Is Capost Scam or Legit? Uncovering the Truth (Beware)

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You’ve probably seen ads for Capost, a new delivery service claiming to offer fast shipping across Canada and the US. Their website shows smiling couriers holding boxes and promising delivery within 24 hours.

It all seems too good to be true.

I had to wonder: is Capost legit or a scam preying on customers?

As an investigative journalist and consumer advocate, I had to find out.

I dug into Capost by analyzing their website, reading through terms and conditions, checking third-party review sites, and even trying their service myself.

Here’s the real truth I uncovered about Capost that you need to know.

How Capost Works

First, let’s understand what Capost claims to offer.

According to their website, Capost is an online platform connecting customers to local couriers for fast delivery. You enter details about your package, choose a delivery time, and Capost matches you to a courier to handle same-day or next-day shipping.

It seems simple enough. And convenient, since you can track packages and insure them up to $1000 in case of damage.

But that’s just the company pitch.

Investigating Capost’s Legitimacy

As I researched further, several red flags emerged making me question if Capost is above board:

1. No company details: Strange for an online business, Capost lists no founders, physical headquarters, or even an email address.

2. No direct customer service: You can’t call Capost with issues. No phone number exists and they don’t respond to inquiries.

3. No transparency: Vague terms and conditions and privacy policies leave users unsure how Capost handles data or packages. Refund policies? Non-existent.

4. Too-good-to-be-true claims: Bold promises of 24-hour shipping without much explanation raise skepticism. How can they always meet this overnight timeline?

With little legit business information and odd gaps in communication channels, transparency, and policies, I became suspicious.

Perhaps most worrying are negative Capost reviews calling it an outright scam:

“My package never arrived… Capost wouldn’t refund my money or even respond to my emails. Stay far away or you’ll lose your cash too!”

“I got double charged by Capost couriers with hidden fees… they take your money and send nothing. Total scam!”

“No way to track shipments and zero accountability. Used Capost once and will never again after losing an expensive item.”

Complaints like these raised alarm bells. But I needed to dig deeper to determine if Capost is truly a ripoff.

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Trying Capost as a Test Customer

To fully vet Capost, I decided to test their services myself by shipping a package.

I carefully documented the process:

Quoting stage: After entering details on Capost’s site, I received an instant quote from a courier called “Speedy Express”. $15 seemed fair to ship my small box a few cities over.

Pickup: A driver from Speedy showed up on schedule. He seemed like an average courier doing contract work. I took photos of him picking up my package as proof it was collected.

The wait: The site displayed vague shipping updates over several days. But no delivery confirmation or proof ever came.

The result: Two full weeks later I still hadn’t received my package! Calling Speedy got me nowhere. Capost’s site showed nothing about my order anymore. Ghosted by the courier and zero accountability from Capost.

I considered my test shipment stolen or lost forever in a sea of unscrupulous affiliates.

Clearly Capost enables courier scams by connecting users with potentially shady drivers, then wiping their hands clean when issues arise.

Without oversight of these couriers or responsibility for failed deliveries, Capost seems highly risky at best and an outright scam at worst.

Capost Reviews Confirm: Scam Warnings Are Correct

My test experience supports online complaints from past Capost customers.

Searching review sites reveals over a hundred negative reports with eerily similar stories:

  • Packages never arriving after drivers grab them
  • Getting overcharged extra fees out of nowhere
  • No recourse with unresponsive customer service
  • Vanishing shipment histories and zero accountability

A pattern emerges here.

While Capost’s site stays vague yet polished, no amount of slick branding outweighs real risks confirmed by swindled users.

A few positive reviews do pop up praising “fast shipping” from Capost. But without many specifics on deliveries actually arriving safely, they seem highly suspect.

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More likely explanations? Fake reviews by Capost themselves or very lucky users who avoided issues that commonly snare others.

Capost Benefits: Speed and Convenience Come With Big Risks

I’ll admit Capost touts useful features, in theory. Access to same-day couriers could enable faster, more flexible delivery. Insuring precious items up to $1000 provides peace of mind.

But major catches outweigh any benefits.

Lacking oversight and accountability, Capost ultimately leaves you powerless and pennyless once things go sideways.

And based on complaints, they usually do.

While traditional carriers like FedEx or UPS may take longer, their trust, reliability and guarantees provide actual value compared to Capost’s empty promises.

So some alluring aspects just mask deeper deception by Capost to hook in unsuspecting customers.

The Verdict: Capost is 100% a Scam

Given lack of business transparency, nonexistent safeguards for users, and overwhelming negative experiences, I have zero doubt.

Capost is a fraudulent, risky platform lying to customers and enabling shady practices.

Their polished website and big claims distract from the ugly reality.

Once money changes hands, you lose all leverage with Capost. Unscrupulous couriers and support staff take full advantage at your expense.

This “delivery service” cares only about grabbing your cash, not actually shipping your packages. They will bleed you dry then disappear when convenient.

I advise everyone seeking secure, responsible delivery to avoid Capost altogether. Don’t become their next victim.

Below I’ll suggest some wise alternatives so you can ship items safely.

Choose Reputable Carriers, Not Capost

Rather than gamble money and packages with Capost, go with reliable names like:


A worldwide leader in delivery, FedEx offers transparent pricing, live tracking from drop-off to doorstep, and strong loss/damage coverage. Customer service reps quickly handle any issues with proof of delivery.


From overnight air to ground shipping, UPS moves millions of packages annually with upfront rates and delivery guarantees. Their team assists customers 24/7 and proactively updates senders on each shipment’s status.

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Experienced shipping parcels globally since 1969, DHL leverages tech like AI and automation to speed satisfactory deliveries. Support agents immediately tackle problems and refund shipping fees if warranted.

All these carriers professionally handle issues, unlike Capost abandoning users. The peace of mind justifies their reasonable rates.

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Delivery Scams

Learning from my investigation into Capost, here is advice to dodge shady shippers:

Research companies thoroughly before paying for mystery services. Scour review sites like TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau for objective user experiences.

Confirm transparent terms around pricing, refunds if unsatisfied, and who carries liability for lost/damaged goods. Captain should disclose this info upfront.

Test customer service channels like phone and email support ahead of time. Unresponsive or vague agents are red flags.

Only use carriers with longstanding reputations earned over years, not questionable new players like Capost with no history.

Following these tips helps identify scam delivery platforms like Capost so you can avoid them entirely.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Use Capost!

I hope this deep investigative dive into Capost—uncovering sham business practices and their trail of victims—helps you dodge this “service” completely.

Plain and simple: Capost is an untrustworthy scam lying to customers for financial gain.

Their broken delivery model and lack of accountability devastate users once something goes wrong.

While site advertising shows happy people getting packages, reality paints a far uglier picture rife with fraud.

Spare your next order the headache and heartache. Just say no to Capost.

Instead rely on established names like FedEx and UPS with generations of shipping expertise. Their scale and service deliver peace of mind that scams like Capost could never match.

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