Is Aimtoget Legit or a Scam? Don’t Be Fooled [BEWARE]

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Aimtoget is a fintech platform that provides services like airtime to cash conversion, data purchase, bill payments, and money transfers. It has an app and website that allows users to carry out these transactions.

However, there have been mixed reactions about Aimtoget’s legitimacy. While some users vouch for its ease of use and quick transactions, several others have raised doubts and termed it a scam.

So is Aimtoget legit or a scam? Let’s analyze user reviews, complaints, and other factors to find out.

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Overview of Aimtoget

Aimtoget was launched in 2017 by Aimtoget Technology Limited based in Ibadan, Nigeria. It started as an airtime to cash conversion service but expanded to offer other payment solutions.

Some key features of Aimtoget:

  • Airtime to Cash – Instantly convert airtime to cash and get funds in your Aimtoget wallet within seconds.
  • Data Purchase – Buy data plans for all major networks like MTN, Glo, Airtel etc. at discounted rates.
  • Bill Payments – Pay bills for electricity, cable TV, internet etc. directly within the app.
  • Money Transfer – Send and receive money instantly via the app.
  • Bulk Airtime Top Up – Purchase bulk airtime vouchers for distribution.

Aimtoget services are available via its Android/iOS app and website. The company claims to have over 500,000 users currently.

User Reviews of Aimtoget

Aimtoget has received mixed reviews from users. Here is an analysis of user ratings on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store:

Google Play Store

5 stars49%
4 stars15%
3 stars12%
2 stars9%
1 star15%
  • Over 3400 user reviews
  • Average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars

Positive reviews praise Aimtoget for its fast services, discounted data rates, and responsive customer support.

However, there are also many 1-star reviews complaining about failed transactions, money disappearing from wallets, and poor complaint resolution.

Apple App Store

5 stars47%
4 stars20%
3 stars11%
2 stars5%
1 star17%
  • Over 2100 user reviews
  • Average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars

Again, the app is appreciated for its easy interface, prompt airtime to cash, and rock-bottom data prices.

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But issues like money getting stuck in wallets, unauthorized withdrawals, and unhelpful service crop up frequently in negative reviews.

Key Takeaways from User Reviews:

  • When transactions are successful, the service seems fast and economical.
  • But failed transactions and complaint resolution is a massive pain point.
  • The app interface and usability is rated positively overall.
  • Customer support via calls and chat seems ineffective as per multiple users.
  • Ratings seem divided into two extremes (1 star and 5 stars), not many moderate reviews.

Online Complaints Against Aimtoget

Apart from app store reviews, there are several online complaints and warnings against Aimtoget on platforms like Twitter, Nairaland, YouTube etc.

The most common issues highlighted in these complaints are:

  • Failed transactions – Airtime getting deducted but wallet not getting credited.
  • Stuck withdrawals – Inability to withdraw money from Aimtoget wallet into bank account.
  • Unauthorized withdrawals – Money disappearing mysteriously from Aimtoget wallet.
  • Poor complaint resolution – Delayed or unsatisfactory response to complaints through calls, emails and chat.
  • Hidden charges – Charging more commission than specified during airtime to cash conversion.
  • Account freezes – Arbitrary freezing of accounts by company without prior notice or explanation.
  • Phishing risk – Asking users to log into fake bank portals to harvest account details.

While some complaints seemed outdated or isolated incidents, the sheer volume indicates persistent issues faced by the users.

Here are some examples of online complaints and warnings against using Aimtoget:

“I sold 4k airtime on aimtoget and the money is not in my wallet over 24hrs now. Nobody to respond to messages and calls. Aimtoget don’t use ooo else you go loose your money !!!” – @ella_gold11, Twitter

“Aimtoget is a fraud, they will freeze your account after loading it with cash. Nobody to answer to your issues. I have 30k locked up with them for over a month now. Avoid at all costs!” – James Doe, YouTube

“Aimtoget is not a secured app, they have poor security. I lost huge amount of funds in my wallet which disappeared without any trace. Complained many times but no resolution. Let’s be guided.” – Justin Millions, Trustpilot

Factors Indicating Aimtoget Could Be a Scam

While there are happy Aimtoget users, the sheer number of complaints and red flags raised makes its legitimacy doubtful. Here are some factors indicating it could be a scam:

  • No official registration – Aimtoget Technology Limited which operates Aimtoget is not listed on the CAC company register nor with the CBN.
  • Hidden contact details – Contact details like company address, email and phone numbers are not easily discoverable.
  • No SSL certificate – Website is not HTTPS protected and prone to cyber threats.
  • Vague T&C – Terms and conditions contain ambiguous clauses and policy reserves right to freeze accounts without prior notice.
  • Third party risk – Reliant on third parties like banks and telcos for processing payouts and top ups. Blames them for failures.
  • Payment before service model – Requires prepayment before delivering services, unlike legit apps that provide postpaid options too.
  • Lack of traceability – No transaction statements or tracking facilities to trace payments in case of disputes.
  • Poor grievance redressal – Failure to resolve complaints satisfactorily and tendency to shift blame.
  • No nodal officer – Lack of dedicated grievance redressal officer as mandated by CBN.
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While none of these factors independently indicates a scam, together they form a preponderance of evidence about Aimtoget’s dubious practices.

Tips to Identify Scam FinTech Apps

Aimtoget seems to exhibit several red flags common across scam fintech apps and platforms. Here are some tips to identify such scam apps:

🔎Check registration and licensing – Legit apps must be registered companies with valid licenses from regulators like CBN, SEC etc. Cross verify registration details on government portals like

🔎Review T&C – Read terms and conditions carefully to look for ambiguous clauses, unilateral account freezes etc. Legit apps have clear and balanced T&C.

🔎 Assess security – Legit apps invest in security like HTTPS, SSL certificates, PFBR techniques etc. Check for ‘Not secure’ warning on website.

🔎 Verify contact information – Scam apps tend to hide contact details. Check website and play store listing for email, address, customer care numbers etc.

🔎 Look for nodal officer – All fintech companies must designate a grievance redressal officer as per CBN.

🔎 Seek postpaid options – Unlike scam apps which require prepayment, legitimate apps provide postpaid options too like pay after service etc.

🔎 Check for transaction tracking – Legitimate apps provide transaction statements, reference numbers and tracking to trace payments.

🔎 Beware too good to be true offers – Offers like instant cash transfer, very high return rates etc should raise red flags.

🔎 Read online reviews and complaints – Check app store ratings and online complaints to gauge user experiences and potential issues.

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Conclusion – High Risk App Not Recommended

In conclusion, while there are satisfied Aimtoget users, the app exhibits several attributes common to scam fintech platforms. Lack of official registration, hidden contact details, unresolved complaints, account freezes without notice etc. all raise red flags about its legitimacy.

Moreover, with the emergence of more reputed and CBN licensed fintech players like OPay, Flutterwave etc. it makes little sense to take the risk with unregulated apps like Aimtoget.

There are much safer and regulated alternatives to do airtime to cash, data purchase and other payments. Hence, Aimtoget is best avoided given the high scam risk evidenced through user complaints and suspicious practices. Don’t let alluring offers blindside you against the danger signs. As the adage goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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