How To Delete Cash App History In A Few Simple Steps

If you’re looking to delete Cash App history because you think someone else may have access to your transaction history, or perhaps you simply want to hide your spending from an ex-partner, I have some good news and better news for you.

The good news is that your cash app history is already private, and you don’t need to delete your history BECAUSE you cannot delete your cash app history.

And the better news is that there is an alternative IF you still want to delete your Cash App history, which is “hiding your transaction history or deleting your Cash App account.”

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Ensure you have downloaded the app before starting, as deleting the information from your account requires using their mobile app.

How Can I Delete Cash App History

Conveniences we owe to the advancing technology of money transfer apps like the Cash App and Venmo, which enable us to do different transactions using just our phones.

Instead of needing to exchange physical money and make a change, we can now quickly and easily transfer the cost among ourselves electronically.

Cash App is a popular payment service for mobile devices which provides the user to transfer and receive money using the Cash App application easily.

delete your cash app history

With each transaction recorded, it is impossible to delete your transaction history from your Cash App account. You must permanently delete or close your cash app account to delete your transaction history.

To view your Cash App transaction history, tap the lower-right corner to open the Activity Tab. And because your Cash App account number belongs to you, nobody else can access this information, and there’s no need for you to delete your transaction history.

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Why You Should Not Worry About Your Cash App History

Cash App provides users with an easy way to send and receive money and make purchases electronically. However, Cash App isn’t perfect, so you might want to delete your Cash App history after a transaction.

The unique difference between the Cash App and other apps like Venmo is that Cash App already has all your transactions (on the app) private, which means no other person can access that payment history except you.

How to Delete Your Cash App Account

If necessary, you can permanently delete your Cash App account to clear the activities on that app.

Deleting your Cash App account means deleting your $Cashtag, and when your $Cashtag is no more, there won’t be any transaction history to worry about.

If you’re no longer using your Cash App account and don’t need your Cashtag anymore, you may wonder how to close it.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to deleting your history and closing your account.

Step 1: Navigate to your Cash App account and click on the Profile icon.

Step 2: Click on the Support button.

Step 3: When you scroll down, you’ll see the option “Something Else,” click on this option.

Step 4: Navigate and select “Account Settings.”

Step 5: Click on “Close my Cash App Account” from the menu.

You will be required to enter certain information in other to confirm you want to delete the account.

The Cash App will also sign you out, and you will receive an email confirmation (or text message) on your phone to confirm that your account is now un-linked.

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When you receive the email, you can now delete the Cash app from your phone or open a new account if you want to.

You can always have a new $Cashtag whenever you open a new cash app account.

Before deleting your Cash App account, you must download your Cash App payment history to avoid future catastrophe.

How To Download Cash App Transaction History

Cash App conforms to the California Consumer Privacy Act and enables customers to maintain their data privacy, enabling users/customers to access their transactions or payment history.

It is a perfect idea to download your transactions history before you delete your cash app account.

Here’s is a quick guide to help you access your personal information Cash App, and as well download a copy of your cash app transaction history:

Step 1: From your mobile phone or PC, open your web browser and log in to your Cash App account

Step 2: When you log in, Click on the “Settings.

Step 3: Navigate and select “Download Your Personal Info” under your info

Step 4: Now Click on the “Activity” to view all your previous payment history

Step 5: Then click on “Statements.”

Step 6: Now Select “Export CSV” to download your transaction history

Follow the instruction on your window screen to print your transaction history. You can delete your cash app account after printing out your transaction history.

FAQ on this guide, “How To Delete Cash App History.”

Can I delete my transaction history from my Cash App account?

Can I create a new cash app account after deleting my account?

Yes, you can always create a new Cash App account whenever your want, even if you previously had one or recently deleted your Cash App account.
You just need to ensure you don’t have any balance or pending transaction on your cash app account before deleting your account to create a new one because you are bound to lose all pending transactions or balances when you delete your cash app account.

Can I have/open two Cash App accounts at a time?

The straight answer is Yes, you can have two cash app accounts at a time, and you can open as many cash app accounts as you want as long as you register them using a different email address and phone number.

Can I open another Cash App account using the same number or email address?

No, you cannot. You cannot open another Cash App account using the same number you already use for an account because you are only eligible to register one account using a contact number.
However, this may not be the same if you have already deleted the account in which you previously used the phone number, which also goes for the email address.
The bottom line is that you cannot use a phone number or an email address to open more than one account at a time.