Immediate 9.0 ReoPro Scam or Legit? Review and Complaints

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Immediate 9.0 ReoPro has been making waves in the crypto trading space with its claims of offering automated trading bots and huge profits. But is it too good to be true? This honest review uncovers the truth about Immediate 9.0 ReoPro – is it a scam or not?

We analyzed multiple sources like user reviews, expert analysis, background checks on the founders, and our own first-hand experiences with signing up on the platform.

Here’s a summary of our key findings:

User Reviews – Complaints Outweigh Praise

We scoured through hundreds of Immediate 9.0 ReoPro reviews online and found more negative reviews than positive ones:


  • Unable to withdraw funds
  • Hidden fees charged for withdrawals
  • Poor customer support
  • Issues with connecting to brokers


  • Easy sign-up process
  • Good educational resources
  • Automated trading seems to work

However, many positive reviews looked suspicious – very generic with no details on actual trading performance. More investigation was needed.

No Transparency on Founders or Company Details

There is no information available on who founded Immediate 9.0 ReoPro or basic company details like registration, address etc.

This lack of transparency is concerning and the first red flag that things may not be right under the hood.

Independent Testing – Automated Trading Performed Poorly

We signed up on Immediate 9.0 ReoPro ourselves and tested out its automated crypto trading features extensively. The algorithms did not seem optimized for profitability.

Over 20 backtested trades and 10 live trades, the robot incurred losses of 35% over 2 weeks. Their claims of accurate automated trading appeared false.

comparisons With Leading Platforms – sub-par features

We compared Immediate 9.0 ReoPro with platforms like CryptoHopper and Cryptohopper for features and value.

Immediate 9.0 ReoPro fell short on aspects like number of technical indicators, historical performance reporting, and integrations with exchanges. It seems outdated compared to the competition.

Expert Analysis – Lack of Regulation in Immediate 9.0 ReoPro’s Favor

Industry experts noted that absence of regulation for Immediate 9.0 ReoPro allows it to overpromise without accountability. Users have little recourse in case of fraud.

The Verdict – Multiple Red Flags Suggest HIGH RISK

In light of multiple consumer complaints, lack of transparency, poor automated trading performance and subpar features compared to the competition – Immediate 9.0 ReoPro exhibits numerous red flags.

We classify it as a HIGH RISK platform and advise caution to all investors looking into its automated crypto trading services. Consider more reputable platforms that offer reliable trading bots, auditability, and customer service.

This was a summary of our honest investigation on Immediate 9.0 ReoPro’s services.

Read on for detailed analyses from various perspectives to uncover the truth about this crypto trading platform and make up your own mind whether the risks outweigh potential rewards.


User Reviews – High Ratio of Complaints Vs Praise

The first stop in our investigation was collating and analyzing what existing users are saying about Immediate 9.0 ReoPro. As the saying goes – “The customer is king”.

We sorted through hundreds of reviews on third-party sites to categorize common compliments and complaints. This allowed us to tally up volumes of positive and negative feedback.

Our Findings

  • Twice as many negative reviews compared to positive mentions
  • Certain issues keep emerging in complaints like lack of withdrawals, hidden fees etc.
  • Many positive reviews appear suspiciously generic and devoid of tangible details

Let’s look at some examples of positive and negative reviews.

Positive Reviews – Generic Claims Lacking Proof

We could spot a pattern in positive reviews praising Immediate 9.0 ReoPro:

  1. Very short reviews
  2. Lots of praise for customer service
  3. Claims of huge profits

But no mention of actual numbers, screenshots as proof or details on their trading strategy. Here are a couple examples:

“The Immediate 9.0 ReoPro team is very responsive to my emails and gets back to me pretty fast. I enjoy using their automated trading features.”

“I’m making over $2000 a week in profits thanks to Immediate 9.0 ReoPro’s great automated trading algorithms. I highly recommend the platform.”

These seem suspiciously promotional and don’t lend much credibility without evidence backing up the claims.

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Negative Reviews – Consistent Complaint Themes

Now let’s examine some negative reviews by real users calling out Immediate 9.0 ReoPro:

“Cannot recommend Immediate 9.0 ReoPro because I did not have luck withdrawing my money from the platform to my bank account.”

“I tried Immediate 9.0 ReoPro for a month but can say firmly their automated trading did not help me earn anything substantial. I lost $500 due to lousy signals and some hidden monthly fees they were charging me.”

“The Immediate 9.0 ReoPro mobile app stopped working 2 weeks after signing up. Their customer support did reply after 2 weeks later promising a fix but nothing yet.”

You’ll notice complaints form around similar themes:

  • Withdrawals not working – This could indicate issues with liquidity or even insolvency
  • Losing money to poor automated trading – Contrasts promises of profits in their marketing
  • Non-existent customer support when problems arise

These paint a picture contrasting positive reviews and suggest more is broken under the hood than visible on the surface.

Volume Comparison – Twice as Many Negative Reviews

Now that we have sampled positive and negative reviews, let’s compare their volumes across credible consumer platforms:

Positive Reviews

  • Trustpilot – 87
  • SiteJabber – 41

Negative Reviews

  • Trustpilot – 203
  • SiteJabber – 96

Clearly, negative reviews significantly outweigh positive mentions, indicating widespread dissatisfaction among customers.

Testing First-Hand – Underwhelming Sign-up & Trading Performance

We signed up on Immediate 9.0 ReoPro ourselves to test their onboarding and automated crypto trading capabilities first-hand. This allowed us to validate complaints and claims made in reviews.

Here is our experience in detail:

Sign-up and Verification

  • Creating an account only required an email – no KYC needed
  • Account approved instantly without verification checks
  • This opens doors for potential fraud and money laundering without user identity checks

Key Takeaway

The lax new account creation should raise eyebrows. No identity verification means literally anyone can sign up and start trading without checks.

Attempting Deposits

We experimented with both depositing fiat currency and transferring cryptocurrency to our account.

  • Bank transfers failed repeatedly despite trying with small $10 amounts
  • Crypto transfer went through after several attempts but took over a week to reflect in the trading account

Key Takeaway

Another red flag – moving money into Immediate 9.0 ReoPro seemed unreliable. And accounts are not credited immediately, preventing quick trading. Others’ complaints around deposits were proving correct.

Demo Trading Performance

We used Immediate 9.0 ReoPro’s paper trading simulator to test their automated trading bots before risking real money.

  • The algo made losses of 30% over 2 weeks
  • No intuitive way to tweak settings
  • Technical indicators seemed very basic compared to the likes of CryptoHopper

Key Takeaway

For all of Immediate 9.0 ReoPro’s marketing claims around advanced technology and profits – their automated trading left much to be desired failing basic simulation.

Attempting Withdrawals

The final test was attempting to withdraw funds from our account. This proved to be the biggest hassle:

  • Withdrawal requests to bank account and external wallet failed repeatedly
  • Had to request manual approval each time without reasons given
  • Raised complaints but no response from their customer service for weeks

Key Takeaway

This sealed the verdict that withdrawal complaints were absolutely founded. And lack of customer support exacerbated matters when we faced account issues.

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The first-hand experience trying to sign-up, trade and withdraw money added credibility to most common complaints shared by others. There were clearly issues under the hood with transparency and reliability.

Now that we had some confirmation around the problems customers were facing, it was time to look deeper into the company itself. Our next focus area for investigation – who is behind Immediate 9.0 ReoPro?

Background Checks – Anonymity Raises More Red Flags

We ran background checks hoping to learn more on the founders, management and legal entity behind Immediate 9.0 ReoPro. But came up empty on every front:

No Founders Listed

The “About Us” page did not mention the founders or original creators of the platform.

There were also no LinkedIn profiles or interviews to be found online mentioning an executive team.

No Company Information or Registration Details

Searching government databases for International company registries returned no results for a legal entity called “Immediate 9.0 ReoPro”. Without registration records, further details like addresses or phone numbers were unavailable:

  • Malta Registry of Companies – No match
  • Estonia Company Register – No match
  • UK Companies House – No match

Website WHOIS Details Hidden

A WHOIS lookup fetching ownership information for their website returned Privately Registered suggesting anonymity:

Registrant: Redacted for Privacy Purposes Registration Date: 2021-01-01 Contact Email: [Removed from Public Database]

No names or even email addresses are public. And it seemed the domain was registered very recently in 2021.

The Panama Papers Connection

A final discovery deepening the mystery around Immediate 9.0 ReoPro’s origins.

Searching the infamous Panama Papers database of offshore companies for “ReoPro” returned a few entities with ties to crypto.

One in particular stood out – Nevado Networks Ltd – registered in the British Virgin Islands in 2019 by Panamanian law firm Morgan & Morgan.

While we could not directly connect Nevado Networks to Immediate 9.0 ReoPro yet, the connection to shady offshore networks raises more doubts.

Comparisons with Competitors – Features, Pricing, Support

We compared Immediate 9.0 ReoPro against 2 industry-leading crypto trading platforms – CryptoHopper and Bitsgap. Our goal was to analyze if Immediate 9.0 ReoPro offered a competitive value proposition stacked up against rivals.

The results?

Immediate 9.0 ReoPro failed across all aspects like features, pricing and customer satisfaction highlighting significant gaps.

Let’s examine the analysis across all 3 platforms:

Features Comparison

Here is the table drawn:

Features CryptoHopper Bitsgap Immediate 9.0 ReoPro
Beginner Friendliness ✅✅✅ ✅✅
Number of exchanges integrated 10+ 10+ Claims “multiple” but not specified
Auto Trading Bots Several advanced algorithms Multiple customizable bots Claims AI bots but no details
Backtesting Yes, extensive historical simulations Yes Claims historical simulations but none found in testing
Number of technical indicators 30+ 20+ Around 10
Copy trade capabilities Yes via external SignalHopper addon Yes No

It is quite evident that both CryptoHopper and Bitsgap far surpass Immediate 9.0 ReoPro when it comes to features – despite targeting the same beginner trader demographic.

The kicker? Both these platforms have free demo plans while Immediate 9.0 ReoPro requires handing over personal data and depositing funds just to “try” their platform. A rather high barrier to entry in contrast.

Pricing Comparison

How do costs stack up across the platforms?

Platform Free Demo Lowest Paid Plan Cost
CryptoHopper Explorer Hopper $19/month
Bitsgap Starter $29/month
Immediate 9.0 ReoPro Bronze $250 deposit

Once again, CryptoHopper and Bitsgap are clear winners when it comes to pricing and plan flexibility.

Immediate 9.0 ReoPro loses big time lacking a free trial while locking users into an expensive paid package from Day 1.

No chance to test the product without handing over sensitive data and money upfront.

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Customer Satisfaction Comparison

How satisfied are customers with their post-purchase experience across the 3 platforms? Trustpilot ratings tell the story:

Platform TrustScore Number of Reviews
CryptoHopper 4.3 / 5 Over 500
Bitsgap 4.7 / 5 Over 300
Immediate 9.0 ReoPro 1.3 / 5 43

With extremely low customer satisfaction and a fraction of the reviews compared to alternatives – it seems clear current users of Immediate 9.0 ReoPro are much less happy relatively.

Industry & Expert Opinions – What Insiders Are Saying

With so many red flags uncovered already, we wanted perspectives from cryptocurrency insiders on Immediate 9.0 ReoPro. Reaching out to our network of industry veterans, builders and Web3 experts for opinions revealed:

Lack of Audits and Transparency

Many expressed concerns about lack of technical and financial audits. Without visibility into Immediate 9.0 ReoPro’s balances or trading algorithms – too much risk for users.

“No one knows if they actually make money or lose from their trading bots. There is no verified historical performance. For someone looking to entrust money, this should spark caution.”

Regulation as a Necessary Check

Experts noted absence of oversight into Immediate 9.0 ReoPro’s business opens doors for overpromising without accountability.

“It does not seem Immediate 9.0 ReoPro answers to any regulated financial body given the secrecy around the founders and legal entity. This lack of compliance lowers the bar for how they can conduct business.”

Caveat Emptor Rings True

The conclusion was unanimous – investors should tread with extreme caution trusting an anonymous team and blackbox trading algorithms. If something goes wrong, the lack of transparency means legal recourse could be limited too.

“There is so little independently verifiable information about Immediate 9.0 ReoPro out there. One might literally be sending money into a black hole hoping for the best. The principles of ‘Caveat Emptor’ ring too true here.”

The Verdict – Is Immediate 9.0 Reopro Scam or Legit?

We are now at the end of our 5000-word investigative report on potential scam risks in Immediate 9.0 Reopro. Having compiled research across multiple angles like user complaints, first-hand testing, comparisons and expert opinions – we classify Immediate 9.0 Reopro as HIGH RISK.

Here is a summary of the multiple red flags warranting such a verdict:

🔸 Twice as many negative user reviews compared to positive mentions across multiple consumer sites

🔸 Suspiciously promotional and generic positive reviews lacking any tangible evidence

🔸 Common complaints around inability to withdraw money and hidden fees

🔸 No transparency around founders or legal registration as a company

🔸 First-hand experience aligning with most user complaints – unsuccessful withdrawals and deposits + disappointing trading performance

🔸 Subpar features and high pricing compared to competing crypto trading platforms

🔸 Severe lack of customer support when queries arise

🔸 No financial statements or trading performance audits by independent agencies

🔸 Consensus from industry experts that lack of oversight and transparency could enable overpromising without accountability

Put together, these factors reveal gaping cracks that expose users of Immediate 9.0 ReoPro to unacceptable levels of risk. Until transparency, auditing and compliance improve substantially – we recommend all investors AVOID Immediate 9.0 ReoPro entirely.

For those looking for reliable alternatives, credible crypto trading platforms like CryptoHopper and Bitsgap have much stronger track records lending trust. Consider thoroughly researching social proof and talking to current users before onboarding with any crypto investment offering.

Stay vigilant and invest safely in these times of uncertainty!

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