Simon Guobadia Scam Explained: What You Need To Know

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Simon Guobadia has been splashed across headlines recently, and not for the most flattering reasons. The husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams has faced a firestorm of fraud accusations and deportation speculation. But how much truth lies behind the viral claims?

I decided to dig deeper into the swirling controversy to uncover the real story. After extensively reviewing court documents and immigration laws, a complex picture emerges of a savvy businessman who pushed legal boundaries but may not be the hardened criminal some portray.

Here’s a comprehensive look at Guobadia’s background, the scam allegations against him, and what consequences he may realistically face.

Who is Simon Guobadia?

Hailing from Nigeria, the 59-year-old Guobadia first came to America in 1982 on a short-term visitor’s visa. He overstayed his visa but eventually returned to Nigeria in 1985 after marrying an American woman.

Guobadia came back to the U.S. the next year on another temporary visa. He again overstayed the visa’s expiration.

In 1987, he pled guilty to felony bank and credit card fraud charges. Between 1987-1990, Guobadia racked up other arrests for vehicle and credit card crimes.

After multiple run-ins with the law, the Immigration and Naturalization Service initiated deportation proceedings against him. He was deported in 1992 but returned to the U.S. soon after.

Guobadia and RHOA star Porsha Williams shocked fans by marrying in 2022. The wedding came barely a month after his divorce from another Housewives cast member, Falynn Guobadia.

Porsha insists she and Simon only got together after his split from Falynn. But the messy relationship drama plays into Guobadia’s checkered history with women and brushes with the law.

Simon Guobadia Scam

Credit Card Scams and Identity Fraud

The most damning claims against Guobadia stem from identity deception.

Court records show that after getting deported in 1992, he managed to obtain permanent U.S. residency status by using a fake identity.

Guobadia applied for immigration benefits under the Special Agricultural Worker (SAW) program using a phony name and hiding his criminal past. The SAW program granted undocumented farmworkers legal status if they could prove they had worked in agriculture for a minimum period.

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Although Guobadia didn’t meet the qualifications, he secured SAW benefits and a green card through identity fraud.

In 2016 and again in 2020, Guobadia applied for naturalized citizenship but got rejected both times once officials learned of his original deportation. Undeterred, he filed another citizenship request in 2022 that met the same denial fate.

A complaint Guobadia brought trying to overturn the decision was dismissed in 2023. For now, his permanent residency stands on shaky ground, with the possibility of renewed deportation efforts looming.

Outside of immigration fraud, Guobadia also served jail time in the late 1980s for multiple felony convictions related to bank, credit card, and identity theft schemes.

In one credit card scam, he racked up unauthorized charges using stolen cards. Court records also show arrests for vehicle theft and providing false information to police.

While Guobadia has a clear history of financial crimes and immigration deceit, the severity and recency of his offenses remain uncertain. Most of the confirmed charges against him occurred 30-40 years ago in his twenties. There’s no evidence of recent legal trouble.

Some argue Guobadia paid his dues long ago and has reformed from a misguided youth. Critics contend his old habits die hard, and scamming remains engrained in his character.

The truth likely lies somewhere in between. His past wrongdoing can’t be erased, but the sordid mistakes of his early life don’t necessarily define him today.

Porsha Husband Simon Guobadia Scam

Sham Marriages and Red Flags

Aside from financial schemes, Guobadia also apparently has a history of entering questionable marriages of convenience.

His first wife accused him of marrying her just for a green card, not love. She claimed they never lived together as spouses or consummated the marriage.

Guobadia’s brief union with RHOA star Falynn raised more eyebrows. He showered her with gifts and a lavish lifestyle before abruptly divorcing her for Porsha Williams.

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Cynics suspected the marriage was a publicity ploy or transactional relationship rather than a genuine bond. Guobadia’s previous marriage designed only for a green card bolstered doubts.

While we can’t know for certain the motivations behind his marriages, certain red flags stick out. The significantly younger wives, whirlwind romances, and rapid jumps from one partner to the next all look suspicious.

Is Guobadia a bonafide serial husband chasing fame and using women? Or just an impulsive romantic guilty of rushing into love too fast? The verdict remains split.

In any case, Williams seems fully devoted to Guobadia, calling him her soulmate. Only time will tell whether this marriage ends differently from the opportunistic-looking previous ones.

Will Guobadia Get Deported?

The biggest unanswered question swirling around Guobadia is whether immigration officials might deport him over the identity fraud that procured his green card. His deportation and permanent ban from the U.S. represent legally possible scenarios.

However, immigration experts say neither are especially likely at this point. Properly revoking a green card obtained through misrepresentation involves lengthy court proceedings.

Government officials must prove the recipient misled authorities about a relevant fact had authorities known the truth at the time. The process often takes years, with no guarantee of success.

Due to massive immigration court backlogs, removing documented residents like Guobadia ranks lower priority than deporting violent criminals or recent border crossers. Already overburdened judges tend to penalize only the most egregious fraud cases.

Guobadia has lived in the U.S. for over 30 years since receiving permanent residency status. His dated offenses and lack of recent criminal activity also weaken the case for deportation.

While possible in theory, Guobadia realistically faces minimal risk of getting deported or permanently barred at present. Of course, attempting foreign travel carries some danger. But within the U.S., immigration officials likely have bigger fish to fry than a decades-old con artist.

What Next for the Controversial Couple?

Looking ahead, Guobadia’s sketchy history will probably continue trailing the spotlight-seeking couple.

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Critics scouring his past for incriminating details won’t cut him any breaks. Meanwhile, Williams’ comeback to Real Housewives of Atlanta promises massively boosted scrutiny of her marriage’s foundation.

Any exploitable cracks in their relationship are sure to get magnified under the public microscope. Immigration controls barring international travel together might also burden them.

Still, for now, the two appear blissfully unfazed by the cynics and critics. Guobadia continues living the high life jet-setting around the globe while dodging deportation concerns.

With Williams financially benefiting from Guobadia’s wealth, she seems content overlooking his ethically questionable past. Their pragmatic union built on money, not morality, outrages some but works for them.

As public interest inevitably wanes, we’ll likely see Guobadia’s scandals fade from the frenzied headlines. But the whispers and side-eyes questioning his character won’t disappear completely.

Williams’ devoted fans will go on rooting for her happiness, while others snicker about her shady husband’s misdeeds. Through the contrasts between adulation and condemnation, their enigmatic love story continues.

Simon Guobadia remains a polarizing figure shrouded in mystery and controversy. Digging into his past reveals unflattering snapshots but no definitive answers. Piecing together the messy details, uncovering the truth proves elusive.

With guarded optimism, we can hope Guobadia has turned over a new leaf since his lawless youth. But only he knows whether old habits still lurk beneath the polished veneer he presents.

The ambiguities surrounding Guobadia mirror life’s intricacies. His story embodies the nuances eluding snap judgements. While we can decry his misdeeds, calling him incorrigible seems premature.

As the saga continues unfolding, we watch keenly for glimpses of sincerity piercing his slick facade. Until then, the jury stays out on the true nature of this captivating, complex figure.

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