Is Regatta UK Sales Legit or a Scam? Buyers Beware

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Is Regatta UK sales legit or a scam? Let’s find out. Regatta is a well-known UK-based outdoor clothing and equipment retailer that has been operating since 1981.

However, in recent years, numerous scam websites have emerged online that fraudulently claim to be associated with Regatta and offer deep discounts on their products. This article will investigate if Regatta UK sales are legit or an elaborate scam that buyers should be wary of.

Let’s dive in.

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Overview of Regatta

Regatta is a reputable company that manufactures and sells outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment under its own brand name. The company was founded in 1981 in Manchester, UK and has grown to become one of the leading outdoor clothing retailers in the country.

Some key facts about the legitimate Regatta company:

  • Headquarters located in Manchester, UK
  • Operates over 190 stores across the UK and Ireland
  • Sells through major retailers like Amazon, Next, Blacks, M&S, Argos
  • Specializes in waterproof jackets, fleeces, walking boots, tents
  • Caters to outdoor enthusiasts and casual wearers
  • Known for providing quality gear at affordable prices

Regatta operates the website as its official online store. This website is fully owned and managed by Regatta to sell their products directly to consumers.

Rise of Fake Regatta Websites

In recent years, numerous fake websites have popped up online that fraudulently claim to be official Regatta stores or outlets. These scam sites generally display the Regatta logo prominently and use Regatta product imagery throughout. They aim to trick customers into believing they are purchasing authentic Regatta gear.

However, in reality, these fake Regatta websites are not operated by or affiliated with the real Regatta company in any way. They are run by scammers whose sole purpose is to scam online shoppers out of their money.

These fraudulent sites can be created easily and cheaply by scammers using the Regatta name, brand logos, images, and product info without authorization. Their goal is to capitalize on Regatta’s reputation to lure in and deceive customers.

Signs a Regatta Website May Be Fake

There are several red flags that can help identify a scam Regatta website:

  • URL/Domain Name – Uses misspellings or extra words added to Example:
  • Prices – Advertises prices dramatically lower than Regatta’s normal MSRPs. Sounds too good to be true.
  • Limited Time Offers – Creates false urgency to order with sales countdowns or limited inventory messages.
  • Contact Details – Provides no legitimate physical address or working customer service phone/email.
  • Reviews – Reviews seem overly generic, vague, or fake. Lack of negative reviews is also suspicious.
  • Social Media – No verified social media presence linking back to the site.
  • SSL Certificates – Does not use secure HTTPS protocol or uses invalid SSL certs.
  • Spelling/Grammar – Contains typos, spelling mistakes, or badly written product descriptions.
  • Images – Uses low-quality or stolen product images from other sites.
  • Domain Age – Recently registered domain instead of long-established site.

In contrast, the real Regatta website can be identified by:

  • Official URL of
  • Realistic pricing in-line with product quality
  • Verifiable physical business addresses
  • Working customer service phone, live chat, email
  • Active social media accounts for the brand
  • Secure HTTPS protocol and valid SSL certificates
  • Professional writing and product descriptions
  • High-quality original product photos
  • Longstanding domain name registered since 1995
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Scam Regatta Website Red Flags

Here are some examples of suspicious signs found on fake scam Regatta websites:

Misspellings in URL

Scam sites use slight misspellings or made-up words in the URL to mimic the real site, such as:


Prices Too Good to Be True

Fraud sites advertise new Regatta jackets for £25 or walking boots for £12. These prices are unrealistic compared to normal Regatta products that retail for £100+ in stores.

High Pressure Limited Time Offers

Scam Regatta sites create false urgency by using messages like “Only 5 left!” or “Sale ends in 2 hours!”. This pushes customers to order quickly before realizing it’s a scam.

No Working Contact Information

There are no legitimate addresses, customer service phone numbers, live chat, or contact forms that actually work. Any info provided is fake.

Fake Security Seals

Scam sites often include false trust badges like Norton Secured or McAfee SECURED to reassure visitors the site is safe when it’s not.

Phony Reviews

Reviews are generic, overly positive and appear scripted. There’s no mention of any actual product details or sizing opinions. Negative reviews are non-existent.

Lack of Company Info

No legitimate business registration details, addresses, or ownership information is displayed. The scam company behind the website remains anonymous.

Items Received from Fake Regatta Websites

When items are actually shipped from these fraudulent Regatta websites, customers report receiving:

  • Nothing – No products ever arrive after payment. Most common outcome.
  • Counterfeit Fakes – Cheap knockoffs made from inferior materials unlikely to be waterproof. Logos are poor imitations.
  • Used or Damaged Goods – Items appear worn, tampered with or broken upon arrival.
  • Completely Wrong Products – A random household item ships instead of the jacket or boots ordered.

In very few cases, some customers have reportedly received an authentic product after ordering from a scam site. However, this outcome is extremely rare. The vast majority of orders go unfulfilled after payments clear or low-quality fakes arrive instead.

Regatta has confirmed these fraudulent websites have no relationship with their company and do not source real Regatta products.

Potential Risks of Fake Regatta Websites

Beyond just taking customers’ money and not shipping items, these fraudulent Regatta websites can pose even greater risks:

  • Identity Theft – Collecting personal data like names, addresses and phone numbers during checkout makes customers vulnerable to identity theft. This info can be sold on the dark web.
  • Credit Card Fraud – Entering credit card numbers on scam sites frequently leads to additional unauthorized charges as scammers abuse stolen card details.
  • Account Hacks – If you use the same login credentials used on the scam site on other accounts, scammers can compromise other accounts like email and social media.
  • Malware Downloads – Fake sites may infect visitors with malware by prompting them to install bogus security certificates or malicious browser extensions.
  • Phishing Emails – Email addresses captured through fake Regatta sites are often used to send phishing scams or spam.
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Tips to Identify the Real Regatta Website

When looking to make purchases online, use these tips to confirm a website is the official legitimate Regatta store:

  • Verify the domain is exactly. Avoid any variations.
  • Check for a padlock icon and valid SSL certificate from Trustwave or Comodo.
  • Confirm the business address listed matches official stores on Regatta’s Contact Us page.
  • Call customer service numbers to ensure they are operational.
  • Review Regatta’s social media accounts for links back to the website.
  • Match products, logos and branding against Regatta’s real website.
  • Inspect site for consistent high-quality original photos and proper English descriptions.
  • Examine the domain’s registration history to confirm longstanding ownership by Regatta.
  • Search for Trustpilot reviews specifically mentioning and real Regatta purchases.

Taking a few minutes to double check these elements can help identify legitimate versus fake scam websites misusing the Regatta name.

Steps if You Ordered From a Fake Regatta Website

If you unfortunately placed an order or submitted payment information to a scam Regatta site, take the following steps right away to protect yourself:

  1. Contact your bank – Alert them to any fraudulent charges made and consider canceling your credit card to prevent future false charges.
  2. File complaints – Report the scam website to the FTC and IC3 to aid investigations.
  3. Review your accounts – Check bank and credit card statements closely for any unauthorized transactions.
  4. Change passwords – Reset passwords on any online accounts that used the same credentials entered on the scam website. Enable two-factor authentication when possible.
  5. Check credit reports – Request free annual credit reports to check for any fraudulent accounts opened in your name. Place a credit freeze if needed.
  6. Scan for malware – Run malware scans to check if your device is infected from the scam site. Use Malwarebytes or Norton.
  7. Warn others – Legitimately post reviews about your experience to prevent others from falling victim to the same scam site.

Purchasing Safely From the Real Regatta Website

The official Regatta website at is trustworthy and secure for making purchases directly from the brand. Here are tips for safe shopping:

Use credit cards – Paying with a credit card gives you the ability to dispute fraudulent charges. Avoid risky payment options like wire transfers.

Check for HTTPS – Verify the site uses HTTPS protocol to encrypt entered data during checkout.

Review return policies – Understand Regatta’s policies for returns, exchanges and refunds in case items need sent back.

Create an account – Making an account allows you to store payment information safely for faster future checkouts.

Compare prices – Use price comparison sites to confirm Regatta’s prices align with major retailers selling their products.

Watch for sales – Take advantage of legitimate seasonal sales around peak holidays to find deals on authentic Regatta gear.

As long as purchases are made through the real website using standard online shopping safety precautions, customers can feel confident in the legitimacy of Regatta’s UK online sales. However, scam websites abusing the Regatta name and branding should be avoided at all costs.

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FAQ About Regatta UK Sales and Scams

Are all the ads for Regatta sales I see on social media fake?

No, Regatta does advertise legitimate sales on its official social media profiles. However, many fake scam ads also appear from fraudulent sites misusing Regatta’s name. Verify social media links go to before trusting sales advertised there.

Can I get scammed shopping directly on Regatta’s real website?

The official website is secure and operated fully by the real Regatta company. As long as you only shop at this verified domain, it is trustworthy. Scams only occur on fake copycat sites pretending to be Regatta.

Where are these scam Regatta websites located?

Research suggests many originate overseas from places like China, Russia, and Indonesia. They aim to appear as if they are really based in the UK to seem more legitimate. Their actual location is purposely obscured.

What should I do if I ordered from a fake Regatta site?

Immediately contact your bank about potential fraud, check for unauthorized transactions, change passwords, scan devices for malware, and report the website. This can help limit damages from any stolen financial or personal information.

Are Regatta products cheaper on Amazon or their own site?

Prices are generally the same on both Regatta’s real website and their Amazon storefront. Any dramatically lower prices than MSRP likely indicate a counterfeit product being sold by an unauthorized third party seller.

How can I tell if a Regatta jacket I bought is authentic or fake?

Real Regatta gear has smooth, high-quality zippers, waterproof sealed seams, durable tight stitching, original logo tags, and vibrant colors that hold up over time. Fakes have rough zippers, loose threads, flawed logos, and fade quickly.

The Bottom Line

Regatta operates a legitimate online sales website at where customers can safely purchase authentic outdoor apparel and gear directly from this reputable UK retailer.

However, many copycat scam websites have emerged that fraudulently impersonate Regatta to lure customers into buying nonexistent or shoddy counterfeit products. These fraudulent sites can often be identified through misspellings in the URL, unrealistic pricing, fake contact info, dubious reviews and other red flags.

Always verify that any website purporting to sell Regatta goods matches their official domain exactly and shows other indicators of authenticity. Use extra caution when shopping online for discounted Regatta merchandise to avoid these scams.

Immediately report any fraudulent sites you come like Regatta UK sales across to protect other consumers. By being an informed shopper and only using reputable online retailers, you can confidently shop for genuine Regatta gear at reasonable prices.

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