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Is launching deals legit? I know you also want to learn the truth about, so I have collected all the most especially critical reviews for you.

Online shopping has become incredibly popular in the last two or three years; more and more consumers are buying products and services online. While many reputable e-commerce sites exist, shady businesses are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. One such website that has raised some red flags is

This review article will thoroughly examine Launching Deals to determine if it is a legitimate company or an online scam. We will look at:

  • An overview of and its business model
  • Customer reviews and reputation
  • Analysis of the website’s design, content, and policies
  • Company history, location, and lack of transparency
  • Issues with customer service and order fulfillment
  • Comparisons to other deal websites like Groupon
  • Assessments from industry experts and watchdog groups
  • Signs of fraudulent activities or scams

By the end, you will have the information you need to decide whether Launching Deals is trustworthy or if you should avoid this website altogether. We aim to provide an authoritative analysis using extensive research so you can feel confident in your online shopping choices. Let’s dive in!

Overview of – Is it Legit is a website that offers discounted gift cards, vouchers, and deals on products and services from various brands and retailers. The site advertises deep discounts on electronics, jewelry, apparel, beauty products, home goods, and more.

According to the website, Launching Deals is a “fast-growing exclusive savings travel membership” that negotiates deals with top companies to provide discounted pricing to its members. However, no information is provided about when the website was established, its founders, or its location.

The Launching Deals website has a simple design with categories across the top for Gifts, Electronics, Fashion, Home, and more. When you click on a category, you are taken to a page with thumbnail images for the various deals. Each deal page has details like the original and discounted price, purported percentage savings, expiration date, and a button to buy the voucher.

Payment options are limited to PayPal and credit cards. Notably, there are no customer reviews or ways to interact with the business. The entire site focuses solely on the product deals themselves.

This lack of transparency regarding company information, customer service access, and user-generated content already raises some initial concerns about how legitimate Launching Deals may be. Reputable e-commerce businesses tend to provide more background on their brand and ways to get assistance.

Customer Reviews and Reputation of

Given the lack of reviews on the Launching Deals website, we must dig deeper to find customer feedback on their experiences. Third-party review sites like Trustpilot provide some insight into the company’s reputation.

As of this writing, Launching Deals has an average rating of just 2.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 11 customer reviews. 64% of the ratings are just 1 star, citing issues like invalid product codes, receiving incorrect items, and orders never being fulfilled.

One 1-star review states: “This company had sold me a Windows 11 Pro Key which did not work, and after emailing them, they sent me another Product Key very promptly, which unfortunately also did not work.

However, a few positive reviews mention that Launching Deals did remedy the situation after they reported problems: “I am trying to get a new key or my money back, will update the rate and experience if something changes. They definitely seem quite legitimate to me and certainly have stood by what they had sold to me, again, in my situation.

Sites like SiteJabber and the Better Business Bureau currently have no reviews or ratings for Launching Deals, making Trustpilot one of the only sources of customer feedback. While a few customers had positive experiences after escalating issues, the predominance of negative 1-star reviews is concerning.

This poor online reputation should raise immediate red flags about the website’s legitimacy, product quality, and customer service. Prudent online shoppers should look for consistent positive reviews before trusting a website.

Analysis of the Website Design, Content, and Policies

Analyzing a website’s design, content, terms of use, and policies can also explain how reputable an e-commerce business is. Let’s take a deeper look at what the Launching Deals website offers:

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Website Design

The Launching Deals website has a very basic design with little in the way of branding. The logo is plain black text without any graphics. No content on the site provides company information or describes their business model.

The product category pages feature thumbnail images with the original and discounted prices. Items appear to be generic stock photos rather than official brand images. Website navigation is simple, with just the top menus and some footer links.

Product Descriptions

Product detail pages have vague descriptions that seem to be duplicated across similar items. For example, multiple electronic products contain identical specs that don’t match the item pictured. There are no size charts or specific details about the goods.

Any legitimate retailer selling brand-name products would have proper item descriptions, specs, sizing information, etc. The lack of unique product details is a red flag.

Terms and Conditions

The website’s terms and conditions contain generic boilerplate language without specific company information. There are no details about returns, refunds, privacy policies, or user accounts.

Legitimate businesses post detailed terms of use explaining their policies and customer protections. Vague terms lacking specifics indicate an unreliable seller.

Contact Information

The Launching Deals website has no phone numbers, physical addresses, or email contacts. The only option is a web form that doesn’t specify who receives the messages.

Trustworthy companies prominently display customer service contact information to assist with issues or questions. A lack of clear ways to get support suggests evasive business practices.

HTTPS Encryption

Launching Deals uses HTTPS encryption, which protects user data submitted through online forms. This is a basic security measure that even less-than-reputable sites implement.

However, the absence of customer logins, user accounts, and PII collection indicates that encryption may be less relevant for this business. Still, HTTPS is expected from all legitimate e-commerce websites regardless.

Mobile Site

The website is not mobile-optimized and doesn’t scale well to smaller device screens. Images and text overlap, making navigating the site on phones or tablets difficult.

In this era of mobile shopping, reputable online retailers design and test their sites across platforms to ensure a seamless experience. A poor mobile interface signals an outdated or hastily built website.


The website has no options to translate content or customize it to local currencies. Everything is displayed in U.S. dollars with an English interface.

Top international e-commerce companies localize their sites to provide better user experiences worldwide. The lack of translation or location-based features is abnormal for large global businesses.

Site Security & Performance

The website scores poorly on web security tools like Norton Safe Web, which warns about potential threats from the site. Page load times are also slow, taking 6-7 seconds even on fast connections.

High-quality websites invest in security measures and efficient hosting to protect user safety and provide a responsive browsing experience. Weak performance indicates a lack of resources or concern.

The Bottom Line

The Launching Deals website has many characteristics of a low-quality e-commerce storefront. The poor design, lack of detailed content, limited navigation, and absence of customer service options are all red flags. There are also no assurances about order fulfillment, returns, or satisfaction guarantees.

For deal websites like Groupon, detailed terms and FAQs are crucial for building customer trust before purchasing vouchers. Launching Deals does not prioritize providing a professional or transparent user experience.

Company History, Location, and Ownership of

Beyond just the website itself, there are additional concerns about the actual company behind Launching Deals. Searches uncover little about who owns the site or where it is operated.

No “About Us” pages provide company history, leadership profiles, physical offices, or corporate information. The website domain was registered anonymously through on July 7, 2022.

A standard WHOIS lookup shows registrant details hidden behind domain privacy. The site lists only a Gmail address for inquiries with no phone contact.

Some users speculate the site may be linked to a China-based group focused on wholesale goods and fulfillment. But there are no official confirmations about the origins of Launching Deals.

The anonymity and secrecy around the website’s operators are very unusual. Leading e-commerce companies prominently share leadership teams, corporate bios, values, and origins stories. Even smaller niche sites provide founder info and “meet our team” pages.

There are zero identifiable persons or entities behind This lack of transparency about who is really running the website should give potential customers pause.

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Analysis of Customer Service and Order Fulfillment

Ordering products or vouchers is only one part of the e-commerce process. How a company handles order fulfillment, shipping, returns, and customer service can make or break the shopping experience.

Unfortunately, user reports indicate major issues with how Launching Deals handles matters after purchase:

  • Long delays in order processing and tracking numbers
  • Codes for digital goods like software not being delivered
  • The requested items never arrived after months
  • Customer service ignoring or responding slowly to queries
  • Refusal to issue refunds for undelivered or incorrect orders

One revealing review reads: “I purchased a digital code from them 3 weeks ago and still have not received the code. I have emailed them a few times with no response. I even opened a claim with PayPal, and Launching Deals is ignoring PayPal as well. Stay away from this company!

Customers advise filing disputes through PayPal when possible, as that has the highest chance of getting a refund response. However, the lack of order updates or resolution from Launching Deals customer service is troubling.

For a company centered on voucher deals and discounted gift cards, actually fulfilling the products sold is arguably their most basic responsibility. The sheer amount of negative feedback around shipping, damaged goods, incorrect items, and zero customer support mirrors shady seller tactics.

Comparisons to Other Deal Websites Like Groupon

To provide additional context, it is instructive to compare Launching Deals to more established daily deal marketplaces like Groupon. Groupon rose to popularity as a flash sale and voucher deal site pioneer. How does its model and reputation stack up against Launching Deals?

Website Design and Content

Groupon has an aesthetically modern and robust website optimized for browsing deals across devices. Ample company information pages describe Groupon’s founding story, executive team, company values, and more. Popular deal categories are showcased through professional photos and clever writeups.

Reviews and Ratings

Buyers can read seller reviews and ratings for every deal. Groupon’s customer service receives an A+ score from the BBB, thanks to efforts to resolve complaints. While some negative reviews exist, overall feedback skews positive.

Deal Sourcing and Customer Service

Groupon vets local businesses before partnering and has dedicated account managers. Customers can expect support from both Groupon and the particular seller when issues arise. Refunds are provided when valid problems are reported through Groupon.

Trust and Site Security

As a publicly traded company, Groupon provides financial disclosures and reporting. The website has robust security protections, scoring highly on tools like Norton Safe Web. Groupon is a recognized brand name online with widespread mainstream awareness.

The Groupon Difference

Groupon operates transparently while providing helpful deal curation, customer service access, and order support. As an established company, Groupon works diligently to maintain its brand reputation and buyer trust.

Launching Deals does not offer this same degree of legitimacy, oversight, or responsiveness. For consumers seeking discounted gift cards and voucher deals online, Groupon remains a significantly safer bet over newer entities like Launching Deals.

Assessments from Industry Experts and Watchdog Groups

Thus far, we have examined Launching Deals extensively from the outside in through the website, policies, reviews, and comparisons. But what do various experts and industry watchdogs make of this deal website?

WebRetailer on Launching Deals

This e-commerce blog calls Launching Deals a “high-risk marketplace” based on the pattern of reviews reporting scam activities. They advise against using the site.


While not yet rated on SiteJabber, comments warn about invalid promotional codes and recommend avoiding the site.


Their analysis gives Launching Deals an “F” grade, believing many positive reviews are unreliable or fake.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB has an alert on Launching Deals with a warning to use extreme caution due to a pattern of customer complaints.


Along with low ratings, Trustpilot has placed an alert on Launching Deals requiring them to take actions before any new reviews can be posted – an uncommon restriction.

Independent Reviewers

YouTube tech reviewer Ryan Wilson called Launching Deals “one of the worst websites I have seen when it comes to actually sending the product” in his investigation of deal sites. He strongly advises against using them.

Experts and watchdog groups collectively paint Launching Deals as a high-risk, low-reliability website with many problematic reviews and complaints, signaling it may be an outright scam operation. Most advise consumers to avoid the site entirely.

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Signs of Fraudulent Activity and Scams

Launching Deals exhibits multiple signals that commonly identify fraudulent businesses and online scams:

  • No company information or history
  • Anonymous domain registration
  • Physical address and location undisclosed
  • Lack of customer service contact options
  • Non-existent return, refund, or cancellation policies
  • Reviews predominantly negative
  • Patterns of failing to fulfill orders
  • Ignoring customer and payment processor complaints
  • Use of predatory limited-time tactics like countdown timers
  • Too-good-to-be-true pricing on products and gift cards

While not every sign is definitively fraudulent, together, they paint a very high-risk picture of Launching Deals. The lack of transparency around operations, the barrage of complaints, and the absence of accountability are unavoidable red flags.

At best, Launching Deals appears to be a fly-by-night website with questionable business practices. But numerous scam warnings from experts and bazar deal pricing strongly suggest outright fraud and deception. Most signs point to it being an online shopper’s nightmare.

Is Launching Deals Legit? Final Verdict

After extensively analyzing, speaking with industry experts, and aggregating buyer experiences, I do not believe this website is legitimate or trustworthy. The preponderance of evidence overwhelmingly points to Launching Deals as an unreliable business engaging in fraudulent activities.

Too many factors align with known scam website tactics:

  • Anonymous ownership and hidden location
  • Vague policies and disclaimers
  • Lack of customer service or order support
  • Failing to fulfill orders and respond to issues
  • No company history, executives, or verified information
  • Predatory “limited-time” deal pricing and tactics

While a few customers had satisfactory experiences after repeated attempts and payment disputes, most reported invalid products, no deliveries, and zero accountability. This matches a scam operation much more than a genuine business.

I believe Launching Deals cannot be recommended as a safe website for online shopping. Consumers should avoid using the site given the risky business practices, high scam potential, and overwhelming negative feedback.

Deal websites like Groupon are preferable options with far more transparency, responsive support, and consistent order fulfillment. For the best online shopping protection, sticking to reputable e-commerce retailers and avoiding shady platforms like Launching Deals remains the wisest path.

I hope this extensive investigation provides the facts and awareness needed to make informed decisions. Please consider sharing so that others can avoid the financial and personal risks of entrusting businesses like Shopping online safely requires knowledge, vigilance, and a willingness to hold platforms accountable.

Key Takeaways: Is Launching Deals Legit or a Scam?

  • Launching Deals offers discounted gift cards, vouchers, and deals steeply without providing company information or customer support.
  • Customers predominantly report that ordered items are never fulfilled, and refund requests are ignored.
  • The website exhibits multiple signals of being a scam operation with anonymous ownership and disguised location.
  • Industry experts and shopping watchdog groups overwhelmingly recommend avoiding Launching Deals.
  • For safe online shopping, trusted platforms like Groupon are far smarter choices over risky sites.
  • Based on extensive analysis, Launching Deals cannot be recommended as a legitimate online retailer.
  • Use caution and skepticism before supplying payment info and ordering from shady, unknown websites like

Hopefully, this in-depth investigation provides the facts needed to make informed decisions and avoid entrusting dubious platforms. Please consider sharing so more consumers can protect themselves and make safe choices.

And let us know in the comments if you have any other questions regarding Launching Deals being a scam website or a legitimate business. We aim to promote online shopping awareness, so your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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