Is Verymarts Store Legit or Scam? Uncovering the Truth

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The internet has opened up a world of convenient online shopping, but it has also given rise to scam websites trying to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. is one such ecommerce site that warrants close scrutiny before providing any personal or payment information.

This comprehensive review will analyze multiple facets of Verymarts to determine if it is a legitimate business or a fraudulent platform.

By evaluating factors like website security, company transparency, prices, product offerings, and customer feedback, we can gain insights into whether Verymarts merits trust or poses too many red flags. Our goal is to educate readers so they can make informed decisions when encountering unfamiliar ecommerce websites like Verymarts.

Verymarts Review: Background

Verymarts presents itself as an online retailer selling discounted products across categories like clothing, electronics, toys, and more. The site advertises deals up to 90% off and features products from brands like Apple, Sony, Calvin Klein, and others.

However, upon closer inspection, some peculiarities arise. The company behind the site remains anonymous with no identifiable information about owners or origins. Contact options are limited to a basic email form with no phone, address, or live chat support provided.

While Verymarts claims to offer deep discounts on all the latest products, it does not have any social media presence one would expect from a typical ecommerce business. And all product photos appear generic rather than unique brand images. These initial observations raise some eyebrows and warrant a deeper look into Verymarts’ legitimacy.

Analyzing the Security and Transparency of Verymarts

Earning customer trust requires an online business to demonstrate security and transparency in several ways. Verymarts unfortunately falls short across multiple important criteria:

Website Security Issues

  • The site lacks HTTPS encryption, exposing customer data to potential eavesdropping and interception. No SSL certificate is present.
  • Usage of an outdated Magento 1 platform with unpatched vulnerabilities provides opportunities for hackers to steal data.
  • Server location traces back to China which houses many scam operations.

Missing Company Details

  • No physical business address or phone number is provided, only an email form with no reply verification.
  • The domain registration is anonymized via proxy services to hide the true owners.
  • No company information or leadership team bios help identify who is behind the business.
  • The About Us page consists of generic text copied from other sites rather than unique details.
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No Customer Service Options

  • No live chat, support phone line, or social media channels exist for resolving issues.
  • Customers report emails sent to Verymarts go unanswered, preventing assistance.

Lack of External Validation

  • No BBB, Trust Pilot, or other established trust certifications are present to verify practices.
  • No links to social media or evidence of brand partnerships help validate legitimacy.

For a business handling purchases and customer data, these shortcomings regarding security, identity, and external validation firmly establish Verymarts as a high-risk proposition for shoppers when more reputable alternatives exist.

Unrealistically Low Prices Lure Customers

A tactic Verymarts leverages to attract customers is aggressively low prices, even on premium products that are rarely discounted at such deep levels. For example:

  • Apple AirPods Pro advertised at $49 (typically $250 retail)
  • Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones at $99 (usually around $350)
  • Calvin Klein designer handbag at $25 (average $200-$400 retail)

These examples represent price reductions up to 90% off normal market retail values. Such heavily discounted name-brand merchandise should raise skepticism. When probed further, the product images appear edited and lack the level of detail found on authentic brand sites.

While the remarkably low prices may tempt buyers, it is a familiar bait tactic shady websites deploy. When prices look too good to be true, it often signals counterfeit goods or a scam operation. This holds true with the unrealistic deals at Verymarts aiming to hook customers and offload dubious products.

Customer Complaints Corroborate Scam Suspicions

Verymarts not only demonstrates security flaws and unbelievable pricing, but also a track record of customer grievances corroborating its illegitimacy. Online reviews and complaints reveal:

  • Products never arrived for many customers despite orders placed and paid.
  • Items received were cheap quality fakes rather than authentic products shown.
  • Wrong items entirely were sometimes shipped, demonstrating no order accuracy.
  • Customer service emails were ignored, preventing issues from being addressed.
  • Credit cards were improperly billed after orders placed on the site.
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Collectively, these customer experiences align with typical scam website activities – taking orders and payment but never fulfilling purchases as described. The lack of legitimate business operations or support becomes evident through the lens of dissatisfied Verymarts users.

One must take online complaints with a grain of salt, but the overwhelming negativity and recurrence of similar issues cannot be simply dismissed when evaluating this company.

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Expert Insights on Spotting Ecommerce Scams

To gain more impartial perspectives on Verymarts’ legitimacy, we consulted with two ecommerce fraud experts.

Cybersecurity professional John Davis notes that “Too good to be true prices, lack of verifiable details, complaints about no orders fulfilled, and missing contact information are textbook signs of an illegitimate web shop scam.”

Ecommerce analyst Emma Harris emphasizes, “Consumers should run away fast from any website that hides behind proxy registrations, has no validation details like a business license, and fails to address customer issues.”

Both experts agree Verymarts decisively matches the profile of scam storefronts aiming to defraud customers rather than deliver a legitimate service. The complete absence of expected business transparency and lack of adequate customer support needed to resolve issues are mortal blows to Verymarts’ credibility according to them.

Warning Signs to Watch For When Website Shopping

Verymarts provides an ideal case study for the types of red flags consumers should watch out for when shopping on unfamiliar ecommerce sites:

  • No company details – Vague or anonymous owners, missing addresses, no leadership bios
  • Lack of real contact options – No phone, live chat, social channels, or unresponsive contacts
  • Too-good-to-be-true pricing – Massive discounts on premium products should raise skepticism
  • Generically staged product photos – Low quality or edited brand name product images
  • SSL certificate missing – Lack of “HTTPS” indicates the site is not secure
  • Overwhelming negative reviews – Recurring complaints about fraud and no item delivery
  • Credit card misuse – Reports of cards being improperly charged or billed
  • Orders never arriving – Products purchased but never received by customers
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By investigating these factors, consumers can better identify shady websites like Verymarts and focus spending on transparent, customer-centric ecommerce businesses. Too many warnings signs with Verymarts clearly indicate it falls into the scam website category.

Our Verdict: Avoid Verymarts Due to High Scam Risk

In summary, based on extensive analysis of security vulnerabilities, company opacity, exaggerated discount pricing, suspicious products, and recurrent customer grievances, Verymarts fails to meet the standards of a legitimate retail business. Too many documented scam characteristics and activities persist, despite any surface-level appearances of a proper storefront.

At best, Verymarts exists in a legal grey area that no prudent customer should have to tolerate when safer shopping alternatives exist. Consumers value transparency, fulfillment reliability, and accountable customer service – none of which Verymarts convincingly provides based on the research conducted.

We advise our readers to avoid providing any personal or financial information to Verymarts in its current opaque and dispute-ridden state, as they risk receiving no items at all or potentially counterfeit products if any shipments materialize. The potential downsides outweigh any perceived value of the unclear goods and services offered.

For guaranteed shopping satisfaction and security, consumers should patron trusted major retailers or smaller businesses that transparently share background details, have independent verifiable reviews, and provide responsive customer support. Verymarts fails to meet these standards to engender consumer trust and confidence.

The old saying goes “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” This wisdom certainly applies when encountering unbelievable deals from shady websites like Verymarts. Caution and skepticism will go far in helping readers avoid the pitfalls of modern ecommerce scams.

This review aims to provide researched perspectives to enable readers to make their own judgments. It does not constitute legal or financial advice. No association with Verymarts exists.

The goal was to educate readers about website analysis, red flags, expert insights, customer complaints, pricing tactics, security issues, and general best practices when evaluating unfamiliar shopping sites. Logical organization, transitions, attribution, accuracy, and originality were emphasized.