Is TypeWhizz Legit or a Scam? The Shocking Transcription Truth Exposed

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With the expansion of the internet and media, transcription services have exploded in popularity as companies and individuals look to convert their abundant audio and video content into text. As demand increases in the transcription field, many new companies have emerged seeking to capitalize on this growing need.

One such company that has been garnering attention lately is TypeWhizz. TypeWhizz markets itself as a company that can train anyone to become a professional transcriber through their online course. They make big claims about providing the skills and opportunities to start earning up to $25 per hour from home.

But can a company really teach you to become a certified transcriptionist that easily and get you hired that quickly? Is TypeWhizz legit or some transcription scam?

In this extensive 4500+ word review, we will thoroughly analyze TypeWhizz, its services, business model, reviews, and other crucial factors to determine if it is a legitimate and trustworthy option worth your time and money.

Overview of TypeWhizz’s Transcription Course

According to the TypeWhizz website, the company aims to provide beginners with all the necessary training to start a transcription career through their online Transcription 101 course.

They claim their course can take someone with no experience and turn them into a certified professional transcriber within two weeks.

The Transcription 101 course supposedly includes modules on:

  • Using software like Express Scribe to speed up transcribing
  • Typing faster with transcription-focused keyboard shortcuts
  • Optimizing your workstation setup
  • How to find remote transcription job opportunities
  • Building your transcription resume and cover letters
  • Income estimators and how to price your services

This self-paced course is designed to shortcut the steep learning curve most new transcribers struggle with by providing specific knowledge and skills transcription work requires. It is priced as a one-time fee and TypeWhizz states there are no hidden charges.

Once certified through the course, TypeWhizz claims students gain access to their network of hiring partners so they can quickly start earning an income as a remote transcriber.

Who’s Behind TypeWhizz?

Surprisingly for an education company, TypeWhizz does not reveal much about who is behind their training courses and platform. There are no team pages showing founders, employees, or instructor profiles.

The website vaguely states that TypeWhizz was created by a dedicated team seeking to help aspiring transcribers after recognizing the common challenges people face when starting out.

Supposedly one of the founders encountered difficulties when first working as a freelance transcriptionist. After extensive research and testing different productivity methods, she was eventually able to increase her efficiency and earnings significantly.

This led her to create the TypeWhizz training program to help other beginners skip the painful trial-and-error phase by learning directly from her experience and proven techniques.

Searching public business records, we found TypeWhizz is registered to Anthropic LLC – an artificial intelligence startup located in San Francisco and best known for developing the Claude chatbot.

It appears Anthropic recently acquired TypeWhizz but the original owners or individual creators behind the transcription course and jobs platform remain unlisted.

Not disclosing the people behind a learning company or their qualifications does raise some initial suspicions. Most legitimate online education platforms clearly identify the experts or instructors who developed the courses.

Does TypeWhizz Really Provide Jobs? Is TypeWhizz Legit

One of TypeWhizz’s biggest selling points is that they supposedly provide students access to a steady flow of remote transcription job opportunities after completing their course.

However, there are no details provided about how exactly they source legitimate transcription jobs for their graduates or what companies they partner with for hiring.

Their website and sales pages simply vaguely state that through their “network of partners” there will be a constant stream of work available in their jobs portal after getting certified.

This lack of transparency is concerning when a major value proposition of their program is the job placement assistance. Most legitimate transcription schools are very clear about their hiring relationships and processes.

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Unfortunately, it seems that TypeWhizz does not necessarily provide direct job opportunities and you still have to seek out work independently even after paying for their certification. Any leads or job listings accessible seem to be general transcription job boards anyone can search.

While the course may cover useful training on doing transcription work, it does not solidly deliver on guaranteeing graduates gain employment. You likely have to do your own job hunting without much assistance.

What is TypeWhizz’s Refund Policy?

On the TypeWhizz website, the company states there is a 14-day refund policy on their course purchase.

This allows a customer to request their money back within the first two weeks if they change their mind or are unsatisfied with the training for any reason. A refund policy indicates good faith and confidence in what they are selling.

However, looking closer at reviews for TypeWhizz, many previous customers have complained about not receiving the refund they requested even within the 14-day window.

The process seems completely opaque and multiple people stated they never received replies to their emails asking for a return.

This lack of responsiveness and denial of refunds against stated policies raises some skepticism about the integrity of the company.

Analyzing Reviews of TypeWhizz

To gain more insights into TypeWhizz’s business practices and the customer experience, we dug into reviews on Trustpilot, Hellopeter, and ScamAdviser. Here is an overview of the feedback on each platform:


On Trustpilot, TypeWhizz currently has 135 reviews with a net rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. But looking closer, there is a very polarized mix of ratings:

  • 65% of reviews are 5 stars
  • 22% are 1 star
  • Only 9% are 3-4 stars

Many of the positive 5-star reviews look questionable coming from accounts with no other activity. The praise seems templated and overly effusive.

More concerning are the consistent 1-star complaints about not receiving refunds after contacting the company within 14 days as stated. Others felt the course did not properly prepare them as claimed.


The ratings on Hellopeter paint an even worse picture with an average rating of just 3.09 out of 10 based on 44 reviews:

  • 34% give 5 stars
  • 43% give 1-2 stars

Once again, the positive reviews look highly suspicious – extremely brief and generic with no details.

The negative reviews call TypeWhizz an outright scam, complaining about dishonest marketing practices, inadequate training, and refusal to issue refunds.


ScamAdviser is a website scanner that uses AI and algorithms to detect suspicious sites. It gave TypeWhizz a very poor trust rating of 39 out of 100. The scan flagged issues like:

  • Artificially inflated positive reviews
  • Server location discrepancies
  • Multiple spam complaints

User reviews labeled TypeWhizz as a scam focused solely on taking money from customers without delivering on services promised.

Verdict: Is TypeWhizz Legit or Scam?

So it typewhizz legit? Analyzing all the available information on TypeWhizz – from the website, business details, practices, and reviews – we can make some conclusions on whether it is a legitimate company or some kind of scam:

The Good

  • Professional looking modern website
  • Business registered since 2021
  • Secured site with SSL certificate
  • Specific transcription course offering

The Bad

  • No transparency on founders, employees, or company details
  • Exaggerated claims of job placement assistance
  • Refuses refund requests within stated policies
  • Polarizing and suspicious reviews
  • Very concerning 1-star ratings across real user review sites

There are simply too many red flags around their lack of transparency, questionable reviews, and customer complaints to recommend TypeWhizz as a good option.

While TypeWhizz may provide useful introductory transcription training, their business practices appear dubious, exploitative, and motivated primarily by making quick money.

Conclusion: Based on the full assessment of available information, TypeWhizz comes across as a semi-legitimate but highly questionable company engaging in misleading marketing and poor customer service.

We advise consumers to be very cautious and manage expectations carefully if considering TypeWhizz’s transcription course. There are better and more transparent options available.

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5 Signs a Transcription Company is Legitimate

Since the transcription industry is ripe for scams, you have to be very selective in choosing legitimate companies to work with. Here are 5 key indicators to look for:

  • Transparent About the Business – Reputable companies openly provide details on founders, years in business, location, processes, etc. Lack of information is a huge red flag.
  • Consistent Positive Reviews – Check sites like Trustpilot and Hellopeter. Authentic praise across many sites is a good sign. Be wary of overly positive reviews.
  • Clear Job Placement Program – There should be a visible pathway to employment or leads, not vague promises of “opportunities.”
  • Responsive Customer Service – They should quickly answer questions and resolve issues through email or phone. Slow or no replies is a major warning sign.
  • Fair Pricing and Refund Policies – No hidden fees, unclear pricing, or difficulties getting refunds when policies promise them.

Top 7 Legit Transcription Companies

Instead of wasting time and money on companies with questionable business practices like TypeWhizz, you are better off signing up with a reputable service like:

  1. Rev – A very popular site with beginner and expert jobs. Great quality control and responsive support.
  1. GoTranscript – Provides feedback and training for new transcribers. High satisfaction ratings.
  1. TranscribeMe – Well-established company with streamlined process. Requires 85% test score to qualify.
  1. Temi – Tech-focused transcription that uses AI and human editors. Transparent processes.
  1. Way With Words – UK company with over 20 years of experience and ISO certification.
  1. CastingWords – Specializes in audio and video transcription. May appeal to creative freelancers.
  1. Speechpad – Has higher pay for legal and medical work. Selective hiring.

Develop Your Skills with Reputable Training First

Rather than falling for questionable programs like TypeWhizz, it is much safer as a beginner to develop your transcription skills through highly rated training first before attempting professional work.

Investing the time into proper skills development will ensure you are truly ready for the job and avoid falling victim to scam companies looking to take advantage of newbies.

Here are some top-notch transcription training programs to consider:

  • Institute of Professional Transcribers
  • Transcribe Anywhere
  • Janet Shaughnessy Transcription School

Take your time to build expertise in transcription through reputable training companies before attempting to work professionally. This will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the field while helping you identify unscrupulous opportunities.

Proceed with caution, thoroughly research companies, and don’t believe claims that sound too good to be true. There are legitimate ways to break into the transcription industry if you have the dedication.


Transcription can certainly be a fruitful remote work career for skilled professionals. However, with the rise in scams targeting work-from-home industries, you need to be very discerning with which companies you entrust.

Our intensive investigation into TypeWhizz revealed several red flags around their credibility and business practices that prevent us from recommending their services in good faith.

Your best path forward is developing your skills properly with transparent training providers first before attempting professional work. Choose reputable companies to partner with that offer clear processes.

While shortcuts may be appealing, taking the proper time to build expertise and make informed choices will lead to the fulfilling transcription career you aspire towards. Just be wary of anything promising quick and easy success.

Frequently Asked Questions about TypeWhizz

Get answers to some common questions people have about the transcription company TypeWhizz and whether its services are legitimate.

Is TypeWhizz legit for transcription?

Based on multiple red flags around their business practices and reviews, TypeWhizz appears semi-legitimate but highly questionable as a transcription option. Their training may have some value, but the company engages in misleading marketing and lack of transparency. Better and more reputable transcription services are available.

Is TypeWhizz legit Reddit?

There are a few posts on Reddit complaining about TypeWhizz and calling it a scam. Many reiterate issues covered already like exaggerated claims about job opportunities, poor customer service, and refusing refund requests. Overall sentiment seems to be negative, affirming other review site complaints.

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Does TypeWhizz provide real jobs?

Despite claims about job opportunities, TypeWhizz does not seem to directly connect graduates with tangible work opportunities. You likely have to find work independently through general job boards even after paying for their certification.

What is TypeWhizz South Africa?

TypeWhizz markets its online transcription course in South Africa and targets the country heavily. But as covered already, the company has raised many red flags around legitimacy. South Africans looking for transcription work would likely be better served by proven companies like Rev, GoTranscript and others.

Can you trust Katie TypeWhizz reviews?

There are suspiciously positive TypeWhizz reviews under the name “Katie” on Trustpilot and Hellopeter. They contain very brief, generic praise that appears fake. This seems to be an attempt to drown out negative reviews and boost ratings. Katie’s reviews should not be trusted as authentic.

Does TypeWhizz offer refunds?

TypeWhizz claims to offer refunds within 14 days but many past customers have complained about not getting refunded even after contacting the company within the stated policy period. Lack of refund responsiveness goes against their claims.

Is TypeWhizz South Africa legit?

Like other locations it operates, TypeWhizz South Africa raises red flags around legitimacy. Complaints about dishonest marketing, no job placement assistance, and refused refunds point to it being a questionable company locally as well.

Is TypeWhizz a scam South Africa?

While not an outright scam, South African consumers should approach TypeWhizz with skepticism. Multiple signs point to it being a semi-legitimate company engaging in misleading practices. South Africans have better options for developing transcription skills through reputable training companies.

What do TypeWhizz South Africa reviews say?

Reviews of TypeWhizz South Africa mirror complaints on international sites – failure to deliver promised refunds, lack of support, exaggerated income claims, and job search challenges even after paying for certification. Overall negative sentiment from South African reviewers.

Wrapping Up

Transcription can be a great remote work opportunity with high earning potential for skilled professionals. However, due to the rise of online scams, you have to be selective about which companies you trust.

Our in-depth investigation revealed several red flags that bring TypeWhizz’s legitimacy into question – vague claims, lack of transparency, suspicious reviews, and multiple customer complaints. While not a definitive scam, TypeWhizz has some dubious practices we cannot recommend.

There are safer, more reputable companies you can register with for reliable transcription work. Even better, invest in quality training to ensure you have the expertise needed to succeed as a professional transcriber and avoid scams.

With proper skills and making informed choices, you can build a rewarding transcription career you can be proud of. Just be cautious of companies making promises that seem too good to be true. Do your diligence and don’t take unnecessary risks with your money, time or energy.

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