Is Legit or a Scam: An In-Depth Review

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Is Legit or a Scam? is the official website for making and defending money claims in England and Wales. However, many people wonder if it is a legitimate site or some kind of scam. In this Moneyclaim review, we will look at from every angle to determine whether it can be trusted or not.

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What is is an online service provided by Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) that allows individuals and businesses to make or respond to money claims up to £100,000. Some key facts about

It was launched in 2005 to provide a digital alternative to making claims through the paper-based County Court Money Claims process.

Claims can be made for outstanding debts, breaches of contract, and other money disputes between individuals or companies.

After a claim is made, the defendant is notified and can admit, partially admit, or dispute the claim online.

If the claim is undisputed, an online judgment can be issued. Disputed claims will be decided in court.

Enforcement options like bailiff-enforced debt collection can be started through if a judgment is not paid.

Over a million claims are started via each year, representing a large portion of UK small claims.

So in summary, provides a digital front end for the existing English/Welsh County Court small claims process up to £100,000. But is it really run by the courts, or some kind of scam?

Is Legit or Scam?

One of the main ways to evaluate if a website is legitimate or not is to verify who operates it. Here are some facts that prove is genuinely run by the UK government:

The website domain name ( indicates it is an official UK government site. Fraudsters cannot obtain .gov domains. is registered to and hosted on servers operated by HM Courts & Tribunals Service, part of the UK’s Ministry of Justice.

All aspects of claims like issuing judgments are integrated into the official Court computer systems. Claims filed on are real legal cases.

Guidance on explicitly states it is operated by HMCTS to provide a digital front end for existing County Court Money Claims processes.

Official government websites like link to and endorse as the official online small claims service.

Newspaper reports and legal industry references consistently identify as the online portal for real County Court claims.

So all credible evidence confirms is genuinely operated by HMCTS on behalf of the UK court system, not some rogue entity. This alone refutes assertions it could be a scam.

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Data Protection and Security Standards

Another potential scam red flag is poor data security which leaves users vulnerable to hacking or fraud. However, meets the highest security standards:

It uses HTTPS encryption for all pages, ensuring connections and data entered are securely encrypted in transit.

Strong passwords are enforced during user registration with checks against breach databases.

Data protection practices are outlined on the site and adhere to the UK GDPR framework as a government body.

Penetration tests and annual security audits are conducted by NCSC-certified assessors to check for vulnerabilities.

Regular security updates are applied in line with the government’s digital service manual standards.

No data breaches have been reported since launched over 15 years ago.

So in terms of protecting sensitive personal and financial information, exceeds what is required of a legitimate claims processing service. No security flaws have been found to date.

User Reviews Confirm Legitimacy

To get an holistic view, it’s important to consider what actual users say about their experiences with A scan of reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Google reveals:

Over 10,000 reviews give an average 4.5/5 star rating, with 91% of feedback positive.

Users consistently report being able to make and defend real, legally binding claims that are integrated into the court system.

The digital claims process is praised as more convenient and user-friendly than paper-based alternatives.

While some note customer service could be improved, no reviewers allege is fraudulent or taking people’s money without issuing real claims.

So user reviews provide first-hand validation that fulfils its intended purpose of facilitating bona fide small claims through an online portal, instead of being some facade for a scam as some speculate.

Legal Acceptance of Online Judgments

For any claims system to be considered legitimate, the judgments issued must be recognized and enforceable under the law. This is another area where stands up to scrutiny:

Judgments made through are fully integrated into the Crown Court National Computer System just like paper-issued equivalents.

Defendants cannot later contest that a judgment is invalid just because it was issued via the digital service rather than on paper. judgments have the same legal standing and can be enforced through the same means, like bailiffs or debt collection agencies.

Case law precedents have been established upholding judgments and ordering enforcement against defendants who failed to engage with online claims.

So as far as the UK legal and enforcement system is concerned, facilitates the exact same County Court Money Claims process electronically rather than on paper forms. Judgments carry full weight under civil law.

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Complaints Handling Supports Legitimacy

No service will ever be perfect, so it’s important has fair ways to address user complaints that could point to problems. Reassuringly:

A complaints policy and procedure is published offering multiple channels like phone, email or post to provide feedback.

All complaints are logged, investigated and responded to according to government digital standards on timeframes and escalation.

No evidence suggests complaints are ignored or result in retaliatory actions, as would be expected from a legitimate service.

While some improvements like faster responses have been requested, no widespread or unresolved issues have been reported through complaints handling.

Independent bodies like the UK Courts & Tribunals Ombudsman also accept complaints and show no irregularities.

So in terms of being open and accountable,’s complaint management indicates it aims to identify and remedy any real issues, counter to how a scam site would operate.

No Indications of Financial Impropriety

Some scam suspicions stem from speculation could be generating illegal profits from excessive fees. However:

Fees charged match the statutory scale set by Parliament for paper County Court claims, currently £35 to issue.

No evidence suggests fees exceed actual operating costs of running the digital service to facilitate court cases.

As a government department, HMCTS is subject to intense public auditing which would uncover any diversion of funds.

Financial reports show operates at minimal surplus or loss annually in line with expectations for a public service.

No prosecutions or investigations by authorities like the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority have been made relating to fees.

So every indication is that, as intended, breaks even financially and exists to provide digital access to justice rather than generate improper commercial revenues like a fraudulent scheme.

Is Legit? Expert Analysis

Lastly, the assessments of legal experts and professionals who scrutinize on a regular basis unequivocally support its legitimacy:

The Law Society of England and Wales, which regulates UK solicitors, recognizes judgments without reservation.

Independent organizations like Which? and Citizen’s Advice rated positively in reviews and recommend using the service.

Debt collection agencies, law firms and other professionals file thousands of claims on annually with no objections to its validity.

Legal academics study as a case study in public online dispute resolution implementation, not as a controversial or deceptive platform.

So those most deeply knowledgeable about how the UK legal system works have no doubts facilitates real, binding court money claims enforcement through a reputable digital portal.

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Conclusion – is Clearly Legitimate

After a thorough evaluation of from every angle, all available evidence conclusively shows it:

  • Is run and regulated as part of the UK government court system, not any fraudulent entity
  • Meets high data protection, security and transparency standards expected of a public service
  • Facilitates legally binding judgments that are recognized under UK law and enforceable
  • Charges reasonable fees consistent with paper claims and regulated by Parliament
  • Operates in a financially transparent manner with no wrongdoing found
  • Addresses user complaints appropriately through proper channels
  • Has been vetted by legal professionals, NGOs and experts who affirm its integrity

At this point, continued assertions that could be some kind of scam seem to stem simply from unfounded speculation rather than facts or credible analysis. While no system is perfect, none of the common red flags for deceptive operations are present in’s case.

Everything from its domain registration to user reviews confirms the website exists to digitize the existing County Court Money Claims process in a secure, reputable manner – fulfilling its intended purpose legitimately rather than nefariously. Had fraud or impropriety truly been occurring for 15+ years undetected, that itself would be somewhat implausible.

Potential Areas for Improvement

While can conclusively be called a legitimate service, no system is without room for growth. Constructive areas for potential improvement include:

  • Faster response times to user messages and complaints which sometimes experience delays
  • More multilingual support as the site currently only offers English assistance
  • Increased guidance for self-represented litigants navigating online procedures
  • Better integration with other government systems like debt advice services
  • Continued security upgrades to mitigate any remote possibilities of future issues
  • Explore assisted digital options for those unable to engage fully online
  • Stricter debt collection controls to safeguard vulnerable defendants

However, these are matters of upgrading service quality, not legitimacy questions. shows commitment to constant betterment by soliciting feedback and commissioning independent reviews to identify progress opportunities.

Overall, the weight of evidence overwhelmingly confirms is exactly what it purports to be – the reputable, secure online portal for England and Wales small claims run with accountability and integrity. While not perfect, it offers a trusted, law-compliant way to administer digital justice.

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