How to Spam Someone’s Phone and Get Away With It

Would you like to ruin someone’s day? Are you frustrated by annoying telemarketers who won’t take no for an answer and want to do something about it?

Luckily, there are ways to spam someone’s phone that don’t necessarily involve downloading malicious software, which can get you in legal trouble in some cases.

In this article, I will show you how to spam someone’s phone correctly to annoy your target without getting caught by the police or sued in civil court.

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What is mobile phone spam?

Mobile phone spam refers to any unsolicited text message sent to a mobile phone in bulk. Spam is delivered as a text message via SMS.

spam someone's phone

One way to spam someone’s phone is by sending them many SMS messages.

Either way, you can send spam messages by signing up for a service that allows you to send mass texts or by using a bulk text messaging app. You’ll need to get the person’s phone number first.

Once you have their number, you can start sending them many messages. The more messages you send, the more likely they’ll eventually block your number.

The thing about spamming someone via SMS is that it’s a nuisance but not necessarily harmful.

No data is stolen or corrupted by sending someone many text messages, so there are few consequences if you get caught.

The following website can help you spam someone’s phone through messaging.

9 best websites to spam someone’s phone without getting caught

Many people consider spamming someone’s phone as abuse and illegal, but if you’re careful enough, it can be done without getting caught.

Here are the 9 best website you can use to send prank messages and spam someone’s phone (maybe your friend) without getting caught.

1. is a website that allows you to send random facts to your friend’s phone, such as animal, parenting, coffee, and random Trump facts to a victim.


By using, you will be on the safe side, and you cannot get caught because the website is only helping your prank your friend.

To start using this prank, you need to go to and select the preferred fact you wish to send to your friend from the homepage.

Then you’ll need to launch the prank from the next window which you will be required to enter your friend’s phone number (or the phone number of the person you want to spam) and then select how many times you wish to send the message to the phone number and how fast you want it to be.

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Each SMS costs 0.07 per SMS, which means you can send the 100 prank message for just $7 and send that message every 1 minute.

I hope your friend won’t freak out haven’t received 100 SMS within 2 hours (1 hour and 40mins to be precise)

2. is a website that allows you to send a customized message to your friend’s phone anonymously without having the receiver know or worry about paying for the text messaging.


You can send anonymous prank messages to any phone number in the USA, Canada, or anywhere in the world.

Unlike Sendrandomfacts, txtemnow is also very safe to use. Not only will you not get caught, but you will also be able to send as many messages as you want for free. also helps you with tips and tricks you can use to prank your friends and send free SMS.

To start using this website to spam someone’s phone, go to, and when you navigate down the page, you will see a form where you can enter the victim’s phone number and your customized text.

Click continue, and on the next window, review your prank message before sending them. When you send a message once, it’s normal, but when you send it repeatedly, it will become a spam message.

3. BlowUpThePhone.Com

Another website that can help you spam someone’s phone and get away with it is BlowUpThePhone.

Blow Up Your Phone is a website that allows you to prank your friend by sending many spam text messages and prank calls.

spam someones phone using blowupthephone

You can send funny prank text messages to your friend without getting caught, and you can send them pretty fast.

To use Blow Up Your Phone to send spam messages, head to their website and select “send prank texts.”

You will need to enter the recipient’s phone number, and in other to launch the spam attack, you will need to select how many text messages you want to send and how fast you want to send them.

BlowUpThePhone SMS charges are similar to SendRandomFacts, which means you can send 100 prank SMS for $7 and at a 10secs interval.

If you want to use BlowUpThePhone for prank calls, rather than selecting “send prank texts,” you should choose “send prank calls.”

Afterward, you will need to pick the prank call idea you want, enter the receiver’s phone number and launch the prank call.

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4. MessageBomber.Com

MessageBomber allows you to send prank messages known as bomb SMS to your friends.

spam someone's phone with message bomber

Your friend will receive all kinds of funny text messages according to your selection on their phone without knowing where it comes from. In other words, you won’t get caught.

Using MessageBomber, you can prank your friends by sending random cat pictures, coronavirus memes, funny God’s text messages, hilarious Lucifer text messages, and prank messages from the Craigslist marketplace.

Message Bomber is similar to SendRandomFacts. To use this website, go to, and from the homepage, select the type of message you want to send to someone’s phone.

Then click on “launch this prank” and enter the receiver’s phone number; pick how many prank messages you want to send and the time interval you want the website to send them.

When you are done, send the message and watch the receiver spend the rest of their day in torture.


We have found Spoof Box to be the best prank website for spamming someone’s phone number. Spoof Box is a world of pranks; you can prank call and send spam messages.

spam someone's phone using spoofbox

You can send prank Messages from God, Jesus, Donald Trump, Devil, and many more. By picking up a character and choosing your prefabricated texts, you can send them to your friend’s phone as a text message, email, or phone call.

To use the website, though, you have to have earned points, and the quickest way to make some point is to like the page, follow it on social media, or sign up to receive updates, as that all earn points. You can use the website once for free too.

To send a prank message using SpoofBox, go to, navigate to the top of the page, select “Prank,” and then choose “Message from God.” From the opened window, select your desired prank message.

how to use spoofbox

Now you have to navigate down to fill out a form (how you want to have your message sent). First, you need to select SMS to send a prank message, then choose your sender, fill in the receiver’s number, the date and time you want to send the message, the receiver’s name, and then send the text message.

The receiver (or your friend) will receive your prank message based on the above customization.


Like all other prank messaging websites on this list, also enables you to spam someone’s phone without getting caught.

With textem, you can free text message to spam your friend’s phone with them knowing who sent the text, and you can send the messages as much as you want.

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TextEm has a simple and functional user interface, and we can use it for sending text messages to anyone in the United States for free.

All you need to do is head over to the website, fill in the recipient’s phone number, select the mobile carrier, enter your customized message, and send it to your friend or whoever you want to spam.

Don’t forget. A message has to be sent repeatedly and irrelevant to be called spam.


With SendAnonymousSMS, you can send prank messages to your friends anonymously by spoofing your phone number.

spamming someone's phone using sendanonymoussms

SendAnonymoussms is available worldwide (which means you can send messages to anyone anywhere in the world) for free.

To use SendAnonymoussms, go to the website and “enter the number” you want to send from, select the “recipient’s country,” enter the “recipient’s phone number,” and enter the message you want to send in the text box. You can write up to 145 characters and when you are done, click send SMS.


Anonymous phone calls is another free website you can use to prank your friend and spam their phone.

free anonymous phone call

It is one of the best websites you can never get caught employing, and the good news is that it is a free prank-calling website.

To use an Anonymous phone call, go to the website, fill in the recipient’s number, and enter the customized text you want.

You also need to choose the voice you want (you can have your prank call delivered using anonymous funny voices like Cookie Monster or Donald Trump).

When you are done, click convert and send. Your friend will receive your message as a phone call.


Another website you can use to spam someone’s phone without getting caught is ArmSMS.


Anonymous Messaging Site or ArmSMS allows you to send customized messages and free jokes anonymously to your friend’s phone.

ArmsMS operates on a credit system; you need credit points to send up to 160-character SMS. You can purchase credits or work to earn credits through the website.

To use this website, go to, fill in the sender name and the receiver’s number, enter your customized text, choose an SMS you want to send from the left tab, and click send when you are done.

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