Coramoon Clothing Reviews: Legit or Not? A Honest Review

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Coramoon Clothing is an online clothing retailer that has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, there have been some mixed reviews and complaints about the company. But is Coramoon Clothing legit?

In this Coramoon Clothing review, we will provide an authoritative, objective analysis of Coramoon, evaluating both the positives and negatives based on customer reviews and experiences.

Let’s dive in.

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Coramoon Clothing Review (Overview)

Coramoon was founded in 2015 and is based out of Los Angeles, California. They sell women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and more, focusing on the latest trends and styles. The company ships worldwide and aims to provide affordable prices.

Some key facts about Coramoon:

  • Founding date: 2015
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
  • Product categories: Women’s clothing, shoes, accessories
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Price range: $10 – $40 for most items

Is Coramoon Clothing Legit? Positive Coramoon Clothing Reviews

When analyzing customer reviews, there are certainly some positives about shopping at Coramoon that are frequently mentioned:

Wide Selection of Stylish Items

Coramoon offers an extensive catalog of women’s fashion items, with over 2000 products on the site. Customers praise the vast array of stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories, with new arrivals daily. The selection includes dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, shoes, bags, jewelry and more.

Affordable Pricing

The general consensus among reviews is that Coramoon offers very affordable pricing, especially for the fashionable styles and quality. Most items on the site range from $10 to $40, which customers love for keeping up with trends without breaking the bank.

Good Quality for Price

In relation to the affordable prices, many reviews mention that Coramoon items are generally decent quality for low prices. While the quality may not be the absolute best, most customers feel satisfied with the level of quality considering the price paid.

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Fast Shipping

Coramoon offers different shipping options, with many reviewers commenting on the fast shipping times. Standard shipping takes about 7-14 business days, while expedited shipping can reduce transit time to 3-7 days.

Easy Returns/Exchanges

One of the most praised policies by customers is Coramoon’s flexible return and exchange policy. If you are not fully satisfied with your order, you can return items for a full refund within 60 days of delivery. The easy process makes customers feel comfortable purchasing from Coramoon.

Coramoon Clothing Complaints and Controversy

While there are certainly satisfied Coramoon shoppers, some concerning complaints about the company have surfaced:

Low Quality or Misleading Product Photos

One of the most common complaints is receiving products that seem low quality or don’t match the photos advertised online. Some reviewers warn the photos can be deceiving or overly edited.

Sizing Issues

There are numerous reports of sizing being inaccurate or running small. Many warn to order 1-2 sizes up for items like dresses or bottoms. The size charts are also criticized for being inaccurate.

Long Shipping Times

Although some praise the shipping, other customers complain packages take much longer to arrive than the estimates stated, sometimes up to 4 weeks or more. Shipping during sales and holidays tends to be even slower.

Customer Service Lacking

Some negative reviewers describe poor experiences trying to get support from Coramoon’s customer service team. Complaints include long response times, unhelpful or rude responses, or an unwillingness to fix issues.

Hidden Fees

A controversial issue with Coramoon is reports of customers being charged additional fees that were not disclosed during purchase, such as customs fees. These hidden costs take buyers by surprise.

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Security and Privacy Concerns

Recently, some questions have emerged surrounding Coramoon’s security practices and treatment of personal data. Some of the concerns stem from users having accounts created without consent, or login credentials being stolen.

While there are certainly satisfied customers, the number of recent negative reviews and recurring complaints should give shoppers pause when considering purchasing from Coramoon.

Pros vs Cons: Should You Shop at Coramoon Clothing?


  • Wide variety and selection of stylish, trendy items
  • Very affordable pricing, great for staying on budget
  • Clothing is decent quality for low prices
  • Fast shipping options available
  • Flexible and easy returns/exchanges


  • Product photos may look different in person
  • Sizing is often inaccurate, runs small
  • Longer than average shipping times
  • Spotty customer service responsiveness
  • May charge hidden fees for customs, etc.
  • Security and data privacy concerns

When the pros and cons are weighed, the decision on whether to shop with Coramoon Clothing becomes a personal one. Customers who are savvy online shoppers, read reviews, and manage expectations may still find value in the affordable prices and massive selection.

However, customers looking for premium quality, accurate sizing, and reliable shipping may want to exercise caution or consider alternative retailers. At the end of the day, trust your own judgement and evaluate your personal tolerance for risk.

Tips for Purchasing from Coramoon Clothing

If you decide to shop at Coramoon, some tips to make the experience better include:

  • Carefully read all product details and reviews
  • Order 2-3 sizes up from your normal size
  • Stick to simpler items like t-shirts to minimize misrepresentation
  • Keep orders small at first to test quality and sizing
  • Avoid purchasing during peak seasons like holidays
  • Pay close attention to shipping estimates and policies
  • Thoroughly document unboxing and try items on immediately
  • Inspect items closely and act quickly on returns/exchanges
  • Be prepared for additional fees just in case
  • Use a disposable or virtual credit card for security
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Coramoon Clothing Review: Alternatives to Consider

For those wary of purchasing from Coramoon, some alternative retailers to consider include:

  • ASOS: Wide selection of women’s fashion with affordable pricing and a focus on the latest trends. Offers reliable sizing guides and shipping.
  • Forever21: Well-known fast fashion brand with stores globally. Affordable prices with frequent sales and constantly updated styles.
  • H&M: Retail chain offering a wide selection of affordable women’s clothing and accessories. Free shipping and returns on all orders.
  • Zara: Spanish fashion retailer providing stylish clothing for men, women and kids. Mid-level pricing but quality tends to be better.
  • Mango: Barcelona-based women’s clothing and accessories shop. Affordable prices with clothes designed in Europe.

The Bottom Line: Is Coramoon Clothing Worth It?

So is Coramoon Clothing Legit? Coramoon clothing provides easy access to super affordable and fashionable clothing, but experience problems like sizing, shipping, and quality control far too frequently. Savvy buyers may still find value shopping very selectively.

However, most consumers would benefit from spending a little more money to shop retailers with better oversight and controls. Proceed with caution, manage expectations accordingly, and know your options.

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