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Is Tixel Legit or just another scam? Let’s find out. Tixel is an online ticket marketplace that allows users to buy and sell live event tickets directly to other users.

The platform has grown rapidly since launching in 2018, but some have questioned whether Tixel is a safe and legitimate way to purchase tickets.

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Tixel works, its safety features, and reviews from users to determine if it’s a platform you can trust.

Is Tixel Legit or Scam? Overview of Tixel

Tixel brands itself as a safe and simple way to resell live event tickets at fair market prices. It was founded in 2018 by CEO John Bartlett and Chief Technology Officer Darwin Fajer. The company is based in Denver, Colorado and has raised $6.5 million in funding to date.

But is Tixel legit? Here’s a quick rundown of how Tixel works:

Sellers list tickets – Individual ticket holders can list their tickets for upcoming events on Tixel. Sellers set the resale price, which is typically similar to or below current market rates on other secondary platforms.

Buyers browse and purchase – Buyers can search for tickets on Tixel by event, date, section, row, etc. All listed tickets show the original face value price for comparison. Buyers purchase tickets directly from sellers using a credit card or Apple Pay.

Secure transfer – Once a purchase is made, the seller transfers the ticket to the buyer securely via email or text. Tixel says it works with ticket issuers to ensure tickets can be securely transferred between accounts.

Customer support – Tixel provides customer support over email and telephone to help resolve any issues that come up between buyers and sellers. The company also offers a 100% buyer guarantee in case of ticket invalidity or other problems.

The service is free to use for buyers. Sellers pay a 15% transaction fee when they complete a ticket sale.

Is Tixel Legit and Safe to Use?

Whenever you buy tickets from an individual or reseller, there is some risk involved. Is Tixel doing enough to ensure ticket validity and safe transactions? Here are the key safety features Tixel uses:

ID verification – Tixel requires all sellers to provide a photo ID, phone number, and email address to have their account verified before listing tickets. This ensures that bad actors can’t anonymously scam buyers on the platform.

Screened ticket inventory – Listings are screened by Tixel to check that ticket barcodes are valid and match the event before going live. This prevents fake or duplicated tickets from being sold to buyers.

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Escrow service – Buyer payments are held by Tixel until confirmation that the ticket has been delivered. This acts as an escrow service so buyers don’t have to pay out before receiving valid tickets.

Guarantee – Tixel offers a 100% buyer guarantee against invalid tickets, non-delivery, or other issues. If a problem arises, Tixel will work to find replacement tickets or issue a full refund. This provides buyer protection and incentive for sellers to list only valid inventory.

Secure ticket transfer – Tickets are transferred directly from the ticket issuer to the buyer’s account. Tixel uses ticket fast transfer links whenever possible to provide the most secure hand-off that tickets can’t be resold multiple times.

Customer support – Tixel has a customer support team available by phone and email to quickly handle any transaction issues between buyers and sellers on the marketplace.

Overall, Tixel appears to use standard precautions and security measures to protect buyers against fraud and invalid tickets. While no secondary reseller can provide an ironclad guarantee against scams and errors, Tixel’s policies indicate it is taking buyer protection seriously.

Is Tixel Legit or Scam? Reviews and Complaints

Is Tixel Legit? To further evaluate Tixel’s legitimacy and safety, it’s helpful to look at experiences and reviews from individuals who have sold tickets on the platform. What do sellers have to say about the process, fees, and payouts from Tixel?

Generally, reviews from Tixel sellers are quite positive. Here are some of the most common pros mentioned by users:

  • Fast sales – The majority of sellers report being able to sell their tickets quickly, often within just days or hours of listing. Many note high demand for tickets on Tixel relative to other resale sites.
  • Fair resale value – Sellers mention appreciation for Tixel’s fair market pricing model, which aims to help both buyers and sellers get reasonable value. Ticket prices are visible on listings.
  • Smooth transactions – Most users describe the selling process as quick and smooth. Some note good experiences working with Tixel’s customer support to handle any questions or issues.
  • Fast payouts – Tixel issues seller payouts typically within 5 days via PayPal, direct deposit, or paper check. Many sellers comment on Tixel’s reliable and rapid payout timing.

The most common complaints include:

  • 15% seller fee – Tixel’s 15% transaction fee is deducted from seller proceeds. Some sellers prefer sites with smaller fees like StubHub (10%).
  • Lack of sales data – Sellers don’t have access to sales data or settings to adjust prices based on market demand like other platforms offer.
  • Smaller buyer pool – As a newer platform, Tixel may have fewer buyers than leading resale sites, which can limit sales.
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However, the vast majority of Tixel seller reviews are positive. Common feedback is that transactions are handled professionally, payouts are prompt, and the 15% fee is reasonable for the service provided.

Tixel Buyer Reviews and Testimonials (Is Tixel Legit)

Evaluating recent feedback from individuals who have purchased tickets on Tixel also provides useful insight into the customer experience. Here is an overview of common pros and cons mentioned by Tixel buyers:


  • Great prices compared to other resale sites
  • Quick and easy buying process
  • Large selection of tickets across different events
  • Smooth ticket delivery and transfer
  • Good customer service resolving any issues


  • Smaller inventory than StubHub or VividSeats
  • Some fraudulent tickets get through screening
  • Customer support can be slow to respond
  • Last minute tickets often over face value

Overall, the majority of buyer reviews on sites like TrustPilot and Google are positive, with Tixel earning over 4 out of 5 stars. Buyers generally praise the prices and smooth ordering process. Negative feedback is limited but notes occasional issues with fraudulent tickets or slow customer support – which are not uncommon drawbacks for most ticket resale platforms.

Many buyers express satisfaction with prices 10-15% below competitive sites for the same tickets. Reviews indicate most users feel secure purchasing from Tixel and would recommend it or use it again for future events.

Common Use Cases for Tixel

Is Tixel Legit? Based on buyer and seller experiences, here are some of the most common use cases where Tixel offers a valuable option for ticket resale or purchasing:

Reselling extra tickets – Ticket holders who can no longer attend an event they purchased tickets for. Tixel provides an easy way to quickly resell extra tickets at fair prices.

Reselling season tickets – Season ticket holders for sports or theater who can’t make specific games/shows. Tixel allows easily listing just certain dates rather than entire seasons.

Finding sold out events – Buyers looking for tickets to concerts, games, festivals etc. that are sold out directly. Tixel provides affordable access to high demand events.

Avoiding predatory sites – Buyers and sellers wanting fair prices and lower fees compared to large resale sites known for predatory “market based” pricing.

Last minute purchases – Procrastinators who need tickets close to event dates can often find good deals from sellers discounting extra tickets.

Splitting group orders – Groups who purchased bundles can split up extra tickets easily by reselling extras individually on Tixel.

Tixel appears most valuable for common scenarios where buyers want sold out tickets, sellers have extras, or both groups want fairer pricing compared to major resale platforms. For unique events or last minute purchases, fewer listing options is a limitation.

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Is Tixel Right for You? Key Considerations

Based on this analysis, here are some key factors to consider when deciding if Tixel is the right ticket platform for your needs:


  • Do you see the specific tickets you need listed at good prices? Inventory may be smaller than other sites.
  • Will you remember to purchase well in advance? Last minute options are more limited.
  • Does the buyer guarantee provide sufficient protection for your needs?
  • Does the smooth ordering and delivery process appeal to you?


  • Are you comfortable with the 15% transaction fee taken from proceeds?
  • Do you have in-demand tickets you anticipate selling quickly? Obscure events may move slowly.
  • Do you value fast payouts? Tixel issues payments within 5 days typically.
  • Does the lack of sales data and price adjustment options concern you?
  • Is Tixel’s seller ID verification acceptable to you?

For buyers and sellers that value fair pricing, smooth transactions, good customer service and buyer protection, Tixel represents a legitimate player in the ticket resale market that may suit your needs well. Limitations exist like any secondary platform, but reviews and experiences largely indicate it operates safely and as advertised. As Tixel continues growing, inventory, buyer demand, and brand recognition are likely to expand over time.

Our Verdict: Is Tixel Legit or Scam?

In conclusion, Tixel exhibits the signs of a legitimate and reasonably safe ticket marketplace according to this analysis of its processes, protections, and actual user reviews. There is no such thing as a totally risk-free ticket exchange, but Tixel employs standard measures used by leading resale platforms to facilitate secure transactions.

For buyers, sticking to verified sellers and well-priced listings is advised over deals that appear too good to be true. For sellers, understanding the potential trade-offs between Tixel and competitors is important to pick the sales channel that best fits your needs.

While Tixel has room to grow, current indications point to it operating as a valid player in the ticket resale ecosystem that generally delivers positive experiences on both sides of transactions.

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