Is Scam or Legit? My Experience Using Baiyt Website

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  • Post published:February 8, 2024
  • Post category:Reviews is a relatively new website that has been receiving attention lately for making some bold claims about its artificial intelligence capabilities. The site states that it uses “next generation AI” to edit images uploaded by users.

This has sparked a debate on whether is a scam or if it actually delivers on its promises. In this extensive article, we will analyze multiple angles to determine if this website is legitimate or not.

Introduction to launched in August 2023 and brands itself as an advanced AI photo editing service. The website has a simple interface that allows users to upload an image and then download an enhanced version edited by the AI system.

The site explains the process like this:

  1. User uploads an image
  2. The AI analyzes the image and makes edits
  3. The user can download the AI-edited version states that the AI editing happens quickly and provides “next generation” results. However, to access the edited photos, users must first complete two offers – downloading apps, subscribing to services, watching videos, etc.

This is where starts to seem suspicious to many people. The site is essentially gatekeeping the AI results behind commercial offers unrelated to the service itself. This raises questions on whether the AI editing truly exists or if the site is a scam merely collecting revenue from offer completions. scam

Evaluating the AI Claims of

The first major question around is whether the claimed AI image editing technology actually exists or if it is fabricated to lure traffic. Let’s analyze some factors around this:

1. Lack of examples showcasing the AI abilities

Strangely, does not provide any examples of images edited by its AI. Most legitimate AI services share samples to showcase what their technology can achieve. The lack of before/after examples makes the AI editing abilities of questionable.

2. No information on the AI development

Reputable AI companies provide details on how their artificial intelligence works, often sharing whitepapers or technical explanations. offers no information on how its AI allegedly enhances images or what techniques it uses. This lack of transparency is unusual and concerning.

3. Unrealistic claims about the AI speed and performance states that its AI can edit any image in just seconds. However, most advanced AI image enhancement systems require significant processing time even on powerful servers. The instant editing claimed by seems improbable with current technology.

4. No mention of an AI development team

Achieving the image editing abilities described on would require a highly skilled team of AI and machine learning engineers. However, the site does not mention any staff or creators behind the supposed AI. This casts further doubt on the validity of the technology.

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5. Vague terminology used to describe the AI uses broad buzzwords like “next generation AI” without specifics on how the technology works. This vagueness is common with AI scams and usually indicates an inflated or false claim.

6. Poor English grammar and writing

The language used on contains many grammar and spelling errors. Legitimate technology companies tend to have polished, professional writing. The poor English could signify authors with limited skills attempting to sound technical.

Considering these multiple factors, the legitimacy of the claimed AI image editing capabilities seems highly questionable. There are no convincing signs that actually possesses advanced artificial intelligence for editing photos.

Analysis of the Website Itself

Next, let’s examine the website design, behavior, and policies for any scam red flags.

1. Hidden website ownership

Standard WHOIS lookups reveal no information on who owns or operates The domain is registered anonymously via intermediary privacy services. Hiding one’s identity is common with scam sites and means no accountability.

2. No indication of a real company

There are no addresses, phone numbers, business licenses, or company information on Nothing confirms it is an actual registered business. This lack of valid operational details is a major warning sign.

3. Suspicious countdown timer displays a countdown timer stating the AI services are available for free only for a limited time. However, this appears fabricated to create false urgency and pressure users into quickly completing offers. As soon as the timer expires, it simply resets back to 55 minutes again.

4. Emphasis on earning money through referrals

The site focuses heavily on the earning potential through their affiliate program versus the AI photo editing. Most of the footer navigation links to referral information rather than support or company details. This suggests the main priority is recruitment over providing a legitimate service.

5. No direct payment option

Despite the heavy monetization through offers and referrals, does not provide any way to simply pay for direct access to the AI editing results. Having to complete irrelevant third-party offers instead of just paying a fee is highly suspicious.

6. Cookie-cutter site design

The template and layout used on is very similar to many other scam offer and referral websites. The lack of original design hints that the creators likely copied existing shady sites.

7. No iOS app promotes its mobile app downloader but only for Android. iOS apps undergo a more rigorous approval process, so scams usually avoid launching on the Apple App Store altogether.

8. No evidence of advertised mobile apps

Speaking of apps, claims users must download two specific apps to unlock the AI edits. However, searching these named apps yields no results, indicating they do not actually exist on the Play Store or App Store.

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In summary, the website itself comes across as a facade hastily constructed to push dubious offers rather than a real service.

baiyt scam

User Complaints and Reviews

Researching complaints and feedback from people who have used also provides insight into whether the service is legitimate or a potential scam.

1. Difficulty obtaining the AI results

Many users report completing the required offers successfully but still not gaining access to the promised AI image results. The site typically either asks them to complete more offers or stops responding.

2. Customer support never resolves issues

People who contact customer support rarely receive any helpful response. Emails and support tickets go unanswered, highlighting poor service.

3. Credit card charges after offer sign-ups

Some offers on include free trials that require entering credit card information. In multiple cases, users found themselves charged monthly fees without consent after signing up.

4. Sign-ups cannot be cancelled

Similarly, many people realized the offers had shady terms locking them into expensive subscriptions or memberships. However, attempts to cancel these unwanted sign-ups were futile.

5. Phone numbers provided turn out invalid

While does not display business contact info, some offers include phone numbers for support. But users found these numbers never connected to a real person or were totally fake and invalid.

6. Downloaded apps clearly low quality

Those who downloaded the mandated apps report they were clearly rushed, broken builds with limited functionality. The apps are likely published specifically to earn commissions rather than provide useful services.

7. Referral bonuses fail to materialize 

Users who put time into promoting to earn the advertised referral payments ultimately did not receive any commissions owed to them.

Across various consumer complaint platforms, these same criticisms about appear again and again. Such overwhelmingly negative experiences indicate a shady business model built on deceiving people.

Expert Analysis on from Review Sites

Looking beyond direct users, what do credible independent review sources have to say about Let’s examine feedback from a few well-known scam, reputation, and safety analysis sites.


ScamAdviser issues a “high risk” warning for It detects scam indicators including a hidden identity, no company info, and a suspicious web design. The risk score from their algorithm analysis is 14%.


This reputation site crowdsources a “poor” reputation rating for User reviews repeatedly label it a scam or fake. Many warn to avoid the site entirely.

WOT (Web of Trust)

WOT gives its lowest “Very Poor” reputation score. The analysis highlights the lack of transparency around the site owners and absence of contact information.

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While mainly covering stocks, TipRanks provides a useful Trust Score using AI. It assigns a very poor score of 1/10 based on identified red flags.

Trend Micro

This cybersecurity vendor scans sites for threats. is flagged for security issues including potential phishing tactics and social engineering techniques.

The negative judgments from all these established review platforms reinforce the assessment that operates deceptively rather than as a legitimate business.

The Bottom Line on Likely a Scam

Evaluating from multiple angles including the technology claims, site details, user complaints, expert opinions, and other evidence results in a quite clear verdict: is most likely a scam.

The supposed AI image editing service simply does not stand up to scrutiny. Telltale signs of a fraudulent business are present throughout the website, user experiences, and external analysis.

While not absolute proof, the overwhelming amount of shady indicators means this site cannot be recommended or trusted. Users should think twice before handing over any personal information to

To recap the key factors that demonstrate is probably illegitimate:

  • Vague and unrealistic claims about its AI technology
  • Complete anonymity of owners and lack of a documented company
  • Fake urgency tactics and time-limited offers
  • Emphasis on monetization over providing services
  • Copycat scam site design lacking uniqueness
  • Unable to obtain the advertised results
  • Failure to deliver on earning potential
  • Customer support either absent or unhelpful
  • Hidden fees and inability to cancel subscriptions
  • Fabricated apps and contact numbers
  • Overwhelmingly negative feedback and reviews
  • Poor reputation scores and warnings from scam detection services

While new websites should get the benefit of the doubt, the totality of evidence makes a compelling case to steer clear of There are no signs this operation can be trusted or will deal honestly with users.

Anyone looking for an AI photo editing solution should use well-established alternatives with transparent business practices and proven technology. As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. In the case of, nothing indicates it can actually deliver on its bold claims.

This exhaustive investigative analysis hopefully helps provide clarity on whether is a scam or not. While not every new site is illegitimate, users should carefully research before engaging or sharing personal details.

Digging deeper into websites using the techniques outlined here will make it becomes easier to spot the many constellation of red flags that often expose dishonest businesses misrepresenting themselves online. Beware !! Don’t fall victim!

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