Is Legit or a Scam? Buyers Beware !!

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When shopping for MLB jerseys online, it’s crucial to vet sites carefully before making any purchases. One source that often comes up is – but is it really legit, or should buyers avoid it as a scam? Let’s take a deep dive into to determine whether it can be trusted or if it’s best to steer clear.

First Impressions and Design

Upon first visiting, the site design looks professional and well put together. The layout is clean and easy to navigate between categories like MLB jerseys, hats, accessories and more. Photos of products are high resolution and presented attractively. So from a purely visual standpoint, there are no obvious red flags to suggest it’s a low quality or scam site.

However, legitimate retailers generally provide more transparency around company details, policies, and guarantees. On, there is minimal information given about the owners or operations. No physical address is listed, only a PO Box for returns. This lack of openness is the first caution flag regarding the site’s legitimacy.

Product Selection and Pricing

Browsing the selection of MLB jerseys for all 30 teams reveals a vast inventory of both authentic and replica styles from all the major brands like Nike, Majestic, and Fanatics. Jerseys span both current and retired players. This wide assortment suggests has a large sourcing network to keep items in stock.

Pricing for most jerseys range from around $100-200 for authentic versions to $60-100 for replicas. While near average costs for high quality officially licensed gear, it’s difficult to verify claims that items are truly “authentic” without more transparency around manufacturing and licensing. Knock-offs are also a risk at lower price points from unclear sources.

Overall, the selection and pricing alone don’t prove or disprove’s legitimacy. An extensive catalog can be a positive sign, but without visibility into suppliers, licenses and guarantees, there remains uncertainty if items are real or replications. This combination of pros and cons lands the site still in a gray area thus far.

Payment Options and Security

When checking out on, payment is accepted by credit card through PayPal which provides at least a basic layer of buyer protection against fraudulent charges and disputes. However, no mention is made about encryption or security certificates for the payment page itself.

This lack of security badge or seals from companies like McAfee, Norton or TRUSTe is another missing marker of legitimacy. Reputable retailers typically obtain these verifications to demonstrate their payment protection measures for customers. Handling financial data without proper safeguards invites skepticism.

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The site also only offers one payment option rather than multiples like major brands provide. More choices like Apple Pay or other digital wallets shows willingness to satisfy different buyer preferences seen at leading sports merchandise sites.’s single PayPal method seems limiting.

At this stage, the payment capabilities are passable but incomplete versus top retailers. Accepting just one processor like PayPal leaves gaps versus industry standards for legitimacy and building long term trust with shoppers. Security remains an open question without badge certifications too.

Delivery Times and Returns Policy

According to, orders ship Free within the USA typically within 3-7 business days after confirmation. Faster 1-2 day shipping is available for an added fee. International delivery timeframes are also provided by country.

This estimated fulfillment windows appears standard and aligns with what authentic sources promise. However, no hard shipping guarantees or tracking numbers are given upon checkout like reputable companies provide upfront. This clouds any recourse for missed or late delivery promises down the line.

As for returns, items may be returned within 30 days for a refund, aside from sale items or custom/personalized orders. No mention is made of how to initiate the return, provide receipt details or the refund timeframe. Authentic retailers always spell out these crucial processes clearly.

While the proposed delivery and returns policies are reasonable on the surface, gaps in outlined procedures and tracking substantiation again leave open questions as to their legitimacy and follow through when issues arise post-purchase. Buyers have no certainty of execution on key after purchase supports.

Contact Methods and Trust Signals

One way real businesses build trust is offering buyers multiple, reliable ways to reach them pre and post sale. Unfortunately on, customers find only a contact form and no other modes like a customer service phone number. There is also no live chat feature seen across industry benchmarks.

Absence of live assistance severely hampers resolving any concerns immediately that a form submission cannot address. It conveys less commitment to responsive, quality support expected of trustworthy enterprises. The laissez the contact options further raises doubts.

Furthermore, the site features no external trust badges, recommendations or awards that other major retailers proudly promote. Legit Reviews, Better Business Bureau, and various sports community endorsements add transparency and are missing on altogether. This omission raises anonymity concerns for potential buyers.

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##Domain Registration and Company Info

A key method to evaluate the legitimacy of any website is examining details of its domain registration record. For, a whois lookup uncovers that the domain was registered anonymously less than 2 years ago, the minimum period to remain private.

No company name, physical location or individuals are listed as owner either. This barebones registration by an undisclosed party is highly suspect and contrasts established retailers that openly operate their domain under company ownership. Lack of a formal registered business derails trust significantly.

Furthermore, no revenue or incorporation records are found for any business called MLB Jersey Store, suggesting it is likely not a legally formed entity which real licensed resellers always are. Its connective tissue paper trail ends abruptly at the domain registration itself.

Consumer Reviews and Complaints

To gain further insight, it’s worthwhile examining what actual customers are saying about their experiences with after making purchases.

Unfortunately, the site features no built-in review section, unlike leading retailers. This in itself raises questions as to whether they have any positive feedback to showcase from real buyers or desire transparency that reviews provide.

A search across numerous review sites turns up a concerning pattern of complaints however. On sites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber and Reviewopedia, recurring themes emerge in the over 50 reviews indexed:

  • Slow, delayed or no fulfillment – Many customers report placing an order only to see no updates or shipping notices for 2-3+ weeks, with some never receiving items.
  • Inaccurate sizing – There are numerous reports of jerseys arriving in sizes much smaller than what was supposedly selected, making them unwearable.
  • Poor quality fabric – A large number of reviews describe jerseys feeling thin, displaying crooked numbers/lettering, and lacking proper logos. Materials seem more akin to knock-offs.
  • Unreachable customer support – With just a form on their site, buyers vent frustrations about being unable to resolve these issues due to no phone number and lack of response to inquiries.
  • Credit card chargebacks – Dissatisfied customers indicate needing to dispute charges through their bank after became unresponsive with unfulfilled orders.

The reviews paint an overwhelmingly negative perception of actually doing business with the site. Nearly all feedback rates the experience 1-2 stars out of 5. Absence of even a single positive review anywhere suggests systemic, unaddressed problems versus isolated incidents too.

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Additionally, is listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website with an “F” grade. The BBB has closed over 50 complaints filed against them in the last 3 years alone relating to the very issues seen in independent reviews uncovered – untrustworthy business practices overall.

This critical consumer reception provides strong evidence that the integrity, fulfillment capabilities and product quality advertised cannot be reliably delivered as intended. Many buyers appear to have lost money with no recourse after being misled on this site.

Thus, while reviews cannot be fully verified themselves, the pervasive poor ratings across numerous outlets aligned with the site’s observed operational shortcomings and owner anonymity further solidifies should be considered too risky for any confident or satisfied shopping experience.

Verdict – Is Legit or a Scam?

After thorough analysis, the assessment is that should be avoided as its legitimacy has too many unanswered concerns and inconsistencies versus industry benchmarks for trustworthiness and following proper e-commerce best practices.

While the site design looks professional and selection is large, various alarming gaps appear around payment security, fulfillment transparency, anonymity of ownership and lack of trustworthy third party endorsements. The domain is also registered privately without disclosing ownership particulars.

Considering no verifiable licensing or supply chain sourcing evidence exists, official guarantees are missing and contact support remains slim, buyers have little recourse if any issues arise from purchases. Overall, the site’s integrity and ability to deliver promised products and services as advertised cannot be reasonably confirmed

Unfortunately many of’s shortcomings align more with deceptive practices seen from unauthorized retailers selling potentially counterfeited sportswear. As such, this analysis finds it best to avoid making transactions through this source and instead suggest purchasing officially licensed MLB apparel from trusted, reputable and fully transparent sources to be on the safe side.

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