Is Digiprint Ink Ltd Scam or Legit? Beware!!

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Digiprint Ink Ltd is a UK-based online supplier of printer inks that has recently been the subject of heated debate, with many customers accusing them of being a scam while others defend their legitimacy. In this extensively researched article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Digiprint Ink Ltd to determine if they are a scam or a legitimate business.

An Introduction to Digiprint Ink Ltd

Digiprint Ink Ltd operates the website, which sells compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges for various printer brands like HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother. The company claims to offer ink cartridges at up to 70% off retail prices.

Digiprint Ink Ltd is registered in the UK with company number 12941058. They provide a registered address in Manchester and claim to have a warehouse in Durham from where they ship products.

The website appears professional at first glance, with sections showcasing their products, offers, customer reviews, and order process. The about us page provides details about when the company was founded, their mission statement, and policies.

Positive Reviews and Feedback

There are a number of positive reviews and testimonials for Digiprint Ink Ltd on their website and on independent review sites like Trustpilot.

Here are some examples of favorable customer feedback:

  • “Great value and good service. Delivery was quick and products worked fine in my printer.”
  • “Reliable supplier of printer inks at very reasonable prices. Would recommend them.”
  • “Happy with the ink cartridges I bought. Good print quality and great savings compared to branded cartridges.”
  • “Digiprint Ink is my go-to for cheap printer supplies. Never had any issues with their inks.”

These positive reviews indicate that many customers have had good experiences purchasing printer supplies from Digiprint Ink Ltd and received working products as advertised. The positive feedback gives the company some legitimacy.

Is Digiprint Ink Ltd Scam or Legit? Beware!!

However, alongside the positive feedback there have also been a growing number of negative reviews and scam accusations against Digiprint Ink. Here are some of the most common complaints:

  • Non-delivery – Customers not receiving their orders, sometimes with no communication or explanation from the company.
  • Poor quality/defective products– Inks provided are reported to be of inferior quality, often causing printer problems or damage.
  • Fake reviews – Many believe the positive reviews on their site and elsewhere are fabricated to boost credibility.
  • Fake address – The listed business address in Manchester appears to be a virtual office with no physical presence.
  • Hidden charges – Complaints of extra unexpected fees and shipping costs added during checkout.
  • No refunds – Extremely strict refund policy and customers unable to get money back for unused/defective products.
  • Sudden website shutdown – Accusations of the site disappearing suddenly then re-opening under a new name.
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These types of complaints are red flags when evaluating a company’s legitimacy. The pattern of deception indicated here is characteristic of scam websites just seeking quick cash from customers.

Investigation into Digiprint Ink Ltd’s Reputation

Given the conflicting experiences of customers, an investigation into Digiprint Ink Ltd’s reputation and business practices is warranted. There are several areas that raise suspicion about their legitimacy:

  • Lack of company information – Very limited verifiable details available about their business operations, management, and physical location(s).
  • Not a registered seller on Amazon/eBay – Major online retailers have no records of Digiprint Ink as a merchant, indicating they may be banned.
  • Pricing anomalies – Advertised discounts of up to 70% seem exaggerated compared to average market prices for compatible/remanufactured ink cartridges.
  • Fake reviews – Many of the 5-star reviews are from suspicious newly-created accounts with no other activity, suggesting they are disingenuous.
  • Scam website warning signs – Issues like grammar errors, fake customer images, multiple website names/domains, and temporary shutdowns are common scam tactics.

While no definitive proof of ill intent exists, these shady practices and attempts to hide their identity should give potential customers pause when considering ordering from Digiprint Ink Ltd.

Avoiding Scam Sellers When Shopping Online

The ambiguity over whether Digiprint Ink Ltd is legit highlights the need for caution when buying from unfamiliar online retailers. Here are some tips for avoiding scam sellers:

  • Research the company – Check for a physical address you can verify, established online presence, and legitimate customer reviews.
  • Beware major discounts – Extreme bargain prices can be a ploy to attract unsuspecting customers. Only buy from reputable sellers.
  • Use secure payment methods – Avoid options like bank transfer, pre-loaded cards, etc. Using credit cards gives you purchase protection.
  • Check return/refund policies – Scam sites often have prohibitive refund policies or don’t allow returns at all. This is a big red flag.
  • Trust your instincts – If something seems questionable about the company, it’s best to avoid purchasing from them entirely.
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Sticking with well-known retailers and being wary of major warning signs will help you steer clear of scam sellers and ensure you get quality products. Monitoring your bank statements for suspicious activity is also recommended if you do make a risky purchase.

Is Digiprint Ink Ltd a Scam?

Evaluating all the available information on Digiprint Ink Ltd leads us to the following conclusion:

While some customers apparently receive their orders without issue, the number of worrying complaints and reputation red flags strongly indicates Digiprint Ink Ltd is likely an illegitimate business engaging in fraudulent activities.

The evidence points to them being an unreliable seller at best, and an outright scam taking advantage of customers at worst. We advise against purchasing from Digiprint Ink Ltd given the risks identified.

There are many reputable suppliers of discounted printer ink cartridges that do not have the same cloud of suspicion. Taking your business to a proven trustworthy retailer instead of Digiprint Ink Ltd is the safest option.

In summary, the preponderance of concerning reviews and scam warning signs means Digiprint Ink Ltd cannot be considered a legitimate business. Customers are likely to end up out of pocket if they engage with this company. You are better off playing it safe and buying printer supplies elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Digiprint Ink Ltd an authorized reseller?

No, Digiprint Ink Ltd does not appear to be an authorized reseller for any major printer brands. Genuine OEM ink cartridges are unlikely to be available from them.

Are the inks sold by Digiprint Ink Ltd genuine or counterfeit?

While marketed as compatible or remanufactured products, many customers suspect the inks sold by Digiprint Ink Ltd are cheap counterfeits based on the print quality and issues experienced.

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Can I get a refund or return products purchased from Digiprint Ink Ltd?

Their strict no refunds or returns policy suggests it is highly unlikely you will be able to get money back on any items purchased from Digiprint Ink Ltd.

Is Digiprint Ink Ltd linked to any other suspicious companies?

Some customers allege Digiprint Ink Ltd shares connections with other distrusted online ink sellers like Unlimited Ink and Future Office Supplies. However, this link has not been definitively proven.

Is it safe to provide my personal/payment information to Digiprint Ink Ltd?

We advise against providing any personal or payment details to Digiprint Ink Ltd given the overwhelming concerns about their trustworthiness. There are risks of fraud or financial theft.


Based on a detailed evaluation of Digiprint Ink Ltd, they display numerous hallmarks of being an illegitimate business that customers should avoid. While they may ship orders and provide products in some cases, the risk of being scammed is too high given the analysis of their reputation. We recommend purchasing printer supplies from well-established retailers instead of chancing Digiprint Ink Ltd. Be vigilant about scam online sellers to protect yourself as a consumer.

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