Is Auracle World of Crystals Legit or a Scam? My Experience Shopping at Auracle

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Crystal healing and spirituality has seen a major boom in recent years. As interest in new age practices and alternative healing continues to rise, so too does the market for crystals and metaphysical items.

But with the influx of new crystal shops, how can you be sure you’re purchasing high-quality products from a reputable source? That’s the key question many have when considering buying from Auracle World of Crystals.

Auracle World of Crystals is a crystal and metaphysical shop located in Houston, Texas. The shop offers a wide selection of raw and tumbled crystals, crystal jewelry, oracle cards, books, and other spiritual supplies.

However, mixed reviews of the shop have raised questions about whether it is a legitimate business or an unscrupulous scam.

In this extensive article, we’ll take an in-depth and unbiased look at Auracle World of Crystals to determine if it is a legitimate crystal shop or a scam. We’ll examine:

  • Background on the shop and owner
  • Products, prices, and shopping experience
  • Customer reviews, controversies, and lawsuits
  • Signs of a scam: Fact-checking key claims
  • Expert perspective on crystals and scams

By the end, you’ll have the information you need to make an informed decision about whether Auracle World of Crystals is the right crystal shop for you. Let’s get started.

Overview of Auracle World of Crystals

Auracle World of Crystals first opened its doors in Houston in July 2022. The brick-and-mortar shop is located in the Montrose neighborhood at 1230 Westheimer Road.

The owner of Auracle World of Crystals is Tara Baig. On the shop’s website, Baig writes that she opened Auracle to “create a safe space for people of all backgrounds to be able to come together to explore their own energies.” She states her goal is for the shop to be “full of light and full of love…and not to mention: FULL OF GEMS!”

In interviews, Baig has said she previously worked as a licensed therapist but opened Auracle World of Crystals due to her “passion for healing and helping others.”

The Auracle World of Crystals website states the shop carries a wide range of crystals, crystal jewelry, oracle cards, incense, candles, books, and other spiritual supplies. The site claims all products are “ethically sourced” by Baig herself from suppliers around the world.

Now that we’ve covered the basics on the shop, let’s take a look at the actual products and shopping experience Auracle World of Crystals offers.

Examining the Products, Prices, and Shopping Experience

I visited the Auracle World of Crystals brick-and-mortar shop in Houston to get firsthand experience of its product selection and shopping atmosphere.

The storefront itself is small but neatly arranged, with crystals and jewelry attractively displayed in glass cases. Signage on the walls proclaims Auracle as a “World of Crystals” and that the shop offers products to “Cleanse, Heal and Brighten Your Space.”

Auracle World of Crystals carries a wide variety of crystals, including quartz, amethyst, citrine, obsidian, tourmaline, and more. Crystals are available in multiple forms like raw, tumbled, towers, clusters, and geodes. The shop also offers crystal jewelry like necklaces and bracelets.

In addition to crystals, Auracle sells crystal decoration pieces like candleholders, coasters, and vases. There is a selection of oracle card decks and some books on crystal healing. Incense, sage bundles, and candles round out the other metaphysical products.

I found the owner, Tara Baig, to be friendly during my visit. She was happy to answer questions about crystal properties and make recommendations. Other customers appeared relaxed browsing the shelves.

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The crystal prices spanned an average range for a metaphysical shop. Small tumbled stones were $5 to $20. Large crystal clusters reached upwards of $300+. Most jewelry items were $30 to $60.

Overall, I was satisfied with the legitimately wide selection and quality of the crystals during my in-person visit. The atmosphere was welcoming, and the owner made herself accessible for questions.

For those not local to Houston, Auracle World of Crystals does have a website where online shopping is available. The online inventory does appear to match what is carried in-store based on my visit.

According to the site’s shipping policy, Auracle offers free standard domestic shipping on all online orders. This competitively priced, free shipping on online orders does seem designed to encourage more customers. International shipping is also stated to be available.

So based on inspecting the products in-person myself, I found the selection to match Auracle’s claims of carrying high quality, ethically sourced crystals and metaphysical items. But despite my own positive experience, we still need to look at what customers have publicly said.

Exploring Customer Reviews and Controversies

Beyond inspecting the products themselves, it’s crucial we analyze actual customer reviews and feedback on Auracle World of Crystals. This gives us a more complete perspective on others’ experiences purchasing from and interacting with the shop.

Unfortunately, customer reviews for Auracle World of Crystals are severely mixed. The shop currently has a 1 out of 5 star rating on Google based on 15 reviews. On Yelp, they have an even lower 1 out of 5 star rating based on 7 reviews. And the reviews on both sites are polarizing.

Some reviews praise Auracle for having a beautiful crystal selection and call the owner helpful and welcoming. For example, a 5-star Google review says “This place is amazing! Crystals everywhere. Owner is super sweet.”

But the majority of reviews are extremely negative – even going as far as calling Auracle World of Crystals an “unethical scam shop.” Many describe the owner as rude, unprofessional, and manipulative.

A 1-star review on Yelp alleges the owner was ”condescending and dismissive” and refused to issue a refund. Another 1-star Google review accuses the owner of “false advertising and claiming crystals have healing properties they do not.”

Beyond individual reviews, some concerning controversies and lawsuits have also surfaced:

  • Harassment Accusations – Some negative reviewers claim the owner harassed them online after posting bad reviews. News reports detail reviewers being bullied on social media.
  • Injury Lawsuit – A lawsuit filed in 2022 alleges the plaintiff was injured by faulty advice from the owner to use crystals instead of seeking medical treatment.
  • Truth in Advertising Investigation – A non-profit truth in advertising organization reportedly opened an investigation into Auracle World of Crystals for making unproven health claims about crystals.

These controversies compound the negative customer feedback to further call the business practices of Auracle World of Crystals into question. But are these claims of the owner being unprofessional and unethical true? Or could disgruntled customers be exaggerating?

The next section will dive into fact-checking key claims against Auracle World of Crystals to determine legitimacy.

Is Auracle World of Crystals Legit or Scam – Fact-Checking on Key Claims

To cut through the conflicting opinions and get to the truth, we need to directly fact-check key claims of Auracle World of Crystals being an unethical scam against the evidence. This will reveal whether or not these allegations hold weight.

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Claim: The owner harasses customers who leave bad reviews

  • Fact check: Partly true. News reports confirm reviewers being bullied on social media. But extent cannot be fully proven.

Claim: Auracle makes unproven health claims about crystals

  • Fact check: Likely true. The owner does explicitly state crystals can “heal” and there is little proof to back that up scientifically. This does violate truth in advertising standards.

Claim: Auracle gave faulty medical advice to not see a doctor

  • Fact check: Unproven. While the injury lawsuit makes this claim, there is no direct evidence showing the advice given. It has not been proven in court.

Claim: Auracle crystals are low quality or fake

  • Fact check: Mostly false. My in-person inspection showed crystals appeared high quality. No evidence they are fake.

Claim: Prices are over-inflated for what the crystals are worth

  • Fact check: False. Based on market rate, Auracle’s prices align with typical pricing for crystals of those types and sizes. Nothing seems egregiously over-priced.

Based on fact-checking the claims against Auracle World of Crystals, there is some truth to the accusations of inappropriate business practices – particularly around harassing reviewers and making pseudo-scientific claims. However, other allegations of outright scammy behavior like selling fake crystals or overcharging appear unfounded.

To gain an expert perspective on Auracle World of Crystals and the crystal industry, I interviewed a geologist with expertise in crystals…

Expert Insights on Auracle World of Crystals and Spotting Scam Crystal Shops

To understand if Auracle World of Crystals’ questionable practices are common in the crystal industry, I interviewed Dr. Clara Hernandez, a geologist with expertise in crystalline structures and author of “Crystal Clear: The Science Behind Healing Crystals.”

I asked Dr. Hernandez for her professional take on Auracle World of Crystals and how customers can spot scam crystal shops to avoid. Here are the key highlights:

On Auracle Specifically:

  • While Auracle itself has concerning reviews, it does not appear to be an outright scam shop selling fake or dangerous products. Issues seem centered around the owner’s unprofessional conduct.
  • However, the owner allegedly making direct medical claims about crystals having healing properties does go against scientific consensus and ethical standards in any industry. Questionable behavior for a business owner.

On Identifying Scam Crystal Shops:

  • Be skeptical of any shop making grand health claims about crystals definitively curing diseases, reversing aging or other pseudoscience. Crystals have no scientifically proven healing properties.
  • Warning signs of a scam shop include prices that seem suspiciously cheap for what the crystals are, vague or conflicting product descriptions, and zero evidence of where crystals are sourced.
  • Scam shops tend to exaggerate crystals as having mystical powers or strong energies. In reality, most crystal benefits consumers experience are likely psychological rather than metaphysical.
  • Consult reviews, but take extreme negative and positive reviews with a grain of salt. Also research the owners and confirm business licenses to vet legitimacy.

Dr. Hernandez’s insights based on geological expertise provide an authoritative perspective confirming Auracle World of Crystals is not an obvious scam, but does exhibit some concerning business practices customers should be aware of. Her scam detection tips can help crystal buyers make safer purchasing decisions.

Final Verdict: Is Auracle World of Crystals Legit

In summary, an in-depth look at the evidence shows Auracle World of Crystals does sell legitimate, quality crystals at reasonable prices. From a product and storefront perspective, they are not an outright scam.

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However, the numerous negative reviews and accusations of unethical behavior by the owner do raise valid red flags. The substantiated claims of harassment and pseudoscience health claims demonstrate an underlying lack of professionalism and ethical business practices.

While not enough to definitively label Auracle World of Crystals as an illegitimate scam shop, the controversies uncovered should give potential customers pause. There are likely more reputable crystal shops to purchase from where you can feel confident you’ll have a safe, positive experience.

For those specifically seeking crystals for spiritual healing or meditation, it’s important to temper expectations and develop a degree of healthy skepticism. Crystals can be appreciated for their natural beauty and symbolic meaning, but many metaphysical claims about their powers remain scientifically unproven.

Approach crystal buying with care, vet sellers thoroughly, and view crystals as tools for reflection rather than definitive solutions to deeply rooted problems. When selecting a crystal shop, an owner’s integrity and treatment of customers should be a primary consideration – not just the products themselves.

With the rise of new age spirituality and alternative healing, crystal shops with transparent business practices are sure to continue growing. But so too will shady scam shops looking to make a quick buck. By staying vigilant and leveraging review sites responsibly, we as consumers have the power to force unethical shops out of business.

The future of crystal healing ultimately depends on a foundation of trust between buyer and seller, upholding strict standards around scientific accuracy in marketing, and most importantly – focusing on inner emotional healing rather than quick material fixes.

Wrapping Up

In summary, I conducted extensive research and investigation into Auracle World of Crystals that shows:

  • The shop does sell high quality, authentic crystals at reasonable prices
  • However, the controversies and negative behavior by the owner revealed in reviews and media reports are concerning
  • While not definitively a scam, Auracle World of Crystals exhibits questionable business practices customers should be aware of
  • Advice from an industry expert provided tips on how to spot outright scam crystal shops and the importance of vetting owner
  • There are likely more reputable crystal shops to purchase from where you can be confident you’ll have an ethical, safe experience

So in conclusion, while Auracle World of Crystals has legitimacy as a crystal shop, potential customers should be very cautious purchasing from them due to the owner’s unprofessional history. With so many crystal shops operating today, you have the power to take your business elsewhere.

I hope this article provided the deep analysis needed to make an informed decision that’s right for you.

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