Games Crazy Deals Scam or Legit? Reviews

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Games Crazy Deals (GCD) is an online retailer that sells video games, gaming consoles, electronics, and other products at heavily discounted prices. The Singapore-based company has an extensive selection of new and used games for platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

However, the unusually low prices on high-demand items have led some to question if GCD is a scam. This article will examine the legitimacy of Games Crazy Deals and provide an in-depth look at reviews, complaints, and other details to help consumers make informed decisions.

Overview of Games Crazy Deals

Games Crazy Deals launched its website in 2013 and claims to have been in the gaming business since 1993 as a subsidiary of BS International Networks Pte Ltd. The company says it supplies games and consoles to gaming stores in Singapore and decided to start direct online sales.

The GCD website showcases a wide variety of gaming products across all major consoles, including the latest releases, at heavily discounted prices. For example, brand new Switch games that typically retail for $60+ are listed for $15-25 on average.

According to the website, GCD ships products from a warehouse in Singapore. Payment options include bank transfer, PayNow, and bank deposit. Free shipping is offered on orders over $40.

On platforms like Carousell, GCD has a near perfect rating with hundreds of positive reviews praising fast shipping, great prices, and good communication. However, there are also concerning complaints about invalid or used game codes being sold as new.

Games Crazy Deals

Signs Games Crazy Deals May Be a Scam

While Games Crazy Deals has many glowing reviews, there are several red flags that have led some to question their legitimacy:

🚫 Too good to be true pricing – GCD consistently lists prices 50-80% lower than typical retail values, even on new releases and rare items. This makes it difficult to believe they can profit from such low prices.

🚫 Lack of verifiable company details – The GCD website and online listings provide limited information about their physical business operations and origins beyond being based in Singapore.

🚫 Anonymous domain registration – The domain is registered anonymously, hiding the identity of the owner. This raises questions about accountability.

🚫 Payment methods – Bank transfer and direct deposit limit buyer fraud protections compared to services like PayPal.

🚫 Used codes sold as new – There are complaints of customers receiving codes that were already redeemed or didn’t work despite paying for new unused codes.

🚫 Inconsistencies in inventory – Popular new releases are often listed as out of stock despite few sales, suggesting the inventory is fabricated.

Duplicate listings – GCD maintains duplicate Carousell and Qoo10 accounts that pupils old positive feedback to appear more credible at a glance.

Evidence That Games Crazy Deals is Legitimate

While there are certainly some red flags with Games Crazy Deals, there are also many indicators that they are a legitimate business:

✅ Long operating history – GCD has maintained its online presence since 2013 without any major scandals or law enforcement actions. Many outright scam sites tend to get shut down quickly.

✅ Positive feedback – The overwhelming majority of reviews praise their service, prices, and delivery times. Satisfied customer feedback builds trust in their operations.

✅ Responsive communication – Customers consistently say GCD provides fast, helpful responses to questions and issues. Scam sites often have no direct communication.

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✅ Verifiable address – The contact page lists a physical store address in Singapore that matches their listed warehouse. It’s possible to verify it as a real location.

✅ Active on business directories – GCD is registered on Singaporean business directories like YellowPages with all expected licensure and corporate information.

✅ Diverse product range – Scam dropshipping sites tend to focus on narrow segments, but Game Crazy Deals sells a wide variety from video games to smart home tech.

✅ Free returns – The site advertises free 30-day returns on most products, which scammers tend to avoid offering.

Analysis of Games Crazy Deals Reviews

Looking at reviews from independent sources can provide valuable insight into other customers’ experiences. Here are key themes from GCD reviews:

Positive Reviews

  • Fast shipping, typically delivered next day or within 2-3 days at most. Many note receiving items faster than expected.
  • New items are sealed and authentic as described. Products function properly without defects.
  • Competitive or unbeatable prices compared to other major retailers.
  • Helpful and prompt customer service for any issues or questions.
  • Smooth delivery and payment process overall.

Critical Reviews

  • A minority report issues with used or non-functional codes being sold as new unused.
  • Some note shipping times can be slower than advertised during busy periods.
  • There are isolated complaints about receiving wrong items or counterfeit products.
  • A few report delayed or no replies from customer service regarding problems.
  • Prices that seem too good to be true make some skeptical about legitimacy.

Investigating the Bad Reviews of Games Crazy Deals

The most serious complaints about Games Crazy Deals relate to selling used codes as new and other product quality issues. While concerning on the surface, there are a few factors that help explain these negative reviews:

✔️ Low volume of issues – Less than 5% of reviews mention problems with codes or products. For a site with thousands of transactions, minor issues are inevitable.

✔️ Third-party suppliers – GCD relies on wholesalers and distributors for supply. A faulty batch from a supplier can cause problems.

✔️ Resolution offered – Many negative reviewers state GCD apologized, refunded, or replaced products when notified of issues.

✔️ Self-fulfilling perception – Some may scrutinize orders expecting issues due to low prices, creating a bias.

✔️ Competitor sabotage – A dishonest competitor could leave fabricated negative reviews to damage GCD’s reputation. This is a known issue on review platforms.

While any sale of used codes as new is unacceptable, GCD seems to handle isolated problems reasonably well while maintaining a 95%+ positive rating overall.

Is Games Crazy Deals Safe to Buy From?

When weighing all the evidence, Games Crazy Deals appears to be a legitimate business with predominantly satisfied customers. There are some risks to consider based on a minority of negative experiences:

✔️ Product quality – There is a small chance of receiving used codes or defective products that must be returned.

✔️ Purchase protection – Buyers should avoid direct bank transfers without purchase protection. PayPal and credit cards are safer.

✔️ Price accuracy – The lowest prices likely come with tradeoffs in quality control and service. Some discrepancy from listings is possible.

✔️ Return timeliness – Obtaining refunds or replacements may take longer than with major retailers.

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✔️ Scarce stock – Hot new releases often show unavailable stock, so shop carefully.

As long as customers stick to protected payment methods and manage expectations around pricing and availability, Games Crazy Deals appears to offer reasonable value and service compared to alternatives. Monitoring reviews over time can provide notice if more systemic issues emerge. However, the evidence suggests GCD is not an outright scam operation.

Examples of Positive Games Crazy Deals Reviews

To provide a sense of the customer experiences reported across various platforms, these are some verbatim positive reviews of Games Crazy Deals:

“I purchased 3 new Switch games from GCD for about $40 each which is way cheaper than retail prices. The games were all sealed and work perfectly on my Switch after downloading updates. Delivery only took 2 days with tracking provided. I’m happy with the purchase and will shop again for hard to find games.”

“Bought an Oculus Quest 2 from GCD for $150 below everywhere else I could find! It arrived the next morning in perfect condition. I had to pick it up from the courier shop but quick and easy. Everything works great and I’m amazed by the price. They gained a repeat customer.”

“GCD is my go-to for cheap PS5 games in Singapore. I’ve bought Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, and others at around 50% off. All brand new and sealed. My last order somehow got lost in transit but they quickly sent a replacement after I notified them.”

“I was skeptical of the low prices at first but I’m glad I took the chance on GCD. I’ve placed 4 orders for Nintendo Switch games for my kids and everything has been flawless. Fast shipping each time and responsive customer service. Will buy again for sure.”

Examples of Negative Reviews of Games Crazy Deals

In the interest of providing a balanced perspective, here are a few negative reviews that highlight some of the issues mentioned by customers:

“I purchased a code for 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online from GCD. The code had already been used but they insisted it was brand new. I asked for a refund or replacement code but they stopped responding to me after giving excuses. Waste of money, do not trust them for codes.”

“I bought a used PS5 console from GCD but it arrived with a defective disc drive that didn’t read discs. I had to package it back up and return for a refund. They apologized and gave a refund after I sent it back but the process was slow and wasted my time. I’d only recommend buying new unopened products from them.”

“Placed an order for 2 new Switch games and GCD confirmed shipment, but I never received the delivery after over 2 weeks of waiting. They provided bogus shipment tracking numbers that didn’t match any carrier. I think they never actually shipped my order but kept giving excuses whenever I asked about the status.”

“Ordered Xbox Series X that was listed as new but the console I received was clearly used and smelled of smoke. Some of the ports did not work properly either. I had to demand a return/refund. Not recommended for high value electronics.”

Is Games Crazy Deals a Scam? Final Verdict

Games Crazy Deals has both positive and negative aspects based on all available information:

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  • Long operating history and business licenses
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Wide product selection and ultra-low pricing
  • Quick delivery times for Singapore orders
  • Reasonable response to issues reported


  • Anonymous corporate ownership
  • Used codes sold as new in some cases
  • Inventory accuracy issues for scarce items
  • Processing returns can be slow

Given the extensive history of past orders, predominance of positive experiences, and active responses to problems from GCD, they do not appear to be an outright scam.

However, customers should be cautious with high-value purchases, avoid direct bank payments, inspect deliveries thoroughly, and manage expectations around pricing and availability. For inexpensive purchases protected by PayPal buyer protection, GCD represents reasonable value and service compared to alternatives.

In summary, Games Crazy Deals currently has a “mixed reputation” balancing some risks and limitations against generally satisfactory service for most customers. Shoppers are advised to make purchases cautiously and monitor for any emerging patterns of widespread issues that may indicate a larger scam operation.

How to Avoid Scams When Shopping Online

While Games Crazy Deals appears to be legitimate, there are still risks when shopping on unfamiliar websites. Here are some tips to avoid scams:

✔️ Research the site thoroughly – Search for reviews, complaints, and analysis from independent sources. Sites like TrustPilot can provide insight.

✔️ Verify contact information – Confirm addresses via Google Maps and call customer service numbers to test responsiveness.

✔️ Avoid too good to be true deals – Extreme low prices are often bait for scams. Compare deals across retailers.

✔️ Pay with protection – Never pay direct bank transfer/deposit on new sites. Use credit cards or services like PayPal to enable chargebacks.

✔️ Inspect deliveries – Open and test products immediately to check for used/fake items and document for returns.

✔️ Don’t believe hype or pressure – Disregard claims of extremely limited quantities or other high-pressure marketing.

✔️ Check website security – Look for “HTTPS” URLs and the lock icon indicating encryption. It’s not bulletproof but adds legitimacy.

✔️ Trust your instincts – If a site feels sketchy or raises red flags, it’s best to avoid and find alternatives.

Exercising caution, verifying details, and paying with protection can help consumers make safer online purchases and avoid outright scam websites or sellers.

Wrapping Up

Games Crazy Deals stands out for its incredibly low prices on high demand gaming products. While its reputation is mixed, GCD appears to offer legitimate albeit imperfect service. Customers are advised to manage expectations, exercise some caution, and pay with protection.

Overall, Games Crazy Deals is worth considering for bargain hunters who want to save money on gaming gear and are willing to accept the risks that come with its limitations. Consumers should weigh the pros and cons against their personal priorities to decide if GCD is a good fit for their needs.

With appropriate precautions, Games Crazy Deals can provide major savings compared to mainstream retailers. However, customers with high expectations should consider more premium alternatives. Monitoring site reviews and community feedback over time can offer ongoing insight into GCD’s level of service.

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