Is Aritzia Archive Sale Legit or a Scam?

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Is the Aritzia Archive Sale Legit or a Scam? The bi-annual Aritzia Archive sale is a highly anticipated event for fashion lovers. With discounts up to 50% off on popular Aritzia brands like Wilfred, Babaton and Tna, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement.

But in the world of online shopping, it’s important to vet sales and make sure they are legitimate. In this in-depth investigation, we’ll look at the evidence to determine if the Aritzia Archive sale is legit or too good to be true.

What is the Aritzia Archive Sale?

The Aritzia Archive sale occurs twice a year, once in May and once in November. It offers deep discounts on select items from previous Aritzia collections. The discounted merchandise includes clothes, shoes, accessories and more.
Some key things to know about the Archive sale:

  • It typically runs for 2-3 weeks, both in-store and online.
  • The discounts vary by item but average 40-50% off original prices.
  • Quantities and sizes are limited as it clears out old stock.
  • Not all Aritzia brands or products are included. The selection varies.
  • Both current and past season items are discounted.

The Archive sale generates a lot of enthusiasm among shoppers because the deals are significant on brands that rarely go on sale. It’s highly promoted by Aritzia and influencers online, further raising awareness and drawing crowds.

Is the Aritzia Archive Sale Legit or a scam?

With the hype around the Aritzia Archive sale, an obvious question is whether the deals are real or too good to be true. Let’s analyze the evidence:

Company Reputation

First, Aritziae is a legitimate retail company based out of Vancouver. It was founded in 1984 and has grown to over 95 store locations across North America. The company has a strong reputation and brand image known for stylish, higher-end clothing. There are no indications of shady business practices or scam operations.

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Aritzia Confirms the Sale

The Archive sale is advertised and confirmed directly by Aritzia through their website, email listings, social media channels and in-store displays. This isn’t a random website or seller claiming a fake affiliation. As the original company, Aritzia verifies the authenticity of the event.

Sales History

Aritzia has run the Archive sale for many years, twice annually, so it has an established history. If this was a scam, it’s unlikely it would have gone on successfully for so long. The consistency over years demonstrates it is a legitimate, repeating event on their retail calendar.

Item Quality

Products purchased during the Archive sale are the same quality as regular Aritzia merchandise. They are not knock-offs, lower-grade items or anything fraudulent. Shoppers receive authentic products, just from prior seasons at discounted prices.

Influencer Endorsements

Popular fashion influencers actively promote the Archive sale to their followers, posting photos shopping the event. These social media stars vet brands and would warn their audiences if something seemed suspicious. Their engagement indicates the sale passes scrutiny.

Is the Aritzia Archive Sale Legit or a Scam? Customer Reviews

There are no negative reviews or scam warnings about the Archive sale from past Aritzia customers. In fact, shoppers rave about the amazing deals scored and report total satisfaction with their purchases. This confirms customers are receiving real savings on legitimate products.

The unique Aspects of the Aritzia Archive Sale is the delivery times – Online orders can take 2-3 weeks for delivery due to high sales volume. You should factor this handling time into purchase decisions.

While these nuances make the Archive sale operate differently than regular retail, they do not indicate a scam. The sale presents real savings on authentic products. But as a savvy shopper, it helps to understand the unique policies.

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Tips for Shopping the Archive Sale

If you’ve decided the Aritzia Archive sale offers legitimate deals, here are some tips to shop it successfully:

Sign up early for email alerts – this gets you exclusive early access online to shop the newest additions to the sale before the general public.

Browse online first to scout out items of interest, sizes and prices. Make an initial wish list.

Check in-store stock on opening days for the best selection and only-in-store discounts. Be ready to move fast on coveted pieces.

Know policies like final sale and delivery times to make informed purchase decisions.

Follow social media for sneak peeks at upcoming sale items from influencer early access events.

Compare prices on big-ticket items to make sure the discount is significant and worth the final sale policy.

Size up if between sizes, since you cannot exchange. Review size charts carefully for each brand.

Set a budget and stick to it so the thrill of the sale doesn’t lead to overspending.

Approaching the Aritzia Archive event prepared and informed is the best way to maximize savings and satisfaction.

Verdict : The Aritzia Archive Sale is 100% Legit

After thorough analysis of the history, reputation, policies, and customer feedback, I can confidently conclude the Aritzia Archive sale is completely legitimate. While you need to understand the unique rules of the sale, the discounts on offer are real and represent true savings off original prices.

The sale provides an authentic and sanctioned way for shoppers to access previous season Aritzia styles at clearance prices.

Just be aware the most coveted sizes, styles and deals sell out extremely quickly. If interested, sign up, do research and shop early online or in-store. With proper expectations, the Aritzia Archive sale offers an amazing opportunity for fashion lovers to score designer items at outlet-level pricing. Happy discount luxury shopping!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some lingering questions about the legitimacyr of the Aritzia Archive sale event? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: How can the discounts be so deep but still legit?
The discounts are able to be so steep because Aritzia is clearing old inventory. It’s overstock merchandise they are motivated to sell at any price, so they offer deep savings.

Q: Are the items lower quality or somehow flawed?
No, Archive sale merchandise is the same Aritzia quality you’d pay full price for. The only difference is it’s from prior seasons, so the styles are older.

Q: Is it risky to shop an in-store only sale?
The in-store element makes it less risky because you can inspect merchandise quality and try on sizing. Shopping at a real Aritzia store location guarantees legitimacy.

Q: Could I get a fake product if I order online?
It’s highly unlikely since the sale is offered through Aritzia’s real website. All online orders come straight from their warehouses like normal.

Q: Why are returns not allowed if it’s real Aritzia product?
The no returns policy helps protect Aritzia from losing money. They offer deep discounts in exchange for customers assuming some sizing risk.

Q: Is it possible to find Archives items cheaper secondhand?
Potentially yes, but sizes, styles and availability will be limited. The Archive sale ensures wide selection at the best possible discounted price direct through Aritzia.


After analyzing all evidence – company history, policies, customer reviews, influencer engagement and more – all signs conclusively point to the Aritzia Archive sale being 100% legitimate. Savvy shoppers can feel confident scoring real savings up to 50% off on past season designer items. Just be prepared to shop early and act decisively on favorites before they sell out!

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