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Ticket Factory is an online ticket marketplace that allows users to buy and sell tickets for concerts, sports games, theater shows and more. The company has grown quickly since its launch in 2015, but some have questioned whether Ticket Factory is a legitimate business or a scam.

In this in-depth investigation, we will examine the key facts about Ticket Factory, including its business model, legitimacy, reviews and complaints. By the end of this post, you should have a clear understanding of whether Ticket Factory can be trusted for your ticket purchases.

Is Ticket Factory Legit? How Does Ticket Factory Work

Like many online marketplaces, Ticket Factory connects buyers and sellers in order to facilitate ticket transactions. Sellers can list tickets for upcoming events, setting their own prices and posting details about the seats. Buyers can search for tickets on the platform, compare options and complete purchases online.

Ticket Factory makes money by charging fees to both the buyer and seller. Buyers pay a service fee on each ticket purchase, while sellers pay a commission fee after the ticket sells. This is similar to how other ticketing platforms like StubHub and Vivid Seats operate.

Importantly, Ticket Factory never takes direct possession of the tickets being resold on its marketplace. The sellers retain possession of the tickets until the purchase is complete. Upon sale of the tickets, the seller is responsible for transfer of the tickets to the buyer, either electronically or physically by mail.

This model means that Ticket Factory itself does not stock an inventory of tickets. The tickets come directly from season ticket holders, teams, venues, artists and everyday fans reselling extra tickets in their possession.

Is Ticket Factory a Legitimate Business?

Ticket factory

When examining a company like Ticket Factory, the first key question is whether the business itself is legitimate. There are several indicators that Ticket Factory is a bona fide business:

  • Registered company: Ticket Factory is owned and operated by Ticket Factory LLC, a registered company in Delaware. You can look up public corporate registration documents for proof of incorporation.
  • Contact information provided: The Ticket Factory website includes a phone number, email address and mailing address for its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. This contact information can be used for customer service inquiries.
  • Secure website and payments: The Ticket Factory website is encrypted for secure transactions. Payments are processed via trusted third-party processors like PayPal. This protects buyers’ personal and payment information.
  • Social media presence: Ticket Factory maintains active accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These demonstrate engagement with customers in a public forum.
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: The website’s detailed legal policies provide rules and protections for both buyers and sellers during transactions. This is expected of legitimate businesses.

Taken together, these factors suggest that Ticket Factory is an actual registered business entity and not some fly-by-night scam operation. There are multiple indications that Ticket Factory is a legitimate platform for ticket exchange.

Does Ticket Factory Guarantee Valid Event Tickets?

When you buy tickets from Ticket Factory, there may be some understandable concern about whether the tickets are authentic and will actually grant you access to the event. Here’s how Ticket Factory handles validation of tickets:

  • Sellers must guarantee that the tickets being resold are valid. Ticket Factory’s Seller Terms state that sellers are responsible for ensuring accuracy of ticket information and that the tickets will scan successfully at the venue.
  • Sellers are required to provide documentation and official ticket proof. Listings without sufficient documentation may be removed by Ticket Factory.
  • Ticket Factory recommends secure online ticket transfer where possible. This provides visibility into the ticket barcode and helps establish validity before the event.
  • For ticket transfers done by mail, Ticket Factory advises buyers to register the ticket in their name directly with the venue, team or tour. This confirms your ownership.
  • Sellers must refund the full purchase amount if tickets are invalid or do not allow entry. Ticket Factory’s Buyer Guarantee backs this for further fraud protection.
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The steps Ticket Factory takes to validate tickets before sale and transfer give reasonable assurance that buyers will receive authentic tickets.

However, there is no absolute 100% guarantee as Ticket Factory is not directly printing or distributing the tickets. Buyers should take precautions like registering tickets in their name and being wary of deals that seem too good to be true.

Are There Fees for Buying and Selling Tickets?

Yes, Ticket Factory does charge fees to both buyers and sellers in order to generate revenue. Here’s a breakdown of the Ticket Factory fees:

Buyer Fees

  • All ticket purchases have a service fee added at checkout. Service fees are typically 10-25% of the ticket price, but can vary depending on the event.
  • Additional shipping fees apply if tickets are mailed physically. Electronic ticket transfer is free.

Seller Fees

  • Sellers pay a commission of 10% of the final selling price for each ticket sold.
  • Listing tickets is free, but there is a fee of 3% of the ticket price if the listing expires unsold after 30 days.
  • Electronic ticket transfers are free. Physical mailing incurs a shipping fee deducted from the seller’s earnings.

While the fees may seem high compared to face value, they are in line with the buyer and seller fees charged by other major ticket resale marketplaces. The fees cover the costs of running the Ticket Factory platform.

What are Customers Saying in Ticket Factory Reviews?

Ticket Factory reviews on third-party sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber provide useful insight into actual customer experiences:

  • The majority of reviews are positive, with Ticket Factory earning an ‘Excellent’ 4/5 rating on TrustPilot based on over 4,500 reviews.
  • Satisfied buyers praise the great ticket selection and deals compared to other resale sites. Many mention smooth ticket transfers and good customer service if issues arise.
  • Common complaints in negative reviews include high service fees and invalid tickets. However, many recent negative reviews appear isolated rather than widespread problems.
  • Ticket Factory representatives actively respond to negative reviews and offer to look into issues, demonstrating good customer service.

Overall, Ticket Factory receives positive feedback in the majority of third-party reviews. While some reviewers report bad experiences, this is typical for most any ticketing platform. There does not appear to be any alarming pattern of fraud or scam activity based on reviews.

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Does the Better Business Bureau Accredit Ticket Factory?

No, Ticket Factory does not have official accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, this appears largely due to the short time they have been in business rather than major issues. Reasons why Ticket Factory is currently not BBB accredited:

  • Length of company history: The BBB requires at least 1 year of time in business before a company can apply for accreditation. Ticket Factory launched in 2015, so it may still be going through the waiting period.
  • Small volume of complaints: The BBB has received 5 complaints about Ticket Factory in the past 3 years. This is a low volume given their high sales. BBB says a lack of complaints can delay accreditation.
  • Responding to complaints: Ticket Factory has addressed the few BBB complaints filed against them. The BBB now lists 0 unresolved complaints against the company.
  • Ongoing eligibility review: Accreditation for Ticket Factory seems likely in the future as they build history. The BBB simply may be completing its eligibility review at this stage.

Lack of BBB accreditation does not automatically make a business untrustworthy. While Ticket Factory does not have the BBB seal yet, they respond to feedback and maintain a clean complaint record, which are good signs.

Does Ticket Factory Have Excessive Negative Reviews or Scam Reports?

Every company receives some negative feedback, especially in the ticketing industry where customers can be emotional about high prices and fees. Looking at various independent review sites, Ticket Factory does not show any glaring red flags:

  • TrustPilot – 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 4,500+ reviews
  • SiteJabber – 4 out of 5 stars based on 600+ reviews
  • BBB – 5 complaints over 3 years with 0 unresolved
  • Consumer Affairs – 3.5 out of 5 stars but only 46 reviews total
  • Very limited scam reports from users across the web

Overall, Ticket Factory receives mostly positive feedback, with negative reviews stemming primarily from high fees or individual order issues. There are no systemic issues reported that would indicate a fake or fraudulent operation. Independent reviewers cover both the pros and cons rather than exclusively negative feedback.

While individuals may have bad experiences in isolated cases, the overall assessment seems to be that Ticket Factory is a legitimate platform that provides real value despite some fees and imperfections. There is no consistent evidence it is a scam.

How Does Ticket Factory Compare to StubHub and Vivid Seats?

StubHub and Vivid Seats are two of the largest and most established ticket resale marketplaces. How does rising platform Ticket Factory compare to these industry leaders?


Ticket Factory touts cheap prices, but they offer significant discounts less often than StubHub and Vivid Seats. However, their regular ticket costs are competitive.


All three platforms charge buyer and seller fees. Ticket Factory’s fees are fairly similar to StubHub’s, while Vivid Seats tends to have lower service fees.


StubHub and Vivid Seats have wider inventory as more established players. But Ticket Factory often matches competitors on hot events and has inventory you may not find elsewhere.

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Customer Service

StubHub and Vivid Seats have more history, but Ticket Factory customer satisfaction is comparable based on online reviews. Refunds and support are available.


All three have anti-fraud guarantees. Ticket Factory provides comparable coverage for invalid tickets, though StubHub and Vivid Seats may be safer bets for risk-averse buyers.


While newer, Ticket Factory holds its own against the top ticket resale sites. Buyers should weigh selection and pricing, but can buy with reasonable confidence.

Is Ticket Factory Right for You?

Here are some key factors to consider when deciding if Ticket Factory is the right ticketing platform for your needs:


  • Wide selection of tickets for popular concerts, sports, theater and other events
  • Low prices on many tickets compared to competitors
  • Simple buying process with electronic ticket delivery available
  • Responsive customer service if order issues arise


  • Less selection and fewer seat views/3D maps compared to larger sites
  • Buyer and seller fees can add significant cost
  • Lack of BBB accreditation at this time
  • Less recourse if tickets are invalid or unused

Best For

Casual buyers who want discounted tickets and aren’t overly concerned about risks or fees

Not Ideal For

Risk-averse buyers who prefer established sites like StubHub or VividSeats

Sellers with high-demand, high-value inventory who want maximum sale prices

Final Verdict: Is Ticket Factory Legit or Scam

In summary, Ticket Factory exhibits numerous signs of being a legitimate ticket resale marketplace:

  • Registered legal business entity
  • Functional website with secure transactions
  • Reasonable fees and protections in line with competitors
  • Mostly positive independent reviews from buyers
  • No alarming scam patterns or excessive complaints

However, there are some downsides compared to more established platforms, namely less selection and risk mitigation. We cannot endorse Ticket Factory as 100% risk-free.

As when buying tickets anywhere online, smart shoppers should take precautions:

  • Vet sellers with good ratings and sales histories
  • Confirm ticket delivery method and details upfront
  • Register tickets under your name when possible
  • Use payment methods with purchase protection
  • Understand refund policies if tickets are invalid

While we recommend some caution, our investigation shows Ticket Factory is likely a legitimate business where many fans have found good deals on event tickets. But do your own research before buying to ensure you are comfortable.

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