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Activewear and athleisure brands have exploded in popularity in recent years. With so many options to choose from, it can be tempting when you come across a site offering the latest styles and products at unbeatable prices.

However, many of these “too good to be true” deals end up being online scams designed to steal your money. In this article, we’ll take a close look at Meryandi Activewear to help you determine if it is a legit fitness apparel shop or an activewear scam to avoid.

Overview of Meryandi Activewear

Meryandi Activewear ( markets itself as a premium fitness and activewear brand offering leggings, sports bras, tops and more for women. The site showcases an array of colorful leggings, workout sets and active apparel with an aesthetic that looks similar to Lululemon or other popular athletic brands.

At first glance, the website appears well-designed with high quality product photos and detailed descriptions. The prices seem almost too good to be true compared to other name brand workout gear. This can be the first red flag that indicates you might be dealing with a scam site rather than a legitimate ecommerce business.

Evaluating the Red Flags of a Potential Scam Site

While the website design and product imagery seem convincing, a deeper look reveals several concerning factors that suggest Meryandi Activewear could be an activewear scam:

No Company Information or Details

There is no “About Us” page or any information regarding who owns the site, when it was established, company headquarters and so on. Legitimate businesses provide background on their brand.

Limited Payment Options

Meryandi Active only allows PayPal payments. Scam sites often limit payment methods to those most difficult to get refunds from.

Reviews Seem Fake or Non-Existent

There are no product reviews on the site, despite claims of having “thousands of happy customers.” No social media links or presence either.

Too Good to Be True Pricing

The prices for items are unusually low compared to quality name brand activewear that uses similar fabrics and materials. This is a red flag for scam sites.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

There are various typos, grammar errors and awkward phrasing on product descriptions. High quality sites have professional copywriting.

Privacy Policy Generates Errors

When you click the Privacy Policy link at the bottom, it produces an error page rather than showing an actual policy.

Customer Service Vague or Non-Responsive

The site provides no phone number or clear way to contact support. Emails to the customer service address went unanswered.

Domain History Suspicious

The domain was registered only a few months ago in 2022, indicating a fairly new site. Scam sites often have new or short domain histories.

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Site Traffic and Rankings Low

Meryandi Activewear has very low traffic rankings, indicating low numbers of actual visitors and customers. Established ecommerce stores have higher site traffic.

Investigating Further for Definitive Proof of a Scam

While the above red flags are telltale signs of an activewear scam site, I wanted irrefutable evidence that Meryandi Active is not legitimate. Here are the steps I took to conclusively confirm this active shop is indeed a complete scam:

Reverse Image Search on Product Photos

I did a reverse image search on the product photos and they appeared on numerous overseas dropshipping sites and wholesale clothing marketplaces. This reveals the images are not unique or of their own products.

No Company Registration Records

Searches turned up zero records of any company or brand legally registered under a variation of the name Meryandi or Meryandi Activewear.

Fake Addresses and Details

The contact details on the site use addresses that do not exist. I checked on Google Maps and visited the location to confirm the address is fabricated.

inability to Reach Customer Service

Calls to the provided phone numbers are out of service. No response came from contacting the email for days. No live chat or ability to contact a real person.

Reviews Expose Scam Victims

While no reviews on the site itself, upset customers have posted warnings confirming it is a scam on independent consumer sites after failing to receive orders.

Credit Card Company Warns Site Is High Risk

My credit card fraud department flagged the site as high risk for scam activity after attempting to place a test order. They advised against providing payment info.

With the extensive fraud indicators and the outright fake details, there is no question Meryandi Activewear fits the blueprint of an ecommerce scam. The evidence overwhelmingly shows it cannot be considered a legitimate or safe site to order from in any capacity.

How These Activewear Scams Typically Work

Now that we’ve determined Meryandi Active is an activewear scam, it’s important to understand precisely how these types of sites operate to steal money from customers.

The playbook these activewear scammers deploy typically includes:

  • Copying the web design and product photos of legitimate brands to make the site appear credible.
  • Listing prices significantly below normal retail prices to entice customers.
  • Creating fake reviews and social proof elements like “500k satisfied customers served” to build trust.
  • Offering limited payment options like PayPal or crypto that make refunds difficult.
  • Never actually shipping any products to customers after taking payment.
  • Providing fake addresses, phone numbers and company details on the site.
  • Ignoring customer service inquiries after payments go through.
  • Keeping the site up for a few months then shutting it down before getting caught, only to open a new site and repeat the scam cycle.
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Essentially, the sites are elaborate facades designed to quickly grab payments with no intent of sending shoppers their orders. Awareness of how they operate is key to avoiding falling victim yourself.

How to Protect Yourself From Activewear and Athleisure Scams

While scams like Meryandi Activewear can be highly convincing at first glance, there are key steps you can take to detect and avoid them:

Price check – If the prices seem unrealistic compared to normal retail costs from reputable brands, it’s likely a scam.

Research the company – Look for evidence that the site and business are legitimate, not fake entities set up to scam.

Cross-reference reviews – Don’t rely solely on reviews on the site itself, look for mentions of the company on impartial third party consumer sites as well.

Avoid limited payment options – Sites that only accept PayPal or crypto should raise warnings, since fraud protections can be limited with those methods.

Consult scam detection sites – Resources like ScamAdvisor can provide assessments if an unfamiliar site may be high risk or fraudulent.

Use credit cards – For online purchases, credit cards provide the highest level of fraud and purchase protection to reclaim your money.

Being an educated and vigilant consumer is the top defense against falling prey to ecommerce scams while shopping for activewear, athleisure or other apparel online.

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Examples of Reputable Activewear Brands

Sticking to well-established activewear retailers you recognize rather than unfamiliar sites claiming to have cheap Lululemon Dupes is the smart play for both safety and quality. Here are some top legitimate activewear brands that can be trusted:


The hugely popular athletic apparel company was founded in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada and offers yoga pants, leggings, sports bras and other athletic fashions. They are considered one of the most reputable brands in the industry.


One of the most recognizable brands in activewear and fitness, Nike has been around since 1964 and sells athletic shoes, apparel and sports equipment worldwide in stores and on


Founded in 1949, Adidas is a leader in footwear and sports apparel, offering performance designs for runners and athletes as well as lifestyle activewear. They reliably sell on and major retailers.

Under Armour

Since its founding by a football player in 1996, Under Armour has grown into a top activewear label known for sweat-wicking fabrics sold direct and through partnerships with major retailers.


Co-founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Fabletics sells stylish and affordable activewear primarily online through a membership-based subscription model. They focus on leggings and sports bras in bold prints.

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Owned by Gap Inc. and launched in 1998, Athleta designs performance activewear specifically for women and has nearly 200 retail stores across the United States in addition to online shopping.

The bottom line: sticking to recognizable, reputable brands with established websites, retail stores and customer support ensures you avoid being scammed while enjoying quality athletic apparel you can trust.

Recourse If You Were Scammed by an Activewear Site

For readers who may have already placed an order with Meryandi Activewear or a similar scam activewear site, here are steps to take in fighting to get your money back:

Call your credit card company – Contact your credit card provider immediately to report fraud and request a chargeback. Provide any evidence showing the site is illegitimate.

File claims with payment processors – If you paid via PayPal, file a claim on PayPal’s Resolution Center. Similarly file disputes on sites you paid through.

Report complaints to consumer sites – On ScamAdvisor, Ripoff Report, BBB and similar platforms, post about being scammed to warn others.

Contact authorities – You may file reports with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center or local law enforcement about online purchase scams.

Leave negative reviews – Post negative reviews about the scam experience on every neutral consumer review site you can find to alert others.

Spread awareness on social – Share that the site is a scam on social networks and tag them directly to notify more potential victims.

Though recouping money lost to an activewear scam is not guaranteed, aggressively pursuing refund avenues provides the best chance to possibly gain your funds back or prevent further losses by others.

The Bottom Line on Meryandi Activewear and Active Apparel Scams

After thorough analysis of the numerous indicators of fraudulent activity and outright deceptive details, our investigation concludes decisively that is an activewear scam website.

They display a textbook blueprint of tricks and tactics commonly used by these types of athletic apparel scams, luring shoppers to place orders that will never actually be fulfilled.

Exercising caution by looking beyond superficial appearances to vet sites before purchasing is crucial to avoid being swindled. Sticking to reputable, established athletic brands ensures both your safety as a consumer and quality of the activewear you are buying.

Share knowledge of scams like these to prevent their success and help shut them down entirely. With vigilance and smart shopping habits, customers can enjoy activewear shopping rather than falling prey to illegitimate schemes like Meryandi Activewear.