Is Legit or Scam? Beware !! Don’t get fooled

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  • Post category:Reviews is a relatively new ecommerce marketplace that has been gaining popularity over the past year. The site claims to offer deep discounts on electronics, apparel, home goods and more. But with the rise of scam websites and online shopping fraud, many consumers are wondering – is Driffle legit or is it a scam?

In this detailed guide, we will take an in-depth look at, assessing its legitimacy based on a variety of factors including reviews, business practices, and site security. Our goal is to provide readers with the information needed to make an informed decision before making any purchases on

Overview of Driffle launched in 2021 as a self-proclaimed “members-only outlet” offering wholesale pricing on name brand items. The site requires an email signup to view and purchase the discounted products. Some of the brand names featured include Apple, Nike, KitchenAid, Ray-Ban and more.

According to the website, obtains its inventory from overstock and returns from major retailers and brands. The items are then resold on the site at heavily marked down prices. claims this model allows them to pass on dramatic savings to its members.

Investigating Driffle’s Reputation

When evaluating an unknown ecommerce platform, one of the first steps is researching the company’s reputation through customer reviews, online forums, social media and more. Here’s what our investigation into Driffle’s reputation uncovered:

Customer Reviews currently has no independent customer reviews on platforms like TrustPilot or SiteJabber. The website itself displays a 5-star rating with glowing reviews, however these cannot be verified as real. The lack of impartial reviews makes it difficult to assess Driffle’s customer service and overall shopping experience.

Social Media Presence has active social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram with a small but growing following. Customer feedback on these channels seems mostly positive. The posts showcase products available on the site as well as discount codes and promotions. However, the authenticity of followers and engagement is uncertain.

Online Forums

Discussions on third-party consumer forums like Reddit and online deal sites have mixed opinions of Some users report great deals and no issues with orders. However, others claim the prices aren’t as low as advertised or report long shipping times and difficulties contacting customer service. Overall, no major red flags but also not a glowing endorsement.

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BBB Rating currently has no rating or reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, indicating no significant customer issues have been reported. However, the lack of information makes it difficult to fully assess the company’s customer service track record.

Based on the available information, Driffle seems to have a decent but unproven reputation. More time in business and impartial reviews will give a clearer view of the company’s legitimacy. Consumers should be cautious until more data is available.

Evaluating Driffle’s Business Practices

Looking further into Driffle’s policies, terms of service, and operations provides additional insight into its legitimacy as an ecommerce business. Here are some notable findings:

  • No Company History – provides no information about who owns or operates the business. No founder profiles or company history details are shared. The complete anonymity raises some questions.
  • Vague Return Policy – Driffle’s return policy contains ambiguous language around return eligibility and customer responsibility for return shipping costs. This could make it difficult for customers to get refunds if dissatisfied.
  • Auto-Enrollment – automatically enrolls members in a monthly subscription program after the first purchase unless they opt-out. This type of practice can catch shoppers off guard with recurring charges. Clear communication is needed.
  • Allegations of Bait-Pricing – Some online posts allege that uses bait-pricing showing deeply discounted prices that aren’t always available. This would allow them to advertise eye-catching deals that don’t materialize at checkout. However, these remain unverified.

While not overtly suspicious, could improve some business practices to better earn customer trust and transparency. As it stands, consumers may want to exercise some caution until more details emerge.

Assessing Driffle’s Security

Security is a top priority for online shoppers, so analyzing Driffle’s security practices is key to determining legitimacy. Here is how measures up:

  • SSL Encryption – Driffle’s website has an SSL certificate which encrypts data and protects user information. This helps secure online transactions.
  • No Two-Factor Authentication – User accounts have no two-factor or multi-factor authentication. This leaves accounts more vulnerable to hackers.
  • Unclear Payment Security – Details on payment security are vague. There are no guarantees provided if fraudulent or unauthorized charges occur.
  • Use of Cookies – Driffle uses tracking cookies and pixels extensively with limited ability to opt-out. Users browsing data isn’t fully protected.
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While meets baseline security requirements, there are gaps that could put customers at risk. Implementing more robust measures like two-factor authentication and guaranteed payment protection would improve trust and peace of mind.

Is Legit?

Although the above analysis didn’t uncover outright evidence of a scam, some lingering concerns remain. Consumers should watch for these warning signs that could indicate shady business practices:

  • Too good to be true prices that are drastically lower than major retailers
  • High pressure sales tactics pushing immediate purchases
  • Missing or vague policies around shipping, returns, and privacy
  • Lack of verifiable company information and customer service responsiveness
  • Evidence of bait-and-switch pricing tactics
  • Failing to deliver on advertised promotions and deals
  • Sudden changes in business name or web address

Being aware of these red flags can help shoppers avoid potential scams as they evaluate Driffle’s legitimacy.

Best Practices for Safe Shopping on Driffle

Until more information confirms Driffle’s business operations, shoppers should exercise caution by following these tips:

  • Stick to well-known brands you recognize and trust
  • Use a credit card for purchase protection
  • Thoroughly read return policies before purchasing
  • Price check items on other major sites like Amazon
  • Don’t provide unnecessary personal information
  • Keep records of all transactions and communication
  • Be wary of limited-time deals pressuring quick purchases

Proceeding with care can help minimize risks when shopping on new or unreviewed sites like Driffle.

Cautiously Optimistic

Based on the currently available information, Driffle appears to be a legitimate – if unproven – ecommerce marketplace. While there are some areas of concern, we didn’t uncover blatant evidence of a scam in this investigation. However, consumers should continue exercising reasonable caution until more data emerges.

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Here are the key takeaways on Driffle’s legitimacy:

– Reputation is decent but still uncertain due to lack of impartial reviews

– Business practices could be more transparent and customer-friendly

– Security meets baseline requirements but lacks robust protection

– No glaring red flags, but some warning signs to watch for

Overall, Driffle seems reasonably legitimate though not without risks. Smart and cautious shopping practices are recommended. We will continue to monitor Driffle and update this article as more information on their reputation and business conduct comes to light. Consumers are encouraged to weigh the evidence carefully before making purchasing decisions.


Driffle provides an intriguing new ecommerce option, but has not yet established a definitive reputation. Consumers are wise to carefully evaluate the facts, watch for warning signs, and use best practices to minimize risks. While initial indicators lean positive, there are still open questions about Driffle’s legitimacy. We recommend approaching with optimistic caution until more data confirms they provide a quality customer experience and secure shopping environment. Continued monitoring of reviews and business practices will reveal if Driffle is a scam, a diamond in the rough, or somewhere in between.

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