Airdog Reviews: Is Airdog Legit or Scam?

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Airdog is a company that manufactures and sells dog adventure gear, mainly focused on products like dog harnesses, dog life jackets, and action sports cameras for dogs. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in California, USA.

In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at Airdog products, company legitimacy, customer reviews, and provide our verdict on whether Airdog is a legitimate company or potential scam.

Overview of Airdog Company and Products

Airdog specializes in the design and production of action sports cameras, harnesses, flotation devices, and other accessories for active, adventure-seeking dogs. Their product line includes:

  • Airdog Adventure Cameras: POV cameras designed for dogs to capture footage from the dog’s perspective. The Airdog Air, Airdog Air 2, and Airdog Pro 2 are their flagship action cams.
  • Airdog Harnesses and Mounts:Harnesses like the Airdog Vest and Airdog Universal Harness are designed for securely and comfortably mounting Airdog cameras on a dog.
  • Airdog Life Jackets: Flotation vests like the Airdog Flotation Device (AFD) to aid buoyancy for water loving dogs.
  • Other accessories: Additional mounts, handles, leashes, and other accessories to complement their core products.

The company markets itself as creating products to enhance the adventure and activities of active, sports-loving dogs by giving them a “voice” through point-of-view camera footage. They aim to build products around durability, safety, and comfort.

Assessing Airdog’s Company Legitimacy

When assessing whether an unknown company is legitimate or a potential scam, there are a few key factors to evaluate:

Legal Business Registration and Documentation

Airdog is registered as a legal corporate business entity in the state of California, USA. Their business ID number and incorporation documents can be verified through the California Secretary of State business search.

Company History and Track Record

Airdog was founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs who are passionate about dogs and technology. Since their founding, they have steadily grown their brand and product line of dog adventure gear. They have established a track record of delivering products over the past 5+ years.

Physical Business Location

Airdog’s headquarters is located at an office in Agoura Hills, California. They list their actual business address on their website’s contact page.

Quality Web Presence

Their official company website at provides extensive information on their products, company details, customer service support, and shopping options. It has a professional look and feel that instills confidence.

Responsive Customer Service

Airdog provides customer service contact options like email, phone, and live chat. They have helpful FAQs on their website and also respond to inquiries on social media. Reviews indicate customers are able to get responses from their customer service when needed.

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Positive Reviews from Verified Buyers

We’ll cover customer reviews more in the next section, but Airdog has predominantly positive reviews on platforms like Amazon and TrustPilot from verified customers. This lends credibility that many real customers have purchased and been satisfied with their products.

Based on these key legitimacy criteria, Airdog hits the marks of an authentic, trustworthy business. They demonstrate far more validity than any kind of scam operation.

Analysis of Customer Reviews of Airdog Products

To further evaluate whether Airdog delivers on their product claims versus being a potential scam, we can analyze what actual customers have to say based on reviews:

Airdog Camera Reviews

Airdog’s action cameras tailored for dogs generally have excellent reviews and 4+ star ratings on sites like Amazon. Here are some trends that emerge upon analyzing the reviews:

  • Simple, easy to use cameras that deliver good video quality, especially at their reasonable price point.
  • Rugged, durable construction that holds up well to active dog use, water, mud, etc. Some reviews confirming the cameras survived dogs chewing on them!
  • Battery life is decent but not exceptional. About 2 hours per charge. Spare batteries highly recommended.
  • Very helpful customer service for setup, technical, and warranty issues. Airdog stands behind their product.
  • Some isolated complaints about WiFi connectivity glitches or defective units. But Airdog was quick to replace.
  • Room for improvement on aspects like camera field of view and stabilization. But excellent product for the price.

Airdog Harness and Life Jacket Reviews

Reviews of Airdog’s safety and mounting gear for dogs are also predominantly positive:

  • Well-designed harnesses praised for comfort, adjustable fit, and quality construction. Effective at securely holding the action cameras.
  • Life jackets aid flotation well and properly sized/fitted jackets stay in place while allowing good mobility.
  • Durability again stands out, with many customers using the gear successfully for years in tough conditions.
  • Slight downsides are some sizing quirks and a minority of dogs seem to dislike wearing the vest harnesses.

The main takeaway from analyzing aggregated user reviews from sites like Amazon, YouTube, and dog forums is that the vast majority of customers have positive experiences with Airdog products performing as advertised. Where there are product issues, Airdog customer service appears very responsive. This aligns with a legitimate company delivering on their product claims versus ignoring customers like a scam would.

Airdog Scam Concerns Explained

Given Airdog’s business legitimacy credentials and mainly positive customer reception, they can be given a clean bill of health when it comes to scam concerns. However, some specific points often raised about potential fraud include:

Big Sale Discounts and Pricing Changes

Airdog has run sales with deep discounts or frequently changes list prices on their website. Some wonder if this is a pricing gimmick. Airdog has explained this is due to high fluctuations in manufacturing and shipping costs they’ve faced during events like the pandemic. There were periods they overstocked certain products and had to run sales to control inventory. Their pricing strategies align reasonably with running an actual business.

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Refurbished and Open Box Sales

Airdog sells some inventory as refurbished or open box items, which they openly disclose. Some mistakenly claim the products are counterfeit. But this is a standard practice for many retailers moving pre-owned customer returns back into inventory. The products are authentic and it gives customers a way to purchase the gear at a discount.

Rebranding and Reselling Products

This accusation stems from the fact that some Airdog cameras and accessories appear very similar in design to unbranded Chinese electronics that can be purchased wholesale. However, Airdog has never claimed to manufacture the products themselves. As a small startup, it makes sense they would source base components from suppliers and customize/brand the products for dogs under their own company name. This doesn’t equate to a scam but rather a smart business strategy.

In summary, while some Airdog business practices may seem suspicious to some, there are reasonable explanations when analyzed closely. Overall, the evidence overwhelmingly supports Airdog conducting business legitimately.

Our Verdict: Airdog is a Legitimate Company, Not a Scam

Based on our in-depth investigation of the company history, business credentials, customer reviews, product performance, and scam accusations, we can definitively conclude:

Airdog is a legitimate company and NOT a scam

Airdog meets all criteria of a lawful business entity selling authentic products that generally satisfy customers. Any minor issues seem related to normal growing pains for a startup. While buyers should still exercise normal consumer caution, Airdog has earned a reputation as an ethical player in their niche adventure dog gear industry.

So for active dog owners seeking quality products to enhance adventures with their dogs, Airdog earns our recommendation as a company to confidently consider. Their unique dog-focused gear allows capturing precious memories together and keeps your dog safe while having fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Airdog

Q: Is Airdog a real company?

Yes, Airdog is 100% a legitimate business entity that has been selling dog adventure gear since 2013. They are classified as an S-Corporation registered in the state of California and pass all tests of being a real company versus any kind of scam or fraud.

Q: Where is Airdog located?

Airdog’s company headquarters and main office is located in Agoura Hills, California. This is located in the greater Los Angeles region.

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Q: Who owns Airdog?

Airdog was co-founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurs named Edmond Khachikian and Arsen Ohanyan. They had a shared vision for a company specializing in technology products for active, adventurous dogs.

Q: Where does Airdog manufacture their products?

Airdog outsources manufacturing of their camera, harness, life jacket, and accessory products to various factories and suppliers mainly located in China. This is a very common practice for smaller companies without their own manufacturing facilities. The products are still designed, branded, and quality controlled by the Airdog company itself.

Q: Does Airdog sell on Amazon or in stores?

Yes, Airdog sells their full line of products on Amazon. They also have limited availability in select pet retail stores, mainly small independent shops that carry specialized pet gear. The bulk of their sales come directly through their official website.

Q: Does Airdog offer refunds and returns?

Airdog accepts returns of new, unopened products within 30 days of purchase. They also have a 1 year warranty program for defective products. Make sure to review the latest policies on their returns page before purchasing.

Q: Is Airdog worth the high prices?

While some Airdog gear costs more than competitors, most customers find the quality, durability, and performance justify the price. The ability to capture adventures from your dog’s perspective is also premium unique value. Just don’t expect the cheapest products, but good value for money based on reviews.

Q: Is Airdog going out of business?

There is no indication that Airdog is going out of business or shutting down anytime soon. The company continues to actively release new products, run promotions, and engage with customers on social media. Like any business, they face ups and downs but appear financially sound overall.

Conclusion: Experience Your Dog’s Adventures with Airdog

We hope this comprehensive review clears up any uncertainty about the legitimacy of the Airdog company. According to all evidence, they are an ethical, law-abiding small business dedicated to enhancing dogs’ quality of life through adventure products. Feel confident in considering their innovative camera gear, harnesses, life jackets, and other accessories for your active pup. Just use normal consumer best practices when placing orders. With Airdog’s products, you can stay connected to your dog’s perspective and capture thrilling moments you’ll treasure forever.

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