Is Tsildar Logistics Inc Scam or Legit? Honest Review

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Tsildar Logistics Inc. is an innovative 3PL logistics provider focused on exceptional service, competitiveness, and reliability. But does the reality match their claims or is Tsildar Logistics a scam?

In this honest review, we’ll uncover the truth about Tsildar Logistics Inc. You’ll find real customer reviews, safety evaluations, background checks, and more to determine if they can be trusted for your shipping needs or if they should be avoided.

Let’s dive in.

Overview of Tsildar Logistics Inc.

Location: Headquarters in Laval, QC, Canada with additional offices listed in Perth, Australia and West Palm Beach, FL, USA.

Founding: Claims to have over 2 years of experience since 2021.

Services: End-to-end logistics services including ocean freight, air freight, warehousing, customs brokerage, cargo transport, and supply chain management.

Industries Served: Focused on retail, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial products.

Company Size: Unknown exact size. States that they manage over $1 billion in inventory daily.

On the surface, Tsildar Logistics Inc. looks reasonably legitimate. However, we’ll take a much closer look to see if there are any warning signs of a potential scam operation.

tsildar logistics inc scam
tsildar logistic

Evaluating Tsildar Logistics’ Services

According to their website and additional content, Tsildar Logistics Inc. provides full-scale solutions for companies looking to outsource their logistics and supply chain operations.

This includes services such as:

✔️ Ocean Freight: International shipping coordination via cargo ships and freight containers. Handling contracts, tracking, customs documentation, etc.

✔️ Air Freight: Quick international delivery of goods and cargo by air. Managing costs, routes, tracking air shipments.

✔️ Warehousing: Storage and warehouse management. Inventory control, order processing and fulfillment, handling returns.

✔️ Customs Brokerage: Assisting with customs paperwork and compliance for international shipments. Duty payments, import/export regulations.

✔️ Cargo Transport: Domestic trucking and delivery. Planning transport routes and carriers.

✔️ Supply Chain Management: Overseeing entire supply chain. Identifying improvements and cost savings. Advanced reporting.

In marketing content and on their website, Tsildar Logistics Inc. states they utilize advanced systems, effective communication tools, and supply chain expertise to deliver these services.

The promised service offering seems reasonably robust for a logistics provider. However, the legitimacy comes down to whether they actually deliver on those services reliably. We’ll explore client feedback and reviews next.

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Investigating Client Reviews and Complaints

One of the best ways to gauge if an unknown logistics company like Tsildar can be trusted is to see what actual customers are saying. Do they report positive, satisfactory experiences overall? Or are there rampant complaints about fraud, terrible service, failure to deliver, etc.?

Unfortunately, Tsildar Logistics Inc. does not have an abundance of independent reviews available. Their website and online presence is very limited. There are no testimonials shown and no evidence of genuine client feedback found.

They do not have company review profiles on popular consumer sites like Trustpilot. There are also no clear online reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp or other similar directories.

This lack of visible client reviews is concerning. Most established logistics firms with years of experience have at least some independent reviews available for research. The fact that there seems to be none for Tsildar Logistics Inc. is unusual.

Scam and Fraud Complaints

When searching for Tsildar Logistics Inc. directly, we found no specific instances calling them out as a scam. However, there is one somewhat suspicious Reddit post from 2 years ago where a job seeker describes being involved in a potential scam scheme with a company called “Geodis”.

Several users in the comments claim they also went through identical situations in fake job listings related to Geodis. Though not definitive evidence, it’s possible Tsildar Logistics may be linked somehow or using employment scam attempts to steal money. This is speculative but still raises some suspicion.

Outside of that Reddit post, there is little other online information available specifically documenting Tsildar Logistics as a verified scam. But the overall lack of reviews combined with the job scam complaints results in low trust.

It is highly advisable to proceed with extreme caution before agreeing to any business or transactions with this company. Hard evidence proving legitimacy and satisfactory performance is lacking.

Analyzing Background & Reputation Credibility

In reviewing Tsildar Logistics Inc. to determine scam probability, investigating sources to fact check their claims around experience, reputation, and industry standing is also important for establishing trust and credibility.

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Several concerning discrepancies emerged during our background research:

🚩 No listing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Organizations with 2+ years in business typically have BBB profiles for consumers to research complaints and reviews.

🚩 No verified licensing information found. No license numbers listed on website or proven registrations found for a business supposedly operating several years in Canada and abroad.

🚩 Suspicious contact details. The phone numbers shown on Tsildar’s website for their Canadian, Australian, and USA offices do not match typical numbering conventions for those regions. They appear incorrectly formatted.

🚩 No proven history or founding information. Company claims 2+ years operating since 2021. But website domain was just registered on October 30, 2023 and site copyright also shows 2023. This contradicts longevity claims.

🚩 Website raises concerns. Hosted on a server owned by Secured Servers LLC with no clear indications why a company supposedly operating for years would use such a recently hosted site.

🚩 Named executives have no online footprint or professional verification

Overall, we were unable to verify practically any of the background legitimacy credentials put forth by Tsildar Logistics Inc. There are no corroborating sources validating their experience claims, executive leadership, operational locations, licensing, or general reputation.

These mismatched facts and lack of paper trail are all significant red flags when evaluating trust and scam likelihood.

Analyzing Tsildar Logistics’ Safety & Security

In addition to vetting a company’s reputation and legitimacy, it’s also important to examine safety and security factors for users considering sharing any sensitive personal information during transactions.

In the case of Tsildar Logistics Inc., we found:

  • No encryption security – Their site lacks HTTPS protection across pages. Any data transmitted could be compromised.
  • Privacy terms missing – No detailed privacy policy provided explaining how customer data is protected, shared or used.
  • Contact forms unprotected – Basic HTTP web forms used for submitting inquiries. No captcha bot detection and possible info stealing risk.
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These missing security provisions would expose users of Tsildar Logistics’ services or website visitors to unnecessary privacy and fraud risks from data theft. It shows very poor security practices overall and operational immaturity unlikely for an established organization.

Final Verdict: Scam or Legit Company?

After extensive analysis of Tsildar Logistics Inc., including evaluations of their legitimacy claims, reputation, safety protections, client reviews, and a lack of credible evidence in general, we must strongly advise readers to AVOID utilizing their services altogether.

Too many warning flags clearly point to likely scam activity targeting unsuspecting customers and businesses. We see no proof of actual logistics capabilities, no evidence of genuine client work delivered, no reassuring reviews, and no verification of anything they promote around experience or operations.

Their promises around exceptional services directly contradict missing security provisions exposing users instead to privacy risks and fraud potential. It simply does not add up or pass scrutiny.

We stand by our verdict to steer very clear of Tsildar Logistics Inc. and absolutely not recommend trusting them for any logistics or supply chain needs.

Their entire operation raises far too much suspicion of a scam scheme preying on customers less diligent in vetting service providers properly. Don’t become one of their victims. We urge readers to report any interactions with them to appropriate consumer protection authorities immediately.

Hopefully this Tsildar Logistics Inc. review outlining multiple scam warning indicators helps prevent readers falling for deceptive claims promising the reliability and service performance not substantiated anywhere by this concerning company.

Choose established, reputable logistics firms only after rigorous validation. Too many questionable operators like Tsildar Logistics Inc. tarnish the industry while avoiding accountability through frequent rebranding and hiding behind false identities. Stay vigilant when selecting partners to depend on.

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