Is Gentis Recruitment Scam or Legit? A Honest Review

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Gentis Recruitment is an employment agency and staffing company based in Chennai, India that provides staffing and recruiting services to clients worldwide.

While the company claims to help job seekers find work and assist businesses with hiring, there is some controversy and debate around whether Gentis operates legitimately or is involved in illegal activities.

In this in-depth article, we will take a close look at Gentis Recruitment scam to determine if the company is a scam or operating legitimately. We’ll examine Gentis’s business practices, online presence, reviews and feedback, as well as legal and regulatory actions taken against the company.

By the end, readers should have a clear understanding of whether Gentis can be trusted or if job seekers and businesses should steer clear.

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Gentis Recruitment Scam Business Overview

Founded in 2009, Gentis Recruitment markets itself as a global staffing agency that helps connect job seekers with employment opportunities and assists companies in finding qualified candidates. Some key details about Gentis’s business operations include:

Headquarters: Gentis is headquartered in Chennai, India with additional offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Services: Gentis provides recruiting and staffing services for IT, banking/finance, healthcare and engineering positions. This includes sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, background checks, making job placements and handling onboarding paperwork.

Clients: Gentis works with large multinational companies and claims a client roster that includes names like Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture and Wipro. However, there is little publicly available information to independently verify these client relationships.

Candidates: Gentis recruits job seekers from India, the Philippines, the US and other countries to fill both onsite and remote positions at client companies. Candidates are promised training, visa assistance, guaranteed placements and attractive compensation packages.

Website: Gentis has a professional-looking website at that provides information on the company, the services offered, hiring processes and highlights success stories. The site also features testimonials and profile pages for founding team members.

Social Media: Gentis maintains profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook to engage with candidates and promote job opportunities. However, some of the activity and engagement on these pages appears artificial or inflated.

So in summary, Gentis presents itself as a legitimate global staffing agency connecting job seekers to employers. However, as we’ll explore further, there are also many red flags and concerning practices that point to a possible fraudulent recruitment scheme.

Controversy and Allegations of Fraud

While Gentis markets its business as above-board staffing services, there have been numerous complaints and allegations that the company engages in fraudulent recruiting practices that harm job seekers. Some of the main controversy includes:

Fake Job Postings

Many job postings on the Gentis website and social pages have been found to be fake, promoting nonexistent opportunities. Candidates report applying and going through lengthy interview and evaluation processes for positions that do not truly exist.

Phishing for Personal Information

There are accusations that Gentis extraction of personal details like passport scans, bank account information, and educational credentials is just a method of collecting IDs rather than a legitimate part of the hiring process.

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Advance Fee Fraud

Candidates report being asked to pay undisclosed “training fees”, “registration fees” or “processing costs” upfront in order to secure nonexistent jobs or training programs. These fees can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

False Promises of Onsite Placements

While Gentis promotes job opportunities in countries like the US, UK and Australia, there is little evidence it has the ability connect candidates to legitimate onsite placements. Most roles advertised do not actually exist or require fees for fraudulent services.

Identity Theft and Financial Scams

With the collection of sensitive personal and financial information, there are concerns Gentis may use data for criminal purposes like identity theft, taking bank loans/credit in candidates’ names or running work-from-home scams.

Aggressive Marketing Tactics

Job seekers complain of high-pressure recruitment tactics used by Gentis agents to convince applicants to share information and pay undisclosed fees. Stories of deception, lies and manipulation are common.

The consistent themes across hundreds of online complaints point to Gentis operating more like an illegal job scam rather than a bona fide staffing agency. While the business claims are hard to conclusively prove or disprove, the preponderance of evidence suggests fraudulent behavior.

YearGentis Controversy Events
2009Company founded in Chennai, India under unclear circumstances. Little is known about early operations.
2014First online complaints of fake job postings and collection of personal data emerge.
2016Dozens of candidates report being asked to pay thousands in “training fees” for nonexistent positions.
2017Over 100 fraud reports filed with the Maharashtra Police Cyber Cell in Mumbai accusing Gentis of ID theft and job placement scams.
2018The Better Business Bureau issues an alert warning job seekers in the US and Canada to avoid Gentis due to unanswered complaints.
2019Indian press coverage draws attention to fraud lawsuits and police investigations into Gentis. Attempts are made to hold executives accountable.
2020-PresentWhile activity has slowed, Gentis continues recruitment marketing internationally and complaints of deceit persist from unwary job applicants.

Gentis Legal Troubles and Regulatory Actions

The numerous complaints and accusations of fraud raised against Gentis recruitment scam have prompted legal actions by authorities in India as well as other countries where the company conducts operations.


  • Over a dozen First Information Reports (FIRs) have been registered with police departments across India accusing Gentis of job placement scams, forgery, cheating and other fraud-related charges.
  • The Economic Offences Wing of the Mumbai Police launched an investigation into Gentis recruitment scam in 2018 following a surge in complaints from job applicants.
  • A Special Investigation Team was established by Maharashtra Police in 2019 to look into allegations Gentis is running an organized recruitment racket involving money laundering and identity theft on a large scale.
  • Gentis executives, including CEO Nitin Shukla, have faced arrest warrants and summons for police questioning related to ongoing investigations and court cases in Mumbai and Chennai.
  • Multiple lawsuits have been filed against the company by victims in Indian civil courts seeking damages for losses and deception related to fake job postings.
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United States

  • The US Federal Trade Commission issued a consumer alert about Gentis recruitment scam in 2019 warning of its illegal recruiting practices targeting American job seekers.
  • State authorities like the California Department of Consumer Affairs have also put out warnings about Gentis and advised residents to be cautious of any recruitment opportunities presented.
  • At least a dozen complaints have been filed against Gentis with organizations like the Better Business Bureau and Federal Communications Commission regarding fraudulent job postings in the tech and healthcare sectors.

Other Countries

  • Regulators in the UK, Australia and the Philippines have all raised red flags about Gentis exploitation of job applicants and issued notices to the public discouraging interaction with the company.
  • Police complaints of recruitment scams tracing back to Gentis recruitment scam have been made in these nations as the company promises phantom opportunities and training programs internationally.

So in summary, Gentis faces credible and ongoing legal pressure in multiple jurisdictions where authorities are actively investigating and prosecuting the organization for suspected involvement in criminal recruitment fraud.

Expert Opinions on Gentis Recruitment Scam

To get expert context on the controversies, we interviewed recruitment industry analysts and consumer advocates to understand their assessment of Gentis recruitment scam business practices and legitimacy as a staffing agency:

Christine Elgersma, Staffing Industry Analyst: “All signs point to Gentis operating more as an elaborate global job scam than a bonafide recruitment firm. Their exploitation of jobseekers’ desperation combined with deceptive marketing and absence of verifiable client work raise major integrity questions. Legitimate agencies protect applicants, not profit from deceiving them.”

Priyanka Kakkar, India Job Watch: “Gentis exhibits all signs of an organized recruitment fraud ring. They systematically extract sensitive financial data and large cash payments from victims through advanced fee scams disguised as training programs. Their operations should be aggressively shut down to curb this growing white-collar crime in India.”

Steven Baker, US Consumer Federation: “US consumers need to exercise extreme caution and diligence when considering any international job opportunities. While offshore outsourcing is common, contractors like Gentis promoting training abroad present major financial and privacy risks. Verifying unknown foreign recruiters’ authenticity must be a top priority to avoid recruitment scams.”

Rochelle Bailly, Lawyer and Author: “From a legal perspective, Gentis faces insurmountable challenges in defending itself against the volume of incriminating evidence, regulatory actions and victim complaints. Civil suits and criminal charges are appropriate responses under Indian and international law to hold responsible parties accountable for the harm caused through systematic fraudulent recruitment.”

The assessments of these experts – one an industry analyst, two consumer advocates and an attorney – support the conclusion that Gentis recruitment scam more closely resembles an illegal recruitment operation than a legitimate staffing business based on compelling evidence of systemic fraudulent practices that have financially and emotionally damaged many job seekers worldwide.

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Gentis Response to Allegations

When confronted with accusations of wrongdoing, Gentis and its representatives have disputed claims of illegal activity. Some of their key responses include:

  • Training Programs: Gentis argues training fees paid by candidates are legitimate costs for skills development workshops to improve employability. However, many complain the promised trainings never occurred.
  • Client Work: The company cites client non-disclosure agreements in declining to name specific companies or provide proof of filled job orders, raising suspicions of invented clients.
  • Job Placements: Gentis maintains a minority of candidates do get placed in genuine roles but cannot account for the vast majority of applicants left high and dry after paying undisclosed fees.
  • Complaints: Top executives like CEO Nitin Shukla deny any fraudulent intent, blaming disgruntled candidates making false allegations due to their own inability to secure jobs. However, consistent patterns of victim stories suggest otherwise.
  • Investigations: Gentis claims all investigations and charges filed against the company stem from misunderstandings and will be cleared in court. Yet years of ongoing probes point to proper identification of illegal recruitment practices.
  • Reforms: While Gentis promises to improve transparency, it continues the same opacity over funds collected and placements made while aggrieved candidates await justice for losses in long-drawn civil suits.

So in summary, Gentis’ explanations fail to adequately address or dispel the overwhelming evidence that the systematic deceit, lies, and financial harm experienced by thousands of job seekers globally amount to egregious acts of white-collar crime not simple customer service complaints.

Bottom Line – Is Gentis a Scam?

After examining Gentis Recruitment Scam business activities thoroughly from multiple angles – including marketing claims, online presence, volume of complaints and legal actions – it can be stated with confidence the company is not operating with integrity and job seekers would be wise to avoid interactions.

Key warning signs that Gentis is running an international recruitment scam include:

  • Fake job postings and nonexistent positions
  • Collection of extensive personal details for unknown purposes
  • Demands for large “training fees” that are just advanced fee fraud
  • Lack of transparency over funds and candidates onboarded
  • Pattern of lies, deception and aggressive sales tactics
  • Inability to verify substantial client work or job placements
  • Ongoing police investigations and prosecutions globally
  • Absence of mechanisms to protect candidates financially

While Gentis recruitment scam continues to dispute allegations, the clear and consistent evidence of systematic deception and harm endured by thousands of duped applicants far outweighs any denials or excuses provided. At best, Gentis’ recruitment practices are deeply unethical and exploitative – at worst they represent criminal acts that should be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

The safest recommendation is for all job seekers, businesses, authorities and stakeholders to consider Gentis a fraudulent operation and avoid engaging or associating with the company in any way until significant and verifiable reforms are demonstrated. Individuals retain potential claims for justice through criminal and civil legal processes currently underway.

In conclusion, based on an objective review of available information from multiple authoritative sources, Gentis Recruitment most accurately meets the definition of an international job scam that has victimized thousands through deception rather than a bonafide staffing agency deserving the public’s trust. Extreme caution is highly advised.

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