Is Extreme International Online System Legit or a Scam? Don’t Get Fooled

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Is Extreme International Online System Legit or a Scam Don't Get Fooled

Extreme International Online System (EIOS) is an online multi-level marketing (MLM) company that touts the ability to earn a substantial income from home.

As with any opportunity promising life-changing wealth, it’s important to scrutinize the claims and business model to determine if it’s legitimately profitable or just another pyramid scheme.

In this EIOS review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how the company operates, examine earnings reports from members, analyze the compensation plan, and consider whether the opportunity is legit or a scam.

By the end, you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of EIOS to decide if joining is worth your time and money or best avoided. Let’s get started!

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How EIOS Works

EIOS markets itself as providing an “online system” that allows members to earn income from anywhere in the world through their laptop or mobile device.

In reality, the core function members perform is recruiting others into the business opportunity through what the company calls an “internal referral program.”

Here’s a brief overview of the basic process:

  1. Members attend an online introductory webinar where EIOS promotes the income potential and introduces its products/services.
  2. Interested individuals pay an initial signup fee of PHP10,500 (~$200 USD) for a basic “account.”
  3. New recruits are onboarded through a series of training modules where they learn about the compensation plan and how to prospect for referrals.
  4. The primary activity is inviting others to free EIOS webinars through social media outreach and one-on-one connections.
  5. For each new recruit a member signs up, they receive a commission percentage based on the referral’s production and team’s overall volume.
  6. To maximize earnings, members are incentivized to continuously grow their “downline” network by encouraging new recruits to do the same.
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So in essence, EIOS operates like many other referral marketing programs. Success relies on an individual’s ability to leverage their social networks and recruit others into the MLM opportunity below them.

However, there are some important caveats and inconsistencies to consider regarding these claims which we’ll explore further.

EIOS Products – What Do They Sell?

On the surface, EIOS markets itself as providing various online business and investment training programs to help members achieve financial freedom.

However, a deeper look reveals the core products and business model revolve around recruitment rather than legitimate product sales.

For example, during webinars and presentations, there is minimal discussion about specific training offerings. The majority of time is spent promoting the income potential and how to invite others.

Additionally, when checking the EIOS website, there are no detailed course outlines, syllabi, or pricing listed for any programs. This is odd considering education products are portrayed as central to the business opportunity.

So what real products or services do they actually sell? Upon further research, it’s discovered EIOS has partnerships with other MLMs:

  • USANA – Sells health supplements and personal care items.
  • FRONTROW – A beauty, wellness, and cryptocurrency MLM.

However, these partnership enterprises are barely even mentioned by EIOS themselves. The priority remains recruitment and growing one’s downline network size.

This reveals the real business model is multi-level marketing through endless referrals rather than legitimate product sales – a tell-tale sign of a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme.

Evaluating EIOS Income Reports

EIOS heavily promotes income success stories through social media as proof of the opportunity’s profitability. However, upon closer examination, these reports fall short.

For starters, specific earnings figures are never substantiated with verifiable documentation like tax records. It’s always vague screenshots of supposed “cheque deposits” or bank account balances.

Secondly, when reaching out to some of these “top earners,” many can’t readily provide details to back up their claims or answer basic questions about the process. Some can’t be reached at all.

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It’s also important to note that in the MLM industry, the vast majority of members earn very little or lose money. So spotlighting only a select few outliers paints an unrealistic picture of typical outcomes.

Let’s look at some statistics:

  • As of 2020, only 0.0091% of Herbalife members earned over $100k annually according to a FTC report.
  • An AARP study found nearly 99% of participants in MLMs lose money when recruitment, purchases, and expenses are accounted for.
  • A analysis by Forbes concluded only about 1 out of every 56,000 MLM participants turn a profit each year.

So while a select few may achieve six and even seven-figure incomes, the facts demonstrate these success stories are extreme outliers rather than common results. The income opportunity is simply not achievable or sustainable for most.

Evaluating the EIOS Compensation Plan

No MLM business review would be complete without analyzing how members are actually compensated. So let’s break down the EIOS pay plan:

  • Members earn commissions through a unilevel compensation structure for personally recruited members and those in their downline network.
  • The sign up fee is 10,500 PHP (~$200) for a basic account. To earn higher commissions requires purchasing multiple additional accounts at a cost of 6,800 PHP each.
  • Qualifying for bonuses requires heavy personal investment, often tens of thousands of dollars in account purchases, to achieve high ranks.

This compensation model creates incentives to prioritize endless recruitment over legitimate product sales. Additionally:

  • Commissions are paid in PHP but the foreign exchange rates are variable and often unfavorable for international markets.
  • Advancement relies almost entirely on building downline volume rather than retail sales, making long term success an unrealistic prospect for most participants.
  • There is no cap on participation which allows unlimited saturation and competition within the network, stunting average individual earnings over time.

The pay structure clearly sets members up to chase unrealistic financial targets through relentless recruiting efforts to cover costs rather than developing sustainable income streams. This system fuels recruitment-focused pyramid tactics.

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Are Partnership Products Legit or Another Red Flag?

As mentioned, EIOS claims partnerships with MLMs USANA and FRONTROW to sell their products. But are these alliances truly legitimate sources of profit?

Upon investigation, both companies have faced regulatory issues indicating recruitment-driven compensation models over legitimate product sales:

In 2020, the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission deemed USANA a “pyramid promotional scheme” and imposed strict regulations on recruitment practices.

FRONTROW has been accused of operating an illegal lottery scheme through cryptocurrency in Malaysia and banned from promoting there since 2018.

The FTC and other international regulators consistently receive complaints about deceptive income claims and recruitment-reliant pay plans from both enterprises.

Rather than mitigating concerns, these partnerships only serve to associate EIOS with other controversial MLM programs under regulatory scrutiny. Ultimately, the products do nothing to validate EIOS’ own business model and earnings promises.

Final Verdict – Is Extreme International Online System Legit or Scam

After an exhaustive review of EIOS’ operations, products, income reports, and compensation structure as well as consideration of the red flags presented:

There is simply too much evidence this multi-level marketing scheme prioritizes endless recruitment over real product sales to be considered a legitimate business opportunity or a viable source of sustainable income for most participants.

The overwhelming reliance on recruiting others through unsubstantiated promises of wealth, unrealistic earnings examples, the multi-level compensation model, saturation concerns, unregulated partnerships, and regulatory issues all point to EIOS functioning as an illegal pyramid scheme.

While a tiny fraction may achieve success, statistics prove these results are extreme outliers rather than the norm. For most, heavy losses are a near certainty. Promoting such an opportunity would be unethical.

Therefore, based on the facts, it is the assessment of this reviewer that Extreme International Online System should be considered a scam and prospective members would be well advised to avoid this opportunity and instead put their time and money toward more stable income sources.

Let this review serve as a cautionary warning and help others steer clear of questionable multi-level marketing traps pretending to offer get-rich-quick fortune. With diligence and skepticism, consumers can protect themselves from these recruitment-driven pyramid schemes.

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