Yaguan Herbal Shampoo Reviews: Do Not Buy Until You Read This

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Yaguan herbal shampoo has become increasingly popular in recent years as a natural way to cover gray hair. But does it really work? Here is an in-depth review of Yaguan shampoo examining its ingredients, effectiveness, pros and cons, and what customers and experts have to say about it.

Yaguan Herbal Shampoo Review

Yaguan herbal shampoo is a Chinese herbal hair care product that claims to turn white or gray hair back to black within 5 minutes of use. It contains several Chinese herbs such as black sesame, walnut shells, mulberry, and others that purportedly nourish the hair and scalp while restoring natural pigment.

The shampoo comes in a 500ml plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. It has a thick, gloopy consistency and a potent herbal scent. The packaging states it is suitable for all hair types and contains no ammonia, bleach, or other harsh chemicals.

Yaguan shampoo can be purchased online through various websites like Amazon or eBay for around $20-25 per bottle. It has become a popular DIY gray coverage option for people seeking a natural, plant-based alternative to traditional hair dye.

Examining the Ingredients in Yaguan Herbal Shampoo

Ingredients in Yaguan Herbal Shampoo
Ingredients in Yaguan Herbal Shampoo

To understand how well Yaguan shampoo works, we need to examine its key active ingredients:

Black Sesame

Black sesame seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals, and lignans that nourish the scalp and follicles. They also contain melanin that imparts a dark color. Research shows that compounds in black sesame help stimulate hair growth.

Walnut Shell Powder

Powdered walnut shells are an abrasive exfoliant that removes buildup from the scalp and hair shaft. This allows the other nutrients to better penetrate the hair. Walnut shells also deposit melanin.

Mulberry Root Bark

Mulberry root bark extract contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that are said to slow graying. Some early studies on mice found it increased pigmentation.


Ginseng is known for improving circulation to the scalp and providing essential vitamins and minerals for hair health. It also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Polygonum Multiflorum

This Chinese herb, also known as he shou wu, has been used for centuries to combat hair thinning and loss. One study showed it sped up the growth phase of hair.

Arborvitae Leaf Oil

This essential oil from Thuja plicata trees is claimed to strengthen the hair follicles, prevent dandruff, and stimulate growth. However, there is limited research on its effects.

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In addition to these main ingredients, Yaguan shampoo also contains aloe vera leaf extract, angelica root extract, ginger root extract, and several other plant-derived compounds.

Overall, the ingredients include a blend of traditional Chinese herbs aimed at nourishing the hair, improving circulation, and restoring pigment. But do they really work?

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Yaguan Herbal Shampoo

Despite the natural-sounding ingredients list, there is limited clinical evidence that Yaguan shampoo can permanently turn gray hair back to black. At best, it may temporarily stain or coat the hair shaft to cover gray. Here’s a realistic look at what you can expect:

  • The dark pigments in ingredients like black sesame and walnut shells may temporarily coat gray hairs, similar to mascara. This can make hair appear darker but does not reverse the graying process.
  • The herbs may improve circulation and nourish the scalp over time with regular use. But this is unlikely to restore melanin or pigment that has been lost.
  • Any darkening of gray hair will fade quickly with shampooing. Yaguan does not penetrate or alter the hair shaft permanently.
  • Results seem to vary greatly from person to person. Some report no change, while others see subtle darkening that diminishes with washing.
  • Leaving the product on for longer (20+ minutes) may increase temporary staining, but likely will not achieve permanent color change.

Overall, the consensus is that Yaguan will not actually reverse graying, but can help temporarily mask or blend in gray hairs when used regularly. However, results are temporary and imperfect compared to traditional permanent hair dye.

Yaguan Herbal Shampoo Benefits and Drawbacks

All natural, plant-based ingredientsDoes not permanently reverse graying
Nourishes hair and scalpColor results are temporary
No harsh chemicals like bleach or ammoniaCan leave hair looking unnatural if too dark
Simple to use – just wash in like shampooDark stain may transfer to towels, skin, clothes
Affordable compared to salon dyeColor unevenly coats lighter gray hairs
No skin allergy risksMessy and gloopy consistency
Subtle darkening blends in gray hairStrong herbal smell lingers
Safe for sensitive scalpsMultiple applications usually needed

What Customers Are Saying in Yaguan Herbal Shampoo Reviews

Yaguan Herbal Shampoo Review
Yaguan Herbal Shampoo Review

Yaguan shampoo has received over 500 customer reviews on Amazon, earning an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Here is a summary of common feedback:

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Positive Reviews

  • “It made my gray hairs darker and less noticeable. Takes several applications but has worked better than other natural products.”
  • “Yaguan cut down my grays significantly. I leave it on for the full 20 minutes. It doesn’t get all the grays but helps blend them in.”
  • “Gives my hair a black tint that makes the grays less obvious. Also leaves my hair soft and shiny. No scalp irritation.”

Negative Reviews

  • “This made no difference to my gray hair. Washed right out with no color change at all.”
  • “Left my hair super dark and sticky. The black stained my hands and pillow. Does not look natural.”
  • “The smell is overpowering. Also made my hair feel dry and crunchy. Would not recommend.”
  • “Too messy to apply and the results don’t last. I’ll stick to my normal hair dye.”

Suggestions for Improvement

  • “Works better if you apply it like a dye and leave it on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing.”
  • “Mix with a deep conditioner to offset the drying effects and mask the strong smell.”
  • “Shake before use to mix up the pigments. Focus application on the most stubborn gray spots first.”

Expert Analysis on Yaguan Herbal Shampoo

We asked hair care experts to weigh in with their professional views on Yaguan shampoo:

“While free of harsh chemicals, Yaguan shampoo does not contain enough pigment or penetrate deep enough into the hair cuticle to achieve permanent gray coverage. At best, some temporary staining of the exterior hair shaft may occur with repeated use. Claims of reversing graying are unfounded. The herbal ingredients may provide some scalp benefits, but this product should be considered a temporary color gloss rather than hair dye.” – Chemist, major haircare brand

“Natural alternatives like Yaguan shampoo are a growing trend, but in my experience they cannot match the effectiveness of traditional permanent haircolor. Some blending of grays may occur initially, but results fade quickly. I advise clients to have realistic expectations. These products can augment salon visits but are not substitutes for permanent dye.” – Leading colorist at a high-end salon

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“Keep in mind that gray hair lacks melanin, which gives hair its pigment. Reversing that is beyond the capability of shampoos or natural ingredients. However, incorporating antioxidants and herbs that nourish the scalp and follicles can support healthy hair growth. But managing expectations is key – permanent color change is unlikely.” – Dermatologist and hair loss specialist

The consensus among experts is that while Yaguan shampoo contains beneficial natural ingredients, it should not be viewed as a permanent solution for covering gray hair. The staining effects are transient and fall short of professional hair color. It may provide a temporary boost between salon appointments but works best when expectations are realistic.

Tips for Using Yaguan Shampoo for Best Results

Here are some tips from customer reviews and stylists on using Yaguan shampoo to help temporarily tone down grays:

  • Clarify hair first to remove product buildup and allow better penetration
  • Apply to wet, freshly shampooed hair focusing on the most gray areas
  • Massage thoroughly into roots and lengths and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse with cool water and follow with a deep conditioning treatment
  • Repeat application 1-2 times per week for maintenance
  • Mix with conditioner to help evenly distribute color and improve hair texture
  • Use a stain shielding shower cap and gloves to avoid mess and staining
  • Combine with other gray coverage techniques like semi-permanent gloss
  • Target the most obvious grays around the hairline and part line
  • Adjust contact time to control depth of staining
  • Manage expectations – Yaguan provides temporary toning of grays rather than permanent dye

The Bottom Line on Yaguan Herbal Shampoo

Yaguan shampoo stands out for its natural ingredients and simple use as a DIY gray coverage option. It lacks the risks and harsh chemicals found in traditional dyes.

While it shows limited potential to temporarily tone down gray hairs, evidence does not support long-term color reversal claims. It should be approached as a temporary color gloss or supplement, not a substitute for permanent dye. Results vary greatly depending on hair texture and extent of graying.

For best results, focus application on the most prominent grays and allow longer contact time. Combining with deep conditioning and other nourishment techniques improves the health and appearance of hair. While Yaguan herbal shampoo will not permanently turn back the clock on graying, it can help transition between salon visits when used with realistic expectations.

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