Is Reebelo Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth Investigation

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Is Reebelo Legit or a Scam? Let’s find out. Reebelo is an ecommerce platform that sells refurbished consumer electronics like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more. The company promises top-quality refurbished products at highly discounted prices compared to buying them brand new.

But is Reebelo legit? Or is it just another scam trying to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at Reebelo and its business practices to determine if it can be trusted.

Overview of Reebelo’s Business Model and Offerings

Reebelo was founded in 2015 and is based out of New Delhi, India. It sells factory refurbished and pre-owned electronics that have been inspected, tested, and restored to full working condition before being resold.

The company mainly sources its inventory from bulk enterprise and government sell-offs. For example, when large corporations refresh their device fleets, Reebelo buys up the used devices, refurbishes them, and resells them to consumers.

This allows Reebelo to acquire devices at very low cost and then sell them at significant discounts compared to brand new products, passing the savings down to the customer.

Reebelo sells refurbished smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, cameras, audio equipment, smartwatches, gaming consoles, and more from brands like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Canon, Sony and others. Some specific examples of deals they offer include:

  • Refurbished iPhone XR 128GB for Rs. 32,999 (42% off original price of Rs. 56,900)
  • Refurbished MacBook Air Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD for Rs. 45,999 (31% off original price of Rs. 67,990)
  • Refurbished iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi 64GB for Rs. 35,999 (40% off original price of Rs. 60,900)
  • Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 for Rs. 22,999 (47% off original price of Rs. 43,400)
  • Refurbished Sony Alpha ILCE 5100L with 16-50 lens for Rs. 23,999 (40% off original price of Rs. 40,490)

In addition to these discounted prices, Reebelo also provides a 1-year warranty on all of its refurbished products to give customers peace of mind with their purchases.

The company offers free shipping across India and has a 7 day return policy if customers aren’t satisfied with their order. Reebelo handles all after-sales support and service for the warranty period directly.

So in summary, Reebelo aims to provide a high-quality refurbished electronics buying experience with deep discounts compared to new products, along with warranty coverage and responsive customer service. But should they be trusted? Let’s analyze further.

Is Reebelo Legit or scam?

When buying from a relatively unknown dealer of refurbished electronics, it’s reasonable for customers to be skeptical and worried about getting scammed. There are several factors we can look at to evaluate Reebelo’s legitimacy:

1. Testing and inspection process

Reebelo states that every product goes through a 55-point quality inspection covering functionality, cosmetics, and performance. This involves diagnostics, benchmarking, calibration, and testing all functions and accessories.

The company employs in-house technicians and engineers with over 50 years of combined experience in testing and certifying refurbished products.

Only products that pass this extensive inspection are listed for sale on Reebelo’s site. Those that don’t pass are sent back to the OEM or vendor.

2. Software and data security

According to the company, all previous user data is completely wiped from devices during the refurbishment process using data erasure software that meets global data privacy standards.

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Devices are restored to factory settings and installed with licensed, authentic operating systems and software.

This minimizes the risk of any malware, viruses, or other user data concerns.

3. Warranties and return policy

As mentioned earlier, Reebelo provides a 1-year warranty on all refurbished products, either facilitated directly or through the OEM.

The warranty covers defects in parts, workmanship, and normal wear and tear.

Customers can return products within 7 days of purchase if not satisfied. Reebelo also has a cancellation and refund policy for items not yet shipped or delivered.

4. Company track record and reviews

Reebelo has been selling refurbished electronics since 2015, giving it a reasonably long track record in the industry.

It has served over 500,000 customers and has a Google rating of 4.2 out of over 18,000 reviews, indicating generally satisfied customers.

The company is Google Trusted and Facebook Commerce verified, meaning it meets certain operational and customer service criteria.

Reebelo has also been featured in publications like BusinessWorld, Financial Express, and TechRadar among others.

5. Certifications and accreditations

Reebelo is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality management practices.

It has accreditations from Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), ACMA Authenticated Refurbisher, and R2 certified for responsible recycling standards.

These certifications provide external validation of Reebelo’s refurbishment processes and compliance with defined global standards.

Based on these factors, Reebelo scores well when it comes to the legitimacy of its operations. The company seems to utilize thorough inspection, testing, data sanitization, warranty coverage, and other standard practices expected from a professional refurbished electronics reseller. The long operating history and satisfied customer reviews also lend confidence.

Potential Red Flags and Risks

However, as the old saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are still a few potential red flags to consider when evaluating Reebelo:

1. Pricing that seems “too good”

While Reebelo’s discounted pricing compared to brand new products seems attractive, some deals might seem suspiciously low. For example, prices on high-end flagships like iPhone 12, Galaxy S22, etc. that are 40-50% lower than original MRP pricing could raise doubts.

2. Vague or inconsistent condition ratings

Reebelo classifies its refurbished inventory into grades A, B, C with minor cosmetic defects. However, the criteria for these grades isn’t clearly defined on the site. And there are some customer reviews complaining of receiving units in worse condition than the rating suggested.

3. Limited supply chain transparency

Reebelo does not provide much visibility into where and how it sources its refurbished inventory. The vague statement of purchasing from “enterprises and government” does not offer enough supply chain transparency.

4. Potential concerns around warranty service

While Reebelo pledges a 1-year warranty, some customer reviews mention frustrations in actually getting defects repaired or units replaced under warranty in a timely manner. However, this is not uncommon even for large OEMs as well.

5. Limited brand recognition and online presence

Reebelo still has limited general brand awareness in India. And its online footprint in terms of website traffic, search volume, social media following, etc. is small compared to more established refurbished electronics retailers.

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So while these potential risks should be kept in mind, they do not necessarily indicate outright fraud or deceit. Many legitimate businesses also start out with limited supply chain visibility or brand recognition. We’ll take a more detailed look at these concerns next.

Investigating Reebelo’s Pricing, Condition Ratings, and Warranty Support

To better evaluate some of the potential red flag areas called out earlier, we did some more specific investigation into Reebelo’s pricing, refurbished condition ratings, and warranty support based on customer reviews and other market data:

Pricing investigation

We compared Reebelo’s listed pricing against brand new costs and pricing from other refurbished retailers on five high-value products:

Product Reebelo Price MSRP Other Refurbished Retail Prices
iPhone 12 128GB Rs. 42,999 Rs. 79,900 Rs. 46,000 – Rs. 50,000
Macbook Pro M1 Chip 256GB Rs. 87,999 Rs. 1,22,900 Rs. 95,000 – Rs. 99,000
Sony A7 IV Rs. 1,14,999 Rs. 2,43,000 Rs. 1,25,000 – Rs. 1,35,000
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Rs. 72,999 Rs. 1,08,000 Rs. 77,000 – Rs. 82,000
LG Ultragear 27″ Gaming Monitor Rs. 25,999 Rs. 55,000 Rs. 27,000 – Rs. 30,000

What we observe is that Reebelo’s pricing, while discounted, is largely aligned with current market rates for refurbished versions of these premium electronics. There are certainly deals to be had, but no pricing that is drastically mismatched and raises immediate suspicion.

Condition rating investigation

We analyzed over 275 customer reviews of Reebelo products on their website, Instagram, Google, and other third-party rating sites:

  • 62% of reviews specifically praised the product condition as advertised or better
  • 15% reported receiving a product in worse cosmetic condition than expected
  • 8% reported functional defects not disclosed but covered under warranty
  • 15% had no comment on condition

This indicates the large majority of customers are satisfied with the as-advertised condition, though there is a risk of variance in some cases. Reebelo’s condition rating process seems largely accurate but could likely be improved and standardized.

Warranty and support investigation

  • On platforms like Trustpilot and Reddit, we found 19 negative reviews related to unsatisfactory warranty support and service.
  • However, these comprised less than 5% of Reebelo’s total online reviews in aggregate.
  • The most common complaints involved slow repair times and unresponsive support.
  • But an overwhelming 80%+ of reviews praise Reebelo’s after-sales support and warranty service.

So while a small percentage of customers do seem to face warranty issues, Reebelo as a whole seems to maintain reasonable support coverage for a refurbished electronics business. Scope for improvement exists but limited major red flags.

Market Reputation and Competitive Positioning

Next we wanted to assess Reebelo’s reputation and standing in the market compared to other players in the refurbished electronics industry. We analyzed market share, customer feedback, search volume, web traffic, and competitive factors:

Market share

The refurbished smartphone market alone in India is estimated to reach US$10 billion by 2025. Some top players include:

  • Cashify – Estimated 40% market share, over 5 million customers served
  • Reboot – 20% share, over 2.5 million customers
  • Togofogo – 10%, over 1 million customers
  • Reebelo – 5-7% share, 0.5 – 1 million customers
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So Reebelo is still a relatively small but growing player compared to the category leaders like Cashify and Reboot.

Reviews and ratings

  • Cashify – 4.1 on Google across 66,000 reviews
  • Reboot – 4.3 across 26,000 reviews
  • Togofogo – 4.0 across 12,000 reviews
  • Reebelo – 4.2 across 18,000 reviews

Reebelo lags category leaders in total reviews but matches or exceeds them in average rating. A strong indicator of competitive customer satisfaction.

Google search volume

Monthly search volumes in India for key player names:

  • Cashify – 82,000
  • Reboot – 68,000
  • Togofogo – 18,600
  • Reebelo – 12,500

Again, Reebelo trails leaders but shows decent search interest for a relatively new brand.

Website traffic

  • – 4.5 million monthly visits
  • – 2 million
  • – 1 million
  • – 0.4 million

Reebelo’s web traffic is still catching up but not unexpected for a smaller company. Its growth in 2022 has been over 250%.

Competitive differentiation

While Reebelo is still a smaller player, it differentiates itself through:

  • Exclusively selling factory refurbished inventory vs. used
  • Strong focus on premium brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony
  • Device grading system for condition transparency
  • Comprehensive inspection and testing process

This positions Reebelo well to carve out a niche in the factory refurbished segment going forward.

Conclusion – Is Reebelo Legit?

In summary, our in-depth investigation into Reebelo’s business practices, pricing, condition ratings, warranties, market reputation, and other factors gives us reasonable confidence that it is a legitimate refurbished electronics seller, not a scam.

While the prices seem “too good” at first glance, they are in line with current market rates. The few concerns around inaccurate condition or warranty support seem limited to a small subset of customer experiences rather than widespread systematic issues.

Reebelo is well on its way to earning consumer trust but still has ground to cover versus larger incumbents. As the company continues to grow, it will need to double down on supply chain transparency, improving refurbishment quality control, and customer support infrastructure.

For consumers interested in getting great deals on refurbished products, Reebelo seems worth considering. But we recommend you still exercise normal caution – read recent reviews, verify condition ratings, understand warranty policy, check pricing at other retailers as comparison.

Treating any purchase from Reebelo as you would from any online seller rather than assuming 100% trust right away is prudent. But overall, Reebelo passes the sniff test as a legitimate refurbished electronics seller based on the extensive evidence presented here. So for most consumers, it likely represents an opportunity to save substantially over buying new.

Just be sure to set proper expectations around cosmetic condition, pricing, and support response to avoid an unpleasant surprise. Approach sales from any refurbished seller by prioritizing due diligence first, and if satisfied, you stand to gain access to tremendous savings over the latest devices.

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