Is Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth Review

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Is Legit or a Scam? is an online clothing and accessories store that claims to offer products from popular brands at steep discounts. However, many customers have expressed skepticism about the site’s legitimacy. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at to determine whether it’s legit or a scam.

We’ll analyze the website, check customer reviews, examine the price points, investigate the parent company, verify payment and shipping policies, and provide tips to help you shop safely online. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of whether can be trusted or if you’re better off avoiding it.

Let’s get started!

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A Quick Overview of is an online retailer that sells clothing, accessories, shorts, and tees. Some of the brands they advertise include Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and more.

They claim to offer these luxury items at steep discounts, with prices often 60-80% below typical retail values. For example, they sell t-shirts advertised as Jordan or Supreme brands for $10-$20 each when those brands normally sell for $50-$100 per shirt.

The site was registered in September 2023 and has the look and feel of a standard e-commerce storefront. They accept payments by credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. Shipping is free worldwide for orders over $75.

On the surface, it seems like a great place to score huge bargains on coveted streetwear brands. But as we’ll explore later, many customer reviews paint a very different picture that has raised serious legitimacy concerns.

Is Legit or Scam? Customer Reviews and Complaints

Let’s see what actual customers who have shopped at are saying. An objective analysis of reviews is one of the best ways to gauge a site’s legitimacy.

On, has over 150 reviews with an average rating of just 1.4 out of 5 stars. The overwhelming majority of reviews are 1-star and describe issues like:

  • Receiving fake/low-quality knockoff products instead of the advertised brands
  • Long shipping delays followed by never receiving purchases at all
  • Terrible customer service that is unreachable or doesn’t provide refunds
  • Credit card fraud after making purchases on the site

A sampling of representative 1-star reviews:

“Bought a ‘Supreme’ hoodie for $30 and what arrived was clearly a bogus knockoff. The quality was terrible and it was nothing like what was pictured. Never using this scam site again.”

“Placed an order over 2 months ago and still have not received anything or any response to my emails. They stole my money!”

“Claimed to be selling Jordan 1s for $80 which was obviously too good to be true. I feel stupid for falling for this obvious scam.”

Other review sites like SiteJabber and ResellerRatings have consistent feedback, with the consensus being that customers either received fake/low quality items or nothing at all after making payments to

Customer satisfaction and reviews are often the most insightful indicators of a website’s legitimacy. And in’s case, the feedback paints an undeniably troublesome picture that aligns with many signs of a scam operation.

Steep Discounts are a Major Red Flag

One of the biggest red flags with is the insanely steep discounts they advertise on luxury streetwear brands.

For example, they sell t-shirts for Nike, Adidas, Supreme and other top brands for $10-20 apiece when those brands normally retail between $40-100 per piece of apparel.

They also offer shoes from brands like Jordan and Yeezy for $50-80 a pair when those same shoes would sell for $150-300 at typical retailers.

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Discounts of 60-80% below market value on consistently sought-after brands should immediately raise suspicions. Legitimate retailers, especially for luxury streetwear, simply do not offer deals that good on a consistent basis.

There are a few possibilities for why a site would offer discounts so steep:

  1. They are selling fake/counterfeit products. When prices seem too good to be true, there is usually a catch – and that catch is often the quality or authenticity of the items being inferior to what’s advertised.
  2. They are dropshipping cheap knockoffs from Chinese wholesalers. Many fraudulent sites stock inventory by dropshipping low-quality replicas mixed with legitimate products to attract customers.
  3. The intent is to steal payments, not fulfill orders. Huge “sales” are a common tactic used to lure in as many customers as possible before inevitably abandoning the site and pocketing payments without delivering anything.

When discounts are routinely 60-80% off, it eliminates almost all possibility of having an actual retail partnership with luxury brands. That’s a major red flag about’s legitimacy.

No Information about the Parent Company

A credible online retailer should clearly disclose who owns and operates the business. This builds accountability and transparency.

However, provides no details at all about the company or individuals behind it. Their “About Us” page is blank, and their WHOIS domain records have been obscured through a privacy service.

Not having basic details like a business address, phone number, founders/CEOs visible raises doubts as to whether the site owners want to be identifiable. Hiding ownership is a technique used by scammers to easily abandon ship without repercussions once their scheme is exposed.

major warning sign here is that doesn’t want customers or authorities to know who really operates the site. Without transparent ownership information, it’s difficult to have confidence that the business is legitimate or that customer issues would actually be addressed.

Pre-Orders without Shipping Guarantees

On, many of the most heavily discounted items are labeled as “pre-order” or “coming soon.” However, there is no clear definition of what a pre-order even means on their end or any assurances provided.

Legitimate businesses with genuine pre-orders always disclose estimated shipping timelines, provide order cancellation options, and guarantee full refunds if delivery deadlines are delayed indefinitely.’s terms state that pre-orders may be canceled anytime without justification or refunds given. This essentially allows them to keep customer payments in perpetuity with no accountability for fulfillment whatsoever.

Pre-orders without guarantees are a deceptive tactic frequently used by scam sites to keep shoppers on the hook without actually delivering merchandise. It’s an indefinite stalling technique. The lack of transparency on regarding their pre-orders means customers have zero protection from being cheated out of their money.

Payment Options Raise Further Concerns

The only payment methods listed on are credit/debit cards, PayPal, and direct wire transfers. Accepting only irreversible forms of payment versus safer options like purchase protection eligible ones from companies like PayPal is a red flag.

Wire transfers and direct card charges mean customers have no way to contest charges or dispute transactions if problems occur, since the money is immediately handed over without safeguards. PayPal and credit cards provide crucial buyer protection against fraudulent activity.

This payment setup benefits scammers by making it easy to vanish with customer funds, as chargebacks and payment holds would not apply. Legitimate online retailers normally accept a variety of safer, protection-enabled options versus just direct irreversible payments.

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There are also overly broad clauses in the terms and conditions allowing to cancel orders and retain funds for any reason at their sole discretion without notice. Again, this strips away customer rights and places all power in the hands of the site owners.

The lack of established purchase protection on orders through should worry any potential customer due to how easily money could be stolen with no recourse for the buyer. Legit companies don’t remove all safety nets like this.

shipping Estimates Raise Concerns

On the shipping & returns policy page, states that delivery times vary but most international orders take 2-4 weeks. However, there are again no solid timeframes or tracking provided for any orders.

Significantly delayed shipments past estimated windows without updates is common complaint seen across their reviews too. Many customers reportedly waited over 2 months without receiving orders or responses.

Legitimate online retailers are very clear and specific about delivery quotes by country/region. They also provide easy tracking access upfront so customers know when to expect packages and where products are during shipping journeys.

The lack of firm deadlines, vague estimates, and absence of tracking on prevent customers from holding them accountable if delays extend indefinitely without resolution like scam sites often do. It’s an attempt to stall without transparency.

The shipping policies essentially absolve them from all responsibility to actually fulfill orders, which directly contradicts establishing legitimacy and building trust with customers.

Product Photos Show Mismatched Quality

One glaring issue is that many product photos shown on do not match the quality of items customers report receiving, according to reviews.

For example, photos advertise name brand streetwear like Supreme, BAPE or Yeezy pieces that look high quality with correct labeling and designs. However, reviews describe the actual shipped items as cheaply made knockoffs with poor stitching, misspelled text, or logos that clearly don’t match the brands.

This discrepancy between promised and delivered products is a huge red flag, and a sign the site intentionally misleads buyers by using false photos. Legitimate retailers do not doctor product listings or trick customers by misrepresenting what they’ll receive.

From a technical point of view, it’s also unlikely actually possesses the high-end inventory shown in their photos considering the huge discounts and lack of transparency around suppliers/partnerships. Dropshipped knockoffs seem a more probable explanation based on review patterns.

The mismatch between photos and reality experienced by customers eliminates confidence that the site aims to honestly represent merchandise. It implies purposeful deception is used to lure in customers who then receive inferior items or nothing at all.

Domain Registration Details Raise Alarm Bells

Looking deeper into the registration records for’s domain name through tools like WhoIs also illuminates some dubious activity:

  • The domain was registered on September 29th, 2023 throughDomainsByProxy – an anonymizing service that hides the true owner’s identity
  • No other domains are registered to this owner, suggesting this could simply be a single-purpose scam operation
  • The site launched swiftly after registration with the look of an established store, implying it was pre-built to scam from the start
  • The registry contact information is generic placeholder data, further keeping the registrant anonymous

Domains used solely for deceptive purposes, anonymously registered with proxy services, and lacking basic identifiers for accountability are all red flags. Legitimate long-term businesses do not hide like this, so obscured details imply wrongdoing.

Conclusion (Is Legit?)

In summary, based on the extensive research findings covered in this review, there are severe doubts about whether is a legitimate operation:

  • Overwhelmingly negative reviews describe receiving fake or poor quality items unlike listings
  • Steep 60-80%+ discounts are unrealistic for luxury streetwear brands they advertise
  • Lack of company information and anonymous domain registration hides accountability
  • Vague policies provide no protection for pre-orders or delayed shipments
  • Payment setup removes safeguards by not accepting safer options
  • Photo quality does not align with descriptions of actual arrived products
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While no business can be completely ruled a scam with 100% certainty, the accumulation of so many glaring red flags means the risks far outweigh any potential rewards from

Until they address issues around transparency, fulfillment track record, supplier details and payment safety, this review finds the evidence clearly points to it being a deceptive website. Customers have far better odds avoiding frustration by shopping reputable retailers instead.

In the wild world of online bargains, verification is key – and in’s case, there are too many unanswered legitimacy questions. Proceed with extreme caution, or simply take your business elsewhere to avoid potential scam fallout. Staying vigilant is important for preserving hard-earned funds online.

With diligent research, consumers can feel empowered saving money safely. I hope this in-depth look at helps provide clarity on navigating potential issues and steering clear of dubious storefronts masquerading as deals. Shoppers are best served focusing their custom where transparency, not anonymity, rules the experience.


Q: Why do customer reviews matter so much?

A: Reviews from real people who’ve shopped at a site provide objective insights that can’t be found elsewhere. When reviews overwhelmingly describe issues receiving orders or scam experiences, it’s a major red flag that can’t be ignored. Listening to past customers is crucial for evaluating trustworthiness.

Q: What about their social media presence?

A: has no visible social media profiles that could be found. This is another major warning sign, as established retailers commonly use platforms like Instagram to build their brand and interact with customers. A blank social profile implies they don’t want to be interacted with publicly.

Q: Could the steep discounts potentially be real?

A: While extremely unlikely, it’s theoretically possible they have genuine partnerships that allow for discounts of that magnitude. However, the accumulation of evidence like reviews, lack of transparency, inconsistencies, and domain registration details overwhelmingly indicates this is a deceptive operation rather than legitimate deeply discounted merchandise.

Q: What would you advise someone considering ordering from them?

A: Based on the research, I would strongly advise against making any purchases from due to the abundance of signs pointing to it being a scam. The massive risk of loss outweighs the small chance orders may be fulfilled. Protect your funds by avoiding this site altogether and shopping only at trusted retailers with transparent policies and positive customer feedback.

Q: How can someone shop safely for fashion bargains online?

A: Research websites thoroughly, check reviews on multiple platforms, only make purchases through secure payment methods with protections like PayPal, use a credit card for dispute abilities, avoid private domain registrations/anonymous owners, and be wary of anything seeming too good to be true. Legitimate deeply discounted deals do exist but require diligent validation.

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