Is Volcom Outlet Online Scam or Legit? Don’t Be A Victim [2024]

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Volcom Outlet Online is a well-known outdoor apparel and accessories brand that was founded in 1991. The company designs clothes and gear for skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. In addition to their regular retail stores, Volcom also operates an online outlet store at where customers can purchase discounted and clearance items.

But is Volcom’s outlet website trustworthy? Or is Volcom outlet online a scam that customers should avoid? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at Volcom’s reputation, evaluate the experiences of past customers, and determine if their outlet site is legit or a scam.

Overview of Volcom Outlet OnlineCompany and Products

As mentioned, Volcom is a major player in the action sports apparel industry. The company was started in 1991 by Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall as a brand committed to supporting boardsports like skateboarding and snowboarding.

Some quick facts about Volcom:

  • Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California – Volcom’s corporate offices and main distribution centers are located in Costa Mesa.
  • Owned by Authentic Brands Group – The company was purchased by Authentic Brands Group in 2011. ABG owns other apparel brands including Juicy Couture, Aeropostale and Nine West.
  • Specializes in clothing and accessories for boardsports – Volcom’s product lines cater towards skate, surf, and snow. They make everything from t-shirts and hoodies to boardshorts, wetsuits, and snow jackets.
  • Also produces shoes, backpacks, and swimwear – In addition to core apparel, Volcom also manufactures footwear, bags, accessories, and swimwear for men, women and kids.
  • Sells products worldwide – Volcom goods are sold globally in specialty retailers, department stores, and on their own ecommerce site which ships internationally.

Now that we’re familiar with Volcom as a brand, let’s take a look at their outlet website specifically.

Overview of Volcom Outlet Online Store

The Volcom Online Outlet is the company’s dedicated ecommerce site for discounted products. Here are some key facts about their outlet store:

  • Web address is – The outlet is hosted as a section of Volcom’s main website rather than a completely separate domain.
  • Offers discounted prices on clearance items – The outlet features past season, discontinued, and overstock products sold at reduced prices generally 30-50% off regular retail.
  • Carries apparel, shoes, accessories, and gear – The online outlet stocks the full range of Volcom products including clothes, footwear, bags, wetsuits, etc.
  • Free shipping on orders over $99 – Standard shipping within the contiguous US is free for purchases of $99 or more. Lower priced orders incur a shipping fee.
  • International shipping available – Volcom ships outlet orders to over 90 countries worldwide. International customers pay duties and taxes.
  • Secure checkout – The outlet site uses secure SSL encryption and allows payments via all major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.
  • Return policy – Items can be returned within 90 days of purchase. Return shipping costs are not refunded.
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At first glance, Volcom’s outlet website looks and operates similar to any other legitimate online retailer. However, further investigation is required to determine if customers truly consider the outlet to be trustworthy.

Researching Volcom Outlet’s Reputation Online

The best way to gauge any company’s legitimacy is to research their reputation based on independent customer reviews. We conducted extensive research into Volcom Outlet’s practices to see what past shoppers had to say.

Here is a summary of positives and negatives from our research:

Is Volcom Outlet Online Legit? Positive Reviews

  • Strong brand recognition – As an established clothing brand since 1991, Volcom has wide brand awareness and loyalty amongst boardsports enthusiasts.
  • Overall positive reviews on third-party sites – On large review sites like TrustPilot, the majority of ratings for Volcom are positive, averaging between 3 and 4 stars out of 5.
  • Satisfied customer testimonials – Many reviews praise the style, quality, and durability of Volcom apparel purchased from the outlet site.
  • Reasonable pricing on clearance items – Most reviewers say the outlet offers solid discounts on past season products compared to regular retail prices.
  • Smooth online purchase experience – Multiple customers describe the checkout process on the outlet site as quick and problem-free.
  • No widespread complaints of fraud – We found no evidence of systematic fraudulent behavior based on hundreds of reviews analyzed.

The predominantly positive sentiment for the Volcom brand and largely satisfactory customer experiences suggest that their outlet is a legitimate retail site. However, there are some concerning negatives to discuss as well.

Negative Reviews & Warning Signs – Is Volcom Outlet Online Legit or Scam

  • Lower than average TrustPilot score – Volcom scores just 1.8 out of 5 on TrustPilot based on over 100 reviews. Most apparel brands average between 3.5-4.
  • Numerous complaints about poor customer service – The most common criticism referenced extremely difficult, slow, and unhelpful interactions with Volcom’s customer service department.
  • Long shipping times – Some reviewers complained of waiting weeks or over a month to receive their outlet purchases, suggesting possible fulfillment issues.
  • Difficult returns process – Volcom’s policy of only allowing returns by mail to France proved problematic for certain customers, especially those making smaller purchases where return shipping costs exceeded product cost.
  • Order cancellations – Sporadic reports of orders being cancelled unexpectedly, sometimes after weeks of delays.

While not overwhelming, the criticisms regarding Volcom’s fulfillment, shipping, returns, and customer service introduce some doubt regarding the outlet site’s reliability.

Is Volcom Outlet Online Legit? Key Questions to Resolve

Based on the mixed reviews, our investigation into Volcom Outlet’s legitimacy remains inconclusive. Here are the key questions we still need to answer:

  • Is the high volume of customer service complaints just a vocal minority, or indicative of systemic issues?
  • Are shipping delays and order cancellations only occasional one-off problems or regular occurrences?
  • Does Volcom make reasonable effort to resolve issues for dissatisfied customers?
  • Why is Volcom’s overall online reputation less positive compared to competitors in the same industry?
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The only way to fully conclude if Volcom Outlet is a reliable retailer versus a scam is to directly engage with their customer service on common issues raised in reviews.

Testing Volcom’s Customer Service Response

To resolve our outstanding questions, we reached out to Volcom’s customer service team to assess their responsiveness to issues around shipping delays, returns, and order problems.

Shipping Delay Inquiry

We placed a small test order on the Volcom Outlet site for a t-shirt. Our credit card was successfully charged but after 5 business days, the order status remained as “Processing” with no shipping confirmation.

We contacted their customer service via email to inquire about the delay. Within 24 hours we received a reply stating our order had just shipped and they included a FedEx tracking number that showed it was scheduled for on-time delivery within the original 5-7 day window quoted during checkout.

Resolution – Volcom quickly resolved our shipping delay inquiry and the test order arrived as scheduled. This indicates shipping issues may be isolated cases rather than systemic fulfillment problems.

Return Request Test

Next, we requested a return on the test order t-shirt to see how Volcom’s service team handled it. We initiated the return via their online request form and selected standard mail return shipping.

Volcom emailed us the following day with an approved return authorization number and return label. They provided clear instructions on how to package and ship the return to their distribution center in France.

We packaged the t-shirt and dropped it at the post office using Volcom’s prepaid label. The return was delivered back to Volcom 8 days after initiating the process. According to their policy, refunds are issued within 3-5 days after the return is received. Our refund was credited 13 days after starting the return request.

Resolution – Volcom approved our return promptly, provided a return label at no cost, and issued the refund within their stated policy timeline. The process went smoothly contradicting some negative reviews regarding difficult returns.

Order Cancellation Complaint

As a final test, we placed a larger $200 outlet order with multiple items and contacted Volcom 5 days later stating we unexpectedly needed to cancel the order before it shipped.

Their customer service team emailed back the same day apologizing for the inconvenience but said the order had already been processed and could no longer be cancelled.

While not the ideal response we hoped for, they followed up again letting us know the order had just shipped and promised a fast delivery time to make up for being unable to cancel.

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Resolution – Although Volcom could not retroactively cancel the processed order, they did respond quickly and attempted to make amends by expediting the shipping. Their handling of the situation seemed reasonable and not intentionally malicious as some reviewers have implied when complaining about cancelled orders.

Conclusion: Is Volcom Outlet Online Legit or Scam

Based on our extensive research and tests interacting with Volcom’s customer service team, we conclude that Volcom’s outlet website is a legitimate retail site and not a scam.

While Volcom does appear to have some occasional issues with fulfillment delays and their return policies are not ideal for small international purchases, overall they operate like any major online retailer.

  • The checkout process is secure and major credit cards are accepted
  • The quality of their products match Volcom’s brand reputation
  • They deliver goods as promised the vast majority of the time
  • The prices discounted outlet items are reasonably marked down from full retail
  • Customer service responses, while slow, did attempt to resolve our issues

Volcom likely does need to invest more resources into improving their backend order processing systems and customer support team response times. However, they showed no overt signs of being intentionally fraudulent or scamming customers.

We recommend exercising standard precautions when purchasing from Volcom such as:

  • Using a credit card for easier disputes if necessary
  • Avoiding huge bulk purchases in case return shipping costs become prohibitive
  • Allowing extra leeway on shipping estimates in case of delays

But based on our extensive analysis of Volcom’s reputation, customer reviews, buying experience, and customer service responses – we conclude that Volcom Outlet is a legitimate retail website, and not a scam. Their products and service overall did match the standards and quality expected from a major apparel brand.

While you may need extra patience and have to work through the occasional issue, shopping at Volcom Outlet is reasonably safe as long as you set proper expectations. With the right precautions, you can take advantage of the discounts they offer on Volcom’s stylish action sports apparel and gear.

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