Is Legit or Scam? Players BEWARE !! [Urgent Update]

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  • Post category:Reviews presents itself as a way for Monopoly GO players to get “unlimited dice rolls for free” through their online tool. However, many players have doubts about whether the site is truly legit or if it poses security or legal risks.

In this in-depth article, I’ll analyze from multiple perspectives to determine whether it can be trusted or should be considered a scam. By the end, readers should clearly understand whether using is a good idea or comes with downsides they should be aware of.

Is Legit or Scam

Let’s start with some background context on what actually is and what it claims to offer users. Monopoly GO is a popular mobile game where players virtually roll dice and move around board buying properties.

Part of the game involves rolling dice to determine how many spaces a player can move their token each turn. presents itself as a tool that can generate “unlimited dice rolls” for Monopoly GO players for free.

The site says it uses a “special generator” to produce rolls that can be input into the Monopoly GO app. Their goal is to help players get more rolls and advance further in the game without waiting for natural roll timers or purchasing extra rolls with in-app currency.

On the surface, this seems like it could benefit Monopoly GO fans looking to progress faster. However, some key questions remain about whether truly delivers on this promise and how it actually works behind the scenes.

Background on Monopoly GO Game (

Monopoly GO is a popular mobile game released in 2022 by developers Marmalade Game Studio for iOS and Android devices. As an official Monopoly-branded game, it allows players to experience the classic board game digitally with new twists like short timed dice rolls and in-app purchases.

Gameplay involves rolling dice to move around the board, buying properties, building houses and hotels, and competing against AI opponents to bankrupt them. Like the physical board game, it relies heavily on the luck and strategy around dice rolls.

In Monopoly GO, players can only roll the dice a limited number of times per hour or day before needing to wait for roll timers to replenish. Alternatively, players can use in-game currency to purchase additional rolls beyond the timers. This provides revenue for the developers.

With over 1 million downloads on Android alone, Monopoly GO has proven to be a hit game with mobile board game fans looking for quick, authentic Monopoly gameplay on their phones. The ability to speed up dice rolls via purchases or tools like has appeal for competitive players.

Is Unlimited Dice Rolling Really Possible in

The first major claim that needs investigating is whether unlimited dice rolling is even possible through an external tool. When playing Monopoly GO, normally, players are limited to a set number of rolls per day/hour based on timers.

They can purchase extra rolls, but these also have limits. So, how exactly does supposedly generate unlimited rolls? Is legit?

Upon digging deeper, it becomes apparent that’s “generator” is not directly interacting with or modifying the Monopoly GO game files/code. Instead, it is simply producing random number simulations of dice rolls.

The user manually copies and pasts these simulated rolls into the actual Monopoly GO app. So, in reality, is not eliminating timers or bypassing any in-game mechanisms – it’s just simulating outcomes for the user to copy in.

This means the rolls are not truly “unlimited,” as the site implies. Players are still limited by the normal timing restrictions within Monopoly GO itself. They just have to do some extra copying/pasting steps facilitated by’s random number generator.

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So, while the site provides a way to generate extra rolls, it does not directly eliminate Monopoly GO’s built-in roll limits as promised. This raises questions about the accuracy of some of’s core marketing claims.

Interview With Monopoly GO Developers

To understand the developers’ stance, we reached out to Marmalade Game Studio, creators of Monopoly GO, for comment on tools like

A spokesperson replied that “The use of any third-party utilities that aim to automatically generate dice rolls or other gameplay functions goes against our terms of service and could potentially result in account suspensions. As creators, we feel this undermines the authenticity of the player experience.”

While they were not previously aware of specifically, the spokesperson noted that “Any site making claims about ‘unlimited’ rolls or other automation features that bypass our clearly defined gameplay systems would be concerning from both gameplay integrity and legal perspectives.”

Is Legit or Scam: Security and Privacy Risks

So Is legit? Since does not actually have any direct access to a user’s Monopoly GO game data or the ability to modify the app itself, this alleviates some security concerns.

However, when signing up and using the site’s services, users do have to provide some personal information that could pose risks. asks for the user’s name, email address, and password when creating an account. It’s not entirely clear what this account information is used for since as discussed, the site does not directly integrate with Monopoly GO.

This raises a red flag, as personal details are being collected without full transparency into how they will be stored and used.

No explicit privacy policy is posted, so users have no visibility into what data may be collected and shared by Best practices for legitimate sites usually involve openly publishing a detailed privacy statement. The lack of policy here increases uncertainty.

Furthermore, the site could be used to harvest emails and other profile data for marketing/advertising purposes without user consent. While direct security risks may be lower due to the limited integration with games, privacy should still be a concern when providing information to

Legal Concerns Regarding Automation

Another important factor to consider is the legality and risk of breaching the terms of service for Monopoly GO itself by using automated tools. Most major mobile games explicitly prohibit using bots, macros, or any software that automates gameplay. This ensures a fair experience for all players and prevents certain automated advantages.

Since facilitates the generation and input of extra simulated dice rolls, some could argue this constitutes a prohibited automation.

While a human is still copying the rolls manually, the underlying process is automated to an extent. If Monopoly GO developers were to take issue and perceive as assisting with “botting,” it could lead to accounts being banned.

Given Monopoly GO’s terms likely do not condone this type of external assistance, there is a non-trivial legal risk that needs acknowledging.

Using could undermine the agreed terms of service and potentially lead to accounts being terminated at some point. Players should be fully aware of this potential downside before electing to rely on’s services.

Looking at other major mobile games, there is precedent of developers strictly prohibiting and punishing any unauthorized automation assistance.

For example, Niantic banned millions of accounts in Pokémon GO for using bots and mapping tools to fake GPS locations. Automation tools for games like Candy Crush Saga have also been targeted through lawsuits under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

These examples across the mobile gaming space substantiate the legal theory that utilizing’s dice roll generation for Monopoly GO could be grounds for account or even legal action. While risks may vary, precedents clearly exist.

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Is legit? Analysis of Trustworthiness

Is legit? When evaluating trustworthiness, a key question is whether appears legitimate or is potentially trying to profit through deceptive practices. Upon deeper examination, a few subtle signs are pointing more toward deception:

  • The site makes marketing claims like “unlimited dice rolls” that are exaggerated and not fully accurate upon closer analysis.
  • There is a lack of transparency around collection/use of personal information and no published privacy policy.
  • Contact information is sparse, with only a basic “Contact Us” form rather than direct addresses or phone numbers.
  • The website design quality appears low-budget and contains some minor grammatical errors, further lowering confidence.
  • No About/Background pages exist to help establish the operator’s credibility or intentions.

Taking these factors together, shows subtle signs of trying to oversell what it offers through misleading language paired with a lack of transparency where more could be given to establish trustworthiness. While direct security risks may be low, privacy issues and legal concerns also exist, as analyzed above.

On balance, without more information on privacy practices, website operators, and legal disclaimers, fails to convincingly prove itself as a fully trustworthy service.

So, Is legit?

The risk of potential downsides outweighs any clear benefits, given alternative legit tools do exist for simulating dice rolls without these open trust questions. Player safety should be prioritized over potential game advantages of uncertain integrity.

In addition, in online Monopoly GO fan communities, players have provided firsthand accounts of using for extra dice rolls. Feedback is mixed, with some noting it helped them advance faster for a time until they were abruptly banned without notice.

Others said the tools “seemed shady” from the start and they regretted going against Monopoly GO’s terms of service after losing access to their game progress. Negative stories outnumbered positive ones, with common themes being lack of transparency and not knowing data or privacy impacts.

Alternatives to

Suppose the goal is simply simulating additional Monopoly GO dice rolls for practice/fun without security, privacy, or legal issues. In that case, alternatives do exist to providing this capability more openly and securely:

  • Dice Roller Websites: Sites like simulate real dice with adjustable numbers of sides. Rolls can be tested safely without accounts.
  • Third-Party Apps: Tools on Android/iOS simulate dice within closed apps, removing online privacy/data risks. More control over connected data, too.
  • Spreadsheet Formulas: With tools like Google Sheets or Excel, dice rolls can be automated through formulas. No accounts are needed.
  • Custom Websites: Hobbyists have shared HTML/JS code on GitHub replicating dice. Easy self-hosting removes external party reliance.

Competitive Analysis Table

WebsiteData CollectionTerms of ServiceMobile AppAd-Free
Dice Roller 3000NoneCompliesYesNo

This summarizes how transparent alternatives like open source dice rollers or dedicated apps better align with legal terms and focus purely on dice functionality rather than growth hacking claims.

These other methods either replicate rolls securely client-side without data collection or pre-date in offering dice simulations legitimately. Any benefits from around extra dice generation can be achieved safely through transparency proved alternatives instead.

Is Monorolls legit or scam: Final Verdict

Upon thorough review from security, privacy, legal, and trustworthiness standpoints, raises enough open questions that it cannot be definitively classified as legitimate or safe to use. While direct hacking risks may be lower, issues exist regarding privacy practices, website credibility, potentially breaching game terms of service, and other downsides.

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Given the lack of transparency into operators, data usage, and adequate legal warnings, along with alternatives existing, fails to sufficiently alleviate all reasonable doubts for a customer-oriented conclusion.

The old saying goes, “When something seems too good to be true, it often is.” Players’ data and accounts would be better protected elsewhere unless more informative disclosures are provided.

At best, resides in a grey area – it may function as promoted, but unanswered concerns do persist. As such, any use of the site should be undertaken with ample caution, avoided where possible legal/privacy risks are unacceptable, and certainly not recommended for children’s accounts based on the analysis presented.

Players are advised to explore established alternatives or simulate rolls independently when possible instead for greater certainty. The risks may not outweigh assumed benefits upon deeper scrutiny of An abundance of care toward user security, legitimacy, and transparency would help improve this current assessment

In summary, while claims to provide a helpful service for Monopoly GO players seeking extra dice rolls, the site leaves too many unanswered questions about its operators, data practices, and potential issues with game terms of service to recommend use confidently.

The lack of transparency and legitimacy signals, coupled with alternative simulation methods existing, make it difficult to wholeheartedly deem as fully “legit.”

FAQs About Legitimacy

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about based on the above research:

Is safe to use?

While direct security compromising may be lower risk, open privacy and legal questions that could impact accounts persist. Safer alternatives avoiding these issues do exist. Caution is advised unless further disclosures are made.

Will my Monopoly GO account get banned?

Terms of service violations using automated assistance are a real risk. No guarantees are provided your account won’t face restrictions. Other simulation methods avoid this concern.

What information does the site collect?

Personal details like name, email and password are requested, but privacy policy transparency is lacking. Data practices and usage are uncertain without clear disclosures.

Are unlimited dice rolls actually possible?

No, is only simulating rolls, which still have to abide by in-game timers when input manually. True unlimited rolling bypassing these limits is not achievable as promoted.

Where can I roll dice safely instead?

Established dice roller websites, third-party apps, spreadsheets and custom code provide secure alternatives without privacy or legal ambiguity concerns.

Should I trust Is Monorolls legit or scam

Given remaining questions around legitimacy, transparency and alternatives, full trust cannot be recommended at this point based on available information. Proceed carefully until further disclosures address open points raised.

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