Hustler Fund Loan App Review – Scam or Legit? [BEWARE]

The Hustler Fund loan app has gained popularity in Kenya as an instant mobile loan platform that provides quick loans ranging from KES 1,500 to KES 15,000. However, there are concerns about its legitimacy, with many wondering – is the Hustler Fund loan app a scam or legit?

In this comprehensive review, we take a deep dive into all aspects of the Hustler Fund loan app, analyze its features in detail, and provide well-researched insights to help you determine if this app is worth using or if you should look for better alternatives instead.

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Overview of the Hustler Fund Loan App

The Hustler Fund loan app is a mobile lending platform that offers instant loans ranging from KES 1,500 to KES 15,000 to Kenyans. It processes loan applications quickly and disburses approved loans directly into the borrower’s M-Pesa account within minutes.

The app is available on the Google Play Store for Android users. As of January 2023, it had over 100,000 downloads and a rating of 4.0 out of 5 based on close to 5,000 user reviews.

The company behind the app is listed as Mary Kairu on the Play Store. However, not much information about the company’s registration, licensing, or physical address is available.

Main Features

Here are some of the main features of the Hustler Fund loan app:

  • Quick access to loans – Loans are processed very fast, sometimes in under 10 minutes, and borrowers can access funds quickly.
  • Loan amount – Offers loans from KES 1,500 up to 15,000. New borrowers typically get KES 1,500 at first.
  • Direct disbursement – Approved loans are sent directly to the borrower’s M-Pesa account.
  • Repayment period – Flexible repayment duration from 91 to 365 days.
  • Renewals – Option to renew loan repayment period if unable to pay on time.
  • No paperwork – No requirement for paperwork, guarantors, or security.
  • No restriction on employment – Loans are available even if borrower has no regular income source.

On the surface, the app appears to provide an easy way to get access to quick emergency funds for individuals in need of cash. However, there are also several red flags and concerns about its legitimacy, which we will analyze in detail in this review.

Is the Hustler Fund Loan App Legit or a Scam?

The biggest question surrounding the Hustler Fund loan app is – is it a legitimate platform for borrowing or a scam?

Let’s look at some of the factors that raise doubts about the app’s authenticity:

No Links to Government Hustler Fund Initiative

  • The app uses the name “Hustler Fund”, which is very similar to the official Government of Kenya’s Hustler Fund initiative launched in 2022. However, there appears to be no actual connection between the app and the real Government Hustler Fund.
  • This gives the impression that the app is trying to take advantage of the real Hustler Fund’s name to appear legitimate and gain user trust.

Vague Company Details

  • The app provider company name listed as “Mary Kairu” seems vague. There are no details available about registration, licensing, company information, address, or even founders.
  • This lack of transparency about the company behind the app raises suspicions. Legitimate lending apps normally provide proper documentation.

Hidden Costs and Fees

  • One of the biggest red flags is that the app asks users to pay a certain “facilitation fee” first before their loan is processed.
  • There have been many complaints of users paying the fee but still not getting their requested loan approved.
  • This indicates the app profits from fees even when loans are not actually provided, which is characteristic of scam apps.

Questionable Customer Service

  • According to user reviews, the app’s customer service is poor and unavailable most times.
  • There is limited communication from the company side in case of any issues faced by borrowers.
  • Lack of proper customer service channels is common for fishy apps.
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Harsh Repayment Terms

  • While the app promotes flexible repayment, the terms are quite stringent for late repayments.
  • As per the T&Cs, a penalty of 2% of loan amount per day is levied for late repayments – this is very high.
  • Genuine lending apps don’t impose such harsh late fees.

Considering these various factors, there are clearly a lot of red flags about the Hustler Fund loan app that indicate it could be a scam or at least an extremely dubious platform. It’s best to be very cautious before using it.

Hustler Fund App Features and Loan Terms

While the legitimacy of the Hustler Fund app is questionable, let’s still look at its advertised features and loan terms to understand what it offers on the surface:

Loan Amount

  • The minimum loan amount is KES 1,500 for new borrowers.
  • The maximum loan amount offered is KES 15,000.

Loan Duration

  • Repayment period offered ranges from 91 days to 365 days.
  • Borrowers can opt to pay back in installments or make a one-time full repayment.

Interest Rates and Fees

  • The interest rate is quoted as 18% per year. This translates to 0.05% per day.
  • A “facilitation fee” is charged upfront before loan disbursal, which can range from KES 200 to KES 500 based on loan amount.

Renewals and Extensions

  • Option provided to renew loan period by making a request before repayment date.
  • Users can extend for up to 365 days maximum as per terms.

Penalty for Late Repayment

  • A very stringent penalty of 2% of loan amount per day is levied for late repayments.
  • This can add up to exorbitant costs for borrowers unable to repay on time.

Security and Guarantors

  • No third-party guarantors or security/collateral required for loans as per app.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Kenyan citizens aged between 18-65 years
  • Having M-Pesa registered and activated
  • Smartphone with app access
  • No specific income proof required

At first glance, the loan amounts, duration, renewals, no security requirements, and eligibility criteria seem attractive. However, the upfront fees, high late penalties, and other red flags make the terms unreasonable.

Hustler Fund App Pros and Cons – Should You Use It?

Based on our extensive research and analysis, here is a summary of the main pros and cons of using the Hustler Fund loan app:


  • Quick access to small loans
  • Direct disbursal to M-Pesa
  • Fixed repayment schedules
  • No paperwork or security needed


  • Very high likelihood of being a scam app
  • Misleading name similar to government initiative
  • Lack of transparency about lending company
  • Hidden upfront fees charged
  • Harsh late repayment penalties
  • Poor or no customer service

Considering the multiple disadvantages and potential risks, our recommendation is to avoid using the Hustler Fund loan app altogether. The risk of getting scammed is quite high, and there are much better and safer borrowing options available, even if they may take slightly longer for approval.

Hustler Fund App Reviews from Users – What Do They Say?

Analyzing reviews from users who have actually used the Hustler Fund app can give more insights into its real experience and legitimacy. Here are some excerpts of reviews from the Google Play Store:

★★★★☆ Decent loan app but customer care needs improvement. The loans process fast but I wish they could improve their customer service. Had some issues which took time to get assistance.

★☆☆☆☆ This app is a fraud!! I applied for a loan of KES 5000 after paying their fee of KES 250 as requested and still got nothing! When I call customer care no response. Wasted my money for nothing.

★★★☆☆ The loans are quick but the hidden fees are too much. You have to pay fees even before getting the loan which doesn’t make sense. Wish they could reduce the costs.

★☆☆☆☆ I do NOT recommend this app, their customer service is non-existent. Applied for a KES 10000 loan, paid their “appraisal” fee and still did not receive the loan after 2 weeks! They just take your money upfront.

★★★★★ Amazing app for quick loans. Needed emergency money urgently and I was able to get it in 10 minutes after registering. Would recommend to anyone in need of fast cash.

The reviews are quite mixed, with some positive feedback but a number of complaints about hidden fees, lack of customer service, and discrepancies in loans disbursed vs requested amounts after paying the upfront costs. This aligns with our analysis that the app appears shady.

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Alternative Legit Mobile Loan Apps to Consider

Given the high risks of scams and hidden costs of the Hustler Fund app outlined in this review, it’s better to consider more well-known and reputable instant mobile loan apps instead. Here are some good alternatives:

AppKey Features
Tala– Loans up to KES 50,000 – Competitive interest rates – Positive user reviews – No hidden charges
Branch– Loans up to KES 50,000 – Flexible repayment – Zero fees – High user ratings
Zenka– Fixed schedule installments – Amounts up to KES 250,000 – Verified by borrowers
Okash– Up to KES 200,000 loans – Low interest – High approval rate

These apps are backed by known legitimate companies, have transparent processes, do not charge any hidden upfront fees, and get consistently positive feedback from users. They involve proper underwriting procedures for loan approval compared to Hustler Fund which seems to blindly approve loans.

Their interest rates are also compliant with the Central Bank of Kenya regulations. Hence, it is highly recommended to opt for these more credible mobile lending apps instead of taking the risk with Hustler Fund.

How Does Hustler Fund Compare to Government Hustler Fund Program?

As we highlighted earlier, one of the biggest concerns around the Hustler Fund loan app is its misleading name aimed to make it sound affiliated with the official Government of Kenya Hustler Fund initiative. For the sake of clarity, let’s compare the key features between the two:

ParameterGovernment Hustler FundHustler Fund Loan App
Launched ByGovernment of KenyaPrivate lending company
Available Via* USSD code *254# * Telco Apps – My Safaricom App, My Airtel App etcGoogle Play Store App
Loan Amounts– Personal: KES 500 – 50,000 – Chamas/Groups: Up to KES 10 millionKES 1,500 – 15,000
Interest RatesMaximum of 8% p.a.Claims 18% p.a.
Fees and ChargesNo processing feesRequires upfront “facilitation fee”
Repayment PeriodFlexible installments91 – 365 days
savings/pensionForces borrower savings of 5% of loan amount in personal retirement schemeNo pension or savings scheme
Government OversightManaged directly by GovernmentNo government regulation or oversight

As evident from the table above, the official Hustler Fund from the Kenya government is way more credible and affordable for borrowers compared to the private app using a similar name. The government version has proper oversight and massively lower interest rates.

The Hustler Fund app tries to mislead people by using the name, but lacks regulation and charges very high hidden costs. It is not endorsed by the government in any way and should be avoided.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Hustler Fund Loans on Legit Apps

Based on our detailed review and analysis, we recommend using credible alternative mobile lending apps for quick emergency loans instead of risky platforms like Hustler Fund.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to getting loans through top-rated apps like Branch and Tala:

Step 1: Download the App and Sign Up

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for the loan app
  • Download and install the app on your smartphone
  • Sign up for an account by providing your basic personal details

Step 2: Activate Your Account

  • For activation, you may need to submit ID proof and other KYC documents
  • This is needed for the lender to verify your identity and eligibility

Step 3: Apply for Your Loan

  • In the app, fill out the loan application form with the required information
  • Select your desired loan amount and repayment period
  • Submit the completed loan application

Step 4: Loan Approval

  • The lender will evaluate your application based on set criteria
  • If approved, you get instant in-app confirmation
  • The loan amount gets credited directly to your bank account within minutes

Step 5: Repay the Loan

  • Repay your loan in EMIs as per the scheduled installments
  • Payment reminders are sent on the app as well
  • Avoid late repayments or penalties may apply

Follow these steps to get quick access to emergency funds in a secure manner from reputable lenders. Avoid apps like Hustler Fund that have a high risk of hidden costs.

Critical Factors to Check Before Downloading a Loan App

In addition to specifically avoiding the dubious Hustler Fund app, there are some general factors borrowers should look out for when selecting any new mobile lending app:

  • Lender reputation – Check their licensing, registration, years in business etc.
  • Transparent terms – All costs, fees, interest, penalties should be clearly stated upfront.
  • Real user reviews – Read feedback shared by actual users about their experiences.
  • Reasonable interest rates – Avoid apps with very high interest charges.
  • Positive app ratings – The overall app store rating indicates customer satisfaction.
  • Data privacy – The app should safeguard all your personal data securely.
  • Customer service – Availability of proper customer support channels.

Taking the time to evaluate mobile apps against these parameters helps identify scam or risky lending apps to stay away from. Do proper due diligence before submitting your information or borrowing money.

Common Mobile Loan Scams to Watch Out For

While we have specifically assessed the Hustler Fund app’s legitimacy in detail here, it is also important for borrowers to be aware of the following common red flags of mobile loan scams in general:

  • Asking for upfront fees before issuing the loan
  • Extremely high interest rates or hidden penalties
  • No clear company information available
  • Aggressive collection tactics for repayment that violate consumer rights
  • Threats issued to contacts saved on borrower’s phone
  • Selling user data illegally to third parties
  • Fake positive reviews and ratings to appear legitimate

Stay vigilant and do your research properly before trusting any mobile lending app. Go with established lenders with transparent processes and policies. Avoid newer apps with information gaps, lack of regulation, vague terms or hidden costs.

Conclusion – Key Highlights about Hustler Fund App

To conclude this hustler fund loan app review, here are the key highlights to remember about the Hustler Fund loan app:

  • It is a mobile lending app offering quick loans of KES 1,500 to 15,000
  • High likelihood of being a scam app based on multiple red flags
  • Misuses the official “Hustler Fund” name to appear legitimate
  • Lack of transparency about company, registration details
  • Requires unreasonable upfront fees before approving loans
  • Imposes very high late repayment penalties
  • Poor and unreliable customer service
  • Negative user reviews on excessive hidden costs
  • Much safer regulated alternatives like Tala, Branch available
  • No connection whatsoever to the official Government Hustler Fund program

In summary, we strongly advise against downloading or using the Hustler Fund loan app given its dubious reputation. Instead, rely on well-established lenders like Tala, Branch and M-Shwari which are recommended by borrowers.

Follow the top tips outlined to identify safe and scam mobile lending apps. Carefully evaluate terms, costs and company reputation before applying for quick emergency loans through mobile apps.

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