DDB Mudra Group Scam Exposé: Everything You Need To Know

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  • Post published:December 11, 2023
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In recent years, DDB Mudra Group, one of India’s leading advertising agencies, has faced allegations that scammers have used the company’s brand and executives’ identities to defraud job seekers. This purported scam has caused significant concern across the advertising industry.

In this in-depth article, we will analyze multiple reports about the DDB Mudra Group scam, understand how the fraudsters operated, look at the company and executives’ responses, examine reviews and complaints registered, and provide advice to avoid falling victim to such employment scams.

How the DDB Mudra Group Scam Works

According to multiple news reports, including an article published by Exchange4Media in December 2022, scamsters had been posing as recruiters and executives from DDB Mudra Group and other top advertising agencies in India.

They would initiate conversations over WhatsApp and then continue the discussions over Telegram.

Their strategy was to lure targets with lucrative job offers or project opportunities within the agencies. In some cases, they would even pay small amounts purporting to be advance payments or test assignments.

Over time, after gaining the targets’ trust, the fraudsters would convince them to “invest” money, often in cryptocurrencies, for much larger returns. Many people lost significant sums this way.

Industry leaders believe the scammers aimed to exploit the reputation and brand value of agencies like DDB Mudra to make their job offers seem authentic and credible. The precise scale of the scam is unclear, but multiple reports suggest many people across the advertising and marketing sector were targeted.

DDB Mudra Group Scam

Agency and Industry Response

Understandably, advertising agencies named in the scam took a very serious view. DDB Mudra Group stated they had filed formal complaints with the cybercrime authorities when they first learned about the misuse of their brand name for fraudulent purposes.

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The agency also used its social media channels to spread awareness and warn potential victims against such job scams that falsely claim association with DDB Mudra Group. Other agencies named in scam reports, like Ogilvy and Denstu, took similar remedial actions.

Industry leaders also pitched in to caution both companies and individuals. Monty Bharali, Chief Talent Officer at Ogilvy India posted on professional networks about the need for vigilance against widespread frauds. Hareesh Tibrewala, CEO of digital agency Mirum India shared a four-point checklist to identify probable scamsters misrepresenting as agency executives.

DDB Mudra Group Scam Reviews and Complaints

Naturally, allegations about the DDB Mudra Group scam and potential identity thefts have also attracted reviews and complaints across the digital space. We analyze some prominent examples:

Direct Complaints

On consumer cybercrime reporting platforms like CyberCrimeComplaints.in, some users have registered official grievances attaching details of their experience with purported fraudsters misusing DDB Mudra Group’s name.

For instance, one Shashank Sharma claimed on 29th Sept 2023 that he lost Rs 65,000 to scammers pretending to HR representatives of DDB Mudra Group. They promised him a role after completing a paid test task but instead blocked his access and decamped with the money.

Such direct complaints by self-identified victims lend further credibility to reports about the existence of an organized scam network misusing DDB Mudra Group’s identity.

Reviews on Employment Sites

DDB Mudra Group has received some negative reviews on employer review platforms like Glassdoor from users mentioning scam calls or messages offering jobs and monetary returns in exchange for upfront payments or subscriptions.

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For instance, one anonymous reviewer claiming to be an ex-employee complained of getting scam calls using DDB Mudra Group’s name after leaving the agency. Another respondent also cautioned users to be alert against fraudsters offering fraudulent part-time jobs under the company’s banner.

However, most reviews are positive, rating the agency well for work culture, career opportunities, and recommending it as an employer. DDB Mudra Group’s leadership has also directly responded to multiple reviews reiterating their commitment to maintaining a positive, equitable work environment.

Commentary on News Reports

Under Exchange4Media’s original report in December 2022 documenting the emergence of the advertising agency scam network, users left comments highlighting the scale of operations of such fraudsters leveraging name and fame by association.

One commenter tagged over 15 top agencies and executives stating that scamsters had been name-dropping reputed companies like DDB Mudra Group while engaging in cryptocurrency fraud targeting job aspirants. Another questioned why only advertising agencies were being focused on by scamsters tapping into industry fame.

Overall, the user commentary indicates extensive discussions across both industry professionals and aspirants about the prevalence of scammers misusing top agencies’ identities for nefarious purposes.

How to Protect yourself from such scam

While DDB Mudra Group maintains its commitment to pursuing scamsters misrepresenting their brand, the episode also offers learnings for both industry professionals and job seekers to avoid falling prey to such employment scams.

✅ Verify Identities

Experts emphasize extensively checking credentials of anyone claiming to represent reputed companies. Job applicants should proactively reach out to company offices to validate identities of recruiting staff rather than trusting callers or messengers blindly.

✅ Follow Protocol

Genuine companies follow structured processes for recruitment and performance management. Insist on formal interviews, standardized test papers and official offer letters printed on company letterheads before accepting any job offer.

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✅ Avoid Upfront Payments

No genuine organization ever asks for upfront payments for job applications or test assignments. Job seekers should refuse paying any processing fees or deposits as preconditions to interviews or selection processes.

✅ Limit Information Sharing

When interacting with unverified personas, share bare minimum personal details like names, contact information and qualifications. Do not reveal specifics like home addresses, PAN details or banking information to random callers.

✅ Report Scam Attempts

If faced with a suspicious job offer, fraudulent interview call or phishing attempt, immediately report to law enforcement authorities. Additionally, inform the agency or company being impersonated to help prevent further misuse.


In conclusion, while allegations about a DDB Mudra Group scam shook the Indian advertising fraternity, it has also paved the way for greater vigilance and preventive actions against recruitment frauds across the sector. Job aspirants and companies alike are now more cognizant about verifying identities and resisting unrealistic offers involving upfront payments.

DDB Mudra Group too has stepped up efforts to spread awareness, issue advisories and pursue penal action against deceitful personas falsely claiming to represent the agency.

The journey towards completely dismantling such fraudulent networks masquerading as talent acquisition teams of reputed firms may be long, but the roadmap is clear – avoid processed payments and insist on protocol.