Mobit Solutions Review – Scam or Legit? Unveiling The Truth

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Mobit Solutions is an IT company that offers a range of technology services including software development, mobile apps, web design, SEO, ecommerce solutions, and more. But is Mobit Solutions a scam or a legitimate business?

In this extensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Mobit Solutions, analyzing all available information to determine if they are reputable or not. We’ll examine their services, products, customer reviews, company details, and potential red flags. Read on for the full scoop.

Overview of Mobit Solutions

Mobit Solutions is a UK-based IT solutions provider founded in 2011. They focus on helping businesses through custom software and mobile app development, web design, SEO, digital marketing, and IT managed services.

According to their website and LinkedIn page, they have delivered over 500 projects with a 95% success rate. They claim to offer affordable pricing and state their mission is to “help businesses and customers come closer and serve each other.”

The company size is listed between 11-50 employees on Glassdoor and they have offices in Slough, UK as well as several international locations.

Services Offered

Mobit Solutions provides an array of IT and digital services including:

  • Mobile app development – iOS, Android, cross-platform
  • Web design and development – CMS, ecommerce, custom web apps
  • Digital marketing – SEO, PPC, social media marketing
  • IT managed services – network & systems administration
  • Custom business software development
  • Logo design and branding

They market specific solutions for industries like healthcare, education, real estate, retail, nonprofit, and more. Their service strengths seem focused on mobile and custom software projects.

Mobit Solutions

Analyzing Mobit Solutions’ Legitimacy

Next, we’ll dig into several key areas to gauge Mobit Solutions’ legitimacy as a company.

Company Details

✅ Real business registration – Mobit Solutions Limited is a registered company in the UK as per data on Companies House. This verifies they are a legitimate legal entity.

✅ Company history – Founded in 2011, being in business for over 10 years indicates some degree of company stability and reliability.

✅ Named leadership – Mobit Solutions lists executive profiles including Umar Shafique, Director & Digital Strategist, on their website and LinkedIn. This transparency is a good sign.

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✅ Location – Their provided UK address in Slough checks out via Google Maps. Additional global office locations also seem valid.

✅ Company size – They self-report between 11-50 employees on Glassdoor. For an IT agency focused on custom development, this is a reasonable and credible team size.

Overall, Mobit Solutions checks the boxes when it comes to verifiable company details appropriate for their industry and services. No obvious red flags are raised when evaluating this factor.

Portfolio & Case Studies

Mobit Solutions showcases over a dozen case studies and project examples across their website and LinkedIn page. These encompass mobile apps, web platforms, and software solutions delivered for business clients globally.

Some portfolio highlights include:

  • iOS and Android apps for an online courier company
  • Custom software for automated parking services
  • Web design and development for real estate agencies
  • Restaurant online ordering platforms
  • LMS and eLearning web apps

The case studies provide project details, client testimonials, and tangibility of past work completed. This helps demonstrate competence delivering the types of services advertised.

The variety of vertical-specific projects is also reassuring as it relates to their marketed customer focus for industries like automotive, healthcare, education, and more.

No conspicuous issues identified when reviewing their work portfolio and client examples.

Customer Reviews & Reputation

Analyzing independent customer feedback provides insight into others’ experiences working with Mobit Solutions:

Positive Trustpilot reviews – They hold a “Great” 4 star TrustScore based on multiple 5-star reviews praising their services.

Favorable Clutch reviews – Across 6+ projects, Mobit Solutions earned very strong reviews and 5-star ratings for quality, cost, deadlines, and willingness to refer them. Clients cite good communication and support.

Glassdoor shows satisfied employees – While only based on 2 employee reviews, both rate Mobit Solutions very positively as a workplace.

No overt complaints or warnings located on other credible consumer sites. Lack of negativity is reassuring.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from both customers and employees checks another box regarding Mobit Solutions’ legitimacy and competent services.

Company Recognition

Mobit Solutions promotes numerous badges of recognition on their website:

  • Google Partner status
  • 5-star ratings on Freelancer, GoodFirms, Upwork, and Clutch
  • Featured “Top Developer” for mobile apps on Clutch
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While some honors like “Best Company Awards” are less meaningful, affiliation with well-known platforms like Google and Upwork does signal trustworthiness. High ratings on both freelance marketplaces and B2B review sites also lend confidence.

No suspicious or questionable awards are trumpeted. The legitimacy of their featured distinctions aligns with typical sought-after industry acknowledgments.

Pricing & Contracts

Mobit Solutions lists upfront pricing right on their website rather than hiding rates – a positive indicator. Published cost ranges feel aligned to industry averages for the involved services:

  • Web design & development – Starts at $1,000+
  • Mobile app development – Starts at $10,000+
  • Custom web applications – Starts at $10,000+

They also emphasize “affordable” and “cost-effective” solutions as a core part of their positioning for small businesses. This reasonable and transparent pricing helps support legitimacy.

No obvious indications of bait-and-switch tactics, exploitative contracts, or other troublesome fine print. Asking about detailed scopes of work and deliverables is still smart before signing any agreements.

Potential Red Flags to Consider

Up to this point, analysis of available information on Mobit Solutions surfaces no glaring causes for concern. However, a few items stand out as warranting consideration:

🚩 Limited financial details – As a private company, less insight exists into their fiscal management and capital reserves to sustain the business.

🚩 Global delivery model – Working across multiple countries can increase challenges in communication, project management, and resource allocation depending on how optimized their systems are.

🚩 Generalist services – Trying to excel in too many service types from custom software to web design risks overly stretched focus and capabilities.

However, none of these factors clearly expose Mobit Solutions as illegitimate or fraudulent. They are common conditions seen amongst many similar IT consulting firms. Discriminating buyer due diligence is still advised before hiring them.

Customer Complaints & Issues

A crucial piece of evaluating legitimacy involves digging for any customer conflicts, grievances, or problems working with the company:

  • No lawsuits, legal disputes, or public outcry identified.
  • No results in Ripoff Report, Complaints Board, or Better Business Bureau databases.
  • No malicious reviews or feedback highlighting dishonest practices or scam-like experiences.
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The absence of customer complaints in any public forums or warning platforms is extremely reassuring. It signals most clients do not face dishonesty, fulfillment issues, or nightmarish accounts that might expose a scam operation. Even legitimate vendors receive occasional complaints – yet none surface here.

While maintaining reasonable skepticism remains prudent, the lack of exposed complaints substantiates Mobit Solutions’ trustworthy reputation.

Conclusion – Mobit Solutions Review Judgment

In summary, extensive analysis of available data on Mobit Solutions unveils no material evidence signaling fraudulent conduct, systematic dissatisfaction, or scam-like business practices:

  • Company legitimacy checks out across locations, history, leadership, size, legal registration, etc.
  • Work portfolio demonstrates technical competency and genuine completed projects.
  • Exceptionally positive customer feedback and user experiences on reputable review sites.
  • Industry recognitions align with reputable affiliations and credible award sources.
  • Cost transparency around pricing and reasonable rates for services.
  • No common scam red flags or shady behavior identified.
  • No complaints or criticism calling out dishonesty found.

While no vendor evaluation can determine flawless future performance, Mobit Solutions exceeds most baseline qualifications of a legitimate company. Their reputation built delivering complex IT projects grants fairly strong credibility.

Exercising reasonable precautions around due diligence, vetting specific project teams, and confirming deliverable alignment is still encouraged. However, no data-backed evidence labels Mobit Solutions as verifiably fraudulent.

Therefore, our conclusion depicts Mobit Solutions as Legitimate based on all available research and analysis. Their services show no signs of scam risks for those carefully evaluating aligned solutions fitting their needs and budgets. Feel free to reach out via their website to further vet their offerings against your objectives.

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