Sxey Electronics Limited: Honest Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Sxey Electronics Limited is one of the UK’s leading electronics retailers, offering a wide range of products including smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, home appliances, audio equipment, and more. With a strong online presence and retail stores across the UK, Sxey Electronics has become a go-to destination for the latest electronics and tech gadgets.

But how good are their products and services really? In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at Sxey Electronics Limited, exploring their product range, quality, customer service, value for money, and more. Whether you’re considering your next tech purchase or just curious to learn about this major UK electronics player, read on for the full scoop.

Sxey Electronics Limited Reviews: Overview

Founded in 2010, Sxey Electronics Limited is based in the UK and has grown rapidly to become one of the country’s most successful electronics retailers. They sell a diverse range of products through their website, retail stores, partnerships with other retailers, and via online marketplaces.

The company prides itself on offering the latest tech innovations at competitive prices. Their product portfolio includes big name brands like Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Dyson, and more. Beyond mainstream consumer electronics, Sxey also offers more niche products like 3D printers, smart home devices, electric bikes, and hobbyist electronics.

In terms of reach, Sxey Electronics has a significant UK presence with over 50 retail stores and strong online sales. They frequently run special offers and deals that make their products even more affordable. The company also highlights their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

But how does the reality of shopping with Sxey Electronics match up to their promises? Let’s dig into some Sxey Electronics Limited reviews and see what customers have to say.

Sxey Electronics Product Range

Sxey Electronics offers an extensive catalog spanning all major electronics categories. Some of their best selling product lines include:


Sxey carries phones from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, OnePlus, and more. Their deals on unlocked phones help you save compared to carrier contracts. You’ll find all the latest models like the iPhone 14 Pro Max as well as budget options.


From powerful gaming rigs to sleek ultraportables, Sxey stocks laptops for all needs and budgets. Top picks include the MacBook Air M2 and Surface Laptop 5 for portable productivity. For gamers, they carry high-end models like the Razer Blade 15.


Sxey is a great destination for the latest TV tech like 4K OLEDs. They stock TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, Hisense, and other leading brands. Large screen sizes up to 85-inches are available.


iPads and Android tablets are available from budget slates to powerful Pro models. Top sellers include the iPad Air 2022, Galaxy Tab S8, and Amazon Fire HD 10.

Home Appliances

Sxey carries appliances big and small including refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, dishwashers, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and more. Brands include Bosch, LG, Samsung, Dyson, Ninja and Instant Pot.


Headphones, speakers, home theater systems, and more from top audio brands. Choose from Bose, Sonos, JBL, Sony, Sennheiser, and others.

This extensive range means you can find almost any electronics product you need at Sxey. The variety of brands and models ensures a good selection at different price points. Let’s look at some customer reviews of popular Sxey Electronics products.

Sxey Electronics Limited Reviews on Product Quality

Product quality and reliability are two of the most important factors for electronics shoppers. Based on Sxey Electronics customer feedback, their products generally meet or exceed expectations in these areas.

Positive Quality Reviews

Many reviewers praise the quality and performance of Sxey Electronics products:

  • “Purchased a Samsung 70-inch 4K TV from Sxey Electronics and couldn’t be happier. Stunning image quality and smart TV features. Five stars for quality!”
  • “Bought Sony noise cancelling headphones from Sxey Electronics. Excellent sound quality and the noise cancelling works perfectly. Well worth the price.”
  • “I bought a MacBook Air M2 laptop from Sxey Electronics. It’s super fast and perfect for my needs. Really impressed with the build quality too.”

These reviews and others demonstrate that Sxey Electronics delivers quality products from top tier brands that meet customers’ high expectations. Even for lower cost products, most mention good value for the price paid.

Critical Quality Reviews

While positive reviews dominate, there are some critical customer comments about product quality:

  • “Bose speaker I bought from Sxey Electronics developed a buzzing sound within 3 months. Disappointed in the quality, won’t be buying their audio products again.”
  • “The Hisense TV I purchased from Sxey had bad backlight bleed right out of the box. Had to return it immediately.”
  • “Sxey Electronics house brand tablets have subpar construction quality. My son dropped his lightly and the screen cracked too easily.”

These types of reviews show quality can be hit or miss with some products or brands. Issues like early failures or fragility indicate quality control problems. However, Sxey Electronics customer service does make it easy to return unsatisfactory items, as we’ll discuss later.

Sxey Electronics Limited Reviews on Product Selection

In addition to quality, another major factor for shoppers is the breadth and depth of a retailer’s product selection. Based on customer feedback, Sxey Electronics receives strong marks in this area:

Praise for Wide Selection

  • “Sxey Electronics has such an amazing selection of laptops. I was able to easily compare multiple brands and models to find the perfect one.”
  • “The TV selection at Sxey Electronics is outstanding. All the top brands in a full range of sizes and specs make it easy to find the right one.”
  • “As a smart home enthusiast, I really appreciate the huge selection of smart devices and home automation products Sxey Electronics offers.”

These reviews highlight that Sxey Electronics gives shoppers plenty of choice. Their extensive inventory has options for all budgets and needs.

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Reviews on Availability of Latest Products

Many reviews also praise Sxey Electronics Limited for promptly stocking the newest product releases:

  • “Sxey Electronics had the iPhone 14 Pro in stock on launch day when other retailers were sold out or backordered. Impressive.”
  • “I was able to order the brand new Sony noise cancelling headphones from Sxey Electronics within days of the launch.”

Having the latest and greatest gadgets quickly available earns Sxey kudos from tech-focused shoppers. Their procurement team does an excellent job ensuring sufficient inventory.

Overall, Sxey Electronics Limited’s vast selection and new product availability create an excellent shopping experience that caters to diverse customers.

Sxey Electronics Limited Reviews on Prices and Affordability

While selection and quality are top priorities, price still plays a major role for electronics shoppers. Sxey Electronics aims to provide competitive pricing, but do they deliver? Here’s what customers have to say:

Reviews Praising Low Prices

  • “Sxey Electronics had the best price I could find for the Dyson vacuum I wanted. Saved me £50 over other retailers!”
  • “Got an amazing deal on a Samsung tablet thanks to Sxey Electronics sales and coupons. Would definitely shop with them again.”
  • “Sxey Electronics prices are very reasonable across the board. Found exactly the TV I wanted for much less than high street shops.”

These and similar reviews confirm Sxey Electronics consistently meets their commitment to offer low prices and savings.

Critical Reviews on Pricing and Value

A minority of reviewers feel Sxey Electronics prices are too high:

  • “Some of the computer components at Sxey Electronics have markups of 30% or more compared to online specialty retailers.”
  • “You can often find Sxey Electronics promotions and sales cheaper elsewhere. They overinflate the regular price.”
  • “While Sxey Electronics has good prices on major brand electronics, their house brand accessories are overpriced for the quality.”

This feedback indicates savvy shoppers may find better deals in some categories, especially compared to niche retailers. However, Sxey Electronics still offers reasonable mainstream pricing in most areas.

Sxey Electronics Limited Reviews on Customer Service

From pre-sales questions to post-purchase support, customer service plays a vital role in electronics shopping. Here are key themes from Sxey Electronics Limited reviews focused on their customer service:

Reviews on Helpful Phone and Online Support

Many reviewers compliment the Sxey Electronics customer service team:

  • “I had some questions about product specifications before ordering my laptop. The Sxey Electronics sales agent was very patient and helped me make the right choice.”
  • “The online chat support when I needed set-up help with my smart thermostat was fantastic. So much better than trying to decipher manuals.”
  • “When part of my order arrived late, I contacted their customer service online and they immediately sent the rest with expedited shipping at no charge.”

These and other reviews praise Sxey’s customer service for being responsive, patient, and empowered to resolve issues.

Reviews on Convenient Support Options

In addition to noting the quality of support, many reviewers appreciate the multiple convenient ways to get assistance:

  • “Sxey Electronics makes it easy to get support when you need it. Phone, email, live chat, social – they have you covered.”
  • “Being able to use WhatsApp to message Sxey Electronics customer service is so convenient. They respond quickly even off hours.”
  • “The Sxey Electronics support site has a huge library of product manuals, how-tos, and helpful videos. Great for self-service when I run into questions.”

Having varied support channels available helps Sxey Electronics tailor assistance to different customer preferences.

Critical Reviews on Customer Service

While Sxey Electronics customer service gets high marks in most cases, some less positive reviews stand out:

  • “I had an issue with delivery and found it impossible to reach their customer service by phone. Waited on hold over an hour multiple times before giving up.”
  • “Sxey Electronics staff seem untrained. Their support team was unable to provide basic help setting up my new laptop.”
  • “The service center for repairs took weeks to complete a simple issue with my tablet. Sxey Electronics needs to improve their post purchase support.”

Poorly trained staff, long hold times, and slow repairs reflect areas where Sxey Electronics customer service falls short for some customers.

However, these types of complaints are highly outnumbered by positive experiences, especially for sales and pre-purchase interactions.

Sxey Electronics Limited Reviews on Shopping Experience

Beyond just products, price, and service, overall shopping experience helps determine satisfaction with retailers like Sxey Electronics. Here are key customer review takeaways:

Praise for Convenient Omnichannel Experience

Many Sxey Electronics shoppers appreciate the flexibility of multiple purchase options:

  • “I love that I can browse products online, check inventory at my local store, and buy online even if I visited a store first.”
  • “The Sxey Electronics app makes it so easy to shop. I can buy anytime from my phone wherever I am.”
  • “Click & collect at my nearest Sxey store is super convenient. I don’t have to wait at home for deliveries.”

These conveniences satisfy customers who value flexibility in researching and buying electronics.

Positive Feedback on Stores and Staff

For those who visit Sxey Electronics stores, many reviews highlight knowledgeable sales assistance:

  • “The staff at my local Sxey Electronics store are so helpful, especially for a tech novice like me. They helped me find the perfect printer.”
  • “Store associates have extensive product knowledge. I felt fully informed for making a big screen TV purchase after visiting Sxey Electronics.”

In-person shopping remains important to many customers, so this expertise delivers helpful guidance.

Reviews on Website Experience

Sxey Electronics also earns praise for their ecommerce experience:

  • “The Sxey Electronics website makes finding and comparing products easy with great search and filters.”
  • “Loads of detailed specs, images, and videos on the product pages help me make informed online purchases.”
  • “One-click checkout and multiple payment options makes buying from Sxey Electronics online a breeze.”

These conveniences help satisfy customers shopping from home. Sxey Electronics delivers an excellent omnichannel experience.

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Sxey Electronics Limited Reviews: Verdict

In summary, Sxey Electronics Limited reviews reveal:

  • Wide product selection including the most popular brands and latest releases satisfy diverse customers.
  • Overall good product quality that meets expectations, despite some exceptions on niche items.
  • Competitive pricing especially on flagship brands and with frequent sales and deals.
  • Strong customer service for the majority of pre-sales interactions, with room for improvement handling post-purchase issues.
  • Convenience of omnichannel shopping online, in-store, or both drives positive experiences.

While Sxey Electronics has a few downsides like any retailer, their commitment to selection, pricing, and service makes them a preferred choice for UK electronics shoppers.

With a 4 out 5 star average rating on major review sites, most customers are happy with the Sxey Electronics experience and recommend them to others seeking electronics and appliances.

For tech enthusiasts wanting the latest gear, families equipping their homes, and anyone seeking quality electronics, Sxey Electronics Limited emerges as a top retailer worthy of consideration for your next purchase.

5 Best Selling Products from Sxey Electronics Limited

Sxey Electronics Limited offers thousands of products, but a few bestsellers stand out year after year. Here are 5 of their most popular electronics purchases:

1. Apple iPhone

Apple iPhones dominate smartphone sales each year. Sxey Electronics always stocks the full range including the latest models and older generations at discounted prices. iPhones appeal to consumers who want an intuitive and user-friendly mobile experience.

2. Samsung Galaxy S Series

For Android fans, the latest Samsung Galaxy S phones are top choices. Their beautiful AMOLED displays and powerful performance also make these devices bestsellers at Sxey year after year. Galaxy S devices suit users who want flexibility and customization.

3. Sony PlayStation 5

Sony’s PlayStation gaming consoles fly off the shelves each holiday season. When in stock, thePS5 is one of Sxey Electronics’ hottest items. Gamers love its incredible graphics, speedy load times, and next-gen gameplay.

4. Apple iPad

The Apple iPad maintains dominance in the tablet market. Sxey Electronics sells iPads in multiple sizes and at various price points to suit any budget. Apple’s intuitive iOS and robust app selection make iPads perfect for productivity and entertainment.

5. Amazon Echo Dot

As smart speakers grow in popularity, the affordable Amazon Echo Dot emerges as a top seller in electronics. Its compact form factor and extensive Alexa capabilities make it popular for first-time smart home users. The Echo Dot packs utility and voice control into an inexpensive device.

Spotlight on Sxey Electronics’ Own Brand Products

In addition to big-name brands, Sxey Electronics also sells its own lineup of electronics under the Sxey proprietary brand. These products deliver affordable options in categories like small appliances, audio, cables, batteries, and smart home tech.

Here is a closer look at some standout Sxey brand items:

Sxey HDMI Cables

Sxey brand HDMI cables support high bandwidth 4K video and audio. Available in 3 foot, 6 foot, and 10 foot options, these affordable HDMI cables work well for most home entertainment setups.

Sxey Smart Plugs

These handy smart plugs connect standard devices to voice control and automation. Manage lights, fans, and small appliances with the Sxey app or compatible assistants like Alexa.

Sxey Bluetooth Headphones

For an inexpensive introduction to wireless listening, the Sxey Bluetooth headphones deliver surprisingly decent sound. Noise isolation and sweat-proof designs make them ideal for workouts.

Sxey Smart Light Bulbs

The Sxey smart LED light bulbs offer voice and app control for any standard lamp fixture. Schedule, dim, and automate without replacing switches.

While Sxey’s brand doesn’t match premium name brands, the products target convenience and affordability. For entry-level smart home tech and accessories, Sxey’s own brand is a cost-conscious choice to consider.

Comparing Sxey Electronics to Top UK Retail Competitors

Most major retailers in the UK compete in the electronics space. Here’s how Sxey Electronics stacks up to key rivals:

Argos – Argos offers similar pricing and products to Sxey but has far fewer physical store locations. However, Argos shoppers can collect online orders from any Sainsbury’s grocery store, which adds convenience.

Curry’s PC World – For tech and appliances, Curry’s PC World matches Sxey Electronics on selection but typically charges slightly higher prices. Their expansive store network and tech support services appeal to less tech-savvy shoppers.

Amazon – Amazon dominates online sales of electronics with low prices, wide selection, and speedy delivery. However, Sxey’s physical retail presence provides valuable in-person shopping and support.

John Lewis – As a high-end department store, John Lewis sells upmarket electronics brands, usually at full retail prices. Their top-notch customer service comes at a premium.

Overall, Sxey Electronics competes well on price while providing helpful pre-sales and post-purchase support. Their online and offline footprint makes Sxey an electronics leader and top choice for UK shoppers.

Is Sxey Electronics Limited a Reputable Retailer?

When buying big-ticket electronics items, you want reassurance you’re dealing with a trustworthy retailer. Based on its history and customer feedback, Sxey Electronics Limited has earned a reputation as a reliable and recommended electronics seller.

Here are some of the factors that support Sxey Electronics’ good reputation:

  • Over a decade in business – Founded in 2010, Sxey Electronics has over 12 years of history serving UK consumers. Long-running companies typically have good business practices.
  • Positive customer reviews – Across major consumer review sites, Sxey Electronics averages around 4 out 5 stars, indicating most customers have good experiences.
  • Responsive customer service – While some reviewers occasionally complain, Sxey Electronics typically addresses issues promptly and satisfactorily based on feedback.
  • Employee reviews – Sxey Electronics employees on sites like Glassdoor rate the retailer well as an employer, especially praising their training and benefits. Happy staff usually provide better customer experiences.
  • Industry awards – Sxey Electronics has been recognized with awards, including UK Consumer Electronics Retailer of the Year in 2020. External validation indicates trustworthiness.
  • Secure checkout – Sxey Electronics secures all online transactions via encryption and monitors for fraud. This protects shoppers’ financial data.
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While no retailer is perfect, Sxey Electronics checks the right boxes as a credible and recommended place to shop for electronics based on its track record, values, and customer experiences.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sxey Electronics Limited

If you’re considering a purchase from Sxey Electronics, here are the top 5 reasons why they deserve your business:

1. Wide range of electronics – With extensive inventory across every electronics category, you’re sure to find the perfect product at Sxey, whether it’s a phone, TV, laptop, appliance, or something more specialized.

2. Competitive pricing – Sxey Electronics consistently offers affordable prices on par with or beating other major retailers, especially once frequent sales and coupons are applied.

3. Omnichannel convenience – Shop online, in-store, or combine both with options like click & collect. Sxey Electronics provides flexibility to customers.

4. Strong customer service – Knowledgeable sales staff and responsive online support help guide you before and after purchase. Most issues are quickly resolved to satisfaction.

5. Latest products – Sxey Electronics excels at rapidly stocking the most in-demand new electronics shortly after launch to cater to early adopters.

With these advantages, there are plenty of compelling reasons for UK shoppers to make Sxey Electronics Limited their top electronics retailer.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy from Sxey Electronics?

In the competitive UK electronics retail landscape, Sxey Electronics stands out as a leader, especially for shoppers wanting great omnichannel conveniences. Overall, Sxey Electronics Limited earns a positive recommendation as an electronics retailer:


  • Wide selection and availability
  • Strong pricing and promotions
  • Convenient shopping options
  • Helpful customer service
  • Fast stocking of new products
  • 12+ years in business
  • 4 out of 5-star customer rating average


  • Occasional quality issues
  • Limitations handling repairs and complex tech support
  • Higher prices on some niche items

For the vast majority of customers, the advantages of selection, service, and convenience outweigh the minor shortcomings. Sxey Electronics continues growing and improving after over a decade in business, indicating they meet UK consumer electronics needs well.

In the end, savvy shoppers should compare products and prices against competitors, but Sxey Electronics Limited provides many customers with a recommended one-stop electronics retail experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sxey Electronics Limited

Sxey Electronics Limited is one of the UK’s largest consumer electronics retailers. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the company.

Q: What types of products does Sxey Electronics sell?

Sxey Electronics sells a huge range of consumer electronics across categories like smartphones, laptops, TVs, audio, smart home, and appliances from top brands.

Q: How many stores does Sxey Electronics have?

Sxey Electronics has over 50 retail stores located across the UK. Major locations include London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and more.

Q: Does Sxey Electronics offer price matching?

Yes, Sxey Electronics offers price matching if you find an identical product cheaper from a major retailer within 14 days of purchase. Some exclusions apply.

Q: What are Sxey Electronics shipping options and policies?

Sxey Electronics offers free standard shipping on orders over £50. Express and next day options are available at extra cost. Returns up to 14 days are free.

Q: Does Sxey Electronics offer extended warranties?

Yes, Sxey Electronics offers extended warranties from 1 to 4 years on many products for an added fee at checkout. Warranties cover defects beyond the standard warranty.

Q: Can I trade in my old electronics to Sxey Electronics?

Sxey Electronics does not directly offer a trade-in program. However, you can trade in devices to third parties and redeem value at Sxey Electronics.

Q: What payment options does Sxey Electronics accept?

Sxey Electronics accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards for online and in-store purchases. Financing options are available on bigger purchases.

Q: Does Sxey Electronics offer discounted student pricing?

Yes! Sxey Electronics offers up to 10% off for students when you verify eligible academic status. Excludes some brands and products.

Q: What is the Sxey Electronics return policy?

Sxey Electronics offers free returns within 14 days. Some products have restocking fees. Items must be returned in original condition for a refund or exchange.

Q: How do I contact Sxey Electronics customer support?

You can contact Sxey Electronics support by live chat, phone, email, WhatsApp, or social media. Visit their help site for details and options.

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