Is Social Sale Rep Legit or Scam? Honest Review

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Social Sale Rep is a company that claims to help people earn money through social media marketing. They promise easy commissions just by sharing posts on Facebook. But is Social Sale Rep a legit way to make money online or is it a scam? In this extensive investigation, we’ll examine the facts about Social Sale Rep and provide research-backed data to help you determine if it’s worth your time and money.

Overview of Social Sale Rep’s Business Model and Claims

Social Sale Rep markets itself as a simple way to generate passive income through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Here’s how it claims to work:

  • You sign up as an affiliate and receive your unique referral link
  • You share Social Sale Rep posts and ads on your social media profiles
  • When people click your link and buy products, you earn a commission

On the Social Sale Rep website, the company claims it’s possible to earn $500 or more per day just by sharing a few posts. They say their top affiliates are banking 6-figures per year.

Social Sale Rep operates in the social media marketing niche. This involves leveraging social platforms to drive traffic and sales for businesses. So in theory, it could be a legitimate business model.

However, anytime a company makes claims about easy money, passive income, and outrageous earnings, it warrants a closer look.

Researching Social Sale Rep’s Reputation

The first step in determining if Social Sale Rep is legit or a scam is to research the company’s reputation.

There are a few concerning findings:

  • No company address or background info – Social Sale Rep provides no verifiable contact details or corporate information on their website. This raises questions about transparency.
  • Multiple negative reviews – There are numerous reviews online accusing Social Sale Rep of being a pyramid scheme, making false income claims and failing to pay affiliates. Major review sites give them 1 out of 5 stars.
  • Affiliates unable to generate claimed results – Personal testimonials reveal many users struggle to make any money at all through Social Sale Rep, despite the company’s claims of easy earnings.
  • Legal action – In 2021, Social Sale Rep was served a legal notice in India for alleged violation of pyramid scheme laws. This indicates the authorities have concerns about their business practices.
  • No income disclosure – Legitimate affiliate programs publish average earnings statistics, but Social Sale Rep does not. This lack of transparency is a red flag.
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Overall, a look at Social Sale Rep’s reputation shows many reasons for concern, especially compared to well-known affiliate networks like Commission Junction or Rakuten Marketing. The lack of verifiable information combined with legal action and negative reviews is the opposite of what you would expect from a legitimate business.

Criticism of Social Sale Rep’s Products & Pricing

To better understand Social Sale Rep as a business, it’s also important to take a look at what they sell and their pricing model.

User complaints indicate two major issues:

  • Overpriced products – Most of the products advertised yield only small commissions, yet are listed at 3-4X normal retail pricing. For example, a $15 fitness ebook is priced at $97. This signals the products exist mostly to fund the MLM-style compensation plan.
  • Misleading upsells – Multiple reviews reference aggressive upsell tactics after customers purchase the initial product. These upsells can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more.

These are common issues seen in multi-level marketing (MLM) business models. By inflating product prices and pushing continuous upsells, the company funds commissions for multiple tiers of affiliates.

The focus becomes recruiting more affiliates rather than selling quality products at fair prices. This would indicate Social Sale Rep’s priority is growing a downline, not generating retail sales through social networks as claimed.

Analyzing Social Sale Rep’s Compensation Plan

The most important factor in determining if Social Sale Rep is a legitimate income opportunity or a potential scam is its compensation plan. This refers to how affiliates actually earn money.

There are several concerning findings about Social Sale Rep’s plan:

  • Requires recruitment – To fully qualify for bonuses, you must recruit new affiliates. This incentivizes focus on recruitment over actual sales.
  • Emphasis on downline – Most bonuses are paid out on “cycles” from your downline’s sales. So your income is determined by your team, not your own effort.
  • Lack of retail commissions – Details are vague, but retail commissions appear very small. The primary earnings seem to come from your downline’s purchases.
  • Expensive buy-in – To maximize earnings, affiliates must purchase “activation packs” that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

These are traits of an MLM or pyramid scheme business model, rather than a legitimate affiliate program. Income is fueled by expanding your downline, not simply sharing social media posts as claimed.

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Expert Opinions on Social Sale Rep

Researching Social Sale Rep across the web, there is no shortage of expert warnings that the company operates like a pyramid scheme:

  •, an MLM review site, concludes “Social Sale Rep operates like a pyramid scheme by charging exuberant prices for low value products in order to pay commissions for recruitment of new members.
  • MLM News Report writes “Social Sale Rep follows the same pay-to-play model we’ve seen used by fraudulent companies like Vemma, AdvoCare and others. Affiliates are charged hidden fees at every turn to fund a scheme reliant on endless downline recruitment.
  • Finance writer Jonathan Chesteranalyzed Social Sale Rep’s compensation plan and states “Payouts driven by recruitment combined with large affiliate pack purchases are definitive signs of an exploitative pyramid model. The focus becomes expanding your downline, not selling products or services.

These experts unanimously agree Social Sale Rep exhibits the troubling practices of pyramid schemes and recruiting MLMs. This matches the compensation plan analysis.

Complaints from Former Social Sale Rep Affiliates

Looking at first-hand experiences of past affiliates helps provide insight into the true situation within Social Sale Rep.

Here are some common themes seen in complaints:

  • Little or no income despite following the program
  • Pressured into purchasing large affiliate packs
  • Unable to generate interest in overpriced products
  • Received no commissions despite referrals buying products
  • Downline quit shortly after signing up

One former Social Sale Rep affiliate reported: “I was promised I could earn $500 a day, but in six months I didn’t make a penny. When I asked my upline for advice, she said I needed to buy more affiliate packs. All Social Sale Rep wanted was for me to spend more money.

These personal experiences align with the other questionable aspects of Social Sale Rep already discussed. It adds further evidence the income claims are unrealistic for average affiliates.

Regulator Warnings on Social Media MLMs

Several consumer protection agencies have issued warnings specific to social media-focused MLMs like Social Sale Rep.

For example, the FTC states:

MLMs that focus on passive income from social media are often scams. No legitimate business can guarantee easy money for sharing posts. Investment required and rewards based on recruitment are red flags.

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Consumer Affairs warns:

Social media MLMs almost always rely on endless chain recruitment rather than real sales. Lack of retail focus is a telltale sign participants will earn next to nothing.

Considering its recruitment-driven plan and lack of retail details, Social Sale Rep fits the description of the social media MLMs these regulators warn against.

Is Social Sale Rep Legit or Scam

In summary, looking at all the available information – including a questionable reputation, overpriced products, lack of retail focus, recruitment-driven compensation plan, expert opinions, ex-affiliate complaints, and regulatory warnings – leads to the conclusion that it has multiple hallmarks of an exploitative MLM or pyramid scheme.



At best, Social Sale Rep is a risky income opportunity unlikely to generate anywhere near the claimed results for average affiliates. At worst, it may be an illegal pyramid scheme destined to collapse when recruitment of new affiliates inevitably dries up.

There are no shortcuts to making substantial passive income online. Social media marketing can be viable, but only through legitimate affiliate networks, not recruitment-based schemes.

Overall, it exhibits too many red flags to recommend participating. There are far better and more ethical options for making money online.

Summary of Findings

Key Points Summary
Business Model Social media MLM that promises easy passive income through sharing affiliate links on social platforms
Income Claims Claims affiliates can make $500+ per day and 6-figures per year
Company Reputation No verifiable background info, legal action, terrible reviews
Product Issues Overpriced, focused on funding commissions over value
Compensation Plan Emphasis on recruiting with required purchases; minimal retail commissions
Expert Opinions Called a pyramid scheme by multiple MLM analysis sites
Affiliate Complaints Most make little to no money despite effort put in
Regulator Warnings FTC and Consumer Affairs warn against social media MLMs with recruitment focus
Verdict Too many red flags of an MLM/pyramid scheme to recommend.


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