Asmongold Charity Scam: Everything You Need To Know

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Charity fundraising streams involving popular Twitch streamer Asmongold and his esports organization One True King (OTK) have come under scrutiny recently. Investigative reports claim that millions in donations may not have reached their intended charities.

These allegations center around a company called Softgiving, now rebranded as Brandfluence, that organized charity streams between top streamers and nonprofits. Public records indicate high commissions and fees, with only 58% of $6 million in donations going to charities.

Asmongold and OTK worked with Softgiving on streams for Games for Love. Their silence amidst the controversy became questionable itself. Terms related to it were even banned in Asmon’s chat.

I’ve analyzed all sides of this ongoing story, including:


My goal isn’t to accuse anyone of wrongdoing without solid proof. But legitimate issues around proper use of charity funds have been raised. Complete openness is needed, especially from those with big platforms tied to this.

Let’s review the details we know so far.

The Initial Investigative Report on Softgiving

On December 13th, 2022, reporters Jacob Wolf and Hunter Cooke published a story on Softgiving’s practices. Their analysis found that from 2020-2022, the company organized streams involving major creators like Asmongold that raised close to $6.2 million.

Asmongold Charity Scam

However, only $3.6 million made it to the charities. Softgiving kept over $2.6 million – 42% – for fees and expenses. Influencers also received payouts.

The article admits charities have administrative costs. But keeping almost half without clear breakdowns was questionable. Donors assumed nearly all of their money would aid causes like Games for Love.

Wolf contacts streamers like Asmon for comments before publishing stories. Here he aimed to see what they knew of Softgiving’s model. But he received no responses from OTK members.

Public Records Support High Commissions

Wolf and Cooke referenced Georgia secretary of state filings to back their analysis. These records are public for all legitimate businesses operating there.

One document showed Softgiving making $312,765 in commissions from $596,246 raised in a 2020 charity streamathon. 48 more pages exposed similar numbers over two years.

The article specifically mentioned $90,000 paid to xQc from a $61,000 Wiz Khalifa stream. But they couldn’t confirm if Softgiving provided those funds or a separate sponsor.

Either way, the numbers pointed towards extreme fees taken despite promises to send “100% of proceeds” to charities.

Softgiving’s Response

Softgiving (now Brandfluence) disputed the article on social media. They called the “number in the headline incorrect” with “facts that are inaccurate.”

However, the company didn’t refute any specific figures. They claimed charities worked with them “at no cost”, which contradicted the article’s financial evidence. No alternate breakdowns were given.

Brandfluence also offered for readers to “verify with the charities we serve.” But the lack of documentation made their denial questionable.

Instead of transparency, their statement ended by thanking “you for the incredible amount of work you have done already.” This sarcastic tone raised more doubts.

Asmongold and OTK’s Non-Response Causes Confusion

While other streamers promptly responded to Wolf, silence from Asmon and OTK persisted. As a co-founder of OTK heavily involved with Softgiving, Asmon’s input was highly sought after.

Wolf tweeted that he contacted OTK members “more than 10 times over the year” without ever receiving a response. He found their lack of comments “confusing”, especially as terms related to the scandal were banned in Asmon’s streams.

On January 5th, 2024, Asmon finally addressed the situation when a viewer asked about it. However, he refused to provide any real details.

Asmon simply ranted: “Somebody makes an allegation against me and suddenly I have to respond to it? No! I don’t have to say anything…What am I gonna do? Am I gonna sit here and try to defend myself and explain it to people? No. There’s no reason to.”

He believed “any reasonable person that looks into it will see the truth.” But unlike other streamers tied to Softgiving, Asmon hasn’t allowed transparency around what he knew regarding their practices.

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Potential Explanations Behind Asmon’s Avoidance

Fans argue Asmon would directly respond if he wasn’t guilty, as he has with past controversies. However, legal reasons may prevent full comments for now.

OTK member Rich Campbell has openly talked about suing Softgiving for misusing funds raised by his streams. If so, Asmon should still acknowledge issues instead of essentially banning discussion.

Others believe OTK truly had no idea about Softgiving’s model. Asmon may not have known specifics on where donation money went. That would still be irresponsible, but softens the scandal’s blow.

CS:GO streamer Fl0m worked with Softgiving and backed them as reputable despite Wolf’s report. Its possible Asmon trusted their status as industry veterans too.

Without direct words from the man himself though, speculation continues swirling. Asmon’s prior reactions to charity controversies make the vagueness more suspect.

Hypocritical Responses Compared to Past Charity Scandals

Asmon has reveled in detailing charity scandals surrounding streamers like Athene and Jerard “The Completionist” Khalil. Viewers are quick to point out his refusal to address this one in comparable fashion.

When major issues arose around Jerard’s nonprofit organization in late 2022, Asmon jumped on covering every new development. He blasted Jerard for missing financial statements and not answering direct questions.

Yet now Asmon employs the same tactics critics accused Jerard of. Nonprofit experts argue Asmon should practice what he preaches:

“Even if Asmongold didn’t directly control where donation money went, he still needs to demand transparency from partners his streams promoted.”

Asmon built reactions to Jerard’s scandal across multiple videos. But when his own event organizer faces questions, he throws out the rulebook.

There are no signs of Asmon investigating Brandfluence’s recent denial tweets either. He helped showcase Softgiving to audiences as reputable. If that trust was misplaced, he should help uncover the truth.

Why Openness Around Charity Fund Handling Must Improve

Stream-based fundraising makes raising lots of money fast possible. But proper oversight still has to exist, which recent gaming scandals have exposed flaws around.

If viewers can’t trust organizations or creators tied to charity streams, they’ll donate directly fewer amounts instead. That ultimately hurts those nonprofits counting on the big-money hype events provide.

Middlemen like Softgiving aren’t always bad. Specialized services around arranging streams, securing sponsors, and collecting money can help good causes spread awareness.

The problem comes when that middleman thinks short-sighted, prioritizing quick personal profits over building long-standing community trust in them and partners like Asmon.

If Softgiving took even 25% commissions instead of near 50%, they’d likely face little outrage over administrative fees. Of course people working these events full-time deserve reasonable compensation.

But unclear breakdowns erode viewer confidence in hosts touting donations as wholly going towards noble efforts to make ill children happier. If you sell a promise like that, not living up to it inevitably causes backlash.

Zero activism is perfect. But those gaining exposure, money, and acclaim through promoting it must operate ethically, with finances going where claimed.

Asmon himself has said “just be transparent” when controversies happen. It’s disappointing he refuses that directive around reportedly questionable partners he vouched for.

How Streamers Like Asmongold Can Improve Charity Efforts Going Forward

Streamers carry massive sway in directing their audiences towards causes. But great power requires great responsibility. Just showing up isn’t enough.

Here are steps I believe Asmongold, OTK, and other streamers should implement for future charity streams:

1. Research Partners Thoroughly – Never work with third-parties around charity without fully reviewing company backgrounds, key staff, and financials. Study Flow Metrics insights before finalizing agreements. What percentage is taken for necessary fees? Where does the rest go? These questions need clear answers beforehand.

2. Demand Transparency Around Fund Allocation – Contracts should outline detailed payment flows, allowing the gaming personality, their fans, and the public to see precise numbers afterwards. If the middleman you represent won’t list exact fees or tries hiding behind vague “operating costs”, walk away. Real professionals understand the right openness is required when donations aim to help others in need. Ambiguity erodes community trust rapidly.

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3. Publically Post Post-Event Financial Statements – When streams end, audiences deserve summaries on what was raised, what middlemen charged, and what ultimately reached the charity. Easy online accessibility lets doubters review data to confirm ethical practices themselves, while showing supporters the good accomplished.

4. Apologize and Review Mistakes If Issues Arise Afterwards – Despite best intentions, issues around partners can still emerge down the road. If so, immediately own errors in oversight, research what exactly happened, and explain how you’ll adjust evaluation standards to prevent repeats. Even without direct fault, promoters of problematic elements must display accountability around voluntary associations.

5. Personally Donate Portions Too – Another way to prove sincerity in the causes promoted is contributing personal funds as well, beyond just raising money from fans watching broadcasts. Viewers respect creators also willing to open their own wallets. When the person advocating donates a share themselves, it signals an emotional investment beyond publicity motivations.

Proper ethics around charity work by content creators has never been more crucial. Upcoming stream-based fundraisers should heed recent lessons, applying ironclad accountability that withstands inevitable scrutiny.

If Asmongold and peers want continued success meriting their platforms, embodying thoughtful practices matter more than empty platitudes. Talk means little without diligent walk to match.

The Wait for Answers Around Asmongold’s Charity Controversy Continues

Many questions linger regarding Asmongold, OTK, and the true nature of their Softgiving/Brandfluence involvement:

✅ Did Asmongold (and by association OTK) have any knowledge whatsoever regarding high commissions and fees by their primary charity stream partner? Their ongoing refusal to address the topic sparks increased suspicions.

✅ Does the fact that Rich Campbell is apparently suing Softgiving/Brandfluence mean legal reasons force Asmongold’s silence for now? He can still vaguely acknowledge awareness of issues though.

✅ What review standards and requirements did OTK have around third-party organizers of their fundraising streams if any? Their lack of oversight may have enabled ongoing deception.

✅ Are further investigations being done by Asmongold or OTK into Brandfluence’s contradictory denial statements and financial reports referenced in the original scandal article? The public remains oblivious.

Asmongold criticizing others around transparency while avoiding it himself damages his and OTK’s reputations. Trust from fans and causes served suffers greatly as a result.

Until Asmon directly discusses his charity controversy and implements reforms going forward, skepticism lingers. His former community guidance around living one’s values rings hollow now to supporters.

Only through practicing ethics first can stalled discourse progress towards potential resolution. True leadership surfaces past failures for collective betterment. Responsible streamers focused on conscientious fundraising avoid dodging hard discussions at all costs.

Reviews and Complaints Around Asmongold’s Charity Controversy

While investigations into Asmongold and OTK’s exact charity stream involvement continue, public reaction shows high disappointment so far.

Many fans who donated now feel misled if the promised percentages going directly to good causes proved untrue:

“I attended Asmon’s charity stream this year and pitched in $50. Now it seems like maybe only $25 went to actually helping people? That lack of transparency means I’m not donating during his next event. What else wasn’t truthfully communicated to viewers like myself?”

Others argue Asmon’s refusal to address this scandal after covering similar issues damages his integrity:

“It’s crazy how vocal Asmongold was around FlareTV’s charity problems but now stays silent when his own group faces controversy too. If you’re so willing to ‘serve justice’ when it doesn’t involve your own partners, but then dodge things when you’re tied to it, what does that really say about your values?”

Some believe the avoidance itself proves awareness of and guilt over misuse of donated money:

“Asmon banning any mention of this scam in his channel tells me everything I need to know. He knows streams didn’t raise funds for charities as claimed. Asmongold seems more worried about protecting his image than getting viewers their money back.”

A portion still defend Asmon by justifying his silence through legal reasons like potential lawsuits:

“Sure Asmon looks bad avoiding the charity scandal right now, but can you really blame him? There’s likely court cases happening behind the scenes stopping him commenting at all. I still trust organizations like OTK to make things right eventually.”

However, most argue thatapplauding ethics during easy times but ignoring them when personally inconvenient reflects poorly:

“I used to respect how outspoken Asmongold was around misconduct and scams in the streaming industry. But now seeing his timidness to even acknowledge serious issues tied to work he benefited from just exposes his previous grandstanding as artificial. It’s easy to call out strangers. The real test comes when your friends face scrutiny.”

While no concrete guilt has been legally established yet, Asmongold and OTK’s unwillingness to address this situation through channels like YouTube videos frustrates followers invested in seeing maximum donations reach those in need:

“Jerard from The Completionist made public statements the same days allegations around his charity surfaced. But Asmongold still hides weeks later even with lots of financial evidence now out there? That seems like telling viewers all they need to know on if he actually cares about ethics or just entertaining rants.”

Of course legally I can’t declare any impropriety as absolute fact myself currently. However, the vastly negative public perception alone means Asmon must break silence soon before audiences lose all remaining trust.

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Right now sentiment lean towards this being an elaborate scam pulled off under the guises of children’s aid. Asmongold’s unresponsiveness feeds such feelings of exploitation and outrage from once loyal donors.

Until Asmon agrees to an independent audit and explains what he knew about disgustingly high fees, public anger understandibly simmers awaiting the smallest spark into a consuming inferno.

My Takeaway Analysis on the Asmongold Charity Controversy

Much remains murky around these allegations of charity fundraising misconduct involving Asmongold, OTK, and their partner Brandfluence. Absolute legal clarity needs proper time.

However, what does seem undeniably clear already is Asmon and OTK’s poor handling of public communications since accusations surfaced. Even with lawsuits limiting statements, vague acknowledgements of issues followed by implemented reforms of evaluation standards could go far restoring damaged goodwill.

Yet as weeks pass aimlessly, we still await the first words from Asmongold himself on a pivotal matter impacting vulnerable groups reliant on ethical gaming activism. His former community guidance rings hollow absent practicing what was preached.

The numbers warrant addressing, especially since Asmon helped showcase Softgiving as trusthworthy. Ignoring controversies around partners tied to one’s image poisons perception severely. I know Asmon likely despises scammers as much as anyone. Here lies an opportunity proving that.

This ongoing vagueness benefits nobody besides those seemingly profiting from it somehow. Everyone loses when transparency around fundraising crumbles – streamers, fans donating to dubious destinations, and most importantly noble causes denied full resources intended for them.

While legal issues may require months ultimately unraveling, I implore Asmongold to carefully break silence soon. Even slight insight into revamping evaluation standards before future charity streams might quell some public uncertainty. Perceptions stain rapidly when controversies linger aimlessly.

I hope evidence disproves misconduct down the road. But refusal to discuss that very topic projects impressions of wrongdoing deafening presently. We all await Asmongold walking the accountability walk long preached around industry issues.

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