How To Charge A Phone With A Broken Charger Port (New Hack)

If you want to learn How To Charge A Phone With A Broken Charger Port, this article is just for you.

Our phones have become the other half of us since they participate in our daily lives and are the primary source of information and communication.

We tend to feel depressed and a little bit emotional when our phone gets faulty, which also includes having a broken charger port.


I experience that often and often. Whenever I’m unable to use my phone due to a fault with my phone, I partially become faulty too. That’s hilarious.

Yeah, it is; that is how vital my Smartphone is to me. My phone means a lot to me. In fact, I can’t sleep without having my phone with me.

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We all have witnessed it all. Whenever our phone breaks down or has issues, we feel bad.

This article will help you overcome the problem of your phone charging port not working and teach you “how to charge a phone with a broken charger port.”

Imagine using your phone all day till your battery drains up to 1%, and you’re trying to charge it, but it’s not charging until the battery shuts down. How will you feel? Frustrated right? Yes, you should.

Fortunately, there are ways you can use to charge your phone with a broken charging port.

I will dive into the methods you can use to charge your Smartphone with a broken charging port.

However, there are some things you need to do to be sure that the charging port is why your phone is not charging.

What to do when your phone is not charging

phone not charging
Source: Pocket-lint

1. Remove and rub the battery(if the battery is not inbuilt)

The following are primary first aid treatments to give your phone before concluding that your changing port is at fault.

You need to inspect the battery before blaming the phone’s charging port for knowing if it is in good condition.

If your phone’s battery is not inbuilt, you can take off the cover case and then remove the battery. After removing the battery, rub it gently on your palm for some minutes.

Note, make sure you do this with a dry hand, not a wet one. After rubbing it, gently insert the battery into the phone correctly, then cover the phone’s cover case. Then charge it again.

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2. Perform a gently cleansing for your battery.

Your phone battery can be another reason your phone refuses using to charge.

If your phone’s battery is removable, remove it. Once you notice how dirty your phone’s battery looks, take time to clean it. 

Clean the battery connectors, the positive and the negative terminal, with a toothpick. Clean it thoroughly, insert the battery and close the phone; now they are charging it again.

3. Clean the charging port

While placing and keeping your phone anywhere without a covered pouch can release dirt and debris into your phone’s charging port. And dirty in the charging port may be the sole reason why your phone isn’t charging.

Therefore, when you check your charging port and observe dirt in it, do not hesitate to clean it with a toothpick. Make sure you do this gently to keep the charging port in shape without damaging it. After cleaning, try charging your phone again.

4. Charge the battery separately with a battery charger.

In Nigeria, a battery charger is called a “desktop.” It is a device that blinks multicolor light while charging a battery, and it shows green when the battery is complete, and it shows red light to indicate that the battery is not well fixed or not charging.

Therefore, when your phone is not charging, try charging it separately with a battery charger for some hours before inserting it back into your phone.

5. Change the socket

Before concluding that the charging port is your phone’s fault, try changing the socket where your charger is plugged in.

After changing the socket and the phone start charging, then definitely the problem is the socket and not your charger or charging port.

However, when you change the socket, and the phone is still not charging, the problem is not the socket but something else that can’t be concluded just like that.

Since we’ve checked and talked about the issue that may arise from the battery, the charging port, and the socket, let’s talk about the charger, which may be the real problem.

6. Change the charger’s adaptor

Before believing the fact that the problem is from the charging port, try inspecting the adaptor. Remove the adaptor, perceive it to observe a burning smell, and look carefully for a loose plug.

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After your observations, if a burning smell is perceived, then the adaptor is the main issue and the reason why your phone isn’t charging.

Now, you should try changing the adaptor to another one, then charge your phone. If the adaptor is the problem, the phone will charge, and vice versa.

7. Change the charger’s cord/cable

The other issue which may arise is from the cord. Remove the cable to smell and check thoroughly to observe any burnt smell or physical burnt look.

When you notice all these, then the problem is cable—the solution is to replace the burnt cable with another one.

8. Use the charger to charge a different phone.

After inspecting the charger and observed no burnt smell, and it didn’t charge your phone still. Now try using the same charger to charge other phones.

If the phone charges, then the charger is not the problem. It is your charging port. If reverse Is the case, then the charger is the problem.

How to charge your phone with a broken charger port

If the issue is with your charger and you have sorted out that it’s about the USB port.

Now I will give you the methods to charge your phone with a broken charging port.

So here is how to charge a phone without a charger

What we are going to need

  • Your charging cable
  • Cutting tool(scissors or cutter)
  • Electrical Tape
  • Laptop

Steps by step on how to charge a phone with a broken charger port

Here is a step-by-step guide to charging a phone with a broken charging port.

1. Cut the Charging Cable

Cut the charging cable using a cutter to see the inner positive and negative wires in the cable. After seeing two wires inside, peel to the same size until the iron steel is observed.

Hold the cable in one hand and insert the charging connection at the USB side to enable the connection.

2. Peel off the Wires

After cutting the charging cable, peel off the two inner wires’ skin until their copper wire is exposed. The red-colored wire is positive, and black colored wire is negative.

You can peel off the wire using your nails or your teeth. If you can’t use your teeth or nails, you can use a small cutter.

With the naked wires, make them thicker before they can be used. Wrap each naked wire thoroughly to make it look thicker and join each strand of the naked wires.

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Twist the strands of the positive and the negative wires until it fits in the charger.

Once the copper wire knot is made, your android charger port broken port can be referred to as a manual charger. Now inserts the positive copper wire into the positive terminal and the negative copper wire into the negative terminal of your phone’s battery.

How to charge a phone with a broken charger port (Best Alternatives)

Those removable battery smartphones can use the above method. You don’t have to panic if your phone’s battery is in-built. There is another method you can use for an in-built battery.

Wireless charging

If you want to charge your phone with a broken charger port, you can get an electromagnetic induction wireless charger.

wireless charger

The wireless charger will charge your phone ideally when connected via Bluetooth. Get a wireless charger to charge your Smartphone at ease.

However, to charge your phone completely, the wireless charger has to be charged as well in other to elongate its lifespan.

Wireless Powerbank

Another best alternative to charging your phone with a broken charging port is Wireless Powerbank. Yes, there are certain Powerbank you can use to charge your phone without cable.

wireless power bank

Here are some of the best wireless Powerbank you can use as an alternative to charging your phone if your charging port is broken

Are there Apps to charge the phone without a charger?

The good news is yes. You can charge your phone without a charger by downloading some charging applications to charge your phone. Below are some charging apps:

  1. Charger Simulator
  2. Fast Charging
  3. Fingerprint Charger
  4. Extra Battery

How to clean an iPhone charging port

To clean an iPhone charging port, you must check the inner part of the charging port using a flashlight. Once dirt and debris are observed, clean slowly with a toothpick to pick out the dirt.

Note that you have to do this carefully, and do not use metal to clean your charging port to avoid scratches if the charging port.

How to charge a tablet with a broken port?

If you have a broken charger port, don’t worry. You can charge your tab with a wireless charger quickly and download charging Apps so that your tab charges up.