How To Make A Phone Charm That Will Add Personality To Your Device

Phone charm is the most common way to decorate your smartphone or tablet these days if you are someone who loves phone accessories, but has trouble finding the right fit.

Many phone cases are boring or don’t appeal to you. That’s why you should consider making your own phone charm.

Not only will they add personality to your device, but it’s also super easy to do and can be customized in any way that you want.

phone charm

With phones increasingly becoming the center of our social lives, it’s important to make them reflect who we are and what we care about.

A phone charm can do just that, allowing you to add some personality to your device by making it more than just another tool but a fun accessory that says something about you as well.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your phone, or you simply want to give your device some extra flair, this guide will teach you how to make a phone charm from scratch using materials that you can find around the house or easily order online.

Let’s dive in on how to make your own phone charm that will suit your personality perfectly!

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What are Phone Charms?

Phone charms are beautiful accessories attached to a mobile phone, which are inserted into the jackpot or a small strapped knot that something can be attached to used to beautify phones.

Some countries, such as China and Korea, believe that the beads/ accessories attached to their cell phones bring good luck and serve as a lucky charm.

how to make a phone charm

However, you can buy your phone charm or make them yourself and even sell them when you make them in large quantities.

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It is your choice to make either you want to buy an already made phone charm with the amount range of 10 to 15 dollars.

You can also choose to make your phone charm and beautify it in any way you want it to look and even customize it with your name and any other designs you can think of.

How to Make a Phone Charm

The following are the materials you will need to make a phone charm:

  1. Bead needle
  2. Polyester thread
  3. Beads
  4. Thread
  5. Scissors
  6. Super glue
  • Bead needle: We use a beading needle to pick the beads in large amounts because the beading needle makes this faster and simple.
  • Polyester thread: A polyester thread is a thick white elastic thread. It is a fishing line, a thread that will enable us to insert the beads.
  • Beads: Beads are beautiful and colorful accessories manufactured in different designs and looks usually used to make fashions and jewelry.
  • Thread (many different options): We will use this tread to sow the already made charm to the phone case.
  • Scissors: We are going to need scissors for cutting and trimming.

Step 1

  • Cut a long piece of thread and make sure it is lengthier than the exact length you need. This is because making a longer bead line is better than a shorter one.
  • Tape one side of the table (you are working on) to prevent your beads from falling off and flying around while working.

Step 2

  • Now you can start creating any pattern you want. Either you use the same color all through, or you use different colors by mixing them to beautify it more.
  • You can start stringing beads until you get to the length you want.
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It depends on you. Some want it to look like a bracelet and keep it smaller, while others like to make it long.

Step 3

There are two ways you can complete your charm when done stringing the bead.

The first way is simple but requires buying more supplies, such as a metal look accessory known as a stopper.

We can use a stopper to hold the beads you’ve strung to avoid the bead from falling off. And the stopper indicates when you complete stringing the beads.

Just tie off your cording and then clasp the stopper.

The second way is for those who don’t want the extra cost. In this method, you can tie a knot at the end of your string after measuring the actual length you want. Ensure the length is three inches longer than the actual length you measured to avoid a faulty charm.

How To Attach A Charm To Your Phone

Now that you have made your phone charm, you need to learn how to attach your charm to your phone.

phone charm attached to a phone

Attaching phone charms to a phone case with a hole

  • Take your phone out of its case to inspect if there is a hole you can use to attach your charm without damaging your phone.
  • Locate the mute button hole on the phone case. You can find that on the top volume buttons on the phone’s left edge. In case your phone case doesn’t have a buttonhole, you can check around your phone to see if there is any other hole you can attach your charm to.
  • Insert the looped end of the made or bought phone charm through the mute button hole by holding the phone case with one hand and holding the charm in the other. Drag the looped string to the other side of the charm from the mute button’s hole until you see the other end of the string on the other side.
  • Tie a knot with the phone charm’s loop by using the hand used to hold the phone case to open the charm’s string loop.
  • Insert the phone back into its case.
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This method is used when your phone case has a hole, but if it does not, you should read further. I will guide you on attaching your phone’s charm to your phone case without a hole.

Attaching a phone charm to a phone without a hole

  • Remove your phone case, then decide the position you want your charm to be attached to, either the top, the bottom, or the sides.
  • Denote your chosen position by marking it with a pen, marker, or chalk.
  • Pierce two holes in the marked positions by using a sewing needle. Place the tip of the needle to an open flame from a lighter or a candle until you notice it is hot already. Press it on the marked places immediately to melt and form a hole.
  • After making the holes successfully, you can now go ahead to insert your stringed beads into the holes to attach your charm to your phone case.

You have successfully learned how to attach a charm to your phone case to beautify your phone.