How To Make Your Phone Impossible To Track

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How to make your phone impossible to track when the main feature on the phone which enables tracking on cell phones is the “LOCATION” accompanied by cellular data or wifi.

Anyone can track your phone to know your location when these features are “ON” and “ACTIVE” on your phone.

Then you have to erase or disable these features to stop your phone from being tracked.

Although the location helps locate places by using the GPS on the phone for road map directions, we also have to be careful.

We can have our cell phones tracked by legal or illegal means to monitor our movement.

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If you notice or suspect that your phone is being tracked, this article will educate you on the proper steps to make your phone impossible to track.

4 Methods on How To Make Your Phone Impossible To Track

Method One: Activate The Airplane Mode

When you activate your airplane mode, you’re practically turning off your “cellular data and wifi, which disables every connection. Therefore, Once the connections are disabled, it is difficult for trackers to track your location.

Steps to activate airplane mode on your android/ios device

Here’s a step-by-step guide to activating the airplane mode on Android and iOS devices.

  • Swipe your phone down to go to the toolbars
  • Click on airplane mode. When you do this, your connections are automatically deactivated.
  • Also, you can go to settings.
  • Click on connections, and you will see the Airplane mode, click on it to activate.
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Method Two: Deactivate Your Gps Radio

GPS is an icon on some phones, while it’s in location settings on other phones.

Location features and the GPS works together, but once you deactivate the location features, the GPS also stops working automatically.

By doing these, your location will not be available to anyone.

Steps on how to deactivate your GPS radio

  • Go to settings
  • Click on “security and location” on Android; there are phases of settings under security and location.

“Security Status” has four elements under it (Google Play Protect, Security update, Find my device.

“Device Security phases” also have four elements (Screen lock, Fingerprint, Face unlock, smart lock)

“Privacy Phase” has two elements (Location and show passwords)

  • On the privacy setting phase, click on “LOCATION.”
  • On the location page, click on Google Play Service, also known as “GPS.”
  • On the GPS page, click on “Force Stop” or Disable.

By clicking on any of those two, you’ve automatically disabled your GPS.

Method Three: Update Your Privacy Settings

In this step, I will show you some steps you can use for your privacy settings.

You can successfully prevent your phone from being tracked by resetting your privacy and clearing your location history.


Go to settings, and click on the location; this will direct you to “Google location settings.” Then, you can turn off your location history and location reporting.

Location History is a Google Account–level setting that stores or saves your whereabouts with every mobile device where you log into your Google account.

While location reporting report or provide details about your location to various applications.

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And you can also erase your location history from your mobile phone.


Go to phoned settings, click on privacy, then select location services. The apps which use location services will appear.

Then you can deactivate them by sliding the switch above, or you choose some particular apps to disable if you do not want to disable them.

Some tasks require location and GPS on your phone and cellular data nowadays; we can’t do without turning on our cellular data, which is used to make connections available for surfing the net and communication on social media.

Moreover, you should note that your privacy and your life are more important than this at the moment.

Method Four: Turn Off Your Cell Phone

This step is the fastest and the easiest of all. Turn off your phone completely and remove your battery (if it is not in-built).

This way, you can easily disgrace or disappoint whoever chooses to monitor or track your whereabouts.

You must know that if you are in an emergency where you need help to make people locate you, these steps are just the opposite of what you need and aren’t beneficial.

When you need people to know your location, do the opposite of the steps given above by turning on your cellular data to off your airplane mode and activating your location and GPS radio.

How To Know When Your Phone Is Being Tracked

Don’t just assume that your phone is being tracked without seeing some signs to be sure about your instinct.

It would be best if you gave full attention to some changes on your phone and did not see all the changes on your phone as a regular thing.

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Whenever these changes occur on your phone, which is not from you, your phone is being tracked by someone.

Below are some changes which might likely occur on your phone if your phonies are being tracked.

Abnormal Data Usage

When you know the estimate of your monthly data usage, and it suddenly increases beyond your imagination, someone somewhere is tracking your phone. This is because while your phone is being hacked, your data is also being used.

So make sure you always check your phone data usage daily to notice any unusual activity.

Fast Drained Battery

When your phone battery drains very fast without using it for many tasks, and while the battery is in good health, your phone must have been going through tracking. When you notice this, report it to the police.

Unwanted Apps and unknown activities

There is tracking when you observe some apps working on your phone without your consent, which you did not install or download.

And when you detect some unusual activities running on your phone without your permission, your phone is being tracked.

Overheating of cell phone

When your phone constantly overheats, when much task hasn’t been done on it by you, then the tracker’s task on tracking your phone made it overheat.

Device Malfunctioning

When your phone malfunctions while on standby, it performs tasks on its own when you’ve not commanded it to carry out any task, or it stops responding to your command, then your phone is being monitored by someone.