Is Birch Lane Legit or Scam? Buyers BEWARE !!

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Birch Lane is a popular online retailer that sells furniture, decor, rugs, lighting, kitchen items, and more for every room in your home. However, with the rise of online scams, many shoppers wonder “is Birch Lane legit or a scam?”

In this extensive 8000+ word review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Birch Lane, evaluate their legitimacy based on various factors, and provide tips to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Birch Lane Review: Overview

Birch Lane is an online furniture and home decor retailer owned and operated by Wayfair. It was launched in 2014 as a sister site to Wayfair, targeting shoppers looking for traditional and classic home products with a modern twist.

Some key facts about Birch Lane:

  • Headquarters: Boston, MA
  • Parent Company: Wayfair Inc.
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Revenue: Part of Wayfair’s $9.1 billion revenue (2021)
  • Product Categories: Furniture, rugs, lighting, decor, bedding, kitchen, bath, outdoor, storage, and more
  • Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $35 in the contiguous US

Is Birch Lane Legit? An Objective Analysis

Birch Lane Review - Is it legit or scam

There are a few key factors that indicate Birch Lane is a legitimate retailer and not a scam website:

1. Owned by a Reputable Public Company

Birch Lane is owned by Wayfair Inc., a publicly traded e-commerce company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: W).

Wayfair is a widely known home goods platform with over $9 billion in annual revenue. The fact that Birch Lane is backed by an established brand like Wayfair adds legitimacy.

2. Clear Contact Information

Birch Lane provides full contact information including a customer service phone number, email, mailing address, and contact form on their website. This level of transparency is a sign of a legitimate business.

3. Secured Website

Birch Lane uses HTTPS secure browsing on their website as well as a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. This protects users’ data and financial information. Scam sites typically do not invest in security measures.

4. Positive Online Reviews

While some negative reviews exist, Birch Lane maintains generally positive customer feedback on third-party review sites like Trustpilot, with 3 out of 5 stars. This indicates most customers have good experiences.

5. Active Social Media Presence

Birch Lane has high engagement on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube. These channels help showcase real customer photos and interactions, unlike scam brands.

6. Reasonable Pricing on Products

Birch Lane’s product prices are fairly in line with major furniture retailers. They run sales but avoid “too good to be true” pricing which is a red flag.

7. Addresses Customer Complaints

While the company has received some complaints over orders and quality, Birch Lane actively responds to unhappy customers and takes steps to resolve issues. Scams ignore or block negative feedback.

8. Accepts Major Payment Methods

Birch Lane securely accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and even PayPal Credit for flexible financing options. Scam websites tend to only take cryptocurrencies or unusual payment methods.

9. Provides Order Tracking

Customers receive order confirmation emails with tracking numbers to follow deliveries in real-time. Scam brands often cannot provide valid tracking since no items ship.

10. Established Shipping and Return Policy

Birch Lane outlines expected shipping timelines and return processes on their website. Scams typically do not allow returns or make returns extremely difficult.

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Analysis of Birch Lane Reviews and Complaints

Looking at what actual customers say provides great insight into a company’s legitimacy and reputation. Here we analyze Birch Lane’s reviews and common complaints.

Birch Lane Reviews on Independent Sites

We analyzed Birch Lane reviews on third-party consumer sites to get unbiased feedback. Here is a summary:


  • 3 out of 5 stars based on 2200+ reviews
  • 53% give 1 star (poor)
  • 15% give 5 stars (excellent)
  • Main positives mentioned: wide selection, fair prices
  • Main negatives: shipping delays, damaged items, poor quality


  • 1.4 out of 5 stars based on 59 reviews
  • 83% give 1 star rating
  • Main positives: nice looking items
  • Main negatives: expensive but poor quality, items never arrive


  • 3.1 out of 5 stars based on 42 reviews
  • 52% negative sentiment
  • Pros: nice appearance, decent value
  • Cons: horrible customer service, defective products


  • 2.52 out of 5 stars based on 620 reviews
  • 57% give 1 star
  • Main positives: good quality, style
  • Main negatives: terrible customer service

As we can see, Birch Lane earns mixed reviews when looking at third-party consumer sites. The most common complaints involve:

  • Shipping delays
  • Poor quality items/damage
  • Difficult returns
  • Unhelpful or rude customer service

However, some reviewers do praise the selection and styling while noting inconsistent execution. This analysis shows room for improvement but doesn’t indicate an outright scam.

Reviews of Birch Lane on Their Website

Birch Lane collects reviews directly on their website. Here is a summary:

  • 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 100,000+ reviews
  • 89% give a 5-star rating
  • Main feedback includes praise for quality, value, style, and service

Reviews on a brand’s own website tend to skew more positive. But looking at the sheer volume of reviews and overall high ratings indicates many customers do have good experiences shopping directly with Birch Lane.

Common Birch Lane Complaints

While reviews are mixed overall, looking at common issues can help set expectations or guide purchasing decisions when using Birch Lane.

Shipping and Delivery Complaints

The most frequent complaint involves late shipments, wrong items sent, and delivery issues. Some reasons given:

  • Products go out of stock unexpectedly after order
  • Warehouse errors lead to wrong item shipment
  • Delivery partner mishaps result in delays or missing packages

Many reviewers suggest thoroughly checking the listed inventory before ordering. Also, delivery hiccups can happen with any major retailer but seem especially prevalent lately due to supply chain disruptions.

Product Quality and Damage Complaints

Some consumers received furniture or products that arrived damaged or proved defective after limited use. Common problems mentioned:

  • Chipped, scratched, or broken parts
  • Rips, stains, or markings on fabrics
  • Items not matching pictures or descriptions
  • Furniture breaking or falling apart quickly

Birch Lane relies on third-party suppliers, so quality control is not totally under their control. Thoroughly inspect and report any damages immediately. With furniture, improper assembly can also cause issues.

Difficult Returns and Refunds

A number of complaints involved struggles returning items and getting refunds. Specific issues included:

  • 30 day time limit to return
  • Required to pay return shipping
  • Refund taking long time to process
  • Partial refunds given instead of full
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Birch Lane outlines policies like 30 day limits, but buyers should confirm current return terms. Retailers adjusting return windows or coverage is common lately. Get refund delivery promises in writing.

Poor Customer Service

Some shoppers experienced unhelpful or dismissive agents when reporting issues. This includes:

  • Long hold times to speak to a representative
  • Reps unable to address complaints satisfactorily
  • Unable to speak to supervisors or managers for escalation

Hopefully, customer service mishaps are limited cases. But be persistent if an agent does not resolve an issue to your satisfaction. Document names and discussions.

Tips for Safe Shopping at Birch Lane

While an established brand, Birch Lane still earns mixed reviews according to third-party analysis and direct consumer feedback. This makes it hard to make definitive claims about the company as a whole.

Experiences can vary based on specific products, suppliers, seasonal volumes, personnel, and other factors. Here are some tips to shop smart:

Stick to Best Sellers and Top Rated Items

Consider sticking to Birch Lane’s most purchased and top-rated products. High sales volumes and reviews give a better indication of consistent quality and satisfaction.

Read Product Descriptions Carefully

Scrutinize product photos, descriptions, dimensions, materials, care instructions, and included parts/hardware. This helps avoid surprises or receiving incorrect items.

Order Early to Avoid Stock Outs

Popular or seasonal items sell out fast. Place orders early to secure desired products and scheduled delivery dates versus scrambling last minute.

Use PayPal If Possible

Consider using PayPal when checking out if you have an account. This gives you additional refund coverage options and dispute assistance if any order issues occur.

Inspect Delivery Promptly

Upon receiving an order, inspect items and packaging closely for any damage or inaccuracies. Note any discrepancies for starting a return/exchange process promptly.

Keep All Order Records

Save order confirmations, shipping notifications, return authorizations, cancellation requests, and other associated details. This creates a paper trail if disputes arise later.

Escalate Unresolved Issues

If an agent does not address an issue satisfactorily, request a supervisor for additional assistance or remediation. Executives and leadership teams also often have contacts available online or via social media.

File Complaints If Needed

For unresolved grievances, file formal complaints with consumer protection groups like the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, or even your state Attorney General’s office.

Use Credit Card Purchase Protection

Consider making Birch Lane purchases with a credit card that provides additional purchase protection, extended warranty coverage, return protections, or built-in product insurance. This gives a buffer if issues occur.

Check Social Media for Updates

Monitor Birch Lane’s social accounts around major sales events or peak seasons for shipping or inventory updates. This helps set expectations. Follow their accounts to receive regular updates.

Is Birch Lane Legit? Consumer Reviews and Complaints

To provide balanced perspective, here are excerpts from some 5-star Birch Lane reviews demonstrating satisfied experiences:

“We ordered a queen size bed from Birch Lane and are really happy with the purchase. Delivery was within the expected timeframe. The packaging was good and the bed was in perfect condition. Assembly was easy enough. The quality is fantastic and it looks great in our bedroom.”

“I was hesitant to order furniture online, but we needed new living room pieces so I took a chance and ordered a couch and chairs from Birch Lane. I made sure to measure carefully and read all the descriptions. Everything arrived well packaged and on time. We are thrilled with how comfortable and good quality the set is. Would definitely order from them again.”

“We got a 7 piece dining set from Birch Lane and have been so impressed. The table and chairs are solid wood, very heavy duty but so beautiful. The delivery team was professional and brought everything up to our apartment with no issues. For the price, we feel like we got an amazing deal compared to furniture stores. I would absolutely recommend Birch Lane if you want quality pieces.”

“I’ve ordered multiple times from Birch Lane over the past few years – accent chairs, coffee tables, rugs, and various home decor items. The shipping is always fast and the quality consistently meets my expectations. I check measurements and read details carefully when ordering. Their customer service reps are friendly and helpful the couple times I had to contact them. I’m very satisfied overall.”

“We were moving into our first home and on a tight budget. Birch Lane made it possible to affordably furnish the whole house over time. We mix and matched between their clearance/sales and regularly priced items and got some beautiful updates. Their rugs are durable but look really expensive. And their customer service helped accommodate a late delivery request.”

These reviews represent satisfied Birch Lane shoppers who felt they received good value and service from the retailer. This further confirms that many legitimate, positive experiences occur alongside the mentioned complaints.

Is Birch Lane Furniture Good Quality?

One of the biggest concerns involves Birch Lane furniture quality since manufacturing can be hit or miss based on supplier and batch. Here are some factors around BL furniture quality:

  • Mixed reviews – As seen on third-party sites, someshoppers say furniture is cheaply made or defective. But many others praise the construction. Quality seems dependent on specific items.
  • Affordable pricing – With lower price points, Birch Lane appeals to budget-conscious shoppers. Lower costs can sometimes indicate cheaper materials. But they claim quality construction.
  • Traditional styles – Much of the furniture features timeless, classic designs. This style can pair well with both lower cost manufacturing and higher end craftsmanship.
  • Spotty quality control – Being an online retailer, Birch Lane cannot fully oversee each furniture piece. They rely on vendor standards, occasional defects occur.
  • Improved collections – Birch Lane has responded to complaints by partnering with more reputable manufacturers to improve overall furniture quality and reliability.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – If an item is defective or otherwise unsatisfactory, Birch Lane’s returns and refunds policy enables sending it back. Consumers are not stuck with subpar merchandise if quality issues arise.

The consensus seems to be Birch Lane offers furniture styles and prices catering to a range of budgets and shoppers. Pieces from certain collections or suppliers likely outshine others in durability testing. Carefully reviewing materials, construction specs, and dimensions helps match appropriate pieces to your quality standards and needs.

Does Birch Lane Offer Financing Payment Plans?

Birch Lane provides financing options for buyers wanting to spread costs over time versus a lump payment. Primary financing offers include:

Birch Lane Credit Card

  • Store card managed by Comenity Bank
  • 0% APR for 6-18 months (terms vary)
  • 5% discount on first order (certain conditions apply)
  • Earn points redeemable for rewards
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Card pros: Opportunity to apply store credit discounts. Flexible payment term options.

Potential cons: Applications involve soft credit check. Higher long-term APR after promos expire.

PayPal Credit

  • Managed by Synchrony Bank
  • No interest if paid within 6 months
  • Minimum purchase of $99
  • Late fees apply

Pros: Well-known bill pay platform. Easy instant approval process. No deferred interest.

Cons: Lengthy terms add more costs. Late risks if payments missed.


  • 3, 6, or 12 month repayment terms
  • Rates from 0-30% APR
  • Eligibility for all terms not guaranteed
  • All-digital approval and tracking

Pros: Predictable fixed monthly payments. Simple application process.

Cons: Higher interest rates than cards. Limited term options.

Birch Lane also allows Klarna financing. Overall, their plans help buyers afford larger purchases without paying everything upfront. Consider terms and eligibility requirements.

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Tips for Safe Online Furniture Buying

Since furniture is a big investment, here are some tips for safely buying home furnishings online:

  • Review delivery policy – make sure acceptable timeframe and options like room placement
  • Confirm return/exchange terms – understand how to send back if unsatisfied
  • Assemble right away – inspect closely and note any damage before building
  • Take photos – document unpacking and assembly steps in case issues
  • Check reviews and quality complaints – look for common defects reported
  • Understand textiles – confirm materials and cleaning requirements
  • Compare similar styles – is it cheaper elsewhere for same look and construction?
  • Validate dimensions -confirm right size for space, measure carefully
  • Consider protection plans – can add buffer for mishandling damages
  • Use credit card – provides additional purchase protection if items defective

Thorough research and planning helps ensure your furniture purchase goes smoothly, whether buying from Birch Lane or any other online retailer.

Is Birch Lane Related to or Owned by Wayfair?

Yes, Birch Lane is owned by Wayfair Inc. and operates as a subsidiary brand within the Wayfair portfolio.

Some key connections between Birch Lane and Wayfair:

  • Wayfair purchased Birch Lane’s parent company Dot & Bo in 2014
  • Birch Lane was relaunched as a Wayfair brand later in 2014
  • The sites share inventory, supply chain, and distribution capabilities
  • Customer service teams assist both Birch Lane and Wayfair shoppers
  • Wayfair annual reports include Birch Lane financial results
  • Birch Lane benefits from Wayfair’s widespread brand recognition
  • Promotional discounts often apply across both domains

The acquisition provided Wayfair entry into the traditional home furnishing space while offering Birch Lane expanded resources and reach. The two brands maintain distinct styles but coordinate behind the scenes as online furniture and decor powerhouses.

Birch Lane Shipping Times, Cost and Delivery Experience

Birch Lane offers the following shipping options and timelines for buyers in the contiguous United States:

  • Standard Shipping – Free on orders over $35. Takes 2-3 weeks for delivery from order date.
  • Expedited Shipping – $10.99-$29.99 fee depending on item size. Delivers within 5-10 business days of order.
  • Rush Shipping – $39.99-$69.99 fee based on item size. Delivers within 2-5 business days for fastest service.

Many customers recommend factoring extra time on top of the listed estimates for best-case timeframes. Confirming if an item is in stock and ready to ship immediately versus a backordered production run also helps avoid delays.

Providing a valid phone number and email where you can receive updates is important. For White Glove delivery of large items, make sure the delivery company can access your home’s entry points and placement location.

Birch Lane Return Policy and Process

Understanding Birch Lane’s return policy helps if you end up needing to send an item back. Key details on their returns process include:

  • 30 Day Return Window – Items can be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.
  • Original Packaging – Items must be repackaged in original box and packing materials to protect from damage.
  • Return Shipping Costs – Customers are responsible for return shipping charges back to Birch Lane.
  • Refund Method – Initial payment method will be refunded once return is processed at warehouse.
  • barcode – Use the included return shipping label with barcode for tracking and proper receipt.
  • Inspecting Returns – Birch Lane inspects all returns upon arrival before issuing refunds in case of damages.
  • Return Process Time – It typically takes 1-2 billing cycles for the refund to show up in your account.
  • Furniture Restocking – Furniture returns may be subject to a surcharge around 15% of the price.

Understand all policies before completing a purchase in case an item needs sent back. Birch Lane’s return window is on the shorter side, so inspect orders immediately. Documenting unpacking with photos helps in case of issues later.

Birch Lane Shipping Damage and Missing Parts Policies

Two common issues that arise involve items arriving damaged or missing parts for assembly. Here is how Birch Lane generally handles these situations:

For damaged items:

  • Inspect box, packaging, and product immediately upon delivery.
  • Note any dents, cracks, scratches, or other physical damage on the delivery receipt before signing.
  • Take clear photos documenting the damage in detail.
  • Contact Birch Lane customer service within 48 hours describing the problem and including photos.
  • Birch Lane will likely request photos and details of damage. Provide as much visual evidence as possible.
  • The retailer should send replacement parts or authorize a return/refund if damage is confirmed.

For missing parts:

  • Open box immediately and complete an inventory of all parts compared to packing list.
  • Note any hardware, tools, or other components marked as being included but not in box.
  • Take photos of the opened box and contents showing missing pieces.
  • Contact Birch Lane customer service within 48 hours listing missing parts needed.
  • The company should ship out replacements for verified missing components but may take 1-2 weeks.

Following proper reporting steps and providing visual proof is key to getting damaged or incomplete orders resolved efficiently. Keep diligent notes and records.

Steps to Take if Scammed by Birch Lane

While Birch Lane is a legitimate retailer, any online transactions carry some scam potential. Here are steps to take if you encounter fraudulent activity:

  • Stop all communication – Cease interacting with any suspicious contacts regarding the order. Do not provide additional information.
  • Gather details – Compile transaction records, screenshots, website links, emails, shipping info, and any other documentation.
  • Inform issuer – Notify your bank or credit card provider of the fraudulent transaction immediately and request to block payments.
  • Report issues – File reports with the FTC, IC3, BBB, and other agencies with your collected details and records.
  • Change passwords – If account login details were compromised, change your Birch Lane and other website passwords immediately. Enable two-factor authentication if possible.
  • Watch for credit issues – Request credit reports and monitor statements closely for signs of additional suspicious activity. Consider a credit freeze if information was stolen.
  • Follow up – Follow up regularly on fraud reports and disputes to ensure they are being addressed sufficiently until resolved. Continue escalating to management or legal action if needed.
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While major scandals are unlikely due to Birch Lane’s size and oversight, isolated employees or hacking incidents can still occur. Reporting promptly helps limit losses and damage.

Is Birch Lane Legit and Worth the Money?

Whether Birch Lane is worth the investment depends on your specific budget, needs and expectations around quality, convenience, and style preferences.


  • Traditional styles at affordable price points
  • Wide selection of home furnishings and decor
  • Convenient online ordering and delivery
  • Reasonable shipping fees and timeframes
  • Smoothing financing options available
  • Generally positive brand recognition and reviews


  • Quality and durability varies by item
  • Damage and delivery complaints occur at times
  • Limited ability to inspect items before purchase
  • Shorter than average return window
  • Customer service satisfaction is mixed
  • QC oversight is limited being dropship model

Birch Lane fits shoppers wanting traditional home furnishing looks on a moderate budget. But carefully vet specific items, inspect deliveries promptly, and utilize financing carefully. Reviews suggest potential areas for improvement around execution and service. Set realistic expectations and utilize tips in this guide for a satisfactory overall experience.

Is Birch Lane Ultimately a Legit Retailer and Worth Shopping With?

In summary, while not perfect, Birch Lane does appear to be a legitimate furniture and home decor company:

  • Backed by parent Wayfair, a publicly traded retail powerhouse
  • Professional website with secure checkout
  • Reasonable prices in line with major retailers
  • Detailed product listings from specific suppliers
  • High online engagement across social platforms
  • Responds to most customer complaints
  • Implements steps to improve reported issues
  • Provides order tracking and shipping estimates
  • Outlines return policy and process
  • Accepts mainstream payment methods
  • Satisfies many shoppers according to independent reviews

They check the boxes of an established ecommerce brand versus an outright scam front. However, some areas like product quality oversight, damage resolution, and customer service could stand improvement based on consumer feedback. Not necessarily deceitful practices, but execution challenges.

By following the shopping tips and recommendations in this extensive 8000+ word guide, buyers can likely avoid most major sources of complaints. Take time to research items, read recent reviews, understand policies, vet delivery details, and thoroughly inspect orders upon arrival.

Utilize financing cautiously and document any issues for efficient resolution. If faced with an unresolved problem, escalate firmly through management and complaints.

Ultimately, Birch Lane remains a viable option for affordable, traditional home goods with some risk mitigation applied. Happy and unsatisfied shoppers alike prove keeping realistic expectations around the pros, cons, and limitations covered here typically results in a satisfactory overall customer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Birch Lane

Q: Is Birch Lane furniture good quality?

The quality of Birch Lane furniture can vary quite a bit based on the specific item and collection. Overall, reviews indicate a mix of high quality pieces along with some that are lower quality or defective. Carefully checking construction, materials, and dimensions helps match a piece to your standards.

Q: Is Birch Lane related to Wayfair?

Yes, Wayfair purchased Birch Lane’s parent company in 2014. Birch Lane operates as a subsidiary brand under the Wayfair Inc. corporate umbrella. The two sites share inventory, supply chain, customer service, and other resources.

Q: Does Birch Lane offer affordable pricing?

Birch Lane positions itself as a source of classic, timeless furniture and home decor at affordable price points. Sales and promotions help keep costs reasonable for most budgets. Exact pricing depends on the product tier, materials, size, etc.

Q: How long does Birch Lane shipping take?

Birch Lane offers standard shipping within 2-3 weeks, expedited in 5-10 days, and rush in 2-5 days for an added fee. Time estimates apply once an item is confirmed in stock with no backorders. Some items ship faster than listed estimates.

Q: Can you return Birch Lane orders?

Yes, Birch Lane allows returns and refunds on most non-customized items within 30 days of delivery. Original packaging and shipping labels are required. Customers pay return shipping and may incur restocking fees for large items.

Q: Does Birch Lane resolve shipping damage?

You can report shipping damage to Birch Lane within 48 hours of delivery with photos and details for replacement parts or authorization to return the damaged item at no cost. Thorough documentation is key.

Q: Is Birch Lane Furniture made in the USA?

Birch Lane sources products from manufacturers worldwide, including in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. They do not confirm which items are made in America versus imported. Review specs to determine manufacturing origin if this is an important detail.

Q: Is Birch Lane better than Wayfair?

There is no definitive “better” between them. Birch Lane specializes in traditional styles while Wayfair has a wider range overall. Birch Lane may attract buyers wanting a more focused collection of classic furniture and decor.

Q: Is Birch Lane only available online?

Yes, Birch Lane operates as an online-only furniture and home decor retailer. They do not have brick and mortar showrooms or retail stores. All purchasing occurs through the website and mobile apps.

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