Is Orismall Legit or a Scam? Review [Beware !!]

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Orismall is a mysterious website that has recently popped up offering various services and products, such as healthcare, education, agriculture, and tourism.

The site claims to be a government organization with a vision to build a better world. However, with no verifiable information about the company behind it, Orismall has raised several red flags and is looking more and more like an elaborate scam.

In this honest review, we will analyze if Orismall is legit or a scam, looking at the following key aspects:


Overview of Orismall’s Offerings

At first glance, Orismall looks like a well-designed and professional website. It uses attractive images and clear navigation to showcase the variety of services and products it supposedly provides, grouped into categories like:

  • Healthcare – Medical insurance, online doctor consultations, ambulance services
  • Education – Scholarships, online courses, student exchange programs
  • Agriculture – Farming equipment, organic seeds and fertilizers, food processing technology
  • Tourism – Flight and hotel bookings, tour packages, travel insurance

In the “About Us” section, Orismall claims to be an organization established by the government to offer these services to build a better world. It states to have partnerships with reputed agencies like the UN, WHO, and African Union. Further, it claims to have a team of experts across industries managing various initiatives.

On the surface, Orismall seems like an innovative platform providing affordable access to various services. However, looking closer reveals many suspicious aspects about the site, its offerings, and claims.


Lack of Company Information

One of the first red flags about Orismall is the complete lack of verifiable information about the company behind it. Standard business websites usually provide details about their ownership, leadership team, location, mission, values, and more. However, Orismall does not share any of this basic information.

The website does not disclose who owns or runs Orismall. There are no names or details about its founders, directors, or executives. The site also does not mention any physical address or country of operation.

Further, there is no information about how many employees work for Orismall or their team structure. For a site claiming to offer such diverse services and managing complex government projects, the lack of team details raises suspicion.

The vague “About Us” page mentioning partnership with UN, WHO etc. also seems dubious. There’s no tangible proof of such partnerships in the form of logos, endorsements, press releases or collaboration reports.

Overall, the anonymous nature of Orismall and opacity about its operations makes its legitimacy highly questionable.

Website Trustworthiness Factors

Analyzing various website trust factors related to Orismall reveals several more red flags:

1. Domain History was registered less than a month ago on October 30, 2023. The domain history is only 17 days as of writing. The recent and short lifespan of this domain raises suspicion. Most scam sites have similarly short-lived domains spanning a few months at max.

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2. Low Traffic

Orismall does not seem to attract much organic traffic. Analytics sites estimate its monthly visits to be less than 500, indicating low popularity. For context, most legit e-commerce or service sites have thousands of monthly visitors.

3. No Reviews Online

There are no reviews for Orismall on any credible consumer review sites like TrustPilot or SiteJabber. Typically, sites offering a range of services accumulate at least some authentic customer feedback over time. The lack of reviews indicates Orismall likely does not have real paying customers.

4. No Social Media Presence

The site does not link to any social media profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. The only social media found is a Facebook page with very few followers. Lack of social media footprint makes the site’s credibility questionable.

5. Fake Contact Details

The email address listed on the site does not seem to be valid or monitored. The phone number is also suspicious, not linked to any identifiable business name or address.

6. Vague Terms & Policies

Orismall lacks basic policies like Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or Purchase & Refund Policy. This lack of legal terms and protections is uncommon and alarming for a site claiming to provide important services.

In totality, these multiple website trust signals strongly indicate Orismall is not a legitimate business.

Customer Complaints and Reviews

Apart from the trust factors, looking at direct customer experiences reveals major red flags about Orismall:

🚩 No Reviews on Trusted Sites – There are no reviews on TrustPilot and other credible review sites. Almost all popular services have at least some ratings on these sites.

🚩 Negative Facebook Comments – The few comments on Orismall’s Facebook page allege it is a scam and complain about no delivery after payment.

🚩 Accused of Fraud – Some comments directly allege Orismall is fraudulent and warn users not to trust it with payments or personal information.

🚩 Non-responsiveness – Orismall has not responded to any critical comments or feedback accusing it of being a scam. Authentic businesses are prompt in responding to customer issues.

The absolute lack of positive reviews on trusted sites combined with direct accusations of scam indicate poor customer satisfaction and experiences with Orismall.

Typical Scam Site Red Flags

Orismall exhibits several common red flags found on scam and fraudulent sites:

🚩 Too Good to Be True Deals – The site offers scholarships, tours, insurance, and various services at suspiciously cheap prices compared to legit providers.

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🚩 Grammatical Errors – Some content on Orismall contains typos, bad grammar and misspellings indicating possible foreign scammers.

🚩 No Payment Security – Orismall does not use secure payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal and requests direct wire transfer, making payments irreversible.

🚩 Pop-up Notifications – Aggressive pop-up ads are used asking for personal details, indicating spammy nature.

🚩 Scarcity Claims – Countdown timers are displayed claiming limited time offers, creating false urgency.

🚩 No Verifiable Details – Lack of company info, management team, customer feedback indicates intentional obscurity.

🚩 Newly Registered Domain – As highlighted earlier, its extremely recent registration is highly suspicious.

These scam red flags mean users should be extremely cautious about providing any information to Orismall.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Orismall

Given how likely Orismall appears to be a scam, its disadvantages and risks clearly outweigh any advantages:

Potential Advantages

  • Appealing website design and aesthetics
  • Claims to offer wide range of services in healthcare, education, agriculture etc.
  • Lower prices compared to alternative service providers

Disadvantages & Risks

  • Lack of any verifiable company information
  • No evidence of claimed partnerships with UN, WHO etc
  • Negative user experiences and direct scam accusations
  • Newly registered, low traffic domain
  • Lack of basic policies like Privacy, Refunds etc.
  • Fake contact details and lack of real customer service
  • Requests wire transfers instead of secure payments
  • Typical scam site red flags like countdown timers, pop-ups etc.

Considering these drawbacks, there is little to gain and too much to potentially lose from using Orismall’s purported services.

Verdict: Orismall is a Scam

Examining all the available information from various angles makes it evident that Orismall is most likely an elaborate scam and not a legitimate organization.

The various suspicious factors like lack of company details, no verified testimonials or partnerships, negative reviews accusing it of fraud, newly registered domain, atypical payment methods etc. indicate Orismall is intentionally obscuring its real owners and activities.

The site exhibits multiple common red flags found on scam sites. The supposed deals and offerings are too good to be true compared to genuine providers. Crucially, Orismall is not transparent about basic policies, customer service availability, or purchase protection that authentic websites prominently provide.

In summary:

🚩 Orismall makes dubious claims of being a government organization offering various services in partnership with agencies like WHO, UN etc. However, there is zero evidence to substantiate these claims.

🚩 It does not provide any verifiable information about the actual company, owners, leadership team, location etc.

🚩 The website was registered very recently and lacks any meaningful online presence, social media activity, or customer reviews.

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🚩 Users complain Orismall takes payments but does not deliver services promised. Direct scam warnings have been issued against the site.

🚩 It exhibits multiple red flags typical of scam sites, like aggressive pop-ups, fake scarcity and urgency tactics.

🚩 There are no legit payment options, privacy policies, refund terms or other consumer protections.

Considering these multiple factors, Orismall fits the pattern of an outright scam website that consumers should avoid at all costs.

Do not share any personal information or make payments to Orismall, as it is highly unlikely you will get any real services in return. Exercise extreme caution and skepticism before engaging with unfamiliar websites with no reputation or transparency about their business operations.

FAQs about Orismall:

Is Orismall legit or a scam?

Based on all the red flags and suspicious factors highlighted in this investigation, Orismall is most likely a scam and not a legitimate organization.

What does Orismall offer?

Orismall claims to offer various services like healthcare, education, tourism etc. at affordable costs but there is no evidence of it providing any real services to any customers.

Is it safe to share my information with Orismall?

No, given the high scam likelihood, users should not share any personal or payment information with Orismall.

Can I trust Orismall for making payments?

No, Orismall should not be trusted for any payments as users report no services received after transferring money to it. It does not use any secure payment methods either.

How does Orismall operate?

Orismall likely operates by collecting payments from users for the promised services but never delivering on those promises. Its real owners are anonymous while posing as a governmental organization.

How can I recognize similar scam sites?

Look for red flags like lack of company details, recently registered domain, no customer reviews, unusual payment methods, aggressive sales pop-ups, and other signs highlighted in this article.


Orismall may look like a legitimate and beneficial platform on the surface but a detailed investigation reveals it is most likely an elaborate scam. It is registered anonymously, lacks basic transparency and protections, and exhibits multiple red flags common to fraudulent sites.

Users should stay away from dealing with such obscure websites with no reputation or customer feedback. One must always research unfamiliar online providers thoroughly before sharing personal data or making purchases to avoid scams.

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