Is Temu $200 Dollars Bonus Legit? Here’s Our Findings

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Temu has taken the world by storm since its launch in 2022, with over 100,000,000+ downloads on the App Store and Google Play. But many are wondering – is Temu $200 dollars bonus legit?

Let’s take an in-depth look at this viral shopping app.

Temu is a shopping app that offers huge discounts on various products, from fashion and home goods to toys and electronics. Their motto is “shop like a billionaire” because prices can be up to 90% off regular retail.

Temu sources inventory directly from manufacturers, cutting out middlemen to offer rock-bottom prices. They promote having over 10,000 global brand partners.

Some key facts about Temu:

  • Founded in Boston, MA in 2022
  • Over 10 million app downloads
  • Backed by parent company PDD Holdings, a $100B Chinese e-commerce giant
  • Ships items globally from a network of suppliers
  • Offers special coupons and deals to incentivize shopping

The $200 New User Bonus – How It Works

Temu promotes a $200 dollars bonus for new users as an incentive to download and shop on their app. This bonus comes in 2 parts:

Part 1: $100 Off Coupon Code

  • After downloading the Temu app for the first time, new users can enter the coupon code TEMU200 to receive $100 off their purchase.
  • This $100 off code can be applied sitewide with no minimum purchase.
  • The coupon code must be used within 7 days of creating your account.

Part 2: $100 Product Review Rebate

  • After using the $100 off coupon, Temu offers new users a $100 rebate for writing a product review.
  • To get the $100 rebate, you must:
    • Make a purchase of at least $100 using the coupon code
    • Write a product review that’s at least 100 words
    • Submit a receipt showing proof of purchase
    • Provide selfies showing you with the product
  • The rebate is paid out via PayPal after Temu reviews and approves your product review, receipt, and selfies.

So in summary, new Temu users can get up to $200 off by using a $100 coupon code and submitting a qualifying product review to get a $100 rebate.

Is Temu $200 Dollars Bonus for New User Legit?

The short answer is yes, Temu’s $200 sign up bonus is 100% legit, as long as you carefully follow the steps outlined above.

Here’s why Temu’s new user promo can be trusted:

1. Plenty of Confirmation from Actual Users

There are many reviews from real Temu users across the internet confirming they successfully got the full $200 bonus.

For example, on Influenster’s Temu product page, there are 515 reviews from verified purchasers, with an average rating of 4.6/5 stars. Numerous reviews mention getting and using the $100 off coupon code as well as receiving the $100 rebate after submitting a review.

Here are some examples:

“Love Temu! I was able to get $100 off my first purchase and then they sent me ANOTHER $100 after I reviewed some products and sent pics! Crazy good deal!”

“Don’t hesitate to download Temu and use the promo code TEMU200 to get $100 off your first order. I got some great deals and then got another $100 after submitting my review!”

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“I was skeptical but I actually did get $200 in credits/cash back from Temu. Just follow the steps and submit your review with pics, and the $100 rebate comes through.”

The Temu app also has over 100,000 Google Play reviews with a 4.4 average rating, and the $200 bonus is mentioned frequently.

And there are many similar reviews on other platforms like Trustpilot, SiteJabber, YouTube, TikTok, and Reddit. Overall, there is abundant confirmation that real users have successfully obtained the full $200 new user promo.

2. Clear and Easy Directions Provided

Temu provides clear instructions on how to obtain the full $200 bonus, making it a straightforward process for new users.

The $100 off coupon code TEMU200 is widely advertised across their website and app. And the product review rebate requirements are clearly spelled out in the follow up email you receive after making your first coupon code purchase.

As long as users carefully follow each step – downloading the app, using the coupon, making a qualifying purchase, writing a detailed review, submitting proof of purchase and selfies – they will receive the full bonus. Temu makes the process simple to understand and complete.

3. Backed by a Legitimate Company

Temu is not some sketchy or fly-by-night operation. It is backed by Pinduoduo (PDD), a publicly traded Chinese e-commerce company with a market cap over $100 billion.

Pinduoduo is China’s largest e-commerce platform with over 850 million active buyers. They launched Temu to expand into the US market.

Clearly, Pinduoduo has the resources and infrastructure to ensure the $200 new user bonus is delivered as promised. This large corporate backing provides further legitimacy.

Why Does Temu Offer Such a Large Bonus?

You may be wondering why Temu offers such a substantial $200 bonus for new users. There are a few strategic reasons they incentivize users this way:

  • Encourage app downloads & initial purchases – The $100 coupon entices new users to download and shop on Temu for the first time.
  • Kickstart viral growth – Getting new users to make a purchase and write a review helps kickstart viral growth, as reviews and referrals spread organic awareness.
  • Obtain user-generated content – Requiring selfies and written reviews generates useful marketing content for Temu’s business. Photos of real people gives their brand an authentic feel.
  • Collect customer data – The sign up process provides Temu with valuable data on user demographics and shopping behavior. This supports better targeting.
  • Establish consumer trust – Positive reviews help establish credibility and consumer trust in this relatively new brand.
  • Drive repeat purchases – Once users make an initial purchase and have a positive experience, they are more likely to shop on Temu again.

So in essence, Temu strategically offers a generous bonus to incentivize new users, kickstart viral growth, collect data and reviews, and drive repeat purchases. For an emerging app, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Reasons to Be Cautious

While Temu’s $200 sign up bonus is legit, there are a few reasons buyers should still exercise some caution when using the app:

  • Cheap quality – Reviews mention some hit-or-miss quality with items being cheaply made. So temper expectations, as Temu focuses on extreme discounts over premium quality.
  • Poor customer service – Many reviews cite frustrating issues contacting Temu customer service about damaged, missing or incorrectly shipped items. Response times can be slow.
  • Long shipping times – Standard shipping usually takes 2-4 weeks since items ship directly from Chinese suppliers. Delivery may be unreliable.
  • Possible data/privacy concerns – Sharing personal data with companies based in China raises potential data and privacy concerns for some users.
  • Difficult site navigation – The app can be cluttered with ads and promotions, making it hard to easily find and purchase specific items.
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So users should set proper expectations around item quality, shipping speed, data privacy, and the overall shopping experience. While Temu’s new user promo is legitimate, there are reasons to exercise some buyer beware when using the platform.

Tips for Maximizing the Temu $200 Bonus

Here are some tips to ensure you successfully obtain your full $200 bonus when signing up with Temu:

  • Carefully read the Steps to Get $100 Off and Steps to Get $100 Rebate emails – they contain the official requirements needed to qualify.
  • Use the coupon code TEMU200 immediately, as it expires 7 days after account creation.
  • Spend at least $100 to unlock the rebate – make sure your total after the coupon is ≥ $100.
  • Write a detailed, 100+ word review highlighting specific product pros and cons. Include photos showing the product in use.
  • Submit order confirmation showing date, items purchased, total paid and coupon savings. Receipt must match your Temu account details.
  • Provide multiple selfies clearly showing your face together with the product/s you reviewed.
  • Follow up if needed – the rebate can take 7-14 days to be issued, so politely follow up via email if you haven’t received it.

If you thoroughly complete each required step of the promotion, you should have no issues getting your full $200 welcome bonus! Just be diligent.

The Verdict: Worth Trying for the $200 Bonus

In conclusion, Temu’s $200 sign up bonus is legitimate, as confirmed by ample user reviews online. The bonus requires carefully following a few steps to download the app, use the coupon, make a qualifying purchase, and write a detailed product review.

While you should be cautious about potential downsides related to item quality, shipping, and customer service, there are plenty of reviews showing users have obtained the full $200 bonus.

For savvy shoppers on a budget, Temu is worth trying for the chance to score $200 in bonuses on top of the app’s already low prices. Just read requirements closely, manage expectations properly, and tread carefully. But the potential savings are real.

So if you’re looking to get $200 in free credits for shopping, Temu delivers on their sign up bonus – enjoy shopping like a billionaire!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a catch to Temu’s $200 sign up bonus?

There is no specific catch, but users should read the full terms to understand the redemption requirements. You must use the coupon within 7 days, make a qualifying purchase, write a valid review, and submit supporting documentation to get the full $200. As long as you complete all steps, you will receive the bonus.

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Can I use Temu’s coupon code on any purchase?

Yes, the $100 off coupon code TEMU200 can be applied sitewide to any purchase of any amount on Temu’s platform. There are no limitations around what you can buy with the coupon.

How long does it take to get the $100 product review rebate?

Temu asks that you please allow 7-14 days after submitting your review for the $100 rebate to be processed. You should receive it via PayPal within that timeframe. Follow up via email if you have not received it after 14 days.

Do I need to do anything special in my Temu product review?

Your written review must be at least 100 words in length and provide specific details on your likes/dislikes about the product’s quality, value, functionality, etc. You must also provide supporting photos showing the product. Make sure to include ample detail.

What happens if I don’t end up liking my Temu purchase?

No worries. Even if you end up disliking your purchase, you can still get the full $200 bonus. Just make sure to clearly explain the negatives in your written review, and provide the other required components like order confirmation, selfies, etc.


Temu has exploded onto e-commerce with its rock-bottom prices and generous signup bonuses. While you should manage expectations around product quality and shipping times, Temu’s $200 new user promo is 100% legitimate.

Thousands have already scored the full coupon and rebate bonus by carefully following the steps outlined here. If maximizing value is your goal, Temu is worth trying – sign up, grab the coupon, make a purchase, write a review, and score your bonus. Just be an informed buyer.

Have you gotten your $200 bonus yet? Let us know in the comments.

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