How To See Who Liked Your TikTok Video in 6 Easy Steps

Are you wondering how to see who liked your TikTok Videos? This guide is for you.

Presently, TikTok is the most viral social media user worldwide and the most visited social media, and you can do many things on TikTok.

Videos can be created for fun and also advertise and promote your business. To get famous and popular on TikTok, you must create excellent and unique content.

If you’re creating videos on TikTok for fun, ensure you deliver unique and perfect content that will increase your followers and likes.

And if you have a TikTok account for your business, make sure you do viral awareness about it exclusively to get more followers to patronize and like your goods.

Posting videos on TikTok and receiving likes in our modern-day example is like when a comedian performs on stage and receives comments and likes from the audience.

They pour out their mind to him, and they praise him if they like his performance and use insulting words if they do not like his performance.

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It is the same as TikTok. When you post a video, people would like and comment to pour out their thoughts about your content, whether satisfactory or not.

When many people like your videos on TikTok, it gives you more energy and positive vibes to create more content in your videos.

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A button shows the number of likes you’ve received on a video. Then you can carry out some tasks to know who liked your videos.

Are you finding it difficult to check the names of those who liked your videos? If yes, you don’t have to worry. It is my responsibility to guide you through.


Here are some steps to follow, along with screenshots to guide you perfectly. You can check the names of those who liked your TikTok videos in two ways.


1. Click on your TikTok application to log in to your TikTok account.

2. After clicking on the app, videos appear divided into two parts, left and right. On the right are the videos of those you’re following, while the left side contains your friend’s videos.

3. On the video screen, there are four buttons aligned below. Click on the last button, which is known as the “profile button.” It includes your profile.

4. The videos you’ve posted will appear on the profile page. Click on any of the videos.

5. The video has buttons aligned on the right-hand side. Click on the comment button. Then different people’s comments on your video appear.

6. The like bottom is located by the side of the comment page. When you click on the like button, the names of those, who liked your videos appear.

You can go further to click on those names to check their videos and follow them if you haven’t.

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This section contains another way to check the names of those who liked your TikTok videos.

When you open your TikTok app, I say that four buttons are below the video page. The second to the last button is called the “notification button” or the “inbox.”

When you click on it, it shows you the notifications of all the activities that commence on your TikTok page. It shows the new comments you have, the new likes you have, the new followers you have, and the new messages you have from friends. It shows everything all together.

Therefore, the first option is more advisable to use, and this is because it only shows what you requested directly without any mix-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

TikTok how to see who liked your video?

Go to your notification/inbox, or you go to the comment section and click on likes beside it.

How to change who can see your liked videos on TikTok?

Go to settings; you can get it done by setting your privacy.

Can I see who liked someone’s TikTok?

Nope, you cannot see who likes someone’s TikTok. However, you see the number of likes on the video.

How do you see who liked your TikTok video

It is well explained above