Is Forex Royale App Legit or a Scam? Don’t Get Fooled

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Forex trading has become increasingly popular as an alternative way to make money from home. With the rise of mobile apps, Forex trading apps like Forex Royale have emerged, claiming to allow beginners to profit from Forex trading quickly. But is Forex Royale app legit or a scam?

In this comprehensive review guide, we will look at Forex Royale in-depth to determine if it is a legitimate Forex trading app or a scam. We will analyze the app’s features, user reviews, company background, and trading practices to determine whether Forex Royale is worth your time and money.

Forex Royale App Review

Forex Royale
Forex Royale

Forex Royale app is a mobile trading app that allows users to trade on the foreign exchange (Forex) market using virtual funds. It claims to combine a gaming experience with financial education, helping users kickstart a career in Forex trading in a fun and risk-free environment.

Some of the key features highlighted by Forex Royale include:

  • Trading in real-time with live market data and quotes
  • Ability to trade dozens of currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals
  • Practice trading with virtual funds – no real money required
  • Daily tasks and bonuses to earn virtual cash and unlock achievements
  • In-app store to spend virtual earnings on items like private jets and jewelry
  • Tutorials and guides on Forex trading concepts
  • Multiplayer tournaments to compete against other traders

On the surface, Forex Royale is an educational trading simulator designed for beginners to learn the basics of Forex trading risk-free. However, many users have questioned whether the app is legit or a scam designed to part users from their money.

We will analyze Forex Royale closely to get to the bottom of this.

Company Background and Founders

The first step in assessing the legitimacy of any trading app is looking into the company behind it.

Forex Royale is published by Edusystems OU, an Estonian company located in Tallinn. Their Google Play developer profile shows that Edusystems OU focuses on developing educational apps and games. The company was founded in 2022 and has published multiple apps related to trading simulations, quizzes, and puzzles on the Google Play Store.

However, minimal public information is available about Edusystems OU and its founders. The company does not have an official website, and the developers remain anonymous. This lack of transparency is a potential red flag when evaluating the legitimacy of Forex Royale.

Reputable trading apps are usually backed by well-known, regulated brokers with visible founders, clear company information, and vital track records. The anonymity and obscurity around the developers of Forex Royale raise suspicions about their motives and qualifications in developing a trading app.

Advertising and Marketing Claims

A common tactic of scam apps is making bold income claims in their marketing to attract users. Let’s examine the advertising messages and promises made by Forex Royale:

  • Claim of “kickstarting your dream career as a professional trader” – While the app offers educational guides, trading simulations alone are unlikely to turn beginners into professional traders.
  • Promise to “master the basics of investing in currency and cryptocurrency” – mastering trading is an involved process beyond basics, requiring in-depth education, funded accounts, and experience.
  • Opportunity to “feel the thrill of 24/7 market bonanza with real-time quotes” – while Forex Royale does use live market data, simulated trading with virtual funds does not provide the same thrill or stakes as actual trading.
  • Statements like “trade dozens of currencies, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals.” While users can virtually trade various assets on the app, they do not own or profit from actual trades.
  • A claim of a “risk-free way” to learn to trade – Using virtual funds carries no financial risk, and the app has potential risks related to privacy, data usage, and advertising.

Overall, the marketing messages used by Forex Royale make exaggerated claims about the opportunities their app provides. They emphasize quick and easy profits, frequently an indicator of scams that hope to lure in unsuspecting users.

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Forex Royale App Review: User Interface and Experience

Examining the actual user experience and app interface can provide further insight into the legitimacy of Forex Royale:

  • Account setup – The app has a quick and simple sign-up process, only requiring an email address or social media account without KYC verification. Lack of identity verification increases the risk of bots or fraudulent charges.
  • Trading interface – The trading screens resemble those of actual Forex brokers, with real-time candles, charts, and order options. This allows users to learn the basics of reading markets.
  • Tutorials – Forex Royale provides basic educational guides explaining concepts like candlestick patterns, support/resistance, and indicators. However, the learning content appears quite limited.
  • Virtual funds – Each new account starts with a balance of virtual funds to trade with. However, no clear rules govern how much is credited or the source of these demo funds.
  • Bonuses & prizes – Users frequently receive bonus credits and prizes like “Scaling the Ranks” and “Bullseye” through flashy notifications for acquiring trades and milestones. This gamifies the experience but does not translate to actual profits.
  • Referrals – Inviting friends to the app provides referral bonuses. Fraudulent apps commonly use referral schemes to expand their user base.
  • Trading limitations – There are inconsistent reports of the app blocking orders during periods of high volatility. This prevents users from learning important risk management skills.

The interface borrows heavily from actual trading platforms but combines it with game-like features aimed at novice users. However, the lack of trading rules and oversight raises concerns about the educational value offered.

Is Forex Royale Legit? Deposits, Withdrawals, and Monetization

One of the biggest warning signs of a scam app is anything involving actual deposits, withdrawals, or monetization of user funds.

Forex Royale repeatedly emphasizes across its descriptions, disclaimers, and responses to reviewers that it does NOT involve real money.

All funds inside the app are virtual credits that cannot be withdrawn or exchanged. This is an important distinction, as any app that offered trading with actual deposits would require licensing and regulations.

However, Forex Royale does feature alternative monetization strategies:

  • In-app purchases – Users can buy virtual items like jewelry and mansions using real money through in-app purchases ranging from $2.99 to $49.99.
  • Advertising – The app shows incentivized video ads and banner ads to generate revenue. Users have complained about excessively intrusive ads.
  • Data harvesting – By gaining access to users’ contacts, trading history, and device data, the app may profit from selling data to third parties.
  • Premium subscriptions – Forex Royale pushes premium upgrades that remove ads and unlock features for a monthly fee.

The app does not take any user deposits but manages to monetize users through other means without providing any actual trading value. These monetization strategies raise ethical concerns over data privacy and the quality of education.

App Permissions and Security

Examining what device permissions Forex Royale requests also provides insight into potential risks:

  • Contacts access – The app requests access to users’ contact lists, which allows it to spam invites to friends for referral bonuses. This raises privacy concerns.
  • SMS access – Forex Royale requests SMS permissions, which grant it access to text message data. No trading app has a valid reason for needing this level of access.
  • Photos/Media – It requests the ability to access users’ photos and media files, which have no evident purpose related to trading or education.
  • Device ID access – The app can fingerprint phones by accessing device identifiers like IMEI numbers and serial numbers, which can be sold to data aggregators.
  • Background app refresh – Forex Royale wants continuous background access to user devices to run unseen processes.

The requested extensive permissions point to data harvesting and security risks rather than trading functionality. At best, the data could be used for targeted advertising. At worst, personal data could be sold to third parties unethically.

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Forex Royale App Review: Consumer Ratings and Reviews

Analyzing honest user reviews is one of the best ways to evaluate an app’s legitimacy. Here is a summary of the recurring themes and concerns raised by Forex Royale reviewers:

  • The app provides a smooth and visually appealing simulated trading experience for newbies to get familiarized with markets.
  • However, many report the app prevents orders from filling during high volatility to limit profits.
  • Users are misled into believing they earn substantial virtual funds only to find out they cannot withdraw winnings.
  • Most users downloaded the app expecting they could eventually cash out profits, only to discover the money was fake.
  • Frustrations around lack of withdrawal ability and being able to do nothing with accumulated virtual funds.
  • Annoyance at excessive, intrusive ads and being forced to watch ads for minimal rewards.
  • Suspicions over why an educational app needs so many permissions and personal data.
  • Confusion over whether the app is really teaching useful trading skills or just gaming scenarios.
  • Some accuse the app of being rigged or designed to work against users for its own profit.
  • General doubts were raised over the company’s legitimacy and transparency.

Going through user feedback shows a common theme of users feeling misled, scammed, and cheated after discovering the app’s limitations. There are few reviews praising any educational value gained or skills learned.

What Educational Value Forex Royale App Provide?

Given that Forex Royale bills itself as an educational trading simulator, it is important to audit what trading knowledge users can realistically gain:

  • The app covers some very basic terminology and concepts through limited guides, like defining candlesticks, order types, leverage, and technical indicators.
  • Users get exposed to reading live market price charts and making virtual buy/sell orders. However, fills are often not executed, preventing a realistic order experience.
  • Because trades involve no real capital, beginners do not learn important risk and money management skills.
  • The rewards-based structure focuses users on earning badges and bonuses rather than analyzing markets objectively and systematically.
  • Without Handling actual profits/losses and emotions like fear and greed, users do not get a realistic trading experience.
  • Technical analysis education is lacking, with no guides on confirming indicators, chart patterns, or developing a trading strategy.
  • The educational content lacks breadth and depth, covering aspects like fundamentals analysis, risk management, trader psychology, and trading plan development.

While the app introduces some surface-level trading concepts, the educational value appears very limited. Real trading skills require extensive knowledge and experience, which no mobile game app can provide.

Verdict: Is Forex Royale App Legit or Scam?

After thoroughly analyzing the various components of Forex Royale – the company, marketing, app design, user reviews, and education provided – we can conclude definitively that Forex Royale is NOT a recommended trading app:

  • Anonymous founders and lack of company transparency are red flags.
  • Marketing makes exaggerated claims of enabling professional trading.
  • App strongly emphasizes bonuses over serious education.
  • Permissions and data harvesting point to privacy risks.
  • Trading limitations and minimal education provide little practical value.
  • Negative user reviews confirm issues around misleading users.
  • Overall, the app appears to be designed unethically to profit off users through ads, purchases, and data collection rather than training traders.

While Forex Royale is not an outright scam involving direct theft of user funds, it engages in several misleading practices and provides minimal value compared to its bold claims.

Recommendations for Beginners Interested in Trading

Instead of wasting time and data with Forex Royale, beginners interested in trading are better served by:

  • Opening a demo account with a regulated broker to trade risk-free with virtual funds and get familiar with real trading platforms. Many brokers offer unlimited free demos.
  • Reading extensive educational materials like textbooks, online courses, and recorded webinars to properly learn analysis methods, risk management, and trading psychology.
  • Joining an online trading community to connect with experienced traders and mentors willing to guide beginners.
  • Developing a trading strategy based on tested concepts like price action, chart patterns, indicators, or fundamentals analysis. Backtest the strategy thoroughly before using real capital.
  • Starting with a micro account involving small capital and trade sizes to practice applying a strategy and managing emotions.
  • Viewing trading as a business, maintaining detailed records, analyzing performance, and continuously refining skills through practice and discipline.
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The bottom line is there are no shortcuts to becoming a skilled trader. Putting in consistent work over months and years to build knowledge, experience, and mental aptitude is necessary for any chance at long-term trading success and profits. Beginners should avoid “magic bullet” apps like Forex Royale that offer the illusion of easy earnings without any natural substance.

FAQs about Forex Royale App

Is Forex Royale legit or a scam?

Forex Royale is not an outright scam but relies on exaggerated claims and misleading practices. The educational value provided is minimal despite bold marketing promises.

Does Forex Royale allow you to make real money?

No, all funds within Forex Royale are virtual credits. There is no way to deposit real money or withdraw any profits. Users cannot make actual money using the app.

Is Forex Royale safe to use?

The extensive permissions requested by Forex Royale to access user data raise privacy concerns. The app also has intrusive ads and reports of bugs and glitches. Users are better off avoiding it.

Can beginners learn trading from Forex Royale?

The learning content in Forex Royale covers only basic definitions. Real trading education requires comprehensive materials, practices, and experience well beyond what any single app provides.

Does Forex Royale have any value for experienced traders?

Experienced traders are unlikely to gain any new knowledge or skills from Forex Royale. Serious traders require actual market exposure with real capital, risk, and emotions at stake, which no simulated app matches.

Should I upgrade to the paid premium subscription in Forex Royale?

No, it is not recommended to spend actual money to remove ads or unlock features in Forex Royale, given its limitations. Any premium subscription fees provide a questionable return.

Wrapping Up

In summary, while Forex Royale markets itself as an educational trading app for beginners, a closer analysis reveals significant gaps between its claims and the actual value provided.

The anonymous company background, misleading income claims, limited educational content, excessive access permissions, and monetization through ads and data collection all raise multiple red flags.

For anyone seriously interested in trading, there are far better options involving regulated demo accounts, comprehensive training materials, and communities to join.

Beginners should be wary of apps like Forex Royale that promise easy profits through simulated trading but ultimately lack any depth or transparency. Avoid wasting time on this app and instead focus your efforts on truly developing your knowledge and skills with legitimate trading resources.

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