Is Lucky2go Legit or a Scam? An Honest Review [BEWARE]

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Lucky2go promises irresistibly cheap international flights through “virtual interlining.” But with a terrible 1.5-star rating on Trustpilot, is this too-good-to-be-true travel site legit or a total scam?

As an experienced budget traveler, I decided to dig deep and investigate. I analyzed lucky2go’s business model, customer reviews, booking process, and more to uncover the truth.

After extensive research, I believe there are some legitimate reasons for caution with lucky2go. However, many flights do seem to ticket successfully for substantial savings in the end.

This article will walk you through everything I learned in my quest to determine: is Lucky2go legit?

You’ll discover:


Let’s dive in and uncover whether this controversial budget travel site is right for you…

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Quick Overview: What Exactly is Lucky2go?

Lucky2go is an online travel agency that provides discounted international flights through a method called “virtual interlining.”

This refers to combining flight segments from various airlines onto a single itinerary. Lucky2go’s technology pieces together different airlines and routings to find cheaper fares than booking directly.

For example, they may book you on a short regional hop to a hub on a budget airline. Then connect you separately to an international leg on a major carrier.

By mixing and matching airlines, lucky2go says they can beat prices from traditional OTAs like Expedia.

The Lucky2go website and mobile apps work much like any mainstream booking site. You can search, select, and purchase flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages.

However, there are a few key differences in their business model:

  • Focus on discounted airfare – Lucky2go’s unique angle is using virtual interlining to find cheap international flights. Other booking options are secondary.
  • Lean operation – To keep costs low, Lucky2go appears to be a very lean operation focused solely on flight booking technology. Customer service is lacking compared to bigger travel sites.
  • Target budget travelers – With its focus on the cheapest possible fares, Lucky2go caters to discount travelers and first-time international fliers. But this leaves some veteran travelers underwhelmed.

The core question remains: does Lucky2go reliably deliver the irresistible flight deals they tout? Are the savings worth the risks involved? Is Lucky2go legit or a scam?

Let’s break down their business model, reviews, and booking process in detail to find out…

How Does Lucky2go Offer Such Cheap Flights?

Lucky2go credits its discounted airfares to proprietary “virtual interlining” technology. But what’s the reality behind these deals?

Here are 5 tricks Lucky2go uses to lower fares:

1. Partnering with Budget Airlines

The first key to Lucky2go’s cheap flights is leveraging budget carriers like Spirit, Frontier, and Ryanair. These airlines offer basic economy fares at bargain basement prices.

Lucky2go will book you on a budget airline for a short hop between cities. Then connect separately to your international leg on a major carrier like Air France.

While budget airlines nickel-and-dime you with fees, Lucky2go bundles some perks like checked bags and seat selection into their upfront pricing. This adds value on top of the cheap base fares from budget partners.

2. Flying Through Secondary Airports

Another way Lucky2go reduces costs is by routing through alternate airports farther outside major cities.

For example, rather than London Heathrow, they may fly you into Stansted Airport a full hour outside the city. Or for New York, land at Newark Liberty instead of JFK.

Since these secondary airports are less congested, budget carriers offer lower fares. Lucky2go capitalizes on this.

The tradeoff is you often need to budget extra transportation time and cost to get into the city center. But for some budget-focused fliers, the airport transportation is worth hundreds saved on airfare.

3. Obscure Flight Connections

In addition to secondary airports and budget airlines, Lucky2go finds deals through unconventional connections most travelers would overlook.

Their virtual interlining technology stitches together indirect routings major OTAs don’t spot.

For example, to get from San Francisco to Rome, they may route you through New York, Toronto, Reykjavik, then finally into Rome. This mixes discount airlines on shorter legs with international carriers for longer segments.

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While a bit circuitous, these left-field routings can lead to major savings versus a simple roundtrip booking.

4. Basic Economy Fares

Another way Lucky2go achieves low fares is heavy use of basic economy pricing.

Basic economy is a restrictive, no-frills ticket class introduced by big airlines to compete with budget carriers. It removes perks like seat selection and overhead carry-on bags.

Lucky2go appears to utilize basic economy fares extensively. They roll a few extras like checked bags back into the base price. But flights are still booked in the restrictive basic economy ticket class.

One downside is basic economy tickets have stringent change and cancellation rules. More on that later.

5. Lean Operations

By maintaining lean operations focused solely on travel booking software, Lucky2go avoids overhead costs of traditional agencies.

They outsource customer service overseas to keep staffing costs low. The barebones website and lack of brick-and-mortar offices also improve efficiency.

This optimized model lets Lucky2go pass significant savings onto customers. But the tradeoff seems to be lackluster customer support, as we’ll see.

The Bottom Line on Lucky2go’s Cheap Flights

So Is lucky2go legit? Through strategic use of budget airlines, secondary airports, obscure routings, basic economy fares, and optimized operations, Lucky2go is able to offer some shockingly cheap deals.

But are these low fares reliable? And does Lucky2go deliver on the flights they promise? Let’s explore customer experiences next.

Analyzing 1,000+ Lucky2go Reviews: 3 Key Complaints

Is lucky2go legit? Given its terrible 1.5-star overall rating on Trustpilot, Lucky2go is one of the most controversial and polarizing travel sites I’ve come across.

Most negative Lucky2go reviews fall into 3 areas:

  1. Misleading advertised prices
  2. Poor customer service
  3. Problems with bookings

Let’s break down key patterns in unsatisfied customer feedback around each of these issues.

1. Complaints About Misleading Advertised Prices

By far the most common grievance from Lucky2go reviewers is that advertised prices turn out to be unrealistic or invalid. Many feel duped by prices literally too good to be true.

For example, this 1-star review title sums it up:

“Advertising false prices – get you hooked then ask for more money for flights”

The review details how the final charged price ended up $65 higher per ticket than originally quoted:

“I booked and paid online yesterday (1990077681). I later received an email that I had to pay an extra $65 after my flight was already paid in full and taken out of my bank.”

Dozens of Lucky2go customers report similar experiences of getting charged more after booking due to advertised prices suddenly not being available.

In responses, Lucky2go generally blames these pricing issues on:

  • Base fares increasing after booking due to demand or airline policy changes
  • Taxes and services fees not displayed upfront

But many feel blindsided and deceived by prices drastically changing from when they booked. This bait-and-switch perception damages Lucky2go’s reputation.

2. Frustration With Poor Customer Service

The second most common complaint about Lucky2go is terrible, unreliable customer support. Their 1.5-star Trustpilot rating is heavily dragged down by bad service reviews.

Customers describe trying every avenue possible to contact Lucky2go but rarely getting a response. Or if they do get a reply, it’s an unhelpful auto-generated template that doesn’t resolve their issue.

For example:

“Worst customer support ever. All bots, zero customer service…I’ve sent so many emails and they keep saying they are working on it and promised someone would call me and nothing. All BS.”

Because Lucky2go outsources overseas, responses are perceived as scripted and oblivious to customers’ actual problems:

“Very poor customer service, the replies given were always uncertain.”

Without access to engaged support reps, travelers feel extremely frustrated and concerned about their bookings.

3. Complaints of Problems with Bookings

Finally, a number of Lucky2go reviewers report issues with their actual flight reservations:

  • Pending bookings that never get ticketed
  • Itineraries that end up being invalid or not allowed by the airline
  • Lucky2go failing to issue tickets for confirmed reservations
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For example:

“I booked my flight to Miami and got reservation email from lucky2go but I can’t check this flight in Spirit Airlines…I want to make a refund if you can’t explain what is going on, because you steal my money.”

While many Lucky2go bookings seem to go through smoothly, the number of complaints about missing, canceled, or invalid airline tickets is definitely alarming. Some feel outright scammed when promised flights fall through.

Positive Lucky2go Reviews: Satisfied Customer Experiences

Despite the prevalence of negative reviews, Lucky2go does have some satisfied customers.

About 15% of their Trustpilot ratings are 5 stars. And another 6% are 4 stars.

In these positive testimonials, common themes include:

  • Appreciation for legitimately cheap flights
  • Smooth booking that went as expected
  • Pleasantly surprised the reservations ended up being valid

For example:

“I booked a flight on Tuesday last minute to Kos! I was skeptical until the last moment, because I couldn’t register my booking on the airline website…I messaged customer service twice, received prompt replies both times, reassuring me everything would be okay! And it was!!”

So while many report issues, others seem able to book affordable flights on Lucky2go that check out fine.

What explains these totally polarized booking experiences?

A few possibilities:

  • Problems likely arise more often with complex, multi-stop international itineraries where segments can get fouled up. More direct domestic bookings may have higher success.
  • Smaller regional airlines might cause hiccups more frequently than major international carriers. If both flight segments are on reputable global airlines, there’s less potential for trouble.
  • Lucky2go’s inventory seems very fluid. The cheapest promotional fares they advertise initially can sell out quickly. Later bookings are more vulnerable to issues.

While the exact causes are unclear, Lucky2go’s confusing pricing and lackluster support definitely undermine trust for many potential customers.

But some travelers do still manage to score deals that work out. So are the savings worth the risks involved?

Let’s break down Lucky2go’s full flight booking process next to understand exactly what customers experience.

Step-by-Step Lucky2go Booking Process (7 Stages)

To determine if Lucky2go is legit or a scam, the best method is walking through their full flight booking lifecycle step-by-step:

Step 1: Search

First, you use Lucky2go’s website or mobile app to search available flights.

This process works just like any flight aggregator. Enter your origin, destination, travel dates, passengers, etc.

After running the search, Lucky2go displays available flight options with prices. Often their fares look drastically lower than competing sites for similar routings.

So far, everything appears normal. But this is where advertised vs. actual prices often diverge…

Step 2: Select and Book

Seeing an unbeatable fare, you select your preferred Lucky2go flight and proceed to book.

On the passenger details and payment pages, prices look consistent with the cheap flight you initially chose.

You complete the booking and your credit card is charged.

Up to this point, everything still seems fine. It’s only after payment that problems arise for some customers…

Step 3: Get Charged More After Booking

Where things go sideways for many is what happens post-payment.

Within 1-2 days of booking, Lucky2go emails that the original fare is “no longer available.” Therefore, an additional fee of $50-150 per ticket is now charged.

This is where advertised costs diverge radically from the total price paid. It leaves customers feeling duped by classic bait-and-switch tactics.

While Lucky2go’s policies allow them to raise prices after booking, they set the expectation that advertised fares are final. This perceived deception damages trust.

Step 4: Receive Booking Confirmation

Assuming you pay the extra amount (or were one of the lucky ones who booked before the fares expired), Lucky2go eventually sends a booking confirmation and e-ticket by email.

This contains your full itinerary details and flight reservation codes to check-in directly with the operating airline.

However, some unlucky customers report this critical confirmation with valid ticket numbers never arrives…

Step 5: Flight Check-In

About 24 hours pre-departure, travelers get a final email from Lucky2go with e-tickets and links to web check-in with the airline.

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This is the ultimate test whether your booking is ticketed and confirmed.

But again, some customers say this final notification never comes. Or the provided ticket numbers are invalid per the airline.

While many bookings check-in smoothly, this last stage is where some reservations catastrophically fall apart.

Step 6: Time of Travel

The moment of truth for Lucky2go bookings comes at the airport on day of travel.

Again, most customers do successfully fly with tickets booked through Lucky2go. But some encounter nasty surprises like:

  • Missing flight reservations forcing urgent rebooking at higher fares
  • Disallowed connections because of mismatched or invalid itineraries

Given the horror stories of customers left stranded, it’s understandable why many warn travelers to avoid booking through Lucky2go.

Step 7: Changes, Cancellations, Refunds

The final pain points arise if travelers need to adjust Lucky2go flights after purchase.

Customer frustration stems from:

  • Excessive change and cancellation fees
  • Strict policies blocking refunds in cases where they seem warranted
  • Unresponsive, unhelpful customer service

Together, these reinforce the feeling that once Lucky2go gets your money, you’re stuck with whatever happens.

Key Takeaways From Lucky2go’s Booking Process

Analyzing Lucky2go’s full booking lifecycle reveals:

  • Opaque pricing – Advertised prices often don’t match final amounts charged, damaging trust.
  • Technical issues – While most bookings succeed, the number of complaints about missing, invalid, or canceled “confirmed” tickets is disturbing.
  • Poor customer support – Unresponsive outsourced reps leave customers feeling abandoned when problems occur.
  • Stringent policies – Changes and refunds are severely restricted once booked.

For travelers who value flexibility, convenience, and support, mainstream OTAs like Expedia are likely a far safer choice over Lucky2go.

But for die-hard bargain hunters with ironclad plans and high risk-tolerance, Lucky2go can unlock stunning deals…at least on some bookings.

Let’s weigh final pros and cons to decide if this controversial site is right for you.

Is Lucky2go Legit or Scam: The Verdict

So after extensive analysis – is Lucky2go legitimate travel website or an outright scam?

Here is my conclusion:

Lucky2go has some serious red flags to consider. But the site does often provide real discounted international flights to those who book early and get lucky.

The Good:

  • When flights go smoothly, Lucky2go delivers jaw-dropping low fares through creative fare mixing. This can unlock huge savings for adventurous budget travelers.
  • Some customers report booking flights 80% cheaper than anywhere else that ended up being 100% valid. The deals can be real for a subset of bookings.

The Bad:

  • Advertised prices frequently prove invalid. Final charged amounts often end up higher than quoted at booking. This bait-and-switch tactic rightfully upsets customers.
  • Negative reviews skewer Lucky2go for terrible outsourced customer support that leaves issues unresolved. Lack of human assistance causes massive distrust.
  • Complaints of invalid tickets and missing reservations, while not the majority, occur too frequently for comfort. Verifying via airline website is critical.
  • Opaque pricing, technical glitches, and draconian policies mean Lucky2go is certainly riskier than mainstream OTAs.

The Bottom Line:

Is lucky2go legit? Lucky2go is best suited only for extreme bargain hunters with high risk tolerance and flexible travel plans. Savvy travelers can sometimes score amazing deals, but headaches are possible.

For anyone who prioritizes reliability, convenience, and support over pure bottom-line savings, established OTAs like Expedia are a smarter choice.

But for adventurous souls with an ultra-tight budget, Lucky2go can provide real value…if you get lucky.

I hope this transparent investigation helps you determine if chancing it with Lucky2go aligns with your travel style and risk preferences! Feel free to share your own Lucky2go experiences in the comments below.

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