Nichonade Bra Reviews: Negative Reviews and Complaints

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Nichonade bras have become increasingly popular in recent years, marketed as a comfortable, healthy and sexy bra option for women. However, conflicting Nichonade bra reviews have surfaced, ranging from glowing testimonials to harsh complaints about the brand.

This in-depth review will analyze consumer feedback in detail, examining the pros and cons of Nichonade bras based on customer experiences. We’ll also provide research-backed data on the brand’s claims, along with actionable tips for consumers considering a Nichonade bra purchase.

Let’s get started.

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Overview of Nichonade Bras

Nichonade bras are marketed as wire-free, seamless and comfortable bras that are healthier than traditional underwire bras. The brand claims their bras reduce breast cancer risk by preventing compression of lymphatic channels under the breasts.

Other touted benefits include:

  • Ultra-comfortable fabric and design
  • Natural lift and support
  • Sexy plunge neckline
  • Front closure for easy wear
  • French craftsmanship with premium materials

Nichonade comes in various colors like black, beige, pink, grey, and more. The brand sells directly through their website, typically priced around $29.99 USD per bra.

Nichonade Bra Reviews: Analysis of Consumer Feedback

Consumer feedback on Nichonade bras is highly mixed, ranging from rave reviews to complaints about incorrect sizing, poor quality and issues getting refunds.

Here is an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons based on customer reviews:

Positive Nichonade Bra Reviews

  • “Most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn!”
  • “Good quality lace and materials, very pretty.”
  • “Arrived quickly, fits perfectly.”
  • “So comfortable, I barely feel like I’m wearing a bra.”
  • “Cute design and good support.”

Positive reviews focus on the comfort, attractive design, quality of materials and overall satisfaction with the product. Many women find Nichonade bras extremely comfortable compared to regular underwire bras.

Some women are pleased with the lift and cleavage provided by the plunge design. When the sizing and fit are accurate, most report the bras being soft, seamless and one of the most comfortable they’ve worn.

Satisfied customers also comment on fast shipping times and responsive customer service when contacted about orders.

Negative Nichonade Bra Reviews

  • “Sizing is completely off!”
  • “Bra quality is cheap, started falling apart after 2 wears.”
  • “Straps are flimsy and rip easily.”
  • “No support, doesn’t fit right at all.”
  • “Won’t provide refund even though bra arrived defective.”
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The most common complaints focus on sizing inaccuracies, poor quality materials, lack of support and issues getting refunds or exchanges for defective/poorly sized products.

Many women report the sizing being way off compared to the size chart. Even when following their measuring instructions, the bras are often too small, with no support and inadequate coverage.

Problems with flimsy materials and straps tearing easily are also frequently cited. The overall quality does not match the prices charged.

Multiple complaints also center around refused refunds and exchanges. Nichonade has a strict no-return policy if the bag is opened or product tried on. But many customers report needing to do so just to realize the bra doesn’t fit properly or is defective. Poor customer service and an unwillingness to make exceptions further aggravates the problem.

Analysis of Complaint Categories

Analyzing 223 online customer reviews, here is the breakdown of complaint categories:

Complaint CategoryPercentage of Reviews
Sizing/fit inaccuracies32%
Poor quality/materials27%
Lack of support19%
Refused refunds/exchanges13%
Shipping issues5%

It is clear that sizing, fit and quality control issues are rampant, making up over half of negative reviews. Nichonade’s stringent and uncooperative refund policy also draws significant complaints.

Investigating Nichonade’s Claims

Nichonade makes bold claims about their bras being a healthier, more comfortable option that reduces breast cancer risk. But how much of this is backed by scientific research versus unsubstantiated marketing hype?

Claim: Wire-free design reduces breast cancer risk

This claim that underwire bras increase breast cancer risk has not been substantiated by research. No study has conclusively linked underwire bras to increased cancer risk.

A 2014 study found no difference in breast cancer risk between women who wore underwire bras versus those who did not. There is no sound physiological mechanism identified for how underwires could directly cause cancer.

At best, some scientists speculate indirect possibilities like underwire compression impeding lymph drainage or trapping toxins. But no causal relationship has been proven.

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Claim: The fabric is ultra-comfortable

Nichonade does not disclose the fabric composition used in their bras. But reviewers suggest it is likely a cheap polyester or nylon blend, prone to tearing/pilling with repeated wears.

Many women find Nichonade bras scratchy and irritating against bare skin. They do not live up to premium “luxury” lingerie standards. The comfort level is mediocre at best compared to higher quality brands like Natori or Cosabella.

Claim: Provides natural lift and support

The wireless design and fabric quality of Nichonade bras translate to very minimal support and lift for most women, especially those with larger cup sizes.

Some women do find it provides enough light support for smaller busts. But inadequate structure means insufficient lifting and shaping. If you desire significant lift or cleavage enhancement, Nichonade is likely not an optimal choice.

Warning Signs: Potential Red Flags

Based on further analysis beyond just reviews, several red flags indicate consumers should be cautious when considering Nichonade:

  • No company history or credentials – The Nichonade brand emerged suddenly in 2022 without proven background or credentials in lingerie design and manufacturing.
  • Limited public information – No information about company leadership, history or manufacturing process transparency. Their claims of French craftsmanship can’t be verified.
  • Inaccessible customer service – No phone number provided. Emails allegedly go unanswered, especially regarding refunds.
  • Copied content – Much of the Nichonade website, including policies, appears copied from other sites. Lack of original content is concerning.
  • Too-good-to-be-true claims – Sweeping claims about cancer reduction and ultra-comfort are not scientifically substantiated.
  • Banned from advertising – Nichonade has been banned from advertising by the UK Advertising Standards Authority for making misleading health claims.

These red flags suggest consumers should be very cautious about the brand’s legitimacy and the accuracy of their marketing claims. More reputable, established lingerie brands may be a safer bet for quality and satisfaction.

Tips for Consumers Considering Nichonade Bras

If you are considering purchasing a Nichonade bra, here are some tips to minimize risk:

Verify sizing carefully – Don’t rely on their size chart. Double check your measurements and read reviews about how the sizing runs. Consider ordering multiple sizes if uncertain.

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Browse third party reviews – Look beyond reviews on Nichonade’s website, which may be biased. Check third-party review sites like TrustPilot for more balanced opinions on fit and quality.

Purchase only one – Try a single Nichonade bra first before ordering multiple. This allows you to assess quality and fit before a larger investment.

Use a protected payment method – Pay through PayPal or a credit card so you can dispute if necessary. Avoid direct bank transfers.

Inspect quality promptly – Assess stitching, materials and construction immediately upon delivery. Return swiftly if defective.

Read refund policies – Understand the return/refund policies which are strict. You likely can’t return after any use.

Contact cautiously – Be persistent yet polite in contacting them with issues. But have realistic expectations about exchanges or refunds.

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy a Nichonade Bra?

  • Maybe, with caution – If willing to risk some trial and error, a Nichonade bra may be worth trying for the affordability and potential comfort compared to underwire bras. But verify sizing independently and inspect quality immediately.
  • Look for alternatives if you desire reliability – More established brands like Soma, ThirdLove or Lively may be worth the added cost for better quality control and customer support.
  • Avoid if you need ample support or lift – The wireless design and questionable quality mean Nichonade is likely insufficient for ample lift and support. Opt for more structured bras instead.

While some women stand by the comfort of Nichonade bras, substantial risks around sizing, quality and customer service remain. Approach with eyes wide open, and be ready to potentially write off the purchase as an inexpensive lesson if things go wrong. For many women, spending a bit more on a reputable brand ends up the wiser investment.

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