and sign up for protection services to guard against any identity theft risks.
  • Reset all account passwords that may have been compromised and enable two-factor authentication.
  • Scan devices used to place orders for any potential malware.
  • Leave reviews warning others about the scam website.

Q: Can I get scammed using PayPal on

Yes, you can still potentially get scammed using PayPal on While PayPal does offer buyer protection, scammers exploit loopholes like claiming items were delivered even though they were not.

PayPal disputes also tend to favor the recipient of funds. Avoid using PayPal on risky scam websites like altogether. Your best chance for protection is using credit cards which have stronger fraud safeguards.

The Bottom Line

Based on all the reputational red flags, suspicious activity patterns, stolen content, and widespread customer scam reports – can definitively be classified as a fraudulent website operating an online shopping scam.

There is overwhelming evidence showing:

  • Anonymous domain hiding true owner
  • Fake social media accounts
  • Plagiarized product listings
  • Unrealistic pricing
  • Hidden fees
  • Lack of company transparency
  • Negatives reviews of orders never arriving

We strongly recommend you avoid this deceitful site masquerading as an authorized Spirit Halloween retailer. Shopping here will surely result in stolen money, compromised personal data, and fake products.

Instead, conduct transactions only on the real or trusted retailers like Amazon and Walmart this Halloween season. By applying scam avoidance tips and trusting your instincts, you can identify risky websites and shop online safely.

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