Liquide App Review: Legit or Scam (Honest Review)

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Liquide App Review – Is Liquide Legit or Scam? Let’s find out. Liquide aims to be an all-encompassing stock investing app for Indian retail investors.

With robust tools for analysis, research, ideas, execution, and monitoring, Liquide promises to add significant value at every step of the investing journey.

But does it live up to the hype? This detailed review examines what Liquide offers, how it compares to competitors, pros and cons, and whether stock investors should consider using it.

Let’s dive in.

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Liquide App Review (Quick Overview)

Here’s a rundown of the key features and offerings that make up Liquide’s stock investing ecosystem:

Portfolio Health Check – Upload your portfolio to get an AI-driven analysis with stock-by-stock recommendations, red flags, and insights from experts.

Proprietary Stock Screeners – Liquide provides pre-built screeners across categories like valuation, financial health, technicals, quality etc. Screen stocks based on customized criteria.

Watchlists and Alerts – Track stocks of interest in customizable watchlists. Get alerts on price movements, news, and key events.

Investment Ideas and Recommendations – Liquide generates daily stock ideas along with complete analysis and rationale for consideration.

LiMo Chatbot – LiMo is Liquide’s intelligent chatbot that provides personalized stock research and recommendations based on your risk profile and goals.

Smallcases – Choose from expert-curated baskets of stocks reflecting a theme, sector, or strategy. Rebalance smallcases with one click.

News and Market Insights – Stay up to date on your portfolio stocks, watchlist companies, and market news through Liquide’s curated feeds and original research.

Community – Engage with over 4 lakh fellow investors within Liquide to discuss ideas, strategies and market outlooks.

Linked Brokerage Account – Link your existing Zerodha, 5Paisa, Angel Broking or other brokerage account to execute trades directly from within Liquide.

This expansive suite of offerings makes Liquide one of the most comprehensive investment apps for Indian stock investors. The tools span idea generation, research, portfolio management, risk analysis, execution, education, and social engagement.

Evaluating Liquide’s Stock Analysis Capabilities

At its core, Liquide aims to enhance stock analysis and research for investors through its various tools and features. But how robust and useful are these capabilities? Let’s evaluate some of the key offerings:

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Portfolio Health – The portfolio analyzer provides at-a-glance insights into concentrations, performance vs. benchmark, stock-level metrics and red flags. The integrated SEBI-registered expert reviews add credibility. However, more benchmarks would be useful.

Proprietary Screeners – The preset screeners based on valuation, quality, growth etc. incorporate well-chosen filters and Liquide’s factor ratings. Easy to adjust criteria as required. Covers NSE mid and small caps beyond just large caps.

Watchlists – Comprehensive watchlist capabilities including alerts, news, integrated research, and quick trade execution. Useful for monitoring stocks of interest.

Ideas and Recommendations – Daily stock ideas usually include a detailed analysis looking at financial metrics, trends, risks and upside potential. Provides good starting point for research.

LiMo Chatbot – LiMo asks insightful questions before providing personalized stock ideas, reports and research. Impressive quality of output given AI-power.

In summary, Liquide offers some of the most sophisticated stock analysis capabilities among retail investment apps today. While doing one’s own diligence is still important, Liquide provides a robust starting point and supplemental insights.

Liquide App Reviews: User Complaint and Feedback

What is the real-world user experience like for Liquide app consumers? Let’s examine reviews and testimonials:

  • Extremely positive feedback on iOS and Android app stores with 4.7 stars and over 20k ratings highlighting the app’s ease of use.
  • Reviews praise the intuitive interface, robust analytics, and how the tools have improved investing results. Negative feedback is mostly minor bugs.
  • Multiple testimonials from users validate the app’s value in identifying multibagger stocks early based on Liquide’s ratings and capabilities.
  • Strong word-of-mouth within the stock investing community given Liquide’s unique end-to-end proposition.

Overall, actual user reviews and testimonials reaffirm Liquide’s capabilities and the tremendous value it provides to Indian stock investors.

Key Customer Complaints

A few common complaints crop up among Liquide consumers:

  • Technical glitches and app crashes, especially on older Android devices.
  • Sporadic delays in brokerage order execution and account linking failures.
  • Steep learning curve for newer investors to adopt more advanced features.
  • Impatience with LiMo chatbot’s question-answer flow before providing recommendations.
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While minor bugs are unavoidable, Liquide seems quite responsive to user feedback and fixes issues promptly per reviews. Complaints don’t indicate any systemic or unresolved problems.

How Liquide Compares to Top Investment Apps

Liquide is certainly not the only app serving the Indian stock investor today. Let’s see how it stacks up against some popular alternatives:

Smallcase – Focus is exclusively on pre-made portfolios. Lacks breadth of Liquide’s tools for idea generation, research, portfolio management and risk analytics.

ET Money – Provides similar tools as Liquide app but lags in areas like screeners, portfolio analyzers, chatbots and ease of use. Better for mutual funds.

Trendlyne – Emphasizes screeners but lacks Liquide’s breadth across recommendations, analytics, chatbots, community forums etc. Desktop focused.

StockEdge – Strong on fundamental analysis and screeners. Light on premade portfolios, chatbots, and ease of use. Overlaps with Liquide.

TickerTape – Specializes in news, analysis and education. But lacks portfolio tools, screeners, integrated brokers, and trading capabilities.

In summary, Liquide brings together the widest array of stock investing functionality under one roof. While alternatives have merits in specific areas, none match Liquide’s robust end-to-end proposition.

Pros and Cons of Using Liquide App

Based on this evaluation, what are the major pros and cons of using Liquide for stock investing?


  • All-in-one investing solution
  • Advanced portfolio analyzers
  • Customizable and intelligent screeners
  • SEBI-registered experts for reviews
  • AI-powered chatbot for recommendations
  • Smooth brokerage account integration
  • Vibrant community forums


  • No mutual funds support
  • Web platform lags mobile app
  • Research strength focused on fundamentals
  • Limited educational content for absolute beginners

For engaged equity investors, Liquide offers an unparalleled set of seamlessly integrated capabilities within one app. The breadth of robust tools for idea generation, analysis, portfolio management and risk assessment is a major plus.

However, true passive investors may find the fundamental analysis tilt excessive. And those new to stock investing have limited educational resources on the platform for now. But Liquide’s depth is unmatched for active stock market participants.

Addressing Key User Concerns

We’ve evaluated Liquide’s offerings and user experiences extensively. Here we address some key consumer questions:

Is it safe to link my brokerage account?

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Liquide uses bank-level encryption and protocols to ensure your data security. Account linking involves read-only API access – Liquide cannot transact without your consent.

What about risk of losses from Liquide recommendations?

Liquide provides ideas and analysis to aid your decisions – final responsibility lies with you. No recommendation can guarantee profits.

How unbiased is the stock research and analysis?

As a SEBI-registered advisor, Liquide follows strict standards of transparency and ethics. User trust is paramount.

Can I cancel my Liquide subscription anytime?

Liquide does not charge any subscription fees currently. You can stop using the app and delete your account anytime.

Does Liquide sell my data to third-parties?

Absolutely not. Liquide has a no-sharing user data policy core to its consumer trust proposition.

The Verdict – Is Liquide App Legit or Scam?

In totality, Liquide provides one of the most comprehensive stock analysis and investing ecosystems available for Indian retail investors today.

The combination of screening tools, analytics, recommendations, reviews, community and seamless brokerage account integration cannot be easily replicated by alternatives. Liquide manages to package institutional-grade capabilities into a slick and easy-to-use mobile-first application.

For engaged equity investors who want to expand their investing horizons beyond simple buy-and-hold strategies, Liquide offers tremendous value. The app can elevate stock market participation through robust tools for idea generation, research, portfolio management, risk assessment and position monitoring.

Of course, investing prudently based on one’s goals and risk appetite remains an individual responsibility. Liquide is not a magic wand. But used judiciously, integrating the app into an investing workflow can empower stock market investors to make better informed decisions and achieve portfolio success.

Overall, Liquide hits the mark as a cutting-edge all-in-one stock analysis and investment platform for Indian retail investors. For serious equity participants, it has become an indispensable tool rather than just another app.

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