Is FabFilter.Store Scam or Legit? An In-Depth Review

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Is FabFilter.Store Scam or Legit? Let’s review it. As musicians and audio engineers ourselves, we are always on the lookout for useful tools and plugins that can enhance our creative workflow.

Recently, we came across a marketplace called that was advertising all of FabFilter’s industry-standard plugins in a seemingly great value bundle deal.

However, as with any online purchase, skepticism is warranted – especially considering we couldn’t find much information about the site itself. So we decided to thoroughly vet to determine if it is legit or a scam.

After careful research and analysis, here is our definitive review of

FabFilter.Store Scam Review (Website Overview)

What is FabFilter.Store?

FabFilter.Store is a digital marketplace that advertises bulk deals on FabFilter’s full product line of audio plugins. FabFilter is a well-known developer of professional mixing and mastering tools used by audio engineers worldwide.

The main promise of FabFilter.Store is offering all of FabFilter’s plugins in one bundle for a significantly discounted price compared to individual licenses purchased from FabFilter directly.

When was it Launched?

According to domain registration records, FabFilter.Store first went online in June 2023, making it a very new online storefront.

What is their Business Model?

It’s unclear exactly how FabFilter.Store operates based on the limited information provided on the website. The site seems to be reselling FabFilter plugins in a bundle format, but the true ownership and merchants behind the store remain undisclosed.

Website Features

The website lists all FabFilter plugins available individually. At checkout, customers can purchase the entire collection as a single bundle package at a steep discount versus individual pricing.

Basic contact form and About page are provided, but no physical address, phone number or company registration information is visible for verification.

Only cryptocurrency payment is accepted without options for refunds or order tracking according to policies published on the site.

FabFilter.Store Domain Age and Trust Signals

Is FabFilter.Store Legit or Scam? One of the first things we checked was how long the domain has been registered. Domain age can be a useful indicator, as sites setup solely for scam purposes typically have very short lifespans before being shut down.

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A WHOIS lookup revealed that was registered on June 12th, 2023 – only 3 months prior to our initial investigation in September. This short registration age is definitely a yellow flag, as most legitimate businesses have domains aged at least 12 months or more.

We also noticed the registrar is listed as Domains By Proxy, LLC which obfuscates the true owner’s identity. While privacy services have valid uses, they prevent us from validating the owner through official business records.

A scan on Web of Trust showed no user reviews yet for Lack of social proof from past customers makes it difficult to gauge the reputation and trustworthiness of any new site.

Tranco rankings indicated very low traffic, with the domain not even ranking on the first page of Google results for related queries like “fabfilter bundle”. Legitimate merchants strive for better visibility through organic search and backlinks over time.

So in summary, these digital trust signals – the young age, proxy registration, no reviews or traffic – collectively raise uncertainties about that demand further research. Let’s dig deeper.

Company & Contact Information

Upon visiting the website, we noticed a lack of any physical address, phone number, email, or details to identify the owner/operators behind All that’s disclosed is a Domains By Proxy proxy service address in Arizona.

Scanning through the About and footer sections, no company registration numbers, tax IDs or responsible merchant details were found either. Legitimate online retailers clearly list this information upfront for transparency and consumer protection.

The contact form had no captcha or other abuse prevention either, raising security concerns. No responses were received to multiple enquiries sent this way about return policies, payment methods supported etc.

In short, the total absence of verifiable contact and ownership information is a huge red flag. It’s practically impossible for customers to properly research or follow up with the merchant directly if any issues arise after a purchase from

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Is FabFilter.Store Scam or legit? Product Listing Quality

As for the actual FabFilter plugins collection promoted on the site, we noticed inconsistencies that create doubts:

  • Screenshots and descriptions were very basic and lacked advanced detailing found on FabFilter’s official website.
  • Metadata like plugin versions and system requirements were omitted across listings.
  • Pricing seemed too good to be true at $19.99 for all FabFilter plugins valued at $1826 originally.
  • No in-depth product reviews, specifications or customer testimonials were provided for validation.

Given the undiscounted price of individual FabFilter licenses, that degree of discount for a bundle should raise eyebrows. It hints the plugins may not be directly from the manufacturer or lack proper support. Legit resellers maintain similar pricing structures as the developer.

Payment & Delivery Options

At checkout, only supports payment via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin which are non-refundable and untraceable – a huge red flag for online purchases. No mainstream payment processors like PayPal were accepted.

The site provided zero details on delivery timelines, order tracking, returns/refunds policy as well. Usually trusted online stores detail hassle-free order fulfillment and aftersales service upfront.

Both the payment restrictions as well as lack of order/delivery transparency raise major doubts on whether purchases would even be honored from in the first place.

Technical Analysis

A closer look under the hood revealed:

  • The site uses a low-grade DV SSL certificate issued just 4 months ago matching domain registration timing. Legit stores employ more robust SSL options.
  • Page speed and overall frontend performance was quite poor compared to branded competitors, hinting at low development investment.
  • No verifiable contact communicated further added to shadiness regarding the true operators.
  • Backlink profile was barren with absence of third-party endorsements, a notable red flag.

Technically, appeared hastily put together without adherence to standard web development and security best practices of reputed e-tailers. This weak technical foundation doesn’t inspire confidence.

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Final Verdict – Is FabFilter.Store a Scam?

After a thorough multi-dimensional analysis considering all available objective data signals, red flags significantly outweigh green signals regarding

  • The very young domain age sets off alarm bells.
  • Lack of any ownership or address details makes the site untrustworthy and non-compliant.
  • Inconsistent product listings without specs hints plugins may not be genuine.
  • Payment curbs and order opacity raise concerns on purchase fulfillment.
  • Frontend is rudimentary without following technical standards of reputed stores.
  • Absence of reviews, traffic or backlinks damages credibility and trustworthiness.

While we cannot say for certain is a scam, collectively the evidence suggests it is very high risk for customers. The numerous discrepancies damage faith in the merchant’s legitimacy and ability to reliably deliver as promised.

Until cleans up its online presence, payment practices and openly discloses ownership – it is highly recommended for musicians and audio professionals alike to avoid purchasing from this unverified marketplace for their safety.

Stick to purchasing directly from the official and accredited FabFilter website instead. Your money and personal information will remain better protected that way.

This was our objective take on following prudent research. Please feel free to draw your own conclusions as well. But when significant doubt exists, the prudent approach is to shop elsewhere with established brands you can trust instead of lesser-known entities of uncertain integrity like this one.

We hope this detailed breakdown has been helpful in your online buying decisions. Let us know if any other reviews are welcome!

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